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"Angel's Plan" (天使のケイカク Tenshi no keikaku?) is the one hundred seventh chapter of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.


Yu speaks to demon Mika on what they can remember. Demon Mika is wary of Sika Madu and shares details heard in the vision he saw. While Yu asks him to become his demon, Sika Madu states it is not going to happen as he regards them both sleeping as children before him.

Saitō has generated a large pentagram made up of chains before Urd. Chains stab into Kureto and Shinya where Raimeiki and Byakkomaru are bound. The chains then appear out of coffins to attack Sika Madu, who responds by sending a scythe to stab Saito, who is then assisted by Urd. Using a chain, Saito contacts Guren to resume their plan. Mahiru helps Kimizuki and Yoichi take their demons back from the First so they can save Yu and Mika. Choosing to ignore the chains, Sika Madu moves to seal Yu and Mika. When Kimizuki and Yoichi appear to attack him, he manages to overcome them both.

With Demon Mika unsure whether they can beat Sika Madu, Yu lists their family and how there is a powerful desire to protect them. Stating that Demon Mika can devour that desire, Yu again asks him to become his demon. After accepting, Sika Madu hears Yu invoke Mikaela.


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Sika Madu commands Mika to sleep, where the electrical like current around his hand surrounds him on the cracked ground. While Sika Madu thinks Mika cannot do it, not yet, he feels it is too soon for him to become Yu's demon. Contemplating that he can stop him, Sika Madu wills Mika to sleep, and he is unable to stay awake. A silhouette appears, and Mika hears Yu say they can do it together. As Sika Madu shouts that he will sleep, Yu guides Mika to close his eyes and say his name, call him with his heart.[1]

The darkness tears, and Demon Mika stands under a cloud filled sky. Yu approaches and happily greets him before asking whether he remembers him now. Answering he does not, Demon Mika notes it does seem like they are in trouble and they will have to work together. Concurring, Yu says to not worry about it, they can do anything together. Asking what makes him say that, Demon Mika states he looked extra dangerous, yet Yu is convinced they will work together and beat him away. Placing his hand on Yu's fist bump, Demon Mika doubts it is that simple. Sharing he overheard them talking in that vision, Demon Mika reveals they said Yu was created by that winged man. Not only that, Yu was to be the sacrifice used to resurrect the corpse they called Mika. Demon Mika raises how whether that body is supposed to be his. Considering it, Yu speaks if he can bring Mika back to life he does not really see a problem with that. Questioning how can they know if it good or not if they do not know anything about it, Demon Mika wonders whether Yu remembers any of that at all. After some thought, Yu does not remember it at all.[2]

Wondering if Yu is an amnesiac, Yu laughs it is the case, he forgot about that. Yu does however remember the last sixteen years, and about how he thought Mika had died, then how he tried to survive to get revenge for him. Yet when right when he finds Mika and thinks he has got him back, Yu observes now suddenly Mika is a little kid who does not remember the last sixteen years, and does he know how much of a pain that is. Dismissing it with an oh well, Yu notes they are still alive and together so what else matters. Speaking it is weird that he does not remember him at all, Demon Mika states he does have that same feeling and asks why is that. Betting it is because they are family, Demon Mika replies if Yu is sure about that, they do not seem like family in that vision. Responding who cares, Yu judges it all way in the past and what does any of it matter anymore. Adding these last sixteen years are way more important to them, Yu regards Demon Mika's expressions and wonders if he agrees. Demon Mika replies he does agree, oddly enough, even though he does not have any memories of them.[3]

Yu says for Demon Mika to take his hand, for them to be together. As Yu asks him to become his demon, Sika Madu speaks to pardon him. He is sorry, but that is not going to happen. Sika Madu stands in the memory of the clear tank filled room, with Kiseki-o and Raimeiki, then Gekkouin and Byakkomaru around him as well. By raising his hand, Sika Madu replaces that scenario to leave him stood alone in a spacious plain environment. Regarding Mika and Yu, both as children before him, Sika Madu generates two scythes. Commenting that is a lovely little dream, Sika Madu speaks how about they sleep a little while and enjoy it.[4]

Ky Luc and Lest Karr look up to the structure above them. A large pentagram made up of chains coming out of Saitō's hand are formed. Urd questions what in the world is he starting with this, to which Saitō replies he would say the climax of their little story. Motioning to the prison nearby, Saitō questions why he created that cell. With a jail that drinks more power the older the vampire it holds, Saitō wonders who Urd thinks really belongs in there. Chains separate from the main formation to jab into Kureto and Shinya who remain unconscious. Stood alone in her realm, Raimeiki finds a chain graphically stab out of her chest. Where Byakkomaru is, the same occurs to him before he is encircled and completely clad in a cocoon of chains.[5]

As Sika Madu wishes Yu and Mika pleasant dreams, he notices that behind him is the chain pentagram linked to two floating coffins. Speaking whether Rigr is still trying to cling, Sika Madu adds this is starting to grow annoying. Chains rush out the twin coffins, and plough into the scythes Sika Madu conjured with the order to shred them. Feeling that he is already short on time too, Sika Madu decides if he despises him this much, Saitō can die. Scythes fired into one coffin emerge from Shinya, and fly into Saitō. Lifted off his feet by a scythe through his chest, Urd calls for him and Ky Luc and Lest Karr are also shocked at the display. Laughing in an unhinged manner, Saitō addresses the words that he can die now. Saying that he finally deigned to notice him, Saitō continues the First must really be in trouble to do that. Calling Urd to support him, Urd acts by removing the scythe that was embedded in Saitō, who then shouts today is the day they surpass him.[6]

Saitō directs a chain into Shinya. On the spell circle Yoichi along with Mitsuba and Kimizuki wait around Yu's unconscious body. A chain stabs out of Kimizuki's chest which Guren and Mahiru, then Shinoa and Krul also see. Kimizuki finds the chain position itself and speak for Guren. He recognizes the voice, and Saitō declares it has begun, it is time for them to put their plan into motion and to help him. Guren has a chain of his own appear from the palm of his hand. Directing them to use the drug he gave them, Saitō guides them to take their demons back from the first. They are to then use Kimizuki's power to let them reach Yu and Mikaela to save them from the First's assault. After Guren calls to her, Mahiru passes syringes to Yoichi and Kimizuki. Ordering them to do it, Mahiru states it will give them control over their demon's hearts. Mitsuba questions if they are sure about trusting them. Injecting themselves, Yoichi raises Yu and Mika are in trouble, with Kimizuki adding they do not have much choice. Shinoa tells Mahiru to give her the drug she is using. If it is though her, Shinoa thinks the poison can still reach Shikama Dōji. Answering the one she is using is poison, Mahiru says it is pretty much lethal for them too so asks if Shinoa is sure. After Shinoa laughs what is Mahiru worried about since she is using it, Mahiru answers she is already dead. Saying to just give it to her, Mahiru passes a needle. Injecting herself, Shinoa says she is coming to rescue Yu.[7]

A greater mass of chains are present from the coffins. Sika Madu professes himself tired of bothering with him, and thinks he will just ignore them. Right now Sika Madu has to pin both Yu and Mikaela with a scythe, and make certain they are both properly sealed. Noticing Kimizuki, swords drawn, has made it past his scythes, with Yoichi exiting out a coffin with his bow ready, Sika Madu asks who they are. Calling for Yu and Mika to wake up, Yoichi announces they are here to rescue them. Kimizuki adds for Yu to get up already. Affirming that their demons are his servants, Sika Madu questions how are they here. With Kimizuki focusing on having Yu wake up, Sika Madu is angered. This was not a part of his plan, and it is starting to aggravate him. Sika Madu orders them to die, but finds his scythes are slow. Concluding it is poison, again, Sika Madu affirms he still has enough power to kill them all. Swinging his scythe all around to repel the onslaught of chains, Kimizuki alerts Yoichi here he comes. Seeing him, Yoichi asserts they will stop him here for sure and calls for Gekkouin. Interjecting, Sika Madu commands Gekkouin to cease listening to that human.[8]

Shouting for the monster to shut up, Yoichi adds if he dares hurt his family then he dies. Firing his bow, the projectile is parried by Sika Madu, who then sees Kimizuki approach. After Kiseki-o is invoked by Kimizuki to send him to another world, Sika Madu finds a coffin open before him. Yelling that the insects are in his way, Sika Madu cuts Kimizuki in half at the waist. Kimizuki grabs the scythe handle that Sika Madu is holding and directs Yoichi to shoot them both. Yoichi holds his bow ready yet is instantly sliced apart by Sika Madu. Standing over Mika and Yu as children, Sika Madu states with them out the way it is time for him.[9]

With Yu stood with his hand outreached, Demon Mika raises if he takes his hand, what then. That winged man did not look like the sort they could beat with their power. Yu answers he cannot say that until they try, to which Demon Mika replies yes he can. Speaking that Yu should have realized it as well, Demon Mika feels there is nothing they can do to him. Answering it will still work out, Yu is sure of it since they have more family besides the two of them. It is not just them anymore, and Yu asks whether Demon Mika remembers Akane and the other kids. Then there is Guren, Shinoa, Mitsuba, Yoichi, even Kimizuki. enquiring is that not awesome, Yu announces that the world may be a total wreck, but they still have that huge of a family. There is still plenty of value to living and there is still a powerful desire to live and protect their family. Yu states that Demon Mika can devour all that desire, then reiterates for him to become his demon. Forming a smile, Demon Mika answers okay, he will devour Yu's desire and be his demon.[10]

An electrical surge appears in front of Sika Madu. Yu shimmers while holding his sword then speaks for Mikaela to slice them open.[11]

Chapter notes[]

  • Sika Madu intended for Mika to become Yu's demon, just not at this point in time.
  • With Sika Madu attempting to have a human child appearing Mika sleep, Demon Mika appears again.
  • Demon Mika still does not remember Yu but moves to them working together with the identified threat of Sika Madu there.
  • In chapter 106, "I Am Your...", through an eye Mika was able to view a past memory, where in this chapter it is revealed Demon Mika was also able to hear what was discussed, namely that Yu was created by Sika Madu, and he is to be a sacrifice to resurrect the corpse of Mikaela.
  • Where Yu as a child is seen in the ancient past, present day Yu does not remember anything, except from the past sixteen years.
  • Aware of their interaction, Sika Madu speaks that Demon Mika is not going to be Yu's demon, and as they speak to each other, the First can see both Mika and Yu as children unconscious before him.
  • Using his chains, Saitō is capable of sending them into Kureto and Shinya to capture both Raimeiki and Byakkomaru. Through some means, what appeared to be Kiseki-o's coffins were able to deliver the chains to Sika Madu's location.
  • With Saitō's interference, Sika Madu says he is short on time, and states Saitō can die.
  • Urd assists Saitō when he is attacked by the First.
  • Saitō can use his chain to stab into Shinya, and exit out of Kimizuki some distance away. This can relay communications such as his voice, where the chain out of Kimizuki can speak with Guren.
  • Although Saitō betrayed Guren in chapter 84, "Nativity of a Princess", in an attempt to drain enough power to capture the First who was possessing Shinoa's body, and Guren double-crossed him in turn with help from Ferid and a Sinful Key, with the contact here, Saitō means to resume their plan, which Guren and Mahiru act to carry out.
  • Guren is still capable of producing chains, with one emerging from his hand.
  • Aware of Kimizuki's power, Saitō guides them to use that to reach Yu and Mika to save them from the First.
  • Mahiru bears injections that can allow control over demon's hearts.
  • Asking for the same poison Mahiru is using, Shinoa injects herself to affect Shikama Dōji, which he notes slows the movement of his scythes.
  • Seeing them, Sika Madu is unaware of who Kimizuki and Yoichi are. Their presence was not a part of his plan and it is a rare case of the First displaying anger.
  • While Kimizuki meant to send Sika Madu to another world using Kiseki-o's coffins, and with Yoichi firing at him, the First cut them both in half.
  • Offering the desire to live and protect their family for him to consume, Demon Mika accepts becoming Yu's demon.


Image gallery: Angel's Plan

Manga panels provide a visual overview of the events of chapter 107 with depictions of the characters, Seraph of the End world and scenarios.


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