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Asuramaru lived in the past as a human named Ashera Tepes with his mother and younger sister, Krul Tepes. After coming into contact with Sika Madu he was transformed into a vampire during the dark ages of Greece. After becoming a demon he would be bound to a weapon and become Yūichirō Hyakuya's cursed gear weapon with the goal of possessing him. His memories would resurface, Asuramaru interacts with various other characters throughout the Seraph of the End series, which affects himself and the story. This article details Asuramaru's relationships with other characters.

Japanese Imperial Demon Army

Yūichirō Hyakuya

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A young soldier in the Moon Demon Company who has been experimented on by the humans, leading to a part of Yu not being human as Asuramaru revealed. Asuramaru becomes his demon weapon after Yu refuses to give into him. He haunts Yu in his dreams for the first three months after they form a contract. When Yu took his training to the next step but asked to be Asuramaru's friend, the demon eventually gave in again and stopped giving him nightmares. Asuramaru has no desire to reveal any secrets or truths to Yu, and seeks to take over his body. However he stops doing awful actions to Yu and starts being more rational towards him about doing reckless actions.

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Later Asuramaru starts regaining his memories after Yu was captured by the Hyakuya Sect and remembers Yu from the past. Presently he is responsible for persuading Yu to open his eyes after he witnessed what happened to Mika. Asuramaru is not around to respond to Yu's concerns and in line with what Shikama Dōji wants he is willing to eat what he sees as a young Yu to undermine and capture Mikaela. After watching him get stabbed Asuramaru heard but disregarded Yu's voice and his statements concerning killing Asuramaru or having him kicked out of his family as he hurried to bind Mikaela. With Yu bursting out his chest Asuramaru focused on getting Mikaela away from him and struck Yu to prevent him from interfering. While there were reasons Asuramaru was so set on his other goals that he used to time to attempt a forced possession of Yu. Failing in this task Asuramaru found himself changed into his cursed gear form.

Guren Ichinose

Commander of the Moon Demon Company and one of the developers of demon weapons. Mahiru Hīragi leaves Asuramaru in his care, and he in turn gives Asuramaru to the Hīragi for research purposes. It is thanks to Guren that Yu turned into a monster because of his cursed gear being powerful after giving him unique drugs.

Mahiru Hīragi

Asuramaru's former master. She was extremely proficient at handling Asuramaru, and he was obedient to her when she called his name.


Mikaela Hyakuya

A young vampire and Yu's childhood friend. While battling Yu with nightmares, Asuramaru often takes the form of Mika when he was 12 years old. Asuramaru encourages Yu to escape with him before Yu loses his humanity altogether. Whilst Asuramaru said that Mika was a lost cause he was not so sure it was a good thing that Mika was said to be becoming a demon himself. Although Asuramaru knows of his importance to Yu this he still means to eat the young Mika in the illusionary world to undermine Mikaela. He goes from threatening to kill Mika to discerning his deepest desire, linked with his deepest fear.

Ahh... I see your fear. The one thing you fear from the bottom of your heart... ...Is that you're too weak... ...To protect your family. Your deepest desire... ...Is to have someone blame you for that.

–Having stated desire and fear are two sides of the same coin Asuramaru is indifferent to being stabbed and identify's Mika's deepest of them both. Chapter 101: "My Desire," page 5-6 & 8

He did not stop Mika from pushing him over and stabbing him, was indifferent to being called a monster and just focused on articulating that both involved Mika wanting to be blamed for the deaths of his family. Controlling his body Asuramaru had Mika stab the other children he was with including Yu.

Krul Tepes

It's revealed in the light novel that Asuramaru was known as Ashera Tepes in life. Both Krul and Ashera were born in a family of nobility, they lived their happy lives cheerfully until their house was burning by the rebels, horrified they rush only to see their mother is speared and both Ashera and Krul were separated. Ashera is found by Sika Madu and turned him into a demon, making Krul first priority to find him and her only goal. She greatly despises the First Progenitor for what he did to her brother. Krul inquired Mahiru Hīragi of her lost relative when she confronted her. He may still remember her, as Yu notes he thought he felt Asuramaru's emotions when he made eye contact with Krul. When talking to Yu about his memories, he remembers he has a sister and regrets the decisions that he left her, but not shortly after having a headache of remembering and falling asleep hence the latter being a demon. He recalled her name after Shikama Dōji bitten him. Yu allowed him to take over his body after meeting Krul and carried her in his arms to rejoin the group. Reuniting at long last, Asuramaru assured her that everything will be fine when she was reluctant because 'Yu' was that way.

Sika Madu

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The first progenitor, Sika Madu, convinced him to turn him into a demon and renamed him as Asuramaru. He seems to be fond of the first progenitor as he addresses him as 'father'. He was the only vampire that the Sika Madu was interested in. When he was imprisoned by the rebels in dark ages of ancient Greece, Sika Madu visits him with a bought slave named Yu and assures his safety with him. Sika Madu was very kind to Ashera being almost as a parent to him .

Now being named the demon Shikama Dōji, he enters his mind and tells him that that Asuramaru isn't a demon calling him with his original name, Ashera Tepes to remember him, even though Asuramaru treats him coldly such as annoyed at entering his mind and even fighting him, Shikama Dōji telling him he is glad he's been doing well. He forces Asuramaru to remember his past life, what was done to him and who he used to be, as he remembers walking with his sister Krul before being saved by Yu. Shikama Dōji tempts him and Yu about their memories but Asuramaru does not care about the past and simply states that he looks scary.

After being telepathically contacted by the first to retrieve Mikaela's soul before the humans do Asuramaru abandons his plan to pour desire into the world Mikaela is in to instead comply with his order. It was genuine and as he was in the position to bind Mikaela he had been updated that Shikama Dōji would awaken soon.


Ashera, Rigr and Urd.png

After being transformed into a vampire Ashera would awaken to find Saitō, a second progenitor, before him.

Urd Geales

Like Saitō he is another second progenitor vampire and Asuramaru was told he had became a superior being.


Noya Hienma



In the Dark Ages of Greece Ashera was along with Noya, in that time they were just acquaintances, although their relationship seemed strained in that Ashera seems to be uncomfortable with his ruthlessness and willingness to kill Yu. However in the present, he seems to be interested in Ashera when he found him in Yu's sword, seeing it as where he ran off to. Asuramaru, with just remembering him slightly, considers him a serious threat, even being willing to voluntarily give Yu more power to escape from Noya.

Demon Mika

With Mika reborn as a rank one demon Asuramaru would move to infiltrate the world he is in with the intent to pour desire in it to keep Mikaela there. After being ordered to capture Mikaela before the humans do by Shikama Dōji he abandoned this plan at once.

Will you be able to protect your desires from me? Your dear, precious desires... ...Hiding deep in your heart... I'm going to eat them all.

–Aware of Mika's desires and confidant that he can claim them from a rank one demon Chapter 100, "A Demon Appears", page 24

Using an illusion of himself Asuramaru goaded the king into attacking whilst in actuality he moved to eat Mika and Yu since he saw them as desires of Mikaela. Avoiding direct combat Ashera worked to keep Mikaela's murderous focus on himself which allowed Gekkouin and Kiseki-o to help reach his goal. At reaching Mika and Yu Asuramaru was darkly thrilled to win over Mikaela.


Asuramaru would seek out Kimizuki's demon within his realm. They worked to discreetly enter the world where Mikaela was. With Kiseki-o attacked Asuramaru was not concerned about his wellbeing but still helped free him. Asuramaru relied on Kiseki-o's coffins to outmaneuver Mikaela and reach where Mika and the illusionary Yu was.


Another black demon who Asuramaru worked with along with Kiseki-o in long term plans concerning Mikaela. The three of them would succeed in having Mikaela at their mercy. Asuramaru would direct Gekkouin and Kiseki-o to not let Yu touch the king.


King of Salt

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Asuramaru viewed this seraph as competition for control of Yu. He was able to overcome his influence by turning Yu into a demon.


Chapter 85 - Page 9.png

Along with Noya and Krul he would find the corpse of the winged being Michaela during the dark ages of Greece and hear it was what they were to become. Ashera would learn from Sika Madu that Michaela was his son.

Hyakuya Agent

Remember the past.png

This undercover agent exposed Yu to an electrical current as part of a kidnap attempt. He also wielded a cursed gear weapon, Jigenso and although it was supposed to be Yu's memories that were unlocked due to this agents actions it was Ashera's memories as a human that were remembered.