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Chapter 6 is the sixth chapter of the Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen manga.


Declining to follow Saito to where Mahiru is, Guren stabs him again instead. Mahiru fends off Guren and appears to possess some other-wordly power, in addition to a powerful type of sword. Reacting to her behaviour, Guren sees Mahiru develop a demonic like hand where she is worried that the demon had already taken over. Saito restrains her hand and they both depart after revealing that cursed gear has been developed. Saito says for Guren to contact the Hyakuya Orphanage if he is interested in joining. Mito and Goshi have survived the massacre, and Shinya with Guren claim that Mahiru was kidnapped to explain her leaving.


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Guren processes that Mahiru is the traitor with Saito, who says for him to come where she is. A large explosion heralds the arrival of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army's main troops. Stating it seems like they are out of time, Saito asks if Guren could please remove the sword then they can prepare a place of reunion with Mahiru. Complying with the request, Guren then re-stabs Saito, he does not really feel like it. Feeling the Hyakuya Sect have their palms up, Guren tells Saito he will keep him here and get all the information out of him. When Saito replies even with torture he will not crack, Guren tells him to die. Saito speaks then Guren and Mahiru will never see each other again. Guren asserts that is fine, he did not get stronger just to meet her.

Mahiru herself appears and Guren leaps back as she engages him with a sword. Raising she is someone who backstabbed the Hiragi family, after Mahiru comments there are not many people who can stop her sword, Guren feels this power is not human. Asking if he is not going to show her his true strength, Mahiru bounds towards Guren to resume the fight. With a spell used, Mahiru sees this as Guren admitting he cannot win with a sword. With Guren bring his weapon close to her, Mahiru remarks he has gotten tremendously strong, perhaps for her, to which he replies she wishes. After Mahiru shares that she got stronger to be with him, Guren addresses how to make things worse she partnered up with the Hyakuya Sect and started a war.

With the carnage taking place around, Mahiru speaks how it feels so good when the power starts flowing through her hand, then questions is it not the same for Guren. Reacting to what she is saying, Guren hears Mahiru continue that this goes beyond flesh and blood, beyond where Guren can go. Asking what the hell she is on about, Mahiru says it is why she will go even more beyond. Bringing her sword down results in a black rising mass being produced. After Guren asks what was that, Mahiru remarks is it not amazing. It is called a cursed gear weapon. From the name, Guren guesses if that is the case then it involves the magic that seals a demon inside swords, axes, bows, and other sacred artefacts.

As Mahiru explains if the demon cannot be sealed, one becomes a demon, a monster who takes joy in eating people, she adds with the magical science they have now it should still be impossible. The Hiragi family and the Hyakuya Sect hybridized two opposing magic systems. Seeing that they finished the demon cursed gear weapons, Mahiru answers that Guren was worried after all. Guessing it would be completed very soon, when asked how many people had been sacrificed for that experiment, Mahiru raises how Guren has sacrificed something too in exchange for his strength. Mahiru adds besides, they did not know back then that without power they cannot protect anyone. After their time as children together is glimpsed, next to the huge slice in the ground presently, Mahiru asks whether Guren will not come with her.

Requesting that Guren complete this power with her, Mahiru then grips her chest. Tearful, Mahiru speaks she is already possessed by the demon. Mentioning the demon curse, Mahiru feels she failed the experiment and is already gone. Ordering herself to shut up, and claiming she is not possessed, curse marks appear on Mahiru as her right hand becomes clawed while saying there is still more power. Saito's chain whizzes towards Mahiru and binds her sword arm. Telling her that is enough, Saito says Mahiru will lose control if she uses that weapon anymore. Guren asks Saito what he did to Mahiru, who answers he will have to also join the Hyakuya Sect if he wishes to learn more.

Unsatisfied with that course, Guren reiterates what Saito did to Mahiru, yet his sword is blocked by her and is broken in half. Mahiru declares they are now even for Guren not killing her earlier. Throwing herself into Guren's arms, Mahiru announces that she loves him. Asking him one more time if he will comes with her, Guren will not. Even if he gets more power, Guren is not interested. With Mahiru wondering if he hates her or something, Guren realizes the power he aims for and the power she demands are simply different. Mahiru wonders when their paths separated.

Having some good news for Guren, for Christmas this year Mahiru reveals that the world will be destroyed. The trumpet of the apocalypse will ring and a virus will spread. It will change into a world where more power will be needed, then surely Guren will want her. Saying for them to meet again, Mahiru then hops away then says she loves Guren. Speaking to Guren and thankful that is over, Saito shares if he wants to get in touch with the Hyakuya Sect then please tell the director of the orphanage where the boy who was with him before goes. Mentioning the Hyakuya Orphanage and asking if Guren knows about it, Saito then states he will be going now as well.

Finding that he is alive too, Mito falls into Guren. She is upset that everyone died, even though they tried so hard to help. Goshi finds them and asks since when have they been in such a relationship. When Shinya joins them, he states how Mahiru was taken. As Goshi and Mito react with shock at the news, Guren and Shinya nod at one another with the understanding that it is a fake kidnapping to explain why Mahiru left school. Regarding his sword, Guren notes how Mahiru cut through it so easily. He contrasts her asking whether he thinks they will be together forever just like this, with Mahiru speaking how she was already possessed by the demon. Guren concludes the war has just started.

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