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"Black Demon Scenario" (黒鬼のシナリオ Kuro Oni no Shinario?) is the ninety-second chapter of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.


In their fight, Ferid relies on acquiring and using Jigenso to open a portal behind Urd Geales with Lest Karr and Ky Luc. The sinful key he holds is thrown to Crowley who activates it.

A window shattering scream negates the effects and Ferid and Crowley escape. Guren with Mahiru and Noys also hear it where it is a part of the former two's plan.

Yu sees Mika in the sky where he has a flat black surface over his face. After the explosion a hand reaches out from Mika's head.


Crowley Eusford and Ferid Bathory defend against Urd Geales' attack. Urd is holding back and offers them a chance to give up where their punishment for disrupting the order of vampire society will be decided by the progenitor council. Crowley asks Ferid whether they should give up, but Ferid is adamant not to since he is "super-powerful" and if Urd wants to kill him he should come give it his best shot.[1]

Urd bisects him, Crowley grabs Ferid's arm holding the sinful key before Urd kicks both Crowley and Ferid into the sky. Ferid contemplates, wondering if he could die that day before noting that his UV-blocking rings are on the other half of his body. With nowhere to run to since the earth is round, Ferid directs Crowley to throw him down twenty three degrees diagonally to the left of here.[2]

Below Saitō is told by Urd that it is about time he did the job he should have done a millennium ago. Saitō focuses on healing yet is stabbed by Ky Luc. He is also silenced by Lest Karr who suggests that they render Saitō nearly dead due to his power. Regarding taking Ferid lightly, from the start Urd had no intention of going easy on him and has his sword drink more of his blood. Urd feels his enemy, then the entire city must be destroyed.[3]

Ferid orders Crowley to throw him to the ground where if they are lucky they might be able to win. Ferid lands to where the Hyakuya Sect agent is lying and he makes use of a Cursed Gear, Jigenso to create a portal. This appears back in the alley behind Lest Karr and Ky Luc and Ferid has the Sinful Key. Whilst they are startled, Urd reacts by cutting Ferid's head off. However, the key is thrown over to Crowley who attacks in Ferid's place by having the key engage. The vampire progenitors come under the initial effects of the device and Saitō chuckles that they cannot react in time.[4]

As they mean to pull back and Crowley intends to end it, suddenly, they hear a window shattering scream on a frequency that only vampires can hear. Saitō has recovered enough to use his chains to lift himself and can sense Ashera Tepes with Krul Tepes and Noya Hienma. Ferid's decapitated head is delighted that the sinful key has been completely negated and considers his papa's betrayal, his own insanity and everything today to be connected to the first. Crowley takes Ferid's body parts and escapes.[5]

The sound carries over to where Guren Ichinose, Mahiru Hīragi, and Noya are. Noya is pained and Guren describes the noise as the death wail of a vampire yet Noya feels this is nothing that simple. Mahiru states it is finally beginning as they recall Mika having a substance injected into his hand by Guren in their fight. Fear appears on Noya's face as he tries contemplating what Guren and Mahiru planned to do. Mahiru uses a needle on Guren and grows demon horns herself. She senses fear in Noya and questioned what they are after, Mahiru replies it is what humans only ever want: love. Complying with Guren's request to finish it, Mahiru also uses a syringe on Noya who falls.[6]

Guren and Mahiru observe the scene in the sky. Mika's upper body floats in the air and a flat black surface is where his face should be. As Yu shouts to him a hand appears from the opening of Mika's head. Guren states that vampire Mikaela has died and now he is transforming into a demon, specifically a Black Demon.[7]


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Manga panels provide a visual overview of the events of chapter 92 with depictions of the characters, Seraph of the End world and scenarios.

Chapter notes[]

  • This chapter revealed that Noya's surname is Hienma.
  • The black demon that first began emerging here would not be Mika as a demon but rather Mikaela in chapter 98.
  • During their fight Guren injected a serum into Mika's hand. This was revealed to be a curse-amplifying drug in chapter 98.


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