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"A Demon's Tale" (鬼のモノガタリ Oni no Monogatari?) is the ninety-fifth chapter of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.


A demon resembling Mika as a child means to find a human and devour their desires.

Yoichi carries Krul who is unconscious as Shinoa and Mitsuba search for something to drink. Yu happily explains to Kimizuki the recent events. As they head out to spar the girls enjoy some soda which turns out to be alcoholic.

Kimizuki checks his sister before observing how Yu is significantly stronger in their fight. Kiseki-o feels that Kimizuki's subpar strength is because he is not as insanely desperate as Yu, indeed he has given up on his sister and just wants to live a peaceful life. Kimizuki is encouraged to nurture his selfish desires. Two demon horns and twin coffins appear ending in Kimizuki and Yu resolving to become stronger.

Krul awakens to find members of the squad inebriated. Kiseki-o notices Asuramaru nearby and questions whether his memories have come back too. It seems like the king has finally awakened.


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A small figure stands nearby a long shimmering path that winds into the distance. Underneath a sun the demon that looks like a younger Mika comments how this world is so bright. Motivated by thirst the demon has to hurry and find a human to possess. As his right forearm is disappearing the demon is aware of what he is and knows a human must be found whose desires he must devour.[1]

At an apartment complex Yoichi carries Krul who is unconscious and lays her on a bed. Mitsuba is with Shinoa looking for sustenance. Yu is merrily recollecting the conflict between himself and Mika with Guren to Kimizuki. He also shares the link between Krul being Asuramaru's little sister yet Yu's explaining is not clear to Kimizuki. Bickering because of it they head outside having resolved to fight. Soda has been found which is all the more important since they have left Demon Army territory. The unease is offset as Shinoa says there is nothing they can rush off and do now particularly with the way that Guren and the Demon Army currently are. Whilst Yu vouches that Krul is their friend Yoichi considers how she shows no signs of waking up and even then that they cannot decide anything about her yet either.[2]

Outside, Kimizuki checks Mirai who is kept deceased inside a refrigerator. He wonders whether the lack of degradation is because of all the experiments she went through then promises that he will have her better in no time. As he draws his swords before Yu, inside Yoichi is aware they really have started fighting. Shinoa remarks that boys fight to see who is stronger to which Mitsuba answers that girls decide who is best by bust size. Shinoa's answer is to grope Mitsuba's boobs into oblivion at which point Yoichi sees that the soda they have been drinking is alcoholic. Critical emergency aside he is content to see everyone happy.[3]

Kimizuki stabs at Yu before thinking how stupidly fast he is. As they exchange blows Kimizuki thinks how Yu became stronger when they both have black demons. His temper flares when under the impression that Yu is going easy on him. Soundly overcome by Yu's strikes Kimizuki still resolves to save his sister and cannot afford to lose.[4]

Kiseki-o is paying attention and speaks that Kimizuki is just saying he is going to save Mirai for show. He adds that Kimizuki is not desperate enough, not nearly as insane as him which is why Kimizuki is weaker than Yu. Kiseki-o states that deep in Kimizuki's heart he has given up on his sister. All he really wanted was a peaceful life and Kiseki-o rhetorically queries what is wrong with the nice dream. Kimizuki feels guilty feeling that he let them kill his sister and agrees that he is just running away. Kiseki-o advises that Kimizuki is rational and cares about his friends yet this results in him losing sight of his own desires. Asking what his desires are Kimizuki hears that he will have to figure that out himself. Wanting him to forget his sister and friends Kiseki-o wants to hear Kimizuki's soul and voice, his selfish, childish and ugly desires.[5]

Tearful, Kimizuki is sick of it. Wanting to win he cannot stand Yu showing him up all the time. Encouraging him Kiseki-o affirms it is the first time Kimizuki has really opened his heart to him. Placing his hand into Kimizuki's chest he says power can now be granted and for Kimizuki to forget his sister, friends and responsibilities. Yu sees two demon horns emerge from Kimizuki's head in addition to two of Kiseki-o devil's coffins. The twin coffins power flank Yu and fire projectiles towards him. Kimizuki says that Yu remains more powerful, for now. Yu is pleased to hear it and means for them to keep training and getting stronger.[6]

Krul awakens and searches for her brother. She finds Shinoa and Mitsuba who are under the effects of alcohol. They both rise and see Krul as a new challenger. Kiseki-o is within a realm where Asuramaru approaches. Noticing him Kiseki-o wonders whether his memories have finally come back too. It seems like the king has finally awakened.[7]

Chapter notes[]

  • The demon that emerged from Mika exists in a world and is conscious. With him watching Mika in an illusionary world three chapters later in chapter 98 this demon would not be revealed as Mika but as Mikaela reborn.
  • Yoichi, Krul, Mitsuba, Shinoa, Yu and Kimizuki with Mirai have escaped from Japanese Imperial Demon Army territory.
  • Kiseki-o feels Kimizuki is saying he is saving his sister for show but that he has really given up on her out of a desire to live a peaceful life with friends and have fun.
  • Kimizuki did not lose control from having two demon horns emerge from his head.
  • The Twin Coffins power first materialized in this chapter.
  • Asuramaru can interact with Kiseki-o in his realm.
  • Kiseki-o also has memories that have returned through some means and is aware of the return of an unspecified king.


Image gallery: A Demon's Tale

Manga panels provide a visual overview of the events of chapter 95 with depictions of the characters, Seraph of the End world and scenarios.


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