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Chapter 51 is the fifty-first and final chapter of the Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen manga.



List of characters in order of appearance:


Chapter notes[]

  • This Chapter adapts from:
  • While Guren is holding Shinya's lifeless body, he made a promise with him.
  • Guren is conflicted with his feelings, when Mahiru questions him if he hates her after killing his friends which he conforms so, yet he doesn't want to kill her. As Shinya would get angry.
  • Guren throws away Noya, knowing he can't defeat Mahiru.
  • Mahiru has a discussion with Guren about information of the Seraph of the End. A revelation which shocks Guren.
  • The thrown Noya on ground is picked by Mahiru and stabs herself with it, integrating with it in her heart.
  • Mahiru explains to Guren how to resurrect his friends.
  • Guren pleads Noya to stop the spreading curse on Mahiru but he reveals that he can't and she is planning to turn into a demon.
  • Despite being a vampire, Mahiru last words is a wish to have a kiss from Guren which he eventually kiss her.
  • Guren meets Ferid again, asking him to kill him. Which Ferid denies so.
  • Guren activates the Seraph of the End upon remembering Mahiru instructions which immediately results of the catastrophe in the world, killing all the adults innocent civilians.
  • After four years, Guren squad is formed along with Mahiru-no-Yo, and at some point he meets a young Yu.

Differences with the novel[]

  • Some dialogue are cut when Mahiru explains the Seraph of the End to Guren.
  • The Tower of Babel, or Icarus is shown as an example while in the novel it was only mentioned.
  • Guren additional dialogue to never give up and save Mahiru and catch up to her.
  • Mahiru's heart is shown when Noya's katana was stabbed into it.
  • Mahiru has a memory of her as children with Guren together.
  • Guren didn't ask Mahiru if this was all according to plan.
  • A scene is shown of the catastrophe when Mahiru mentions what will happen by resurrecting humans.
  • Noya tells Guren to become a demon instead of letting Mahiru become one.
  • Another memory is shown with Guren reaching his hands holding Mahiru's hand.
  • Guren only calls Mahiru, while in the novel he calls Noya too when the sword was on ground.
  • A vision is shown when Guren fought Ferid at Ueno Zoo.
  • The catastrophe begins and is shown scenes of Krul, Yu and Mika as well.
    • The formation of Guren squad and Mahiru-no-Yo appearance. As well as Guren greeting young Yu. Which never happened in the novel.


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