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Chapter 14 is the fourteenth chapter of the Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen manga.


Guren pays no mind to the students discussing why Ichinose are known as rats. It is detailed how 500 years ago that the outcome of two brothers in the Hiragi family and a woman in the Ichionse house resulted in the formation of the Order of the Imperial Moon, as well as the house's reputation.

Shinya alerts Gurent the Hyakuya Sect will be active tonight, and passes him a note with his fingerprint on. Called by Kureto to meet him tomorrow, Guren wonders if others around are monitoring him. Guren hands Shigure a note with location of Hikarigaoka park's tennis court with a time of 2am. When Shinya, Mito, and Goshi are at Guren's house, the news reports an apartment fire. A woman calls Yuichiro's name, where she repeats the desire to kill him before attempting to set herself alight.

With Saito also seen on the news, Guren thinks Shinya might have seen this. While Guren professes the need to learn about the fire and not act against the Hyakuya Sect due to the danger, Shinya feels he is lying. After their return with chicken curry, Guren informs Sayuri and Shigure to head back to Aichi if he does not return by morning, yet they refrain from raising anything further before eating together.


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Within a gymnasium, martial arts based exercises are taking place. After Guren is kicked over, an act observed by Mito, his sparring partner asks if he is alright. While Guren sits alone in class, four students gathered outside discuss how they have heard that Guren has been chosen to work directly under Kureto. One member wonders who was it that made fun of the Ichinose rats, where another objects that the speaker also said some means things to him.

Approaching him, Mito mentions to Guren the kumite lesson earlier and asks what that was all about. Protesting that it is not his true strength, Mito speaks how they are all Kureto's subordinates so from now on they will also be companions working together. Considering the companions claim, and being Kureto's subordinates, but mostly the companions word, Guren chuckles, then yawns. While Mito objects, Shinya raises how it is not the first time Guren has been lazy and out of character. Also sure that Guren is bored with the level of teaching here, Shinya questions Guren whether he is right.

Remaining unresponsive to Mito's question of whether he is going to ignore Shinya too, Guren pays mind to the students outside. Discussing how the rumors are true, they mention how Guren is getting along well with Shinya and that Jujo girl. The students wonder if that means that rebellious Ichinose branch family has sworn allegiance to the Hiragi family, to Kureto himself. One has heard the Ichinose used to be the most faithful to the Hiragi family, where another questions where that was learned.

The story of why the Ichinose are considered to be rats is brought up. 500 years ago, of the ten great families, they were the most loyal to the Hiragi family and wielded the greatest power. In the Ichinose family, a beautiful girl was born there. The eldest son and the second son of the Hiragi family both fought over her. After many twists and turns the girl's affection was won by the second son, but the eldest son would not allow it. Thus, one night, the eldest son forced himself on the girl and impregnated her with his child, and castrated the second son before throwing them both out of the family.

In the place where he was expelled, the second son created a new religious organization called "The Order of the Imperial Moon." The students mention how it is easy for the Order of the Imperial Demons led by the Hiragi family to crush such a thing, but the eldest son did not do that. Asking why, the answer the student has is because he was a generous man who forgave their sins. The other students exclaim no wonder the Hiragi's successor's are all excellent people.

While Mito and Shinya can hear them, Guren thinks how the students are idiots. The real reason for the eldest son's actions was to humiliate the second son and his Ichinose wife. Since the girl could not have a child with the second son since his testicles were removed, the humiliation was they were raising the child of the head of the Hiragi family as the head of the Order of the Imperial Moon. The second Hiragi son and Ichinose girl of them continued to deeply love each other where they had their child, yet everything other than this was taken away.

Countless faces taunt how this is what happens when one goes against the Hiragi family, where descendants will live in disgrace, unable to raise their heads forever and ever, where all the families will spit on the clan. As the students mention that it was really nice of Kureto to forgive those Ichinose rats, Guren places his head in his hands. The Ichinose family is the most powerful among the ten great families. Since Kureto is a hotshot, everything related to him became the subject of discussion in the school, where Guren ponders further maybe there is a political reason why he took him under his wing.

In class, Goshi asks Mito if she is that worried about Guren, or does she like him. A teacher motions to a piechart on the board, and where Guren is daydreaming, Shinya attempts to speak to him. Whispering, Shinya wonders if Guren thinks the teacher will be mad if he keeps his voice down like this. Speaking how tonight the Hyakuya Sect will come, Shinya suggests for them to meet up somewhere. Hating it when people surprise him in this way, Guren states to not be silly, he is not going to play along with Shinya's game. Not interested in playing stupid games either, a note is passed. Regarding it as a note of the rendezvous with his fingerprint on it, Guren thinks if he gave this to Kureto then Shinya would be killed.

Asking why the long face, Shinya adds even though he looks so friendly. Although Guren may not know nothing about him, Shinya shares he has been hearing about him all the time. Ever since he was a little kid, every time he met Mahiru, seated in a gazebo in one such envisioning, she always talked about Guren. Questioning if he is feeling jealous, Guren infers that Shinya really likes Mahiru after all. While he does not know, Shinya says he is really jealous of Guren. Asking why, it is because Shinya has always been imagining what kind of person he is, between the two of them, which of them is stronger, and what Guren looks like and so forth.

Pocketing the note, Shinya tells Guren to be careful with that since his fingerprint is still on it, who replies that he was born a bum who could be crushed in a heartbeat. Commenting that he is sure Mahiru would be very uncomfortable with that self-snide remark, Shinya questions why does she like Guren so much. Answering that maybe it is because he looks so much friendlier than he does causes Shinya to laugh.

With students leaving the class, Guren answers his phone to Kureto. Telling Guren to say is there anything Kureto needs of him, Kureto is asked if he is the type to force his subordinates into servitude. Goshi and Mito are attentive to the conversation, where Kureto claims he was just kidding. Aoi serves him tea as Guren speaks how Kureto's jokes are not funny at all, and has he gone brain dead. When Kureto laughs if he wants to get killed, Guren replies he can do it ay any time. Although Kureto finds his way of speaking to be very rude, Guren clearly recognizes his own status and he likes that attitude of his. The Order of the Imperial Moon is no match for the Order of the Imperial Demons, things have not changed for five hundred years.

Commenting that a call is made right after school ends, Goshi wonders could it be Guren's girlfriend, which Mito is aghast at. When Guren is ordered by Kureto to come to the student council room tomorrow during lunch break he answers no. Laughing that he does not have the right to refuse, Kureto states he will see him tomorrow. With the call ended, Shinya asks if it was Kureto, to which Guren answers it was his girlfriend. Horrified, Mito says to wait a minute, he is still in training so how could he engage in such leisure activities such as dating. With Guren confused, Shinya clarifies that call was from Kureto, where the student council room was mentioned. Confirming the meeting tomorrow during lunch break, Mito says for Guren to wait, he cannot talk to Kureto like that.

Outside, Sayuri tells Guren they have been waiting for him, where Shigure asks if the scum from the Hiragi family did anything to him today. After Guren replies nothing, same as always, Sayuri questions what he would like to eat today, she will make him anything he likes. With Guren wanting curry, again, Mito flings the door open and is happy to see Shigure. Seeing that since everyone is here, Goshi announces for them to go to Guren's house and pay him a visit. Commenting how they are in the same squad, it seemed a good thought for them to get know each other. While Shinya agrees that sounds like an interesting idea, Guren declares they are going home and leaves with Sayuri and Shigure.

As they walk, it is asked if they are following. Mito, along with Goshi and Shinya are indeed doing that, so Shigure produces a kunai as she questions should she kill them. Reminding Shigure that a draw with Mito is the best she can do, Shigure apologizes for not being strong enough. Assuring her that he is not angry or anything, Guren ruffles Shigure's hair. As Sayuri requests the same, Shigure mentions she was stroked the other day so no, which is deemed unfair.

Remembering that today is the day to get clothes from the dry cleaning and laundry service, Shigure mentions that she shall head back first. Needing to go to the supermarket, Sayuri adds to be on the safe side she shall prepare their shares too. Joining the conversation, Goshi says that to be able to eat Sayuri's home cooking is something he is looking forwards to. Departing to prepare the curry, Sayuri speaks how just now Guren slipped a note into Shigure's hair. Checking it, the note reads 2am in front of the Hikarigaoka park's tennis court.

With Guren raising how the three of them decided to come to his house, Shinya knows he is hiding many erotic magazines so he does not want them to come over. Asking if Kureto told them to keep an eye on him, they glance to one another before Goshi states he did not say anything. If not that then why, Shinya answers it is because they are friends. Adding that they are also classmates, Goshi elaborates how if this were a normal school it would be the summer vacation now so he thinks it is about time for everyone to play together. As they discuss whether it is safe to play, and should they not stay and study, Guren has no idea what they are talking about.

Watching weapons based sparring taking place on the school grounds, Guren thinks it has been four months since the attack of the Hyakuya Sect, where Mahiru is envisioned with her sword drawn. When Mito speaks since then that time has gone by so fast, Guren agrees that is true. Clutching his shirt, Mito says how in this short time Guren has saved her life twice and she owes him a debt of gratitude. Wanting to thank him, Mito states she will always support him until he attains a solid position in the Order of the Imperial Demons.

Considering Mito and Goshi, while he wonders why they trust him so easily, Guren thinks further if he declares war on the Hiragi family then they are going to be his enemy. Contemplating how he should have killed them in Ueno, but he could not bring himself to do that, Guren wonders when did he become such a wishy-washy person.

In a room together, Shinya declares checkmate where Mito asks for him to give her a minute, which Goshi states he will count. Observing them, Guren says they should go home. A news reporter on television details a crime scene. The firefighters desperate efforts to extinguish the fire were in vain. It is requested for the TV to be turned off for a second as it is distracting, before the apartment fire is viewed which Goshi comments on the size of it.

A woman held by a fire fighter calls for Yuichiro. Telling him to let go of her, she states Yu is still in there and for somebody to give her a hand. Speaking to not put out the fire, the woman has a lighter before she announces that Yu is a demon, one she has to kill. Pouring a bottle of gasoline over herself, she repeats she has to kill him which is watched on TV. After she is punched over by a fire fighter, Yu's mother is restrained on the ground by others. Clothed in a hoody, Saito is nearby.

As those watching wonder what was that, Guren considers the man he just saw on the screen was Saito of the Hyakuya Sect. He thinks that Shinya, and of course the Order of the Imperial Demons, must have noticed. Rising, Shinya thinks he should go home now, he has some business to attend to. Leaving with him, Mito wants to talk to Shigure and Sayuri. After Goshi shares he would like some of Sayuri's home cooking, his parting words for Guren are maybe another time, where he replies if they are planning to come again.

Finding a phone on the carpet, Guren reads a message addressed to him that looking at other people's phone without their permission is unacceptable, and that he is a pervert. Knocking on the door, Shinya speaks that he forgot his cell phone. Asking if he looked inside, and gathering yes, Shinya asks what Guren thinks. They should not come into contact with the Hyakuya Sect right now, it is far too dangerous. Suggesting they find out the cause of that fire, Guren feels they need to assess the situation first. Answering that he does not like tactics that involves lying to his friends, Shinya questions if Guren plans to meet them alone. After Guren replies that he is not his comrade, Shinya guesses that means they are in contact today.

As Mitsuki observes the talon sample from the chimera in a tank, there is not enough information and time, no progress on the chimera has been made. With the door bell used, Shinya is asked if he found his cell phone, where he answers yes then departs. Watching a TV show, Guren thinks the manipulation of information has begun. Considering demons, the doom of Christmas, the angels of the apocalypse and Four Horsemen of John, Guren observes that is a lot of religious terminology.

Regarding the board game being played, if the king is taken, the match is over. In reality, a king's death does not kill the organization. Thinking that he is rejoicing in his own death, Guren wonders what will happen to his friends and those who support him after that. While he considers what wish he would risk his friend's lives to fulfil, Guren hears Sayuri and Shigure have arrived home. If by morning he does not return, Guren instructs them to go back to Aichi. While Sayuri begins to react, after being tapped by Shigure, she adjusts her response to say they will be having chicken curry today, but it is instant curry. Answering that anything is okay, Guren affirms Sayuri's cooking is always good and they then eat together.

Chapter notes[]

  • This chapter adapts from:
  • It has been four months since the Hyakuya Sect's attack.
  • Yūichirō's mother is introduced.
  • If the note Guren gave to Shigure and Sayuri is the same one he got from Shinya, then Shinya was aware that an event involving the Hyakuya Sect would be taking place at Hikarigaoka park's tennis court.

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