Arukanu (アルカーヌ Arukānu?) is a bat-like creature usually found in the company of Krul Tepes.

Appearance Edit

Its most distinctive feature is it’s one large eye with a white sclera and black pupil, which takes up a significant portion of its head. With no visible mouth, its entirely black body is plump, with an appearance similar to an aubergine. It has pointed appendages atop of it’s head that appear to be horns but could possibly be ears, and also bat like wings, but they are found on the back of it, rather than on either side. Rather strikingly, Arukanu has long thin legs that do not appear capable of supporting its large body, and yet they can as seen when it was perched on Krul’s shoulder. At the end of its legs it has three thin toes roughly the width of pins. Another distinguishing feature is that it has a long thin tail ending in an arrow shaped point.


This thing is capable of hovering using its wings. The patagium on its wings can be folded away when not in use, at which point it can remain perched like some kind of cat.


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  • It appears to be a rather unusual combination of a morbidly obese bat (namely its wings) with feline traits (ears, body posture and tail), with some avian features (it’s feet). And a single eye.

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