The shadow element card 0006 for Yūichirō Hyakuya from the Seraph of the End Bloody Blades game.

Deathblow (必殺技)[edit | edit source]

Name: 抜刀・閃光
Lvl 1 Attack enemy with 2.2x of original attack.
Lvl 2 Attack enemy with 2.4x of original attack.
Lvl 3 Attack enemy with 2.6x of original attack.
Lvl 4 N/A

Character Description (キャラ説明)[edit | edit source]

Affiliation Moon Demon Company (Shinoa Squad)
Age 16
Birthday October 16
Height 170.0 cm
Weight 59.0 kg
Blood Type A

人間よりも圧倒的に優れた身体能力を持つ吸血鬼に対抗するためには、チームワークが必須となる。 月鬼ノ組は5人1チームで行動し、どんな状況でも仲間割れや単独行動は決して許されない。 「いいかね?ミスター猪突猛進」 「はっ、約束できねぇな」

In order to counter the vampires whose overwhelming physical abilities exceed that of humans, teamwork is of the essence. The Moon Demon Company moves in 5-man teams, and they are not allowed to fight each other or fly solo, under any conditions. "Got it, Mr Reckless?" "Hah, I can't make any promises." (Translated by Sukiina)

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How to Obtain[edit | edit source]

  • Extra Gacha

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