"Because of Mikaela" (理由はミカエラ Riyū wa Mikaera?) is the title of the ninetieth chapter of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.

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Mitsuba, Kimizuki, Yoichi, and Shinoa head towards where Yu was sighted who is with Mika.

Mikaela is on the verge of death after losing too much blood and Asuramaru claims it is a lost cause.

Yu wishes for death and Asuramaru convinces him to keep living because Mikaela is about to die yet Yu needs to keep his eyes open.

Mika tells Yu that he loves him before an explosion occurs.

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Kimizuki with Mitsuba, Yoichi and Shinoa speeds towards the location of Mikaela and Yūichirō. Wondering about who will appear out of her scythe, Shinoa finds she can rely on the power of the demon manifestation of the weapon, Shi.

Approaching a sharp turn she means to use it to grab a corner of a building so the vehicle can maintain its speed around a sharp corner. Shinoa boasts that power of the very first vampire is inside of her. She uses her scythe to grab hold of the building and is pulled out of the vehicle. Mitsuba tries grabbing her and Yoichi tries grabbing Mitsuba but both fly out of the vehicle as well. Yoichi attempts to grab Kimizuki but ends up grasping his glasses instead. Kimizuki then puts his foot through the steering wheel to seize Yoichi's leg and pull all of them back into the vehicle.[1]

Elsewhere, Yūichirō is cradling the upper half of Mikaela's severed body. When Mikaela starts screaming in pain and has an outflux of shadows rising from his Yuichiro begins to cry. He begs God, the Devil and offers his own life to save Mika.

Mika's body begins to float in the air, with dark electricity-like power surging from his body.

Yu stands within his subconscious with Asuramaru where the demon tries to explain to Yu that saving Mika is a lost cause. Yu tells Asuramaru to shut up and threatens to kill him if he does not stop talking. Asuramaru responds by saying that it is a demon's job to grant a person's deepest desires. He continues to speak that Yu can say whatever he likes and Asuramaru would do it if that meant healing what was hurting Yu.[2]

Asked what he wants, Yu answers that he does not want to be alone. Not wanting to ever feel this bad ever again, Yu just cannot do anymore than he already has. He continues to say that he wishes to disappear. Then Yu releases the thoughts on his mind, calling himself "a stupid monster that can't save anyone", his mom and dad even said so, and verbalizes his wish to die. Asuramaru says he figured as much, the desire was always floating around the darkest corners of his heart. He would be happy controlling Yu's body if he died, and Yu would be glad he was of use to someone. Yu apologizes to Asuramaru for being so weak.[3]

With his memories back, Asuramaru knows that a really long tim ago he used to be human. He tells Yu that strong humans do not exist and that it was not his fault. Asuramaru suggests to Yu that if he wants to die, it is his choice to make. Yu says for Asuramaru to kill him, he is tired. After conjuring a sword Asuramaru says for Yu to keep in mind Mika's words before he had been hit ("Don't worry Yu, I'll keep you safe.")

Asuramaru then encourages Yu to live, because Mika had loved and given his life for him, that Mika had given him a reason to live as he died. Yu begins to scream and Asuramaru asks Yu if it hurt then explains to him that the reason why humans have greed is because it helps them find a reason to cling to life. The demon tells Yu to watch Mika die so it gives him a reason to live, emphasizing that he should watch closely with his eyes wide open.[4]

Mika floats with the dark electricity around him and opens his eyes to see Yu below. He says for Yu to not cry. Yu shouts for Mika not to leave him, he does not want to be alone. Mika sees Shinoa approaching and believes that Yu will be fine. Tearfully uttering his final words, that he loves Yu, and explosion then occurs in the sky.[5]


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