"I mean, we're all family, right?"
—Akane to Yūichirō Hyakuya[src]

Akane Hyakuya (百夜 茜 Hyakuya Akane?), birth name Akane Iida (飯田 茜 Iida Akane?), was one of the orphans from the Hyakuya Orphanage. She appears in both Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen and Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign.


Akane was a little girl with a petite stature. She had long dark brown hair over her left shoulder. This was tied in a braid and secured with a red hairband. She has light brown eyes.

As livestock, she wore a dark choker with a tag and a sleeveless one piece dress with a hood. The dress had a design on the eyelet and has black linings. She wore dark wrist bands on her both hands, and like the rest of the children, Akane did not wear any footwear.[1]

Anime: In the anime she is seen wearing slip-on shoes.[2]


Ferid keeps Akane's head in a clear container full of liquid in order to show it off to Yu and Mika.[3]


Even though she was abandoned by her parents at an early age and being held captive by the vampires, Akane still managed to smile and maintain a cheerful disposition.[1]

Being the eldest in their group, she did the motherly duties for them, such as preparing food and settling the matter on who would like a birthday by declaring that today was all their birthdays.

Akane was empathetic, asking if Yu wanted to talk about what was troubling him. She was also inquisitive, being the one to join Yu and Mika when they were awake discussing their plan.

She had a crush on Mikaela Hyakuya.[4]


At some point of her life, her parents abandoned her at the Hyakuya Orphanage which was run by the Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights, a religious organization infamous for cruel experimentation on orphans.

Since she was one year younger than Mika, she acted as his second-in-command.


Events of 2012

Akane raced Mika and the other orphans to the park, where they encounter Guren Ichinose and Shinoa Hīragi. When Mika recognized him, she asked what was wrong, and he identified Guren a the person Mr. Saito called a pervert.

When Mika asked Shinoa if she was alright, Shinoa said Guren said all sorts of dirty things to her and was about to abduct her. Mika protected Shinoa and was about the call the police on Guren, but Guren quickly left.

Later, Mika sends Akane to investigate if Miyuki Yamada, who is actually Mahiru Hīragi, is a nice person since she is adopting Junji Haiyama, a four-year-old boy at their orphanage. The two girls talk about saury and then romance. Since Mahiru's face lights up while thinking about Guren, Akane decides she must be a nice person. After Mika calms Junji down, he instructs Mahiru about some of his behaviors, and Mahiru leaves with Junji.

Events of 2016

Shortly after Yūichirō's arrival at the orphanage, the director suddenly began to bleed from her nose and mouth and collapsed to the ground. The adults perished, Third Progenitor Krul Tepes led the vampire invasion on Tokyo. For the next four years, the orphans survived as livestock for the vampires in the vampire capital of Sanguinem, which is located underneath Kyoto.


Episode 1 - Screenshot 115

Living there for four years, Akane had a feeling she would find Yu where he is and approaches to ask him why he is not with Mika. Questioning whether they had another fight then if Yu wants to talk about it, Akane moves closer when told not to sit so close, asking why not since they are family. Assuring Yu he does have one, it is the case since everyone at the Hyakuya orphanage is one big family and it is true because the director said so. Akane directs them to get going, dinner is almost ready and she says everyone is waiting on Mr Moody, Yu.[5]

Later Akane is preparing curry and tells Yu that she was almost going to faint when Mika brought it to her and she is so excited never having a chance to cook a feast like this before. Saying they should thank Mika for the ingredients Akane states that she would do her best to make use of them, as they hardly got to eat such treats.[6] Sitting at the head of the table Akane cheerfully has no choice but to settle the matter at hand by officially declaring today as everyone's birthday. She also decrees that Taichi can give up the rest of his curry after he eats someone else's before joining in the laughter. After dinner, she is sleeping before waking to join Yu below, Akane says hi to Mika who was discussing their escape plan. Noticing that Yu ate, she asks what he thought of the curry and is told by Mika to wake up the others since they are to leave the city.

Akane, along with Yu and Mika and the other orphans made their way to the entrance gate; however Ferid Bathory appears and reveals it was a cruel trap set for them. Seeing Ako being murdered by the vampire noble, Akane holds onto Taichi as Ferid speaks. Ordered by Yu to run for the exit, Akane finds her path blocked by Ferid who has already slaughtered the orphans. Akane is slashed by his hand.[7] Yu is the only one who manages to get away and swears that he would avenge them. Akane is remembered by Yu when they were discussing how they were all one family. She appears alongside the others when Mika is speaking to Yu four years later.[8]

When Yu is attempting to form a contract with the black demon Asuramaru to gain a cursed gear weapon, Akane is used in the illusion. Asuramaru speaks as Akane to tell Yu that to get their strength he will have to give himself over and succumb to his desire for vengeance. She joins the illusion of Mika to say Yu cannot just abandon his family, and communicates that they worship desire and cannot stand love. Akane is used to guilt Yu with the notion he left them behind and has now moved on. Going to school, training and making new friends, the illusion states Yu has almost managed to completely forget about them.[9]

Events of 2020

Post-Nagoya Arc

IMG 20062016 215131

Akane's head presented to Mika and Yu

Ferid Bathory hunts down Mika and Yu. When they agree to surrender, he pulls out Akane's head from the trunk of his fancy western car and tells Yu to say that to her face. Once Yu's demon side takes control, he tosses her head to Yoichi Saotome. After subduing Yu, he tells Mika that he has come to show them how to return Akane to life. He says the name of this experiment is the Seraph of the End.


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Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen

Book 2

  • "You’re on! You’ll never beat me, Mika!"— Chapter 2, Page 219

Book 5

  • "Ahh, I like saury, too. It’s really tasty, isn’t it! …But I don’t like to eat the guts. They’re too bitter."— To Miyuki Yamada (Mahiru Hiragi), Chapter 2
  • "Are you a nice lady?" the girl asked point-blank.— To Mahiru, Chapter 2
  • "You look nice, but you also look a little sad."— To Mahiru, Chapter 2

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign

  • "After all, we're all part of the same family."— Akane to Yū in their home in Sanguinem, Chapter 1, "The World of Blood Legacy", page 17
  • "I have no choice then, I officially declare today everyone's birthday." — Announcing to the other orphans when they all share they would like a birthday, Episode 1, "The World of Blood Legacy"


  • Akane, in Kanji 「茜」 means "brilliant red."
  • Hyakuya 「百夜」 means "hundred nights."
  • Akane's hairstyle is put in the kind called the "hairstyle of death" in anime. Those with this hairstyle usually die early on or in the backstory.
  • In the Catastrophe light novels, Mahiru learns that Akane has a crush on Mikaela.
  • If she were alive, she would have been the same age as Shinoa.


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