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Chapter 8 is the eighth chapter of the Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen manga.


While considering Mahiru's new plan to betray the Hyakuya Sect, Shinoa and Guren are seen by Mika. In class, with the students lost, members are called for evaluation. Kureto asks Guren whether he is a part of the Hyakuya Sect. Ordering Shinya to kill Guren, Kureto would then engage him himself forcing Guren to reveal his true capabilities. Confined in a chair, Guren is injected with a needle and interrogated on whether he sold secrets on the Hiragi family. Guern hears from Kureto that his father died in an interrogation. He is then asked to become Kureto's right hand man.


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With Mahiru intending to betray the Hyakuya Sect, Shinoa says to Guren that her sister must really like him to go so far as to leak this information to him. Shinoa considers for the first time Mahiru is neither logical or rational and wonders whether love really makes people so impulsive. Guren replies her guess is as good as his. Questioning what Mahiru is thinking, on her own, Guren would also like to know what she is planning on doing. All Shinoa knows is it seems that Mahiru does not want to trouble Guren with something that does not involve him, she just wants power, that way she could be together with him she said. Shinoa was observing Mahiru seated on a tree branch as she explained that the path is different, but the destination they will arrive at in the end is the same.

Mika calls to Akane and everyone for them to race to the park. Guren recognizes Mika as the one Saito brought to the Hyakuya Orphanage. Also seeing him, Mika warns the others that shifty looking guy over there, Saito was saying he is a pervert. Mika speaks to Shinoa and asks if she is alright. Certifying that she is not alright, Shinoa claims she was about to be attacked by this man in this dangerous place, Mika replies he knew it. Guren moves on while Mika says to not run away, he is going to call the police.

Considering the betrayal of the Hyakuya Sect, the destruction of the world, and arriving at the same destination, Guren thinks about Mahiru. In class, Saia Aiuchi speaks how following the raid they lost half of their future imperial demon candidates and offers another silent prayer today. With the selection ceremony interrupted by the raid, Saia announces that for students whose evaluation was not completed, they will be tested today. Saia continues that for the A ranking Shinya, the talented miss Mito, and mister Goshi, and the lowest rank, the Ichinose scum, they are to please go to the gym at the designated time. Mito and Goshi are to go at 8:30, then Shinya and Guren at 9 o'clock. Hearing they are paired together for the evaluation, Goshi keenly said for them to do their best. A student is angered at Guren ignoring Goshi.

Outside, Goshi and Mito appear exhausted and Kureto who is there remarks that Guren is late. Giving an excuse that his stomach was upset so he was in the bathroom, Shinya remarks whether Guren was nervous about the sudden test and how weak he is. Kureto asks upfront for Guren to tell him whether he sells information on this school to the Hyakuya Sect. Kureto believes that everyone at this school hates Guren as he stated. The teachers and students at this school are foolish, however not so much that they would leak information to Guren. After Kureto asserts that Guren is tied to the Hyakuya Sect, he follows up to himself that he does not believe that. On Guren having a motive, Kureto cites one as resentment against the Hiragi family, evident that he is still playing the clown and hiding his true ability. Wondering if Guren's power is enough to be a threat to the Hiragi family, Kureto says he will know after this. Pointing at Shinya, he says to kill him.

Asking why him, Shinya is questioned by Kureto whether he dares to go against him and to not tell him he is working with Guren. While Shinya wants brother Kureto to stop doubting him, Kureto replies if Shinya does not want that then do it so he can see Guren's true power. Guessing it cannot be helped, and sorry about it, Shinya's fist glows as he states it is an order from his brother. Guren prepares himself for spending time in hospital rather than revealing anything to Kureto. Taking his arm, Kureto questions Shinya why he is going easy on him before punching him. Stating that is penalty one, and that his credibility is falling, Kureto announces he will begin investigating whether Shinya is also working with the Hyakuya Sect.

While Kureto draws his sword he says if Guren does not have the skill, he will die here. If he does have it, the truth will be physically beaten out of him and they will find out his connection to the Hyakuya Sect. Guren asks what this has to do with the Ichinose family. Kureto replies they can easily silence the Ichinose family, or anyone at that. Mito calls that this boy does not have any secret power, to which Kureto whispers could the Jujo house be traitors as well. Answering his assertion, Mito denies being Guren's lover then clarifies she is just a classmate. As for Guren, it seems he will die here. Guren blocks Kureto's sword, and they exchange weapon strikes, spell tags are evaded. Goshi and Mito appear dumbstruck, then Kureto announces at last his true colors are revealed, the future head of the Ichinose house.

Professing to be embarrassed so he just hid it, Guren speaks for Kureto to see that there really is nothing to be threatened by. Kureto answers that will be decided by their next round, they should see who is truly the strongest in this school. After Guren deems him a pain, Kureto sees there is his vulgar tone. To think a branch house would produce such a talented brat, Kureto adds for Guren to not disappoint him. At least five pointed weapons have surrounded Guren, and he wobbles having been struck by one coated in either poison or anaesthesia. While Guren speaks did he not want to see who was stronger, Kureto replies he were likely trying to lose to him on purpose anyway. Understanding his true power, Kureto feels it seems to be quite useful. If the suspicions about Guren clear up, Kureto will use him as an important piece that belongs to the Hiragi family. Torture and confessions await Guren when he wakes up, and Kureto adds until then he can rest easy.

Within a white tiled room Guren sits restrained to a chair. An interrogator injects Guren with a substance and questions whether he is a part of the Hyakuya Sect. Striking him more than once, Guren thinks if he gives a credible answer the interrogator should be satisfied and draw back. Revealing the truth that he knew a war would begin, Guren inserts a lie that he did not know when, and embellishes his reply that those people wanted the Ichinose house to submit, and ultimately did not give him any information. The interrogator asserts that Guren sold out the Hiragi family. Laughing, Guren asks why would he need to sell them out. Being the Hyakuya Sect’s servant or the branch family scum, how are they any different. Saying to forget it and just kill him, Guren adds he is tired. Then Guren asks why don't the two big organizations go at it while he rest. With Kureto joining them, the interrogator says Guren seems to be talking about his real intentions.

Kureto shares that Guren’s father came to protest and told them to release his son. Revealing that they trapped and tortured Guren’s father, Kureto says he spewed the same information as him. Stating that Guren’s father sure is weak, Kureto continues that he confessed five hours earlier than him, eventually his heart stopped. Remarking that it is the first time Guren’s true feelings have shown on his face, Kureto mentions to the interrogator that everything up to now has simply been acting. Claiming to admire Guren, although it is unfortunate that a man of such talent is born to a low level branch family, Kureto adds to not worry, his father was revived using life-saving measures. After all, even if the individual is strong, nothing changes. The scum from the Ichinose family does not even deserve to touch the bottom of Hiragi shoes, and Kureto knows that now. Even so, Kureto is interested in Guren so says to become his right-hand man.

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