Card stats are available to view in the Seraph of the End: Bloody Blades game.

There are two ways to check card stats:

  1. visiting pictorial book (図鑑 zukan?) menu
  2. tap and long hold character icon

Basic Properties (基本性能) Edit

Basic Properties (基本性能 Kihon seinō?) tab contains status (ステータス?), sortie & enhancement cost (出撃強化 Shutsugeki kyōka?), and leader skill (部隊長スキル Butaichō sukiru?).

HP Amount of health point Recovery rate (回復力) affects speed of recovery
Attack power (攻撃力) affects damage given Cooperation (協調性) affects speed of coop attack gauge fill
Defense power (防御力 ) affects damage received Speed (素早さ) affects attack speed

Sortie & Enchancement Cost (出撃。強化コスト)
Sortie (出撃) Enchancement 3 (強化3)
Enchancement 1 (強化1) Enchancement 4 (強化4)
Enchancement 2 (強化2) Enchancement 5 (強化5)

Party Leader Skill (部隊長スキル Butaichou sukiru?)
Skill name (スキル名前 Sukiru namae?) (skill name)
(Skill effect)

Deathblow (必殺技) Edit

Deathblow (必殺技 hissatsuwaza?) contains deathblow skill name, effect, and phrase line.

Each rarity have different maximum level of deathblow skill, with N having the lowest (maximum level 1) and SSR the highest (maximum level 4).

Character Description (キャラ説明) Edit

Character description (キャラ説明 Kyara setsumei?) contains non-combat description such as physical profile and background.

Affiliation (所属)
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