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Asuramaru (阿修羅丸 Ashūramaru?, lit. "Perfect Asura"), is a character in Seraph of the End where he a high-ranking possession-type demon of the Black Demon Series. He formed a contract with Yūichirō Hyakuya and became his Cursed Gear in the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga. Providing him power, Asuramaru as the sword and demon within it would help him in his vengeance against vampires, and overcome the influence of a seraph over Yu.

He also appears in the prequel story detailed in the Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen light novels and the manga that adapts it, as the cursed gear of Mahiru Hīragi. Having lived in the past as a human named Ashera Tepes (アシェラ・ツェペシ Ashera Tsepeshi?), the older brother to Krul Tepes, he was also aware of the first progenitor Sika Madu and was at one point a vampire himself. He was familiar with Noya Hienma and that there was a Yu in this ancient setting along with Michaela.

Being a demon consumed with the desire to possess others, Asuramaru was cunning and tapped into others innermost memories and deepest feelings to exploit them. With what he has access to and what Asuramaru is capable of, he would be driven by instincts. When his memories returned, Asuramaru would work with fellow demons Kiseki-o and Gekkouin in following the First's order to capture Demon Mika, having knowledge of a centuries long plan involving a future catastrophe.

Note: This is the page for Asuramaru in the manga and light novels, for the anime article detailing Yu see: Asuramaru (Anime).


Asuramaru Gonna Get Ya.jpg

He appears as an androgynous adolescent male with long dark purple hair that goes beyond his feet, while his bangs cover his left eye. As a demon, an entity that was once a vampire, Asuramaru has red eyes, fangs, and pointed ears. When the curse restraint loosens, his horns grow larger and the nails on his hands and feet become claw like.

For clothing he wears a sleeveless open-back dress including a collar with gold beads covering his throat. The chest piece is black while the rest of the dress is white, and the gown splits open at his outer thighs which would free his legs for movement. The black sleeves Asuramaru wears are separated from the gown that reach his mid-upper arms and come down to his middle fingers, where each sleeve is attached to a ring. He is barefoot. On Asuramaru's head is a headband formed of two parallel golden strips that match the horns piercing through his hair from the edge of his hairline.

In appearance and clothing Asuramaru shares some resemblance with his sister, Krul, such as the horns with the exception they are white. Furthermore, the rings on his sleeves with only two of them being white, then both of them have long hair, where Asuramaru's hair is unsteady.

Occupying in his own plane of existence, his hair and clothes freely wave of their own accord. As Asuramaru exists as a mental concept, he can appear as anyone within Yu's memories he chooses. He often takes the forms of the twelve-year-old Mikaela Hyakuya as well as Akane Hyakuya and the other Hyakuya orphans when using them to guilt Yu. He can display Yu's parents in attempts to flare up traumas. Asuramaru chooses his forms depending on what he believes will be best for breaking his host's will. His initial form was a shadowy towering mass with two eyes discernible. This substance could also be used to form impaling spikes.

One thousand years ago, prior to turning into a demon, as a human, Asuramaru had blue eyes and tied his relatively long, dark colored hair in a ponytail style. He wore a black shirt underneath with white sleeves. The outer line of his shirt is colored thin white and he wore black trousers held with a white belt. Asuramaru has bandages wrapped around both his legs from his feet to his knees, and wore sandals.


With them seemingly magically induced to think and behave in a certain manner, Asuramaru is a blood-thirsty demon who enjoys feeding off humans. Sharing a vampire's thirst for blood, he delights in drinking Yu's blood and goes into a giddy high after being fed it for the first time via the sword. In other cases, Asuramaru will settle for strong human desires to feed off of. As a possession-type demon, he is described as particularly nasty and aggressive. Bound by rules, Asuramaru is forthright in explaining them, as he has to under the bindings of chains. He is similarly upfront in explaining what he intends to do, what he wants, before engaging in violence for possession purposes.

Like all demons, he is manipulative and uses nightmares to erode a person's constitution for the purposes of possessing them, in order to take over his host's body. When he first formed his contract with Yu, he interrupts his dreams every night in a sustained effort to wear him down. After all, the only reason he allows Yu to borrow his power is for the future opportunity to take over his body to act in the physical world. After Yu loosens the curse on him and the two battle for dominance, Asuramaru eventually relents to Yu's compassion. Submitting to him, Asuramaru ceases the nightmares he was inflicting on Yu.

Able to recognize traits that could be regarded as bad, but hardly considering his own, Asuramaru thinks of humans as vile, greedy creatures who are even worse than vampires and demons. He regards them as taboo-breakers who will destroy the world. His unfavorable views has him think no better of seraphs, where Asuramaru considers them to be disgusting, yet he is conscious of what they can do. Despite holding seraphs in contempt, he helped Yu with his aim to help the 6th trumpet after being convinced by him. With time and pleasant experiences, Asuramaru becomes more considerate, and curious. Although he does change his temperament in response to Yu's treatment of him, Asuramaru does remind him trusting a demon is a mistake.

In wanting to know more about Yu's past, he would delve into memories in the interests of learning about them. While knowing Yu's most intimate and personal feelings, they are seen as tools for possession, yet he will reveal certain information. Sharing that there was a part of Yu that was not human, Asuramaru also disclosed that memories had been tampered with. He also points out that a different family member has come to visit Yu, in reference to Mika. Although he is fully aware of Yu going insane on the battlefield, Asuramaru does not divulge such vital secrets to his host. Generally, Yu is left to figure out matters on his own, yet Asuramaru is interested in what could challenge his control of a host, whether it be human experimentation, or the presence of a seraph. If anything he is a trusted enemy (he is clear in what his intent is) rather than a friend or ally.

Asuramaru becomes greatly annoyed when someone else disrupts his mind sphere, as Shikama Dōji did.[5] Pitying who he saw, Asuramaru then moved to attack the newcomer. Solicitude was shown for his host Yu, as when he tried to get him out of Shikama Dōji's grasp. Asuramaru will help the human he is attempting to possess over a hostile non-human.[6] Not bothered with being used as a sword, Asuramaru will use that as a means to an end. Whether in attacking foes, or being turned into one to be rescued from Shikama Dōji's grasp. All that matters in that Asuramaru gets what he desires.

In his days as a human one thousand years ago, Asuramaru enjoyed viewing the blue sky, and gazing directly at the sun.[7][8] He regrets leaving his sister behind and becoming a demon.[9] Asuramaru also cares for his family. Unlike his sister, Ashera did not share her enthusiasm for being thankful for everything they had since he was from a noble family.[10][11]

Finding himself enslaved, Asuramaru's thoughts turned to his sister's wellbeing and saving her. Being purchased, Asuramaru had questions he asked a past Yu, and addressed Sika Madu as master to not make a bad situation worse. Finding the past Yu's mannerisms odd, Ashera remained vigilant and observed his circumstances. Perspicacious, he questioned Yu whether Sika Madu was bringing children to his bed chamber. Dispirited with the revelation this was the case, Ashera sat in silence, unenthusiastic about playing with the toys offered to him by the past Yu. Resolving to stay strong since Krul was still out there, Ashera appeared petrified at the sight of a murderous seraph Yu.

Noting the time he died, Ashera was surprised to wake as a vampire. Again thinking in the moment, he considered his new greatly enhanced senses and became aware of a thirst for blood. Rather than interacting with Rigr Stafford and Urd Geales, and paying no mind to the claims of now being a superior being, Ashera sought out Sika Madu. Surprised, he attempted to make sense of the scenario of experimentation before him. Feeling uncomfortable at the thought of trespassing in a prohibited room where Michaela was kept, Ashera was also against Noya murdering a past Yu. The sentiment did not diminish, Ashera remained disgusted with the murderous act and no regard for what was judged a renewable form of life. Bringing the lifeless body of a past Yu and telling Sika Madu he was responsible for it, Ashera did not try and hide what happened, and covered for others. When Ashera found out that Noya kept murdring the the Yu clones who kept annoying him. Ashera became more disgusted at this, to the point commenting it make him sick.

After regaining his memories as a human in the present time, Asuramaru's personality changes as he starts to become more merciful and even nicer in his demon-nature side. Even though he had the genuine opportunity to possess Yu's body, he withheld doing so, instead opting to tell Yu about Mika's last words. Asuramaru consoles him with words how hard life can be hard when Yu cried as well. Speaking at length to put matters into perspective, Asuramaru was patient in being there as a support for someone. Citing Mika's sacrifice to give him a reason to live, Asuramaru advised Yu to simply not throw his life away. With Krul concerned, he appeared before her to say their course of action was okay.

Even with his human memories returned resulting in a drastic turnaround in his personality, at being contacted by Shikama Dōji to capture Mikaela he entered a particularly vicious state that was out of character even compared to when he was a mindless demon. An eagerness to fight a far stronger foe than him was a pretense that masked an even greater excitement to reach Mika and Yu in order to eat them. Asuramaru relished the focus placed on him by Demon Mika since it kept him distracted from other demons. His satisfaction that he had won was eclipsed by the savagery Asuramaru displayed when articulating how he was going to not only eat Yu and Mika's whole family, but also rip their hearts to shreds.


Ashera in his human life

Past recollections show that Ashera was born in a noble family with his sister, Krul. Spending their days cheerfully, Ashera enjoyed staring at the sky and the sun on occasion. On one such day, Ashera was staring at the sun on a grassy hill when he heard from Krul that their mother was looking for them. After discussing how looking at the sun could burn their eyes, he then asked Krul about what their mother wanted. After a minor argument, they head back to have lunch.[12]

Drawing near, Ashera sees their house being burned down. Worried, he and Krul rush over there to find their mother. Warned to run away, Ashera witnesses her speared in the stomach. While the rebels screamed to kill all the children of nobility, Ashera was sold into slavery once they decided to do that. Separated from Krul, he looks at the sun for the last time.[13]

A memory shows that during the Dark ages of Greece, Ashera was lying with a ball and chain around his leg, he thought of Krul and whether she is dead by now. Outside his prison he heard a buyer has been found for him, it is Sika Madu and Ashera was bought with his chains removed by Yu. When Ashera asked Yu whether he is a bought child as well, Ashera becomes confused by Yu's reactions, notably his apparent lack of memory. He considered Yu so weird before being told for them to be off by Sika Madu. Pausing before being struck on his head by a slave dealer, he then headed outside before shielding his head from the bright sun. Even though he was a slave now, Ashera thought how the sun has not dimmed at all.[14]

Walking behind Sika Madu through a market square, Ashera observed children nearby being abused. Ashera registered that it looks like his life is about to get a lot rougher, and spotting a young girl made him think of Krul.[15] His stomach rumbling was noticed by Sika Madu, before Ashera listened to the conversation between Sika Madu and Yu on eating. He addressed Sika Madu as master when told they are having lunch. While eating, Ashera accidentally spills food down himself and hastily apologized with the reason he was just really hungry. Told he holds his spoon very nicely, the reminder from Sika Madu that he used to be nobility made Ashera appear downtrodden. Assured he need not look so glum, Ashera heard he will not be mistreated or anything, he was bought to be a house boy. As Ashera thought what being a house boy will mean he looked over to Yu collapsing from eating too much, then listened with unease as Yu casually discussed his height with Sika Madu.[16]

Asked if he had finished eating, Ashera replied yes, thanking master, and confirming he has had his fill. Walking through the bustling streets, Ashera initiated conversation with Yu. First explaining that he knew Yu's name because he heard master call him that, Ashera was taken aback further when Yu pointed to himself. Not sure what the display was, Ashera spoke he was confused before realizing that Yu wanted him to return the question. Doing so, Ashera asked Yu how he knows his name, then agreed with Yu's assessment that he is amazing for him figuring out Ashera's name since he heard Sika Madu call him that with his own ears. Ashera appeared quite alarmed at Yu's sense of achievement at this accomplishment.[17]

As they continued walking, Ashera questions Yu on what kind of duties does he normally have. Making the question clearer, he phrased it as what does Yu do between waking up and going to sleep. From Yu's description of his activities, Ashera raised it sounded like he just plays all day. Asking if he is not a slave, Ashera moved on from explaining what a slave is to one last question. Apprehensively, he raised whether master buys child slaves a lot. With Yu not knowing, Ashera refined the question to night time, namely whether he summons Yu at night at all, specifically to his chamber. Awaiting Yu's answer, Ashera lowered his head upon hearing the answer is yes.[18]

Piecing together that master has bought child slaves before, enough to be a regular at the slave dealers, Ashera drew his own conclusion on what it means that Sika Madu is buying children that often, that the ones he buys die so quickly he needs to get more.[19]

A path led to Sika Madu's secluded residence, where inside Ashera was given a change of clothes by attendants. Not in the mood to play with toys when Yu offers him a snake, Ashera did humor him that is it so fun to make sound effects for the toy. Saying he gets it, Ashera continued that when he gets a little more used to life here he will play that with Yu. This is provided master decides he likes him and he survives.[20]

By night time Ashera sat alone in a room and flinched when the door was knocked on. Hearing from a hooded figure that master has summoned him, he headed down the halls to a another room. He walked clutching his chest, wondering is there a point, really any reason to do even this just to survive. Beginning to shed tears, Ashera thought to his mother that he is scared, and remembering his mother and Krul he wished that he had gone to have one last meal with them. Thinking of Krul specifically, Ashera wiped his tears with the thought that Krul might still be alive somewhere and may be waiting for him to rescue her. Determined, Ashera felt he had to make sure he lives before coming to the door.[21]

Reaching towards the handle then hesitating, Ashera knocked announcing that it is him, and might he come in. With no response, Ashera entered saying to please pardon him, but found Yu alone in the room. Speaking his name, Ashera then witnessed Yu scream in pain as three pairs of six large feathered wings appeared on Yu’s back, to his astonishment.[22]

Stabbed through the chest by Yu, leaving him on the verge of death.

Looking shocked at Yu before him in his state, Ashera was joined by Sika Madu where he received apologies, hearing his timing was not best. Instructed to step outside slowly and close the door, Ashera stood rooted to the spot nervously asking what is all this. Told that Yu is not terribly fond of humans at the moment, Ashera was then charged at by Yu but spared by Sika Madu's swift intervention as he seized Yu by the neck[23] Noticing feathers falling around as Yu struggled to break free, and not being able to get words out, Ashera was again ordered to step outside. Seeing Yu enraged and cutting his own arm off to free himself, Ashera made it outside the room and closed the double doors. Still in shock he wondered what that was and what in heavens name was happening. He fell on his back as Yu smashed the doors open and Ashera was stabbed through the chest by Yu's hand.[24]

Assailed by Yu as a seraph

Ashera thought that was the moment he died, it ended all too quickly. As he was taken out off Sika Madu's manor and into the night sky with Yu still keeping a hold of him, Ashera tried to reason that this is just a dream. Concluding that both Krul and he really did die that day so long ago, Ashera figured he is now dreaming. If this is his dream, then Ashera felt he must be in hell. He fell to the ground far below after Yu's head was slashed by Sika Madu who had joined them in the air.[25]

Lying back on the ground, Ashera was breathing, and he looked over to see Yu's crumpled seraph wings nearby. He also found Sika Madu descend to where he was with seraph like wings of his own. Hearing that his heart was crushed, with his entire skeleton broken as well, the blood coming out Ashera's mouth was examined by Sika Madu. Informed that pain is proof that he lives, Ashera remained alive since before he died, some of Yu's blood dripped into his mouth and it was compatible.[26]

Gripped and held upwards by his neck by Sika Madu, Ashera heard how he had continued his experiments for six hundred years now. Not having the strength to regenerate on his own, Ashera was thrown to the floor before being asked by Sika Madu if he wanted to drink his blood or Yu's. Not answering, Ashera heard a rephrased question namely if he had a reason to live on and is there anything he must do. Thinking yes, he must save his sister, Ashera's eyes signalled to Sika Madu that he wanted to live. With Yu's detached head held over his face, Ashera was told in exchange he will be of use to Sika Madu. All the while Ashera assured himself this is a nightmare filled with horrifying monsters, but focused on if that is what it takes to find Krul. After Yu’s blood dripped into his mouth, Ashera survived it.[27]

A newly sired Ashera wakes seated on a throne.

Awakening in a throne, Ashera finds Urd Geales and Rigr Stafford with him. Whilst they spoke, Ashera found his wounds have healed and he was somehow not dead. It was strange for him since he could almost see the air itself move and could hear sound from far away. He was advised by Urd to not fear having shed his humanity and permitted to become a superior being that surpasses humans. Aware of how so thirsty he was, specifically for human blood, Ashera was advised by Rigr to get used to it, it will not ever truly go away.[28]

Ashera demands to know what Sika Madu has done to him.

Walking past them both, Ashera was not relaxed and wondered what is happening then where who he called Sika Madu is. Able to hear sound and feel his presence, Ashera entered a spacious room with many large fluid filled cylinders, each with a singular black substance floating within. Perplexed, he asked himself what in heavens name is this before spotting Yu seated on another throne ahead. Ashera called to him surprised and remarked his head was back on, then heard Sika Madu comment that he is finally awake. Demanding to know what did Sika Madu do to him and what has he became, Ashera witnessed a black spectral mass hovering above Yu produce long tentacle like appendages that made contact with Yu's dazed appearing head. Clenching his fist he asked Sika Madu what was this place. Ashera heard simply that it is hell, it is where poor sinners who have lost their way gather desperately seeking to return to the light. Verbally prodded on whether this was the question he should ask, Ashera was also reminded if there is not something he needed to do so badly that he just had to live. There was now he has the power to do so, it concerned his sister and Ashera proclaimed he must find Krul.[29]

Angered at Noya's actions after he decapitated Yu

At some point in the Dark Ages of Greece as a vampire, Ashera was stood beside Krul with Noya Hienma nearby viewing the corpse of Michaela held in an open casket. His tunic was tugged by a young Yu who has found them, and patting his head he explained that Siga Madu told him he was not allowed to come in here. He waits as Krul attempted to persuade Yu to keep it a secret that they came in here.[30]

Watching as Noya lifted Yu up to see the corpse, Ashera realized what is about to happen and shouted for Noya to stop. Angrily asking why Noya decapitated the Yu, his anger relented after hearing Noya explain that their secret is still safe. Ashera returned to unease with Noya moving to how they need to figure out what they are going to do about Mikaela.[31]

Having brought the headless body before Sika Madu on his veranda and apologizing, Ashera said he accidentally killed Yu. With the sun raised, as a vampire Ashera does not like it much and he heard Sika Madu mention his child.[32] Turning back to the matter of the deceased Yu, he stated that Krul was innocent and that it was his own fault. Appearing horrified that Sika Madu knew they entered the room, Ashera was informed that the corpse of Michaela was Sika Madu's son.[33]

Entering Michaela's room again, Ashera shouted at Noya on how he killed another Yu. Stating that Master Sika Madu will be angry[34], Ashera witnessed Noya create another Yu from a disembodied eye floating in one of the nearby tanks. After seeing that Yu murdered as well, Ashera stated this was insane and that it made him sick.[35] Bristling at Noya speaking they now had a quiet Yu, they then discussed a matter between them. Ashera found an entourage of demons enter the room, including Raimeiki with Byakkomaru, along with Kiseki-o then Gekkouin as well around Sika Madu.[36]

Agreeing to become a demon.

One thousand years ago Ashera was convinced by Sika Madu to travel with him to the island that will become Japan. Also having agreed to become a demon, it was because he must "go for their future" and Ashera received his name of Asuramaru as a demon. His disappearance with the First Progenitor prompts Krul's search for him.[37]

At some point, Asuramaru appearing as a demon was stood in between Byakkomaru and Gekkouin with Kiseki-o and Raimeiki, surrounding Sika Madu. Called the first's chosen disciples, Asuramaru was asked to help him save the world from the catastrophe that loomed in the far future. Opting out was possible for there would be no glory or reward to be gained. Asuramaru was staring intently, and the answer 'yes' was given on whether they wanted to see this through.[38]

According to Saitō's words, Asuramaru was one of the third progenitors. During a time, Asuramaru was in a room along with Sika's Madu and his other apostles, with Noya as a demon too. Surrounding Sika Madu, where Asuramaru was at a noticeable distance, they observed him carrying a young Yu, who was unconscious, as he stood near the clear casket containing the body of Michaela, where there were black suns floating above them all.[39]

Many years after his rebirth as a demon, Asuramaru was sealed within a katana by humans. Chained in place by a curse, he would become Mahiru Hīragi's weapon. After Mahiru's death, Ashera is identified as part of the Black Demon Series.


First contract

Events of 2012

Asuramaru is summoned by Mahiru to slay a vampire that tracked her to Tokyo. As a weapon he is being used by Mahiru to fend off four vampires on the freeway, but ends up getting separated from her once captured. He is then located by Guren who finds him somewhere in a sizeable car pileup that resulted from Mahiru and the vampires' battle, before the demon katana immediately vanishes.

Unexpectedly, Asuramaru then appears suddenly in a sheath at the love hotel that Guren and his squad are staying at. It is revealed that instead of vanishing back at the freeway, Asuramaru was actually taken by Guren's cursed weapon, Noya who had been holding onto it. Asuramaru comes at Guren, but is smacked away by Shinya which separates the blade from its sheath. The sealed demon fills the air with a sharp piercing crack before lodging itself into the ceiling.

Later, Asuramaru was taken by Guren to be experimented on by the Hīragi Family. Research on him led to them learning more about demons.

Events of 2020

Second Shibuya High Arc

Appearing in a mist like form

Asuramaru first appears when Lieutenant Colonel Guren Ichinose takes his new recruits into a ceremonial room where the Black Demon Series weapons are located.[40] As a katana, his sword is selected by Yūichirō Hyakuya to enter the contract ceremony. A spell circle before him, and Yu drawing the blade helps to begin the contract ceremony.

With contact initiated, Asuramaru immediately thrusts Yu into an illusion where he is surrounded by his murdered family members. Approaching Yu in the form of a twelve-year-old Mikaela Hyakuya, he accuses him of abandoning them. After being warned to not use his name like that, Asuramaru is called out as a demon and to stop pretending to be his family. Answering that he thought he was touching his most tender memories, Asuramaru speaks how he finds it strange that Yu did not even flinch.

Learning that Yu knows how demons work, Asuramaru is ordered to give up and give him power. Having the form of Mika collapse, Asuramaru rises as a black formless mass and impales Yu with spiked shadows. He realizes that Yu fought a low-rank Myo-o demon before. Questioning why he wants power so much, Asuramaru enquires if it is for his revenge. When Yu confirms this, Asuramaru asks further whether it is because he lost something precious. After Yu replies yes again, that the kids from the orphanage were the first real family he had and he lost them, Asuramaru answers he will lend Yu his power as he likes strong desires.

If Yu wants power for revenge alone, Asuramaru states he will give him unlimited power. Generating Yu's family members, Asuramaru has them speak to him that it is not enough. Having their corpses lie on the ground, as Akane Hyakuya it is spoken that Yu has to live for revenge in truth now or else they cannot give him power. An apparition of Mika is then used to tell Yu to give up his love as they hate that more than anything. Asuramaru communicates that they like greed and cannot stand love. Through the appearances of Yu's family, they ask him if he is going to go off and make new friends and be happy without them. When Yu tries to explain, Mika says that it is not fair that Yu was the only one to survive and that he left them to die.

Revealing his true form

Told to shut up and just give him his power because he needs enough power to protect everyone, Asuramaru is surprised at Yu glowing brightly. Commenting on Yu's incredible contradiction of love and lust, Asuramaru states that this is the reason why humans destroy the world. Saying that Yu interests him, he will obey him as long as his heart remains strong. Asuramaru adds the warning that the moment he senses any weakness, he will take over Yu's body. Asking if Yu agrees with this, when he does, Asuramaru tells him that he will be his then. Sharing his name with Yu, when he wants powers, just call out his name.

With the agreement to make a contract with him, Asuramaru also informs Yu that he is 1/10th not human. Asuramaru suggests to Yu that humans modified him in some abnormal way. Remarking that humans are more frightening than vampires, and even more frightening than demons, Asuramaru finds it odd to explain this to a human. When asked, Asuramaru declines to elaborate further and proclaims that their contract is complete. After announcing to Yu that he will be his power as well as his blade, Asuramaru then adds for Yu to open his eyes and let his greed grow. Asuramaru ends with inspiring Yu to slice the world open.

Shinjuku Arc

It is revealed that Asuramaru has been tormenting Yu in his dreams every night since Yu formed the contract with him. He takes the form of Mika and accuses Yu of leaving him behind.[41]

Post-Shinjuku Arc

After Yu ingested the cursed gear stimulants where they take effect to force him to transform and lose control, Asuramaru meets him in his mind.[42] With Yu wondering if Asuramaru is trying to take over, he denies it. Calling Yu monstrous, Asuramaru states that Mika was right. Asuramaru advises Yu that he with Mika should run as far away from humans as they can before Yu loses his humanity altogether. Then, he alerts them they are out of time after all.

As the sword, it reacts to have blood drawn into it. Asuramaru is a part of Yu's demon battle as part of his advanced training to take his power to the next level, and it lasts for over twenty hours.[43] In his realm, Asuramaru giggles and gasps with delight at the taste of Yu's blood which was enjoyed when it was physically placed on the sword. With Yu's reaction that Asuramaru is acting like a vampire, he explains that demons are the mere shadows of what used to be a vampire. Not interested in detailing further, Asuramaru just wants Yu to give him more of his blood, his body, his mind, everything, before leaping at him.

Bound by emerging chains, Asuramaru is restrained on the ground. With the chains holding Asuramaru prisoner enquired about by Yu, he explains that it is the sorcery that humans completed in order to curse the demons and bind them where they are trapped by it. Asked if it is painful, Asuramaru appears perplexed but denies any pain. Wondering why Yu would worry about him, Asuramaru acknowledges that of course Yu hates painful things, before calling him weird.

When it is raised that Asuramaru sucking his blood would advance the cursed gear, he answers Yu that when he drinks blood, the demon curse's restraining force goes down. Continuing, Asuramaru details to move on even further, he needs to explain a variety of things to Yu. When Yu is confused by this, Asuramaru clarified that the explanation about this curse and the contract was something that the humans decided. If he does not tell Yu, he will be stuck in the demon curse chains, unable to move. Questioned if it is a man made curse, Asuramaru confirms this then adds that humans sure are scary because they keep putting their hands on forbidden techniques. Asuramaru also remarks that the thing inside Yu is quite terrible as well. Where Yu does not remember losing control during the battle of Shinjuku, Asuramaru laughs with the comment that humans sure are terrible.

Disregarding it as something that has nothing to do with him, Asuramaru explains the rules to loosen the demon curse binding force. Simply put, Asuramaru will attack Yu and every time he endures one of those attacks, his willpower will go down. If this happens, Yu will be taken over. With Yu deeming it odd, Asuramaru tells him that it is a demon's objective to try and possess a human, and the only reason why they listen to them. Asuramaru then details that if Yu is able to cut him with the sword, his own willpower will go down. Finally, Asuramaru shares if Yu crushes his own heart, it is game over and he wins.

Serious about the fight

Warning Yu that he will not even be able to touch the sword, Asuramaru rises from the fracturing chains. Having expounded on the rules, Asuramaru reveals the curse's restraining force has weakened. Almost totally free of the chains, he wishes to start the fight so they will see who the real master is. In talking about how the restrains are weakening, Asuramaru's reasoning is fading. Wanting Yu's everything, he then orders him to die. Knocking Yu back, Asuramaru gets on top of him and teasingly asks if he is in pain. Speaking that he will not let him die, Asuramaru reiterates that Yu will have a nightmare every time he takes one of his attacks. Intending for his spirit will be brought down, Asuramaru wonders how long he will last.

Biting into Yu who is stuck in an illusion

An illusion has Mika calling Yu terrible for leaving him behind. Akane is also manifested to add that it is the reason why Mika was turned into a vampire, and that it is all Yu's fault. While Yu coughs up blood but breaks free, Asuramaru is told he will not give in to something like that. Unabashed, Asuramaru replies he will as the demon curse has gotten weaker. He will touch Yu's true darkness and let his rages and desires run wild. Biting Yu produces another illusion.

Having the memory of Yu as a child, when he was still at home with his parents, the scenario occurs in a room with a tipped-over table and bottles on the floor with papers, pens, and drinks spilled. Playing out Yu's mother kneeling on the kitchen floor, while his father curses him calling him demon spawn, Asuramaru it aware Yu's father said he must kill the Seraph of the End as soon as possible or else the world will be ruined. The memory of Yu's father holding a large knife and chasing his son into a apartment hallway, is intermixed with forms of Akane and Mika appearing. Asuramaru has Mika speak that because Yu ran away, he became a vampire, and Akane wishing that Yu had not come to the orphanage. Continuing that everything has gone horribly wrong since he done so, with the remark that he should have just died here, Yu's dad then appears in the doorway. Speaking for him to die as this is the end for him, and that he will disappear here, Asuramaru replays the instance of Yu's his dad stabbing his son through his back and left side of his chest.

After showing the combined traumas, Asuramaru hears from Yu that he will not go berserk over something like that. With Yu talking about the promise he made to Mika as he was the first person to ever need him, Asuramaru cannot interfere with this, neither stop Yu awakening. Irritated, Asuramaru thought that he had won but is told that Yu already knows how to fight. After Yu summons the sword, Asuramaru compliments him but states not to kid himself. Assuming that he must have gotten weaker, Asuramaru calls Yu a demon that was not wanted by anyone and discarded by his parents. The words are powerless with Yu fine being a demon if it means Mika, Guren, then Shinoa, and Yoichi or Kimizuki need him.

Remarking that Yu being defiant kind of annoys him, on what he is going to do about it, Asuramaru replies at once that he will kill him. Seeing he has thrown away his sword, Asuramaru hears Yu has decided against attacking him as he would see a nightmare. Hearing that Yu does not hurt his friends causes Asuramaru to laugh. Stating that Yu is being naive, Asuramaru is asked to help save Mika and his family. Wondering what is in it for him, in exchange, Asuramaru could get Yu as his friend. With it mentioned that Asuramaru must be awfully lonely, he agrees to let Yu possess him and guides Yu to grab the sword. The practical ability of Asura-Kannon can now be performed, where multiple Asuramaru swords can be conjured, which may fly into enemies.

Nagoya Arc

After overdosing on cursed gear stimulants[44] to increase his power where Yu coughs up blood,[45] inside his mind, Asuramaru calls him hopeless. Raising how Yu appeared to have given up on revenge to then became obsessed with living and family, Asuramaru wonders if Yu wants power that badly. With Yu needing power to save Guren, he is begged to provide it.

Fine with the request, Asuramaru says if Yu wants power, he will give him all he asks for and more since he feeds on ugly human emotions like obsession and greed. However, Asuramaru addresses that the stimulants Yu took before are a problem as they force the curse to go crazy while keeping his greed in check. Stating that the contradiction will not do, Asuramaru adds that Yu cannot expect to just take the stimulants and get stronger without any consequences.

When Yu questions how he can get stronger, Asuramaru cannot answer that as Yu is in fact already dead. Elucidating that it was a quick death, Asuramaru says in simple terms that Yu took so much of the drug that all his internal organs ruptured and his heart exploded. While he has powerful regenerative abilities, Asuramaru judges that kind of damage is beyond him. Concluding that Yu is done. Dead. Then, Asuramaru adapts his message, adding on that at least he should be.

The only reason he is not is because of those disgusting angels, in Asuramaru's view. Their power is forcibly keeping Yu alive. Nearby to where they are situated in Asuramaru's world, he observes an object lying on the ground. Asked what it is, Asuramaru does not know but from there it looks like a trumpet. Where Yu has the urge to take the trumpet, Asuramaru warns him not to take it. Maintaining that Yu take him instead, he warns that angels can be far nastier than demons.

Picking up that Yu’s heart has starting beating again, Asuramru says that now that it is fixed, he can take care of the rest. Stabbing into his abdomen, while telling Yu not to go with the trumpeters and instead stay with him, is done when he seems mesmerized by the trumpet. Stipulating that he accept him, Asuramaru tells Yu that he can heal him yet when this is attempted it is added that he cannot return Yu to normal.

Discerning that Yu lost even more of his humanity than before and has become even uglier, Asuramaru orders him to never do that again. Claiming Yu's body is his, he has power demanded off him. Labelling him a greedy little human wretch, Asuramaru notifies Yu that he has already given it to him as three stimulants are in effect. Briefing him, Asuramaru states Yu can use all his strength for the next two to three minutes without becoming a demon, then tells him to awaken.

During Yu’s fight with Crowley, he is called on for more power, enough to save Guren and to save his friends. More than happy to help, especially now that the stimulant has completely worn off, with that, Asuramaru can give him all the power he desires. Encouraging his drive, Asuramaru tells Yu to need it, crave it, and let his greed rule. The power delivered results in Yu gaining a demon horn, yet is seemingly entirely nullified once Yu is caught in Kiseki-o's Devil's Coffin ability.

After Yu has been knocked unconscious by Kimizuki's rescue attempt involving Kiseki-o, he praises Yu’s honesty toward his desire and love. Asuramaru then mentions how good and evil mean nothing to Yu when it comes to protecting his family. Attesting that Yu is broken, Asuramaru tempts him with power again, which is turned down.

Standing opposite Yu with the trumpet from before resting between them,[46] Asuramaru scolds him for being so greedy and claims he does not have enough power to give them. Calling Yu a traitor, Asuramaru speaks he is betraying him by taking up that trumpet. Adamant that is the worst decision Yu could make, Asuramaru argues that will erase what is left of Yu's humanity. It fails to dissuade Yu who in wanting to protect his family blows into the trumpet and is consumed by a massive power that splits the clouds.

Continuing from that, after Yu in his seraph mode turns his attention from Abaddon's vanquishing, Asuramaru appears in front of him and tells Yu not to kill the humans since he does not desire human deaths. When Yu asks who Asuramaru is, he orders him to be silent and calls the entity an angel disparagingly. Asuramaru is clear that he is not speaking to the seraph but rather to Yu and says he will help Yu control the seraph as long as he draws his sword. He continues that Yu may be able to contain the seraph by becoming a full demon. His silence ordered by the seraph within Yu, with humanity proclaimed to see its end today, Asuramaru ignores him. Speaking for Yu to let out his greed and desire, Asuramaru tells him to accept his inner demon.

Paying no mind to the seraph yelling at the humans to stop, once Yu grabs his cursed gear, Asuramaru grins with delight. Through Asuramaru's power, a pair of demon horns sprout from Yu's head. After he shouts that he is going to save his family he stabs himself through the chest with the cursed gear sword before plummeting to the ground, where Asuramaru successfully contains the seraph.

Post-Nagoya Arc

Three months later after Yu surrenders to Ferid Bathory and Crowley but sees Akane's head presented in a jar, his demon is sent out of control and Asuramaru is contacted for the power to kill. Calling Yu a greedy Namanari, when Yu questions what that is, Asuramaru explains it and states that this is the third time already. With Yu's memories having been really spotty lately, Asuramaru says that his human self does not want to deal with the memories of his demon self so hides them away.

Discussing that Yu could take three stimulants and not die because he is no longer human, Asuramaru asks Yu to let him take over for just an instant. Detailing he will not kill anybody, Asuramaru avows he only needs three seconds. Told to stop lying to him because he has his own will and knowledge, Asuramaru hears Yu will not become a demon. Wondering if that is Yu's human or demon side talking since they are now inseparable, with Yu saying he does not really care as long as he can protect his friends, Asuramaru replies demons have no friends or family, they simply kill everything.

When Yu supposes he cannot become a demon, Asuramaru shares taking those three stimulants will make his demon side grow exponentially. With this shrugged off, Asuramaru asks if Yu can hear how much he is contradicting himself regarding wanting to protect his friends. Cutting the conversation short, Asuramaru states this once, Yu will not need the stimulants because he is about to be rescued by a vampire, seemingly aware of Ferid's imminent actions.

Osaka Arc

Confused after seeing Krul

When Yu makes eye contact with Krul at Osaka Bay, Asuramaru's emotions are felt according to Yu. While Yu thinks he picked up Asuramaru's feelings, he claims demons do not have emotions, or he did not think they have any. During the attack on Ky Luc, he aids Yu in controlling the seraph. Following the battle, Asuramaru appears before Yu and comments on his insane predicament of having the stimulant, seraph, and demon components all in his body. Telling Yu that he does not care that the stimulant is slowing down the latter's demon transformation, if Asuramaru did take control of his body, he would search for someone even though he does not remember who.

Wanting to know why Yu is so self-sacrificing, Asuramaru digs deep into Yu's memories. Glossing past the abuse from Yu's parents, and the deaths of the Hyakuya orphans, Asuramaru seeks to find out why Yu is called "demon spawn". Soon coming upon a memory, Asuramaru finds Yu as a child being held in a cell and visited by a teenage girl. At some point in their conversation, a scientist tells the girl that they will be altering Yu's memories, and Asuramaru is unable to dig deeper into Yu's memories in order to learn more, indicating its success.

When he tells Yu about the memory of him in the cell, it is not remembered. Revealing that Yu was a test subject before he came to the orphanage, Asuramaru also informs him that he is unable to learn what Yu was like as a person since the more important memories are gone. Asuramaru expresses his annoyance about Yu being manipulated. He wishes that it was Yu's desire being the driving force for everyone instead of someone else's then advises Yu to use his brain or he will not be able to save anyone. Asuramaru then warns Yu to wake up soon or else Mika will be angry again.

During Yu's fight with the 6th Trumpet who he meant to save, power was demanded from Asuramaru. In struggling to keep the angel aspect of Yu restricted, Asuramaru put forward that he is just a stranger. With Yu raising the seraph human must have a demon, Asuramaru notices he does and puts more effort into hanging in for longer.[47] Later, Asuramaru is thanked for keeping the seraph power in check the whole time.[48]

Shibuya Arc

In his inner world Asuramaru converses with Yu on his own memories after being asked why he is looking at the sky. Not knowing why, for some reason Asuramaru liked the sky. When questioned if it could be an old memory, Asuramaru reveals that some of his faintest memories are returning when Yu lets his seraph go berserk. With Yu commenting in that case, he would be good to destroy himself, Asuramaru tells him to stop being irrational as he would disappear if he does so. Furthermore, Asuramaru has no desire to to recover his memories.

Answering some of Yu's questions about his past, Asuramaru replies that he liked the sun and the sky. Thinking he had a younger sister, he regrets abandoning her. Once Yu asks further questions and offers to help him recover his memories, eventually Asuramaru collapses from thinking about his memories as his head hurts. He falls asleep shortly afterwords.[49]

Meeting Shikama Dōji

As Shikama Dōji enters his domain, Asuramaru orders him to identify himself. Being addressed as Ashera Tepes does not rouse his memory, and Asuramaru regards Shikama Dōji as a pitiful monster. Told that he is not a demon, Asuramaru replies with the demand that Shikama Dōji to leave. When Shikama Dōji declines to do so, he fights him. Charging towards Shikama Dōji, he summons his sword and sees his foe has conjured numerous scythes. When Asuramaru fails to strike him, he takes advantage of his environment by affecting Shikama Dōji across space. Openings in the air deliver swords at his target, and Asuramaru affirms it is his territory. In mentioning that it is the first time someone has invaded his mind, he lets his guard down.

After Shikama Dōji vanishes and appears behind him, Asuramaru is held in place. Told it is time to remember who he was and what was done to him, Asuramaru is bitten by Shikama Dōji's fangs. Remembering walking hand-in-hand with Krul, he calls out for Yu begging for power. In Shikama Dōji's confinement, he finds a barrier forming around them. When Yu arrives, Asuramaru is unable to take greed from Yu. To bypass this, Asuramaru is summoned as a sword to Yu. In this form, Asuramaru helps Yu to escape Shikama Dōji's grasp and then returns to his demon form manifesting next to Yu. Warning Yu that Shikama Dōji is a very strong monster, Asuramaru states fighting him is the only choice.

When Shikama Dōji starts to discuss knowing both Asuramaru and Yu, he alerts Yu that talking to him is dangerous. When Yu asks Shikama Dōji questions, Asuramaru cautions Yu that Shikama Dōji's voice could spellbind him so should ignore him. With Shikama Dōji tempting Yu multiple times with information about his past existence, Asuramaru takes action when he falls to Shikama Dōji desire. Attempts to rescue him fail since Asuramaru cannot approach Shikama Dōji. After it is mentioned that he can be taken with Shikama Dōji, Asuramaru responds that he does not care about the past.

Imploring Yu to wake up, Asuramaru finds out that he has been faking being under Shikama Dōji's influence all along to take the chance to slash him. After Yu seemingly defeats Shikama Dōji, he warns him to not get distracted and be careful for anything. Electing to stab Shikama Dōji's remains one more time, Asuramaru speaks for him to disappear in anger, an invocation that works resulting in Shikama Dōji vanishing into thin air.

Wondering if it is over, they began chatting. Asuramaru shares Yu's surprise at Shikama Dōji's sudden appearance where he is unharmed, alive and well. Having Shikama Dōji's hand shoved into his chest, Asuramaru struggles and curse marks begin covering his skin. When Shikama Dōji states that he will kill them, he and Yu of them are saved by Shinoa's arrival. He tries to stop Yu from getting close to Shikama Dōji when he was grabbing Shinoa. After she was taken, Asuramaru tells Yu it is not his fault that Shikama Dōji disappeared with Shinoa.

In Shibuya, the sword Asuramaru is bound to is chained to a stretcher and covered with spell tags, taken with Yu who is led away on the orders of Kureto Hīragi.[50] After the Hyakuya Sect captures Yu, from an electrical like current and seemingly with influence from Jigenso, he feels an odd feeling and his memories are starting to come back.[51] His life as a human during the dark ages of Greece is recounted. As Ashera he was sold by a slaver to Sika Madu, and also met Yu as a child who he saw had seraph wings.[52] The historical account of how Ashera became a vampire is remembered.[53]

Presently, Asuramaru is asked by Yu to give him more power, though he is aware of and warns about Noya who is involved with the current fight. Sharing that he feels his memories are coming back little by little, Asuramaru answers Yu that he has already seen Guren's demon, Noya.[54] Having an uneasy feeling he strongly recommends for Yu to get away. While Yu would love to, he can't because he does not enough power, so Asuramaru will provide it. As it is him and Mika against Guren with Noya and Mahiru, where Yu will need even more power than usual, Asuramaru notes if he goes berserk it is the perfect opportunity for him to take over his body.

Declaring he will turn Yu into a demon

As Yu lays out if Asuramaru does not take him over he will be way more powerful against his attackers, he is hesitant about doing so. Accordingly, he listens to Yu deny the power Asuramaru will give him, and then he would not be able to beat Noya. Speaking it as though he is threatening him, Asuramaru hears this is not the case, but he should not take over Yu's body. The presence of Noya is effective leverage for Asuramaru to grant Yu power, or risk capture by him. Granting it, Asuramaru says finally get out in the real world.[55] Called Yu's friend results in Asuramaru appearing discomposed.

Advising Yu with a serious look to not underestimate demons, Asuramaru again dismisses that they are friends. Asked to give all the power he has got, Asuramaru smirks and finally agrees, stating that his body is as good as his. Taking Yu's hands, Asuramaru declares he will turn him into a demon.[56] His power results in two horns appearing out of Yu's head as he screams wildly before crashing into the ceiling of the building he is in.[57]

Unresponsive to Noya's arrival, Asuramaru is synchronized with Yu's physical body and warps the space around them to assault Noya with Asura-Kannon: Thousand Blades. This is followed up with Asura-Kannon: Ten Thousand Blades: Knot of Fate which brutalizes Noya badly.[58] Having made it to the floor above, partially occupying Yu's body, Asuramaru pulls Mika up to him. Suggesting for them to run, he refers to him as 'Mikaela'. Answering if he is Yu, he identifies himself as 'Ashera Tepes'.[59] In short words, Ashera communicates through Yu that within he is saying Mika is his family.[60]

After Guren has weakened Yu's demon using a needle, and crushed his heart with the Mahiru-no-Yo sword, Asuramaru is separated from Yu's conscious.[61] With Mika having been injured, Asuramaru later informs Yu it is useless to save his life as he has lost too much blood. Begged by Yu to save Mika's life no matter what the cost, Asuramaru only mentions the fate of the vampires who lose too much blood, that they turn into demons[62] To himself Asuramaru thinks the mastermind of this whole situation which involves Mika turning into a demon. Registering that his memories are coming back, he is also aware that his sister Krul is nearby.[63]

Facing Yu's back in his realm, Asuramaru speaks that Mika is a lost cause and he knows Yu feels it. Saying that Mika's life force has vanished, Asuramaru pauses after being ordered to shut up before he explains that sometimes no matter how much Yu lets his greed and power go berserk, there will be things that he just will not get. Telling Yu that it is not his fault, Asuramaru comforts him in his grief that Yu can go ahead and kill him if he wants. Granting his deepest desire is a demon's job.[64] Encouraging Yu to do whatever he wants if it means healing what is hurting Yu, he asks him not to cry. After asking what he wants, Asuramaru understands how Yu does not want to be alone and listens to his experiences on what has happened to him before, when his parents called him a devil spawn and how he does not deserve to live.[65]

Questioning Yu if he wants to die, and hearing he does, Asuramaru figured as much, aware that the desire was always floating around in the darkest corners of Yu's heart. Elucidating that Yu was the monster no one ever wanted, with even his own parents calling him a devil, Asuramaru states from the start Yu could not find a reason to live. All this time, Yu's smiles and laughs were fake and empty, and when there was someone who liked his existence, that someone would always die and Yu could not go on living anymore.[66]

Speaking that humanity has never really needed to be strong.

Deeming this pretty convenient for himself, Asuramaru comments he is happy since if Yu dies then his body is his for the taking. Agreeing with Yu that he can be useful, only a little though, Asuramaru shares that his memories are back and he remembers that a really long time ago he used to be human. Asuramaru tells Yu that strong humans do not exist since humanity has never really needed to be strong, assuring him again that it is not his fault. Continuing, Asuramaru says that it is all right for humans to cry, and if it hurts and Yu is scared then running away is fine. Successfully calming him, Asuramaru replies he cannot say for sure if it is okay for Yu to die, only that it is his choice to make. With the topic raised, Asuramaru confirms he would however be happy to take over Yu's body.[67]

Asked to kill him since Yu has grown tired, Asuramaru conjures his sword and directs it at Yu's neck. Stopping short, Asuramaru pauses to hear Yu apologize once again and is bid goodbye by the owner of his cursed gear. Moving to strike, he mentions one last thing to Yu, which is not something a demon should be saying. Imparting that Mika said something at the end, Asuramaru thinks it is about time Yu should remember it.[68]

Telling Yu to watch Mika die closely, calling him an empty helpless little devil.

Reminding Yu that Mika said not worry as he will keep him safe, Asuramaru tells Yu that Mika loved him and in his final moments he gave Yu a reason to keep living. Yet he questions whether Yu is going to throw all that away and die.[69] With Yu crying in anguish, Asuramaru speaks that living always hurts, it is why humans have greed as it helps them find some reason, any reason that is just worth it enough to cling to life. Walking towards him, Asuramaru places a hand on his head to see if Yu has got it, to look at that life he has. Asuramaru says to watch Mika die, so it gives Yu a reason to live. He emphasizes that Yu should watch closely with his eyes wide open, before calling Yu an empty little helpless devil.[70]

Post-Shibuya Arc

Regarding the crackling shadowy mass around Mika, he regards it as a black sun. Remarking that a demon is being born, Asuramaru feels it is one different from the others.[71] Not responding to Krul calling for him to leave or possess Yu's body[72][73] Asuramaru responds to Yu that he knows his sister is here but they should run. Not so sure that it would be great if Mika became a demon like him, Asuramaru reiterates for him to escape. If Mika catches Yu he will be done, then Asuramaru grants the requested power.[74] Aware of Krul's concern, Asuramaru appears near her to say it will be fine, and to trust him when she is reluctant to join Shinoa squad.[75]

Entering Kiseki-o's realm, Asuramaru is questioned whether he has also regained his memories as well. He does not comment on Kiseki-o's statement that it seems the king has finally awakened.[76] Beside him, they both peer into one of Kiseki-o's coffins and Asuramaru wonders what the situation is. Noticing the coffin rattle, Asuramaru registers that Kiseki-o has been impaled upwards into the air by a large cross with sharpened points. Raising what Kiseki-o said about getting in unnoticed, Asuramaru complies with his request for help by climbing up the structure. Asking how was the king, it was not what he meant when the response was that the king was powerful. In response to Kiseki-o's injury, Asuramaru deems it impressive that the king deals a lot of damage as to be expected. After wondering if Kiseki-o is going to die, Asuramaru comments how he always makes such a noise as he heals. Guided to show some concern, Asuramaru replies that Kiseki-o dying would put a crimp in their plans so he should not do so.[77]

After laughing slightly, Asuramaru again questions how was the king. Deeming it a problem of what the king is doing, Asuramaru feels if the king goes about possessing people at random in his search for desires to maintain the world he is in then it would be hard for them to track him. As they could lose him entirely, Asuramaru adds that they need to open a connecting pathway quickly and pour desire into it for him so presses Kiseki-o to hurry up and heal. He observes as Kiseki-o manifests a coffin to grant Gekkouin entry to where they are. Asking whether he has got his memories back, Asuramaru then interjects that Kiseki-o should cease talking, hurry and heal. If they do not open a path quickly the king will escape.[78]

Regarding the coffin with the cross stabbed through it, Asuramaru confirms Gekkouin's question that it is one of the king's attacks. With Gekkouin acquiring power by simply asking Yoichi for it, Asuramaru is surprised at that being all he needs to do to get it. Commenting that Gekkouin is certainly on good terms with his human, Asuramaru ponders the question of whether he is that close with his. Remembering Yu remarking that he was his friend, Asuramaru considers it a good question on whether they are friends. Once Kiseki-o is ready, Asuramaru remarks that was quick.[79] Having gained access to the world where the young Mika is with something who looks like Yu, he along with Kiseki-o and Gekkouin position themselves on rooftops surrounding Demon Mika in the centre. Hearing Shikama Dōji speak to him, Asuramaru is warned that the humans are headed there and to capture Mikaela's soul before they do. Asuramaru understands.[80]

Unknown to him, he is mentioned as Shinoa has learned from Shikama Dōji and shared with her squad that Asuramaru is an enemy, ordered to capture Mika's soul.[81] Not present in his sphere when Yu enters there, Asuramaru neither answers his calls. In Demon Mika's residential area like world, Asuramaru is running in the streets. Armed with his sword, he pursues the King with him commenting for to do this.[82] As Ashera chases the King, he taunts him to run and shouts they have to steal the king's soul first.[83] Rousing him to fight, Asuramaru comments on how fast the King's cross fired attacks at him are. Ducking under them, Asuramaru speaks how desires and greed are what all demons love but the one whose desires are getting eaten are the King's. After springing off the sides of some walls, Asuramaru has appeared before Demon Mika and slashes at him. Surprised that he dodged it, Asuramaru is then skewered through the chest by one of the King's spikes and screams as he vanishes.[84]

Whilst the illusion of him was destroyed, Asuramaru himself elsewhere focuses on the house that Mika as a child and the imaginary Yu are located in. He wonders if the King will be able to protect his desires from him. Regarding his dear, precious desires hiding deep in Demon Mika's heart, Asuramaru considers how he is going to eat them all up. Shouting for himself to move as he runs, Asuramaru's excitement is replaced with bewilderment as he sees the house physically appear farther away in the distance ahead. Then finding a towering building firmly blocking his path, Asuramaru knows that it is the King's world but comments on the huge obstacle created. Slicing into the building, Asuramaru creates an opening to spring into then leap up the floors of the mall like interior. Happily asking whether the King is sure he is not going to lose track of him in there, Asuramaru bounces along the walkways and then scales the inside of an elevator shaft. Seeing an explosion above, Asuramaru spirits right past the King and ever more upwards.[85]

Finding the King above him after having cut the entire building in half, Asuramaru snickers that if the King is just going to wreck it then he should not make it in the first place. Grinning at being told he will die here, Asuramaru calls for Kiseki-o and whether he sees it.[86] With one of the King's crosses coming towards him and with Kiseki-o's coffin behind him, Asuramaru simply declares that he wins. Having caught the tip of the weapon, Asuramaru is beaming as he is thrown backwards by the force and through the coffin portal to the house where Mika and the illusionary Yu are.[87] Thudding before them both, Asuramaru greets them as brats before informing them that a demon is here. Telling them to go on and pee their pants, Asuramaru announces that he is going to eat their whole family and rip their poor little hearts to shreds.[88]

Menacing Mika and Yu where he threatens to kill them, Asuramaru does not act when the illusionary Yu runs but addresses Mika. Speaking how desire and fear are two sides of the same coin, Asuramaru wonders what it would take to bring out the deepest desire hiding in Mika's heart. Registering Mika run at him with a knife, Asuramaru laughs off how scary it is. Just standing there as he is stabbed, Asuramaru makes no effort to defend himself as he is pushed over and attacked repeatedly. Grinning, Asuramaru sees Mika's fear, the one thing he fears from the bottom of his heart. With illusions of Yu holding Akane amongst the deceased, Asuramaru voices that Mika's fear is that he is too weak to protect his family and that Yu would say what happened was his fault.[89]

Appearing behind Mika, he adds that his deepest desire is to have someone blame him for that. Asuramaru suggests they re-create the scenario. Stating that Mika killed his family back then, Asuramaru suggests they should have him do it again in all its gory detail here and now. Taking ahold of his arms, Asuramaru escorts Mika to kill his family. With Mika saying to stop, Asuramaru declines and answers it is what he wants. Speaking that these last eight years Mika has wanted to blame himself, Asuramaru continues to the room.[90] Along with the other children, the illusionary Yu are stabbed by Mika with Asuramaru stood watching. Smiling, he then heads outside to comment on the mass murder there and the beautiful sky outside.[91]

Spotting Demon Mika crouched nearby, Asuramaru walks over and affirms that they win. Answering Gekkouin that he has received word that Shikama Dōji will awake soon, Asuramaru then joins him and Kiseki-o in binding the King before he can recover. With his hand over him, Asuramaru reacts to Yu's voice on what he is doing to Mika. Replying to Kiseki-o that he thought a voice was heard, Asuramaru tells them they had better hurry since he thinks someone might interrupt what they are doing. In response to Yu talking to him again, Asuramaru shouts for them to hurry since he is coming. Seeing that his right arm has been dismembered, Asuramaru is effected by a large incision on his chest and sees Yu break out of his body.[92]

Swiftly overcoming the shock of what happened, Asuramaru yells for the others to not let Yu touch the King and then knocks Yu over. Affirming he is not going anywhere, Asuramaru is then taken to the ground. Stating that there are reasons, and protesting that one second is not enough to explain them, Asuramaru then denies he is the enemy. With his mouth covered, Asuramaru thinks he does not have another choice and has to possess Yu even if it is forced. Grasping Yu, he means to make his desires go berserk.[93]

In a barren plane, Asuramaru faces Yu with spell tags around him. Shouting for Yu to tell him his greatest desire and what he fears the most, Asuramaru states he will make it run wild. Repeating the question, Asuramaru adds he will find the most painful corner of Yu's heart and drag it out into the open. Responding to Yu's quiet answer that he cannot hear him, Asuramaru orders him to shout it and let him drive it berserk. Feeling it is a lie when Yu replies that he wants to save Mika, he asserts that Yu does not really want that more than anything else. With Yu mentioning it again, Asuramaru replies he told him to quit lying. Wanting to know why he does, Asuramaru presses Yu to answer why the fixation on Mikaela and what is it he really wants that drives him. As he maintains the line of questioning on what Yu is so afraid of, Asuramaru is alarmed to see the spell tags burnt away, and then stunned at Yu with demon horns with three seraphs behind him. Lying on the ground in Demon Mika's dream world, Asuramaru cannot believe that Yu is forcing him to turn into his cursed gear form, where he is now a sword held by Yu.[94]

As a sword, Asuramaru is materialized by Yu when he means to battle Demon Mika in a red sky version of Nagoya and is able to withstand the King's attacks.[95]

Akihabara Arc

When Yu is unable to escape from from the underground building in Akihabara. He finds himself needing more power, as one demon power isn't enough. He remembers Asuramaru.[96] Yu appears inside Asuramaru realm who is balanced on his sword, and sees the sky covered in black clouds with intensive thunderstorms. Yu asks the demon to give him power. Asuramaru looks back at Yu with silence.[97]

Powers and Abilities

  • Demon form: Asuramaru's body can be stabbed repeatedly with a knife yet he seemingly doe not feel pain and the injuries do not impair him at all. Although a spirit like entity in his environments, he can still be physically affected by material objects such as being restrained by chain bindings.
  • Demon's thrall: Asuramaru can enter his host's dreams and access their memories to create nightmares. Manipulating the memories or replaying them is done in order to break his host's will and take over their body. If it were Asuramaru's illusions that were with Mika then he can do this to others, yet he was only after learning his innermost desires and having them fulfilled. Where he is a spirit like being, physical contact seems to be helpful in allowing him to access innermost thoughts and concerns. As himself Asuramaru can enter other demon realms.
  • Sword form: Bound to a sword, Asuramaru appears as a black katana with the edge of the blade being a light green. Bearing immense power in its own right, invoking Asuramaru's name imbues it to greater extents. When his name is spoken by his bearer, he coats his host in a green aura where they physically become even more powerful. Supernaturally powered creatures such as vampires can be slain with minimal effort with such power.
  • Asura-Kannon: A special technique using Asuramaru that materializes dozens of floating swords roughly in the shape of a fan above the human generating them. Able to levitate around who has summoned them, the blades can be individually or all at once directed to fire into enemies.
Asura-Kannon Thousand Blades.png
    • Asura-Kannon: Thousand Blades: An advanced type of Asura-Kannon. When used the space around is warped with thousands of swords materializes and surfaces in the warped space with a homing effect at the target.
      • Asura-Kannon: Ten-Thousand Blades: Knot of Fate: This technique creates a much wider range of the warped flat space that can cover an entire building and the sky around it, where thousands of swords surface then materializes in the warped space. It has enough destructive force to shatter the surrounding area in the warped space with a homing effect at the target.
  • Asura-Kannon: Infinite Phantom Blades: The sheathe alone materializes, then invisible swords appear and strike from all angles at the target with incredible speed.
Asura-Kannon Infinite Blades Knot of Fate 2.png
    • Asura-Kannon: Infinite Blades: Knot of Fate: This technique is similar to Asura-Kannon but with numerous swords that materialize horizontally with a much wider range with a circular form, they then surround the target and impale them at a high speed simultaneously.
  • Illusions: Ashera can create a physical illusion of himself that can speak, and speed up its movements to block the King's path and wield a sword to attack him with. It is essentially an exact copy of him that vanishes with a zap at being impaled through the chest.


Relationships: Asuramaru


Image gallery: Asuramaru


I can tweak a heart as weak as yours all that I want.

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Black Asura"

I like strong ones. I like strong desires. If you want power for revenge alone, then I will give you unlimited power. [As Akane] But that's not enough, Yu. You gotta do more. You have to live for revenge in truth now. Or else we can't give you any power. [As Mika] Yeah. Give up your love. We hate that more than anything. We like greed. We can't stand love. Yoichi? Kimizuki? Shinoa? Who cares about companions? Are you going to go off and make new friends... and be happy without us? That's no fair, Yu. Only you survived. We didn't. You left us to die--

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Black Asura"

Love and greed intertwined. What an incredible contradiction. This is why humans destroy the world.

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Black Asura"

You interest me. As long as your heart stays strong, I will obey you. But if I detect even a moment's weakness, your body is mine. Do you agree...? Then, I will be yours. My name is Asuramaru. When you want power, cry out my name.

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Black Asura"

You see... There's something strange inside you. You are about one part in ten... not human. Maybe other humans have modified you in some abnormal way.

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Black Asura"

Don't trust humanity, Yu. Humans are more frightening than vampires. Even more frightening than demons. Heh. How odd to say that to a human.

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Black Asura"

I will be your power. I will be your blade. Open your eyes wide... and let your greed grow. Slice the world wide open, Yūichirō Hyakuya!

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Black Asura"

[As Mika] ...Yu. Yu! You left me behind, Yu... to die. Haha! You will keep having this dream over and over. This is the darkness inside of you. It is a part of you. And I... [As Asuramaru] I am your power. Use your darkness and make me into a demon of revenge.

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Mitsuba's Squad"

But if one day you feel your like your heart will burst, just call my name. Give me your body... and I will see your revenge through for you...

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Mitsuba's Squad"

Who would have thought that I, a demon, would ever be scared of how monstrous the human I'm possessing could be?

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Reunion of Childhood Friends"

Look at the sky. You've stained it an ugly black, spreading it over the world like a curse. Yu? Mika is right. If there is still time... both of you should run as far away from humans as you can. If you don't, you'll lose your humanity altoge... Uh-oh. You're out of time after all. The part of you that isn't human is about to run wild.

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Reunion of Childhood Friends"

Blood... I... tasted your blood. Heh... Heheheh... Power... My power is returning...

–Asuramaru to Yu. "The Demon's Nightmare"

I'm becoming my true self again. Your blood was delicious... Give me more.

–Asuramaru to Yūichirō Hyakuya. "The Demon's Nightmare"

Give me blood. Your blood. Your body. Your soul. Your everything. I will possess you... and defile everything that you are!!

–Asuramaru to Yu. "The Demon's Nightmare"

Humans are frightening creatures. They have no qualms about delving into forbidden arts. Not the least of which is that terrifying thing hidden inside of you.

–Asuramaru to Yu. "The Demon's Nightmare"

Come, Yu. Let the death match begin. Let's see who will be the master, and who the servant. Aah... The bonds are loosening... loosening... I can feel my sanity slipping away... Blood. Flesh. Everything that you are... is mine. Die, human.

–Asuramaru to Yu. "The Demon's Nightmare"

The curse is weak. You can't bind me anymore. Now, I can reach into your deepest darkness. Let your rage burn, your greed consume you. Break, Yu.

–Asuramaru to Yu. "The Demon's Nightmare"

Well, well! Not bad. But don't think you can bluff me. I know you're weakened. Weakened and unwanted. Even your parents threw you away, Demon Spawn.

–Aware of Yu's parents "The Demon's Nightmare"

Those pills you took are a problem. They force us to go crazy, all while keeping your greed in check. That contradiction won't do. You can't just take drugs and expect to get stronger without any consequences, Yu. That's wrong.

–Asuramaru to Yūichirō Hyakuya. "Asura's Power"

I'm afraid I can't answer that. You're already dead. At least it was a quick death. You took so much of that drug that all your internal organs ruptured, and your heart exploded. I have pretty powerful regenerative abilities, but all that damage is beyond even me. You're done, Yu. Dead.

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Asura's Power"

Angels can be far nastier than us demons.

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Asura's Power"

Huh..? Damn. I can't put you back to normal. You've lost more of your humanity and are even uglier than before! Seriously... Don't ever do that to my body again!

–Asuramaru to Yu "Asura's Power"

I'm really starting to like you, Yu. I like that you're so honest about what you desire and love. And I especially like that, when it comes to protecting your family, good and evil mean nothing. You really are broken.

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Yu & Mika"

Aha ha! What's the point in keeping together with those weaklings? They'll just drag you down and weaken you again. You know that.

–Asuramaru to Yu "Yu & Mika"

Geez, you are so greedy. I don't have enough power to give you. So you're going to betray me just like that and take up that trumpet... You traitor. Just so you know, that's the worst decision you could make. That thing will erase what's left of your humanity.

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Trumpet of the Apocalypse"

Don't kill them, Yu. What you desire isn't human deaths, remember?

–Asuramaru to Yu, who has awakened as a seraph. "Arrogant Love"

Silence, Angel. You are not the one I'm speaking to. Yu, I'll help you. Let's both try to control this thing. Draw me... Yu. If you become a full demon, you may be able to contain the seraph. Let your greed out, Yu! Shout your desire to the world! Accept me--Accept your inner demon for all that I am!!

–Asuramaru to Yu, who has awakened as a seraph. "Arrogant Love"

Well, yes. Your human self...doesn't want to deal with the memories of your demon self, and hides them away."--To Yu

–"Return of the Hero"

Yet you keep getting into situations you can't escape without a demon's power. It's funny. This has to be karma, for sure.

–To Yu "Return of the Hero"

Oh, I won't kill anybody. You will want to kill them. Why don't you give it a try? It'll feel so much better to be free of all those fetters.

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Return of the Hero"

Oho! That was very sharp of you. Once all that exuberant energy and emotion of yours cools down...you're actually quite clever. Smart, even.

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Return of the Hero"

Ha ha ha! If you become a full demon, you will probably be a monster that no one will be able to stand up to. Human or vampire.

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Return of the Hero"

Oh? Are those words from your human self...or is that your demon side talking...? The two are too intertwined to be separated now.

–To Yu "Return of the Hero"

Demons have no friends. No family. They kill everything.

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Return of the Hero"

I have to go now, Krul. This is for our future.

–Ashera Tepes to Krul 1,000 years prior. "Progenitor's Memory"

No. It's nothing. I think... demons aren't supposed to have emotions.

–Asuramaru to Yu after reacting to Krul. "Crucifying the Immortal"

You know... I can't help but think this... You are completely insane. In your hand, you hold an angel's trumpet, but the drugs you need to control that angel's power have transformed your whole arm into something much like a devil's. Not only that... The whole rest of your body is being taken over by a demon. Eesh. What are you trying to become? Heck... What are you in the first place?

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Unremembered Trauma"

...I... I know there is something, but... I think... there is someone I must find... But I can't remember who. Why is that, I wonder...

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Unremembered Trauma"

We are not friends. Sheesh. Once you stick someone with the label 'friend' or 'family,' you are far too willing to sacrifice yourself for them. Thanks to that, there are hardly any human bits of you left for me to take over.

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Unremembered Trauma"

Why is it? Why is he so self-sacrificing? He and I are connected, both mind and soul... I should know the answer to that.

–Asuramaru's thoughts about Yu. "Unremembered Trauma"

I dislike the thought that my chosen master is being manipulated by someone. The Demon Army. The Hyakuya Sect. Guren Ichinose. Ferid Bathory. I don't know who is pulling your strings, but I'd rather it was your desire that was making everyone around you dance... You have a brain. One that works even--use it. If you don't... you won't be able to save anyone in the end.... At least, I think that's what your partner would say.

–Asuramaru to Yu. "Unremembered Trauma"

...A sister. I think... I once had a younger sister... Yeah. And... I think I abandoned her. Regrets... I get the feeling I regretted that horribly... or somehow didn't...?

–Asuramaru to Yu. "The Day the Sun Was Lost"

But I like looking at the sun. It's... nice. Warm. I like how, looking up with my eyes wide, everything slowly starts to fade to white...

–Ashera Tepes to Krul Tepes. "The Day the Sun Was Lost"

Aah... This is it. I'm going to die. The sun... Past all the smoke... I can see its light...

–Ashera Tepes' thoughts when his home is burned down, his parents killed, and he and his sister are being beaten. "The Day the Sun Was Lost"

Krul was right. I got punished for not being grateful for my food. We all got punished. This is my fault.

–Ashera Tepes' thoughts. "The Day the Sun Was Lost"

My memories are coming back... all of a sudden. Ahh...That's right. I had a sister.

–Asuramaru feeling that his memories are returning when Yu was captured. "The Dark Ages of Greece"

Oh...Even though I'm a slave now...The sun hasn't dimmed at all.

–Ashera Tepes' thoughts when he saw the outside world after being bought as a slave. "The Dark Ages of Greece"

Is there a point? Is there really a reason to do even this...Just to survive?

–Ashera Tepes' thoughts about his current life with Yu and Sika Madu. "The Dark Ages of Greece"

Mother...I'm scared. I wish that day...I'd gone to have one last meal with you.

–Ashera Tepes' thoughts when he remembers his past life with Krul and their mother before becoming a slave. "The Dark Ages of Greece" Chapter 79

Aah, I see. This is just a dream. Both Krul and I really did die that day so long ago... and now I'm dreaming. If this is my dream... then I guess I must be in hell.

–Ashera Tepes' final thoughts after getting struck in the chest by Yu. "Eternal Hell"

Siga Madu! What did you to me?! What have I become?! What is this...? Tell me Siga Madu. What is this place?

–Questioning Sika Madu when finding him after Ashera has been transformed into a vampire "Eternal Hell"

Oh I will. I'll take it over and finally get out into the real world.

–Asuramaru to Yu when asked he will give him more power and when Yu trusts him he won't take over his body. Chapter 87, "Cannibal Family"

Don't underestimate demons.

–Asuramaru to Yu when Yu thinks that Asuramaru is his friend and he trusts him. "Cannibal Family"

I'll make you into a demon!

–Agreeing to transform Yu into a complete demon. "Cannibal Family"

Vampires who are too starved for blood will "die".. vanishing from the physical world to become demons."--Referring to Mika and aware of the fate of vampires

–"Cannibal Family"

He's becoming a demon now. Whose plan was that? My memories are coming back. Who set it up that way? Right here. Right now. All of us at once. Including my sister.

–Asuramaru's thoughts about who's the one behind all of their doing and their must be a mastermind for all what's happened. "Vampire's End"

This will happen sometimes. No matter how hard you try...no matter how much your greed and power go berserk... there will be things that you just won't get.

–Asuruamru to Yu about what happened to Mika when he tells him he is a lost cause. Chapter 92 "Because of Mikaela"

Ah. That makes sense. I figured as much already. That desire was always floating around the darkest corners of your heart. You were the monster that no one ever wanted. Even your own parents called you a devil. From the start, you couldn't find a reason to live. You smiled and laughed, but it was empty. If someone wasn't right there, telling you they liked you, you just didn't know why you should exist. But that someone always dies. Now you can't go on living anymore.

–Asuramaru to Yu about his desires. "Because of Mikaela"

Now that I have my memories back... I know that, a really long time ago, I used to be human.

–Speaking to Yu about what he remembers. "Because of Mikaela"

Life hurts, huh? Living always hurts. That's why humans have greed. It helps them find some reason... Any reason that's just worth it enough to cling to life.

–Asuramaru to Yu when he told him that Mika gave him a reason to live, but Yu simply wants to die instead. "Because of Mikaela"

Now that I'm a vampire... ...I can't say I like the sun much.

–Answering Sika Madu on the suns blinding light. Chapter 94 "Hole in the Sun"

Anyway! Right now you have to run! He catches you and you're done. The way you are, you'd just be food to fill his bottomless desire.

–Advising Yu to run from Mika who is becoming a black demon "Hole in the Sun"

That's a problem. If he goes about possessing people at random searching for desires... ...It'll be incredibly difficult to track him. We could lose him entirely.

–Contemplating Mikaela's likely actions and wary of the ramifications of them since he and Kiskei-o mean to contain him. "The King's Chambers" page 12

Hey there, brats! A demon's here. Go on and pee your pants! I'm gonna eat your whooole family... ...And rip your poor little hearts to shreds!

–Despite it being the young Mika and Yu before him Asuramaru means to terrify and then murder them in his plan to capture Mikaela. Chapter 100, "A Demon Appears", page 40-41

Desire and fear are two sides of the same coin. Now what does it take... ...To bring out that deepest desire hiding in your heart?

–A view connecting desire and fear and meaning to find out the one in Mika. Chapter 101, "My Desire", page 4

These last eight years... ...You've desperately wanted to blame yourself, to berate yourself and to excoriate yourself as the one who killed your family. Aren't you listening to me? This is what you want.

–Speaking to Mika as he takes him to murder his own family Chapter 101, "My Desire", page 9-10

Hah. That gruesome mass murder's going on... ...And the sky is almost scarily beautiful and clear tonight.

–As Mika stabs others Asuramaru retires outside to share his views on these two scenarios. Chapter 101, "My Desire", page 34

I just told you to quit lying. I want to know why you did. Why the fixation on Mikaela? What is it you really want that drives you to that fixation?

–After telling Yu it is a lie that he wants to save Mikaela more than anything, yet it is not a sincere attempt to get to the root of what was said, Asuramaru just means to possess Yu even by force to stop him interfering in the plans for Mikaela. Chapter 102, "He's Calling for Me", page 10

This is insane. It makes me sick.

–In the past Ashera shares his views on Noya murdering Yu. Chapter 106, "I Am Your...", page 28


  • In Hinduism, the asuras (Sanskrit: असुर) are a group of power-seeking deities related to the more benevolent devas (also known as suras). They are sometimes considered nature spirits. They battle constantly with the devas.
  • Maru 「丸」 is a common suffix to male Japanese names.
  • Upon forming a contract with Yūichirō, he can immediately tell that 1/10th of Yu is not human.
  • Although he often appears as human twelve-year-old Mikaela Hyakuya, he has yet to take the form of vampire 16-year-old Mikaela Hyakuya.
  • Asuramaru refers to himself with "boku" (僕), a first-person Japanese pronoun usually used by males, but also used by some females.
  • While other demon's memories would return when the first awoke, Asuramaru began to get his back gradually when Yu's seraph was active. Additional means were being affected by electrical cable like utensils that the Hyakuya Sect Member had used on Yu.
  • In the 2019 popularity poll, Asuramaru ranked in 9th place with a total of 1,632 votes.[98]
  • It was revealed that Ashera was the first ever Third Progenitor to be sired by Sika Madu, and the third vampire seen to be ever created by him directly after Rigr Stafford and Urd Geales. This would make Asuramaru the fourth oldest vampire in existence.


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