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This unnamed girl was used as bait to lure humans into a vampire ambush. She was happened across by Shinoa squad who helped save her from both a Four Horseman of John and her vampire captors.

Appearance []

She has short brown hair reaching her chin and violet colored eyes. She wore casual attire including a yellow hoody covering an orange shirt underneath. She was also wearing a blue skirt reaching near her knees and grey socks with brown boots.


Understandably afraid of the Four Horseman of John, she had the sense to try and hide before running from it again. Under duress, she was willing to lie, but this was done to defend those she cared about. Under normal circumstances, she showed a sweet and caring disposition.


She was gathered and raised as livestock by the vampires who had taken up residence in Omotesando station.


Shinjuku Arc[]

Around Harajuka station this girl is heard screaming and running from a spider-like Four Horseman of John. Mitsuba orders Yu not to save her aware it is a vampire trap that places the entire squad in jeopardy. The pursuing Four Horseman of John sends her flying before she manages to hide underneath a ruined bus. Upon running again and being cornered with only a sheer drop behind her she could only press against the bus that was being pushed against her by the monster. She covered her hands with her eyes as it moved to attack. As a result of Yu’s intervention, she runs upon his order and manages to make it to Shinoa who along with Yoichi defended her.

After being rescued and taken to safety, she thanks Yu for saving her life and is reassured by Mitsuba that she is in good hands. Later Kimizuki brings her a drink and requests information regarding the vampires' lair they are searching for as they wish to save other people, Yu says she does not have to answer if she does not want to. She says she does not mind and informs them that vampires are keeping humans as livestock in the Omotesando Station.[1]

It later transpires that she was told by the vampires to give false intelligence to ambush humans who would come to rescue those who had been captured. The vampires threatened to drain the blood of those she cared about if she failed to co-operate.

After liberating the station, army reinforcements arrive and she is reunited with her family. When she sees Yu she runs towards him and tearfully apologizes for the deception, but Yu assures her she done the right thing as she was defending the people she cared about.[2]




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