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Catastrophe Chapter 2 is the second chapter of the Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen manga.

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  • This chapter adapts from:
  • Shinya Hīragi, Mito Jūjō, Saia Aiuchi and Saitō are introduced.

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Novel Manga
On their way to school, Sayuri asks Guren if he is ready and admits that she is nervous. She babbles on until Guren orders her to be quiet. Sayuri whines to Shigure that Guren silenced her, Shigure advises it was because she was babbling, and to calm down, or it will reflect badly on the Ichinose Clan. Sayuri asks Guren if he's ready and babbles on, but Guren does not silence her here. He only monologues about First Shibuya High School. Shigure remains silent.
Students grumble and laugh upon their arrival. Shigure informs Guren this. He says that they will get use to it and to not react. Not shown. Guren doesn't tell Sayuri and Shigure to not react until after he gets hit by the soda can.
After Guren gets hit by a cola can, the crowd bursts into loud, intense laughter. They bicker at Guren, calling him a weakling and make fun of him for being an Ichinose. The laughter is not nearly as intense, it is instead slight chuckles. The students call Guren a coward and taunt since he is from the Ichinose.
There is a brief flashback of Sakae Ichinose carrying Guren after he was severely beaten by the Hīragi Family, asking him to "forgive your old man for being so powerless". Does not occur. There is no flashback or mention of Sakae.

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