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Asuramaru (阿修羅丸 Ashūramaru?, lit. "Perfect Asura") is a high-ranked possession-type demon of the Black Demon Series. He formed a contract with Yūichirō Hyakuya and became his Cursed Gear in Seraph of the End. Asuramaru can refer to the physical sword vessel itself as well as the sentient demon occupying his own realm within and both respond to invocation to grant power.

Having a singular purpose of attempting to possess Yu and take over his body, Asuramaru often takes the form of Mikaela Hyakuya to attempt to break Yu. Granting Yu his power is also to this end although his very specialized knowledge and capacities have assisted Yu beyond providing extraordinary fighting prowess.

Note: This is the page for Asuramaru in the anime, for the article detailing Asuramaru in other formats see: Asuramaru


Seraph of the End - Asuramaru (Anime).png

He appears as an androgynous adolescent male with long dark purple hair reaching beyond his feet while his bangs cover his left eye. His hair often gently waves in the faint breeze when he is within his realm. The only instance when it does not is when he is walking in the physical world and his hair is parted at the back in two sections. As a vampire-gone-demon, he has red eyes, fangs, and pointed ears. When the curse restraint loosens, his horns grow larger and the nails on his hands and feet become claw like.

For clothing Asuramaru wears a sleeveless open-back dress including a collar with gold beads covering his throat. The chest piece is black while the rest of the dress is white, and the gown splits open at his outer thighs which frees his legs for movement. He wears black sleeves separated from the gown that reach his mid-upper arms and come down to his middle fingers, where each sleeve is attached to a ring.

He is barefoot. On his head is a headband formed of two parallel golden strips that match the horns piercing through his hair from the edge of his hairline.

As Asuramaru exists as a mental concept, he can appear as anyone within Yu's memories he chooses. He often takes the forms of the 12-year-old Mika as well as Akane Hyakuya, the other Hyakuya orphans, and can interweave them into memories such as those featuring Yu's parents. He chooses his forms depending on what he believes will be best for breaking his host's will.


Asuramaru is an emotion and blood-thirsty demon who delights in drinking Yu's blood. He can be haughty demonstrated when declaring as a being with actual power and how he could easily crush Yu. Similar to all demons, Asuramaru is manipulative and uses nightmares to consume the one he possesses in order to take over his host's body. At creating a contract with Yu he interrupts his host's dreams every night with visions of Mika asking why he left them to die.

Lively when it comes to possessing his host, Asuramaru appears to view it as a game where moves such as inducing traumatic nightmares, to biting Yu's neck, are just moves to be played. Irked when the 'rules' are not adhered to, Asuramaru expressed anger when the sword was thrown before him when he was dashing to attack Yu. Rather than a serious threat to Yu, the presence of vampire nobles seemed a personal experience for Asuramaru to enjoy as he crouched beside Yu, exhilarated that he could possibly outright turn into a demon. He felt Yu's actions would get them both into trouble one day and Asuramaru seemed to enjoy such a prospect.

Regarding other beings, Asuramaru warns Yu that humans as vile, greedy creatures who are even worse than vampires and demons. On the latter Asuramaru looks down on a weaker demon, yet makes no comment towards other Black Demons like himself even after one's power rendered his human host unconscious. For other extremely powerful beings such as vampire nobles, Asuramaru pays them no mind whatsoever, even with Yu's life at risk. It is not so much indifference but complete detachment when in the vicinity of such threats where he still concentrates on encouraging Yu to acquire more power for possession purposes. Viewing them as they entered his sphere, Asuramaru considers seraphs as they enter his realm but is aware of their power and voices they can be worse than demons. He was against Yu accepting a seraph trumpet and viewed it as betrayal for Yu to consider their power.

Largely due to a demon based nature he is more of a trusted enemy whose purpose others know, rather than a friend or ally. However he does provide information to Yu namely informing him that he had non-human aspects to him. Asuramaru also speaks of Yu's good traits and told him when Mika was nearby all which gave himself no benefit.


He was bound as a Black Demon to a katana and kept in the bowels of Second Shibuya High School. Asuramaru is within his namesake sword ready for acquiring in a demon themed room with traditional depictions of them in statue form.


Second Shibuya High Arc[]

Taking the form of Mika when facing Yu

Asuramaru’s cloud like realm is walked through by Yūichirō Hyakuya, before he appears and takes the form of the young Mikaela Hyakuya wearing the livestock clothing worn in the vampire city. By himself in the Hyakuya Orphanage setting, Asuramaru makes his presence known by saying it is good to see him. Speaking as Mika, he guilts Yu that he ran off and left them to die with the vampires.

Emerging as black horizontal rings

With Yu not appearing the least bit rattled when he touched on a sore spot, Asuramaru wonders why is that. He hears Yu has faced a demon before and for him to hand over his power already. The response is to have Mika smirk where dark energies emerge. As Mika falls the layers of mist become spike extensions to stab through Yu.

A shadowy form that can impale Yu in the illusion

Rising as a black fog with two red eyes, Asuramaru speaks in his voice as he sees what is going on, that Yu has managed to defeat a low ranking Myo-o demon, and now he thinks he has what is takes to tame a being with actual power. Declaring his could possess his heart and mind without the slightest effort, he questions why Yu has taken up his blade in search of might. Hearing it is for revenge, Asuramaru wonders whether Yu has lost someone important to him. With that the case he says that must have been difficult, and promptly agrees to grant power.

Able to project illusions of Yu's deceased family and have them speak

With a visualisation of Akane Hyakuya saying that Yu will have to succumb to his desire for vengeance, Asuramaru chimes in that his unjustly murdered friend is right, he would have to possess Yu to give him the kind of power he wants. Having Mika, Akane, then Yu's other adoptive family members Taichi, Chihiro and Fumie appear, they question whether Yu is going to abandon them.

They can't stand love and worship desire

Asuramaru uses Mika and Akane to identify love as something holding Yu back as it is something they cannot stand, they worship desire. Listing off Yoichi Saotome, Shihō Kimizuki and Shinoa Hīragi, Asuramaru says for Yu to forget about his new friends, he cannot become a champion of revenge if he is worried about others. With Akane speaking that Yu has moved on, Mika is also used to persuade Yu to forget his new friends and stay with them if he has not really forgotten about them as his family.

Human's emotions are too complicated but he agrees to follow Yu

With Yu wanting the power to protect everyone, the Hyakuya Orphanage location fades into white. Asuramaru appears before Yu alone and states this is the trouble with humans, their emotions are too complicated. Love for his friends and fear for their safety compete against Yu’s desire for revenge. Saying he likes him, his spirit is strong, Asuramaru agrees to follow Yu as long as it stays that way. However if he detects weakness in his heart for even a moment, he will take over his body and soul. Since Yu is going to be his master, he offers some insider information as a gift. Asuramaru divulges there is something odd about Yu’s composition, he appears to be human but about ten per cent of him in something different and he suspects humans have been doing strange experiments on Yu.

His true form revealed through the haze

Asuramaru’s physical form is first revealed with his hand before he appears to declare the contract is complete and he will lend Yu his strength and abilities. He says that Yu should open his eyes and fan the flames of desire to forge a blood stained path in this world.

Asuramaru as the sword in the physical world

The physical weapon of Asuramaru is claimed as Yu's cursed gear. The intention is to have the sword kill every vampire Yu sees.[1]

Shinjuku Arc[]

Taking the form of Mika when he was young, Asuramaru exploits Yu’s guilt to ask why he abandoned his family. If he does not say why then he will keep having this dream, it is a reflection of the darkness inside of him as Asuramaru now dwells within him.

Call on him for power, and wake up

Appearing in his form, Asuramaru says for Yu to call on him for power when he feels his spirit is breaking. This is so Yu can surrender to him for Asuramaru to get him his revenge, he then tells Yu to wake up.

Curse marks as a sign of possession

The weapon is used to defend against vampires when Yu has been ambushed by them after trying to save a girl from a Four Horseman of John. Asuramaru's name is invoked for the weapon to lend Yu power. Delivering accordingly as promised before, large horizontal ring shaped emissions of darkness are propelled outwards. It is also the cause of curse marks covering Yu's arm and face.[2]

Relied on against vampire nobles

When Yu and his squad are faced with three vampire nobles, Crowley Eusford along with Chess Belle and Horn Skuld, Asuramaru is mentioned by Yu when he vows to not let anyone die. Whether the light glancing off or reacting to Yu's words the weapon glimmers in response.[3]

During the battle for Shinjuku after it is revealed that Mika is alive and has found Yu again, a drop of blood falls from Yu’s left red eye and a drop of gold falls into a red floor which is viscous and now gold as well. Asuramaru is stands balanced on the sword pointed into the solid ground beholding the resplendent sky above.

He never thought he would be terrified of a monster inside his human host

Questioning what to talk about Yu with, Asuramaru denies he is trying to posses Yu, this has nothing to do with himself. It seems they have a big problem on their hands, and Asuramaru says he has been around for a while yet never thought he would be terrified of the monster inside the human he was possessing.

Seeing how the clouds are parting

He turns to address the way the clouds are parting and describes it as if the heavens were opened to shine judgement on this cursed world. Asuramaru thinks Yu’s friend is right and advises Yu to listen to him and escape while he can, this might be his one and only chance. Asuramaru warns that if he stays Yu will not be human for long.

Beholding the celestial prodigious trumpets, and seraphs

He observes as seven trumpets brings forth seven seraphs and Asuramaru says he is afraid it is too late. The non-human part of Yu is about to lose all control.[4]

Post-Shinjuku Arc[]

Drawing Yu's blood into the sheath

Called upon to lend him his power, Asuramaru has Yu at the lowest level of possession with a curse mark on Yu's face. Asked to do so, the sword immediately drinks Yu’s blood by drawing it into the sheath as he trains outside with his squad. After he falls unconscious, Asuramaru uses memories of Yu’s parents and their desire to kill Yu when he was a child against him.

Tampering with a memory

His orphanage family’s deceased bodies are also added. The memory of Yu's father is adapted to stab Yu and state he should have died here with the others. Further that everyone else is dead because Yu ran away like a coward.

Biting into Yu who is experiencing an illusion as he stands in his realm

Asuramaru is biting into Yu’s neck and blood is drawn as he wills him to fall apart. The mixed traumatic memories are not effective compared to the promise that Yu made to help Mika. With Yu not falling for Asuramaru's demonic tricks with him committed to the rescue, he sees Yu awaken.

A distance away as Yu awakens

Standing away from him, Asuramaru disappointingly remarks that he thought he had him there for a second as Yu awakens. With Yu saying that he knows how Asuramaru fights and was prepared, he replies there is no need for Yu to act so tough.

No need for Yu to act so tough when he knows all his secrets

After all he knows all of his secrets. Hearing his resolve to protect Mika, Guren Ichinose, Shinoa and the others, Asuramaru notes that Yu is stronger than the last time they talked. Sharing that he is being honest, Asuramaru finds Yu's devil-may-care attitude sort of annoying. Asuramaru is asked what he is going to do about it.

Asked what he is going to do about it, Asuramaru is going to kill Yu

The prompt answer is that he is going to kill him. A backdrop of shadows materialize behind Asuramaru and extend to sharpen into multiple points. They float around and in front of him towards Yu as Asuramaru dashes towards their shared target.

Stopping near the namesake weapon

The spikes encircle Yu then lose their form and disappear. Asuramaru himself skids to a stop before the sword thrown harmlessly into the ground before him. Somewhat angered, Asuramaru asks what the hell is he doing.

Asked for his help to save Mika

Chuckling as he asks Yu what does he want, with his strength needed Asuramaru is asked to help Yu save Mika. He supposes he could but wonders what is in it for him. Receiving the offer of Yu being his friend, Asuramaru reacts to the suggestions. He then asks if Yu thinks being his friend will change feeling alone and unwanted. Asuramaru stares seemingly considering Yu's beaming smile.

Asura-Kannon manifestation blades

With the training complete, the weapon has enhanced manifestation abilities. These are demonstrated in a practice battle against Kimizuki. The Asura-Kannon ability can summon ghostly and spiritually fiery blades that can levitate and solidly hit its marks.[5]

Nagoya Arc[]

Pointed and prepared to fire

This power is resorted to during the rescue operation taking place at Nagoya city hall. Guren has been captured by Crowley and held in front of him as a living shield to deter Yu from attacking. To circumvent this, the blades are conjured and directed to fly around Guren and strike into the vampire noble.

Deflected at which point they fade

Due to the strength behind Chess' sword and Horn's whip the weapons are batted away where they fly harmlessly into the walls and vanish.[6]

After Yu had taken two cursed gear stimulants at once, when he had already taken two that day, Asuramaru finds him in his world and remarks how full of surprises Yu is.

Afraid Yu had forgotten about revenge but he is still obsessed with family

Perched on the hilt on his upright sword, Asuramaru was concerned Yu had forgotten about revenge, but he sees Yu is still obsessed with family. Asking if Yu really wants his power that badly, it is no big deal giving Yu every last once, all he had to do was ask for his help. Continuing, Asuramaru says Yu knows he feeds off his hate and desire for vengeance.

Yu's passion killed with his curse enhanced

Hopping off the sword Asuramaru leans in close to tell him the problem is taking those pills was a mistake. Not only do they totally kill Yu’s passion they also enhance his curse and make it super strong which Asuramaru states is a dangerous combination. Yu cannot get something for nothing and if he swallows a pill and gains power then there has got to be some kind of price to pay. Asked what is needed to get the power to save Guren, Asuramaru has his back turned to Yu as he explains that it is too late for that.

There is nothing he can do to make the deceased more powerful

Indicating that has happened to Yu, Asuramaru reveals there is nothing he can do nothing to make the deceased more powerful. Now breaking the news that Yu is dead, he reveals that Yu’s heart and other organs ruptured after taking those extra pills, killing Yu in front of his friends. Asuramaru states Yu tried to get too much power for nothing and it cost Yu his life. This is the end and it is over. He replies that unfortunately it is not the case that this is the after life, Asuramaru bets that would be better than whatever trials are in store for Yu. Saying not to get him wrong, Asruramaru states Yu’s body died but he is not at peace and he requests Yu tell him why he thinks that is.

Those angels are keeping Yu here

After a chiming sound, Asuramaru provides the answer for him: those angels are keeping Yu here, forcibly tethered to this world.

That thing's no good, angels can be far worse than demons

With Yu noticing the long golden whistle like instrument, Asuramaru replies his not sure what it is but it looks like a trumpet to him. He places his hand on Yu’s shoulder as he begins to crawl towards it. Asserting that thing is no good, Asuramaru maintains he would stay far away from it. He adds that angels can be more dangerous than demons.

Able to tell Yu's physical heart has started beating again, he can now heal it

Noting Yu’s heart has started beating, Asuramaru tells him it means he can repair it and make Yu whole again. With Yu desiring the trumpet, Asuramaru advises it is better to accept him than that and Yu should just forget about it. As Yu staggers towards it, Asuramaru sees that angelic horn has Yu hypnotized. Appearing in front of him, Asuramaru takes Yu’s arm and uses his own to stab through Yu’s chest.

Ending the trumpet's captivating hold over Yu

He said not to touch it. Calling Yu a greedy little human when he is back to his senses demanding power, Asuramaru questions whether Yu can feel it. The area around his arm in Yu’s chest glimmers as he has already given the power Yu asked for. Furthermore, all the pills Yu took are in effect and Asuramaru will help keep him in control. That means Yu can safely use his power for two or three minutes and he ends with advice for Yu to use his time wisely. He pulls his hand out after instructing him to open his eyes.

Manifestation powers conjured to attack

With Yu returning to free Guren after he had to be left behind, Yu fights Crowley with Chess and Horn nearby monitoring the situation where the nobles are in control. Yu has the Asura-Kannon, San-To blades manifestation generated. The three forward pointing crimson enveloped blades are hit by a ranged attack flung from the first class sword of the thirteenth progenitor.

Invigorating Yu to draw upon ever more power

More saturated cursed markings appear on Yu's face have began to affect his left eye. At that point Asuramaru spiritually appears crouching beside Yu in one of the rooms of Nagoya city hall. Encouraging him, Asuramaru will give Yu more power than he can ever imagine.

Rather than draw upon one's power, he is elated for Yu to become a demon

Then he will watch Yu’s desire devour him as Asuramaru proceeds to reiterate Yu's words of more power. The end result at that point is for Yu to then become a demon.[7]

Yu's devotion is overwhelming

When Yu opens his eyes after being knocked unconscious by Kiseki-o’s Devil’s Coffin ability, Asuramaru comments that Yu’s devotion is overwhelming. When his family is in danger of being harmed Yu loses all sense of right or wrong. Asuramaru seems happy that is gong to get them in trouble one of these days. He floats down from his sword to land softly on the ground.

What he was talking about, Yu is always obsessing over someone

Clarifying that Yu is not dead, he has just been knocked unconscious, with Yu mentioning Guren this is what Asuramaru was talking about, Yu is always obsessing over someone. He has no idea if Guren, Shinoa and the others are fine. Asuramaru says he can only see what Yu sees and his eyes have been closed for a while now.

It is a different member of his family Yu should be worried about

Whilst Yu is concerned that they might still have Guren, Asuramaru replies that may be the case then tells Yu it is a different member of his family that he should be worried about. When Yu turns away from the sword Asuramaru as a demon is not there.[8]

At Nagoya airport, Kureto Hīragi and Aoi Sangū have had Mirai Kimizuki use seraph powers to summon a gargantuan winged demon, Abaddon.

Wondering if Yu really wants to save everyone that badly

After Yu has stabbed himself in the chest with a regular sword, Asuramaru is leaning on the sword and speaks to Yu in his sphere. He merely asks whether Yu wants to save them that badly, but is afraid his power will not be enough. With Yu aware of that, Asuramaru also knows that Yu is really here to betray him and has come back for the golden trumpet behind him. Asuramaru reminds Yu he told him it was bad news.

Warning against using the golden trumpet

As Yu walks past Asuramaru warns that if he uses that thing then Yu will lose his humanity. He will become something else and his family might not recognise him anymore. Asuramaru does not stop Yu from blowing the trumpet.

After Yu as the second trumpet, the King of Salt has vanquished Abaddon and fended off Kureto, he places his hand on his cursed gear.

Walking in the physical world near Yu who is the King of Salt

At that point Asuramaru walks out from behind Yu and stands physically there in the airport. He can also be seen by the seraph. Stating that Yu is losing sight of his goals, Asuramaru reminds him he said he would help him get his vengeance. Unfortunately right now, there is one way for him to do that, he has to take complete control. Asuramaru does so by having two demon horns appear out of Yu’s head which also has him collapse.[9]

Forms and Abilities[]


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Oh, I see what is going on. You managed to defeat a low ranking demon like Myo-o, and now you think you got what it takes to tame a being with actual power. I could possess your heart and mind without the slightest effort.

–Understanding why Yu is not rattled by him taking on the appearance of Mika. It was after Yu mentioned he had faced a demon before that Asuramaru discerned this where he also expresses his opinion on another demon and shares his perspective on his own capabilities. Episode 6: "New Family"[10]

This is the trouble with humans. Your emotions are too complicated. Love for your friends and fear for their safety compete against your desire for revenge.

–Views on humans as well as knowing that Yu cares for his new friends. Episode 6[10]

I like you. Your spirit is strong. I'll agree to follow you as long as it stays that way. But if I detect weakness in your heart for even a moment I'll take over your body and soul.

–Agreeing to the contract to become Yu's cursed gear, with his own stakes in it clear. Episode 6[10]

You shouldn’t trust your own kind. Believe me when I tell you mankind is more devious than vampires and demons combined.

–Advice for Yu and his views on humans. Episode 6[10]

Very well. The contract is now complete, from this day forward I shall lend you my strength and abilities. Open you eyes, fan the flames of desire that burn inside of you and forge a blood stained path in this world.

–Concluding the arrangement to become Yu's cursed gear sword, with a pointer of how to begin. Episode 6[10]

Call for me when you feel like your spirit is breaking. You must surrender yourself to me, then I can get you the revenge you so desire.

–On hand to provide power for Yu to avenge the deaths of his orphanage family. Episode 7: "Mitsuba's Squad"[11]

I’ve been around for a while but I never thought I’d be terrified of a monster inside the human I was possessing.

–Aware of and revealing that he has been around for an unstated amount of time. Asuramaru implies he has had experience with possessing other humans, and voices fear of a seraph he refers to as a monster. Episode 11: "Reunion of Childhood Friends"[12]

I’m afraid it’s too late. The non-human part of you is about to lose control.

–The reaction to seven gigantic trumpets and seraphs within the clouds of his realm and the foresight of knowing what this means for Yu. Episode 11[12]

Fall apart, Yu.

–After altering a memory of Yu with his parents and interspersing it with the loss of his orphanage family, in his sphere Asuramaru is biting Yu's neck and willing him to fall apart. Episode 14: "Complicated Connections"[13]

No need to act so tough, after all I know all of your secrets.

–Tapping into Yu's deepest feelings is done to attempt to possess and gain control of Yu's physical body. Episode 14[13]

I suppose I could but what's in it for me if I do?

–Asked by Yu for his help in saving Mika, Asuramaru wonders what he will get out of it. Episode 14[13]

Well aren’t you full of surprises.

–Dryly commenting on Yu taking a further two cursed gear stimulants. Episode 21: "Traitorous Allies"[14]

I was afraid you’d forgotten about revenge. But I see you’re still obsessed with family.

–His concerns and observations on Yu’s driving forces. Episode 21[14]

You know I feed off of your hate and desire for vengeance.

–The fuelling emotions from Yu for him. Episode 21[14]

Oh I’m afraid it’s too late for that. There’s nothing I can do to make the deceased more powerful. You’re dead, Yu. Your heart and other organs ruptured after taking those extra pills, killing you in front of your friends. You tried to get too much power for nothing and it cost you your life.

–Breaking the news to Yu he is dead, aware that he has friends and Asuramaru’s appraisal on what killed him. Episode 21[14]

Unfortunately that’s not the case. I bet the after life is a lot better than whatever trials are in store for you.

–Answering that Yu is not in the after-life and feeling that would be preferable. Episode 21[14]

Don’t get me wrong your body died. But you’re not at peace. Tell me, why do you think that is? Those angels are keeping you here, forcibly tethered to this world.

–Posing a question to Yu, equating being mentally dead to being at peace, perceptive as to why Yu's consciousness is alive with knowledge of seraphs and what they can do. Episode 21[14]

That things no good, I’d stay far away from it. Angels can be more dangerous than demons.

–Whilst Asuramaru does not know what the trumpet Yu is crawling towards is, he knows it is connected to seraphs and warns of their nature. It was mostly a need for Asuramaru to keep Yu as his human rather than the seraphs. Episode 21[14]

Hey your heart started beating. That means I can repair it and make you whole again.

–Hearing Yu’s physical heart beat at which point he can fix a functioning one. Episode 21[14]

It’s better to accept me than whatever that is. Just forget about it.

–His guidance for Yu who continues to mesmerizingly desire the trumpet nearby. Episode 21[14]

There you go, that’s good. I’ll give you more than you can ever imagine. Then I’ll watch your desire devour you. More power, more power, more power. And then. Become a demon, Yu!

–Not remotely concerned with Yu’s enemies: vampire nobles Crowley, Horn and Chess, neither with Guren who he is to rescue, Asuramaru remains fixed on Yu reaching this end. Episode 21[14]

When your family’s in danger of being harmed you lose all sense of right and wrong. That’s gong to get us in trouble one of these days, don’t you think, Yu?

–Observations on Yu’s behaviour, having a concept of right and wrong, using the inclusive term 'us' and seemingly enjoying that it will get them in trouble. Episode 22: "Yu and Mika"[15]

I have no idea if they are. I can only see what you see and your eyes have been closed for a while now.

–Supposedly revealing that what he is able to see is linked to Yu physically, yet whilst Asuramaru tells Yu he does not know what happened to Guren, Shinoa and the others, he does hint that Mika is nearby even though Yu had not opened his eyes to see him. Episode 22[15]

Guren, yeah, sure. But, it’s a different member of your family you should be worried about.

–Commenting on Guren who Yu tried to save last, and tipping Yu off that Mika is here. Episode 22[15]

I’m afraid my power won’t be enough.

–Not enticing Yu with power, Asuramaru has an awareness of his own limits and some notion of what Yu is facing as he feels his power will not be enough to deal with Abaddon who has emerged from Mirai as a seraph. He is further insightful as he continues that: “Then you’re really here to betray me, huh? You’ve come back for the golden trumpet.” - And considers it a betrayal that Yu would choose the trumpet that lays nearby basking under a golden light. Episode 24: "Seraph of the End"[16]

If you use that thing you’ll lose your humanity. You’ll become something else. Your family might not recognise you anymore.

–Whether out of wanting to keep his human host or concern, Asuramaru provides warnings about the trumpet. He also uses the concern of losing humanity to dissuade Yu even though Asuramaru seeks that for Yu as a demon. Episode 24[16]

You’re losing sight of your goals, Yu. I said I’d help you get your vengeance. Unfortunately right now, there’s only one way for me to do that. I have to take complete control.

–As Yu holds his sword, Asuramaru appears to walk around Yu where he is stood physically at Nagoya airport. Whilst Asuramaru did not say what was unfortunate at getting what he wants, he does demonstrate the capability of nulling the hold that the second trumpet, the King of Salt has over Yu’s consciousness. He also caused two demon horns to appear out of Yu’s head without Yu calling for any power. Episode 24[16]


  • In Hinduism, the asuras (Sanskrit: असुर) are a group of power-seeking deities related to the more benevolent devas (also known as suras). They are sometimes considered nature spirits. They battle constantly with the devas.
  • Maru 「丸」 is a common suffix to male Japanese names.