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Aoyama's Father (青山の父 Aoyama no Chichi?) is an unnamed character in the Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen manga. He lived with his son, Daigo Aoyama and daughter, Mizuna Aoyama. He is remembered for being involved in a religion that impacted his children, influencing events ten years later that Guren Ichinose was looking into.


He had messy styled hair which was dark overall yet lighter in coloration than his eyebrows. Aoyama is seen wearing a dark colored, buttoned and collared shirt that was partially tucked into his white pants. He wore dark colored shoes indoors. In another instance, Aoyama wore a light, long-sleeved shirt, again with the top button undone where the collar was dark in coloration.


While he was pictured happy alongside his wife and kids, it seems the loss of the former and involvement in a cult had a marked effect on his psychological wellbeing. Physically abusive, he pushed his son over. Fighting with him would be done more than once and over time. Aoyama was verbally abusive when his behaviour was addressed, and repeatedly told Daigo to shut up. Only appearing happy when speaking about dubious ideas, if anything he was consumed with the notion that his wife could be birthed back into the world via his daughter as the religion he followed promised.


After Daigo as a boy has been thrown, Aoyama says brats should listen to what their parents say. Ignoring his comments on him drinking since their mother passed away, Aoyama told Daigo to shut up. Hearing that he was addicted to a strange religion who are taking his money, again he ordered Daigo to shut up while adding that Mikado no Tsuki will bring his mother back. Aoyama then moved to punch Daigo who had his sister, Mizuna beside him.

After Daigo left the home due to ongoing fights, at some point Daigo approached Mizuna having brought Hina with him. Enthusiastically detailing how the caster from Mikado no Tsuki could finally bring back Mizuna’s mother, Aoyama elaborated how he and Mizuna could birth her mother again. After tearing Mizuna’s clothing, Aoyama told her to wait as she fled and stated if her mother returns, everything will be alright, Hina says so. As he pursued her to the kitchen, Aoyama would have his throat cut after Mizuna whirled round with a knife and collapse, reaching upwards as he died.[1]


Aoyama's Wife[]

They were both a part of the same religious cult. Her passing appears to have been a sizeable factor in Aoyama's deteriorated state, both immediately after and years later. Aoyama remained with the cult having the hope she could be resurrected, which he felt would make everything better for the family. From the cult's teachings, Aoyama genuinely believed that she could be born again from intercourse with his daughter.

Daigo Aoyama[]

The interactions with his son involved Aoyama physically and verbally attempting to have him shut up talking. Aoyama made no comment on Daigo leaving the house.

Mizuna Aoyama[]

Ignoring his daughter's distress after he shoved Daigo, he disregarded her entirely. With Mizuna tending to folded clothes having taken that up, Mizuna is happy to inform her of what he has heard. Instructing Mizuna to take off her clothes and give birth to mother, once more Mizuna cared nothing for her wellbeing. Their connection, and his actions would end with him being cut by Mizuna.

Hina Tenkon[]

Under the impression he was helping him, Aoyama invited Hina into their home. What he heard from him made Aoyama happy and he was prepared to follow his direction.