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Below is a list of chapters and volumes for the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.

Volume listEdit

# Japanese English
Release date ISBN Release date ISBN
1 January 4, 2013 ISBN : 978-4-08-870705-1 June 3, 2014 ISBN : 978-1-42-157150-8
List of chapters:
  1. "The World of Blood Legacy" (血脈のセカイ Kechimyaku no Sekai?)
  2. "Humanity After the Fall" (破滅後のニンゲン Hametsu-go no Ningen?)
  3. "The Demon in Your Heart" (心に棲むオニ Kokoro Ni Sumu Oni?)
Cover character(s): Yūichirō Hyakuya

Volume 1
Yūichirō's dream of killing all vampires is near-impossible, given that vampires are seven times stronger than humans, and the only way to kill them is by mastering Cursed Gear, advanced demon-possessed weaponry. Not to mention that humanity's most elite Vampire Extermination Unit, the Moon Demon Company, wants nothing to do with Yūichirō unless he can prove he's willing to work in a team — which is the last thing he wants!
2 May 2, 2013 ISBN : 978-4-08-870673-3 September 2, 2014 ISBN : 978-1-42-157151-5
List of chapters:
  1. "The Worst Pair" (不倶戴天の敵 Fugutaiten no Teki?)
  2. "Vampire Mikaela" (ミカエラ吸血鬼 Mikaera Kyūketsuki?)
  3. "Black Asura" (漆黒のアシュラ Shikkoku no Ashura?)
  4. "New Family" (新しいカゾク Atarashii Kazoku?)
Cover character(s): Mikaela Hyakuya

Volume 2
Now that Yūichirō has earned his place in the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, he prepares to undergo a fiendish test to acquire the most powerful and deadly of humanity's weapons against vampires — Black Demon Series Cursed Gear. Meanwhile, the vampire nobility welcome a new member — Mika, the best friend Yūichirō thinks died in their escape but who has his own bitter story of survival.
3 September 4, 2013 ISBN : 978-4-08-870814-0 December 2, 2014 ISBN : 978-1-42-157152-2
List of chapters:
  1. "Mitsuba's Squad" (三葉のチーム Mitsuba no Chīmu?)
  2. "First Extermination" (殲滅のハジマリ Senmetsu no Hajimari?)
  3. "Vampire Attack" (襲撃のヴァンパイヤ Shūgeki no Vanpaia?)
  4. "Queen's Contract" (女王とのケイヤク Joō to no Keiyaku?)
Cover character(s): Shinoa Hīragi

Volume 3
Yūichirō survives the trial to acquire Cursed Gear — demon-possessed weaponry that is humanity's only hope for combating the vampire scourge. But times are dangerous, and instead of getting to celebrate his newfound power, Yūichirō and his friends are given their first mission: head to Shinjuku and investigate vampire activity. Unbeknownst to Yūichirō, Mika, his best friend and now a vampire, is headed for the same place.
4 January 4, 2014 ISBN : 978-4-08-870897-3 March 3, 2015 ISBN : 978-1-42-157153-9
List of chapters:
  1. "A Very Safe Supplement" (安全なクスリ Anzen na Kusuri?)
  2. "Reunion of Childhood Friends" (幼馴染のサイカイ Osananajimi no Saikai?)
  3. "Everyone's a Sinner" (みんなツミビト Minna Tsumibito?)
  4. "Complicated Connections" (工作するカンケイ Kōsakusuru Kankei?)
Cover character(s): Ferid Bathory

Volume 4
A vampire attack reunites Yūichirō with his childhood friend Mika — though they now face each other from opposing sides of the battlefield. Mika begs him to forget about the conflict between humans and vampires and escape together, but he is torn about abandoning his new friends. Then, everything changes when Yūichirō suddenly transforms into a monstrous being with one seraphic wing!
5 May 2, 2014 ISBN : 978-4-08-870897-3 June 2, 2015 ISBN : 978-1-42-157869-9
List of chapters:
  1. "Human World" (人間のセカイ Ningen no Sekai?)
  2. "Cursed Guinea Pig" (呪うモルモット Norō Morumotto?)
  3. "Possessed by Mahiru" (憑依するマヒル Hyōisuru Mahiru?)
  4. "Cause for Madness" (暴走のリュウ Bōsō no Riyū?)
Cover character(s): Yoichi Saotome

Volume 5
Yūichirō has no memory of his terrifying but temporary transformation into a one-winged monster during the battle for Shinjuku. The widely feared leaders of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, however, take note of his squad's unusual talent. Despite the unwanted attention, Yūichirō's resolve to save Mika from the vampires crystallizes as his real training in demon possession and manifestation begins.
6 September 4, 2014 ISBN : 978-4-08-870897-3 September 1, 2015 ISBN : 978-1-42-158030-2
List of chapters:
  1. "The Demon's Nightmare" (悪魔のアクム Akuma no Akumu?)
  2. "Kiseki-o's Box" (鬼箱王のハコ Kiseki-Ō no Bako?)
  3. "Taboo Krul" (禁忌のクルル Kinki no Kururu?)
  4. "Ambition in the Demon Army" (帝鬼軍のヤボウ Teiki Gun no Yabō?)
Cover character(s): Krul Tepes

Volume 6
The only thing standing between humans and complete subjugation to vampires is sheer tenacity and Cursed Gear. Yūichirō has the first in spades, but to increase the amount of power he can draw from the demon inside his cursed sword, he enters a coma-like state to thin the barrier between human and demon. His power upgrade can come none too soon, as the vampire queen reveals her plans to annihilate the human resistance and claim true dominion over Japan.
7 January 5, 2015 ISBN : 978-4-08-870897-3 December 1, 2015 ISBN : 978-1-42-158264-1
List of chapters:
  1. "The Moon Demon's Orders" (月鬼のゴウレイ Tsuki Oni no Gōrei?)
  2. "Narumi & The 20-Year-Old Yu" (鳴海とハタチ Narumi to Hatachi?)
  3. "Thirst Logic" (血乏するリセイ Chitomo suru Risei?)
  4. "Vampire Noble Lucal" (貴族のルカル Kizoku no Rukaru?)
Cover character(s): Shihō Kimizuki

Volume 7
Thanks to intelligence acquired by the upper echelons of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, the human resistance knows that vampire nobles are amassing in Nagoya prior to an attack on the human stronghold of Tokyo in one month’s time. Yūichirō’s squad joins a secret mission to exterminate them, but the Moon Demon Company is very unimpressed with their lack of polish. Can these rookies prove their worth in real combat?
8 April 3, 2015 ISBN : 978-4-08-880339-5 March 1, 2016 ISBN : 978-1-42-158515-4
List of chapters:
  1. "Livestock Revolt" (反逆するカチク Hangyaku suru Kachiku?)
  2. "Who's Pulling the Strings?" (黒幕はダレダ Kuromaku wa Dare da?)
  3. "Sword of Justice" (正義のツルギ Seigi no Tsurugi?)
  4. "Shinya and Guren" (深夜とグレン Shin'ya to Guren?)
Cover character(s): Guren Ichinose

Volume 8
The attack on Nagoya begins. The Japanese Imperial Demon Army descends on the vampire nobles, aiming to exterminate them completely. Three squads are assigned to take down each of eight nobles. Because they are undermanned in comparison, Shinoa and Narumi squads will have to work together seamlessly to take down their one noble. But lurking amongst the nobles is Crowley Eusford, a formidable vampire eager to drink dry his would-be vanquishers.
9 September 4, 2015 ISBN : 978-4-08-880472-9 June 7, 2016 ISBN : 978-1-42-158704-2
List of chapters:
  1. "Crowley in Control" (君臨するクローリー Kunrinsuru Kurōrī?)
  2. "Demon's Lullaby" (鬼のコモリウタ Oni no Komoriuta?)
  3. "Asura's Power" (阿朱羅丸のチカラ Ashūramaru no Chikara?)
Cover character(s): Mitsuba Sangū

Volume 9
The attack on Nagoya continues! The Japanese Imperial Demon Army descends on the vampire nobles, aiming to exterminate them completely. The nobles fall one by one until Crowley Eusford takes twenty human hostages. He aims to lure Guren out and capture him for information. Can Guren, Shinoa and Narumi squads work together to rescue the hostages and defeat Crowley and his minions?
10 December 4, 2015 ISBN : 978-4-08-880503-0 September 6, 2016 ISBN : 978-1-42-158854-4
List of chapters:
  1. "Traitorous Allies" (裏切りのミカタ Uragiri no Mikata?)
  2. "Yu & Mika" (優とミカ Yū to Mika?)
  3. "Monsters & Family" (家族とバケモノ Kazoku to Bakemono?)
  4. "The Namanari Awakens" (目覚めるナマナリ Mezameru Namanari?)
Cover character(s): Crowley Eusford
Chess Belle
Horn Skuld

Volume 10
After losing his mind to Asuramaru’s power in his attempt to save Guren, Yūichirō goes unconscious and is stolen away by Mika. When Yūichirō finally wakes up, he learns that Mika is dying from lack of human blood. Yūichirō offers Mika the choice to drink his blood and become a full vampire, but Mika has something very important to tell Yūichirō about the Seraph of the End project that could change his life.
11 May 2, 2016 ISBN : 978-4-08-880677-8 January 3, 2017 ISBN : 978-1-42-159133-9
List of chapters:
  1. "The Beginning of the Plan" (計画のハジマリ Keikaku no Hajimari?)
  2. "Trumpet of the Apocalypse" (滅びのラッパ Horobi no Rappa?)
  3. "Arrogant Love" (傲慢なアイ Gōman'na ai?)
  4. "Sanguinem's End" (終焉のサングィネム Shūen no Sanguinemu?)
  5. "Where It All Begins" (始まりのマチ Hajimari no Machi?)
Cover character(s): Shinya Hīragi

Owari no Seraph Volume 11 (Japanese Cover)
Mika and Yūichirō are finally reunited! With Mika on the brink of death, Yūichirō offers his blood to save his friend’s life — which turns Mika into a full-fledged vampire! Meanwhile, the captured Guren is attempting to lead the vampires into a trap set by Kureto, who plans to end this battle once and for all using the Seraph of the End! All groups descend on Nagoya Airport for an all-out war!
12 September 2, 2016 ISBN : 978-4-08-880781-2 June 6, 2017 ISBN : 978-1-42-159439-2
List of chapters:
  1. "A Drive Along Death's Shoreline" (死海ドライブ Shikai Doraibu?)
  2. "Familiar Faces" (懐かしいクビ Natsukashī Kubi?)
  3. "Return of the Hero" (英雄のキカン Eiyū no Kikan?)
  4. "Prayer's Price" (祈りのダイショウ Inori no Daishō?)
Cover character(s): Asuramaru
Yūichirō Hyakuya

Volume 12
Three months have passed since the invasion in Nagoya and Yūichirō, Mika and Shinoa Squad are all on the run from both the vampires and the humans! Just as they resolve to ask Krul Tepes for help, Ferid Bathory and Crowley Eusford intercept them with a suspicious proposal to become the group’s new best friends, bringing with them a special hostage for good measure and the secret of the true purpose of the Seraph of the End project.
13 December 31, 2016 ISBN : 978-4-08-880892-5 November 7, 2017 ISBN : 978-1-42-159651-8
List of chapters:
  1. "The Making of an Angel" (天使のシクミ Tenshi no Shikumi?)
  2. "Progenitor's Memory" (始祖のオモイデ Shiso no Omoide?)
  3. "Brothers in Blood" (血のキョウダイ Chi no Kyōdai?)
  4. "Crucifying the Immortal" (不死者ハリツケ Fushi-sha Haritsuke?)
Cover character(s): Kureto Hīragi

Owari no Seraph Volume 13 (Japanese Cover)
Ferid has successfully coerced Shinoa Squad and Mika into joining him and Crowley on a field trip to Osaka. According to Ferid, the purpose of the trip is to see the truth behind the calamity that ended the world — ground zero of the apocalypse. But not all is as it seems, as vampire nobles from across the world are also converging on Osaka!
14 May 2, 2017 ISBN : 978-4-08-881079-9 April 3, 2018 ISBN : 978-1421598239
List of chapters:
  1. "Suspicious Mansion" (怪しいヤカタ Ayashī Yakata?)
  2. "Holy Knight's Secret" (聖騎士のヒミツ Hijiri kishi no Himitsu?)
  3. "Sinner's Christmas" (罪人のクリスマス Tsumibito no Kurisumasu?)
  4. "Coffins of Obsession" (執着のカンヶ Shūchaku no Kanke?)
Cover character(s): Mahiru-no-Yo
Guren Ichinose

Volume 14
Ferid Bathory and Krul Tepes have been captured by the other vampire nobles and Shinoa Squad is forced to bide its time while the two vampires are sentenced to days of torture. And what better place to wait than in Ferid’s own mansion in Osaka? Meanwhile, the Demon Army is gearing up for a coup in Shibuya, but Guren has a plan of his own that involves Yūichirō.
15 November 2, 2017 ISBN : 978-4-08-881150-5 September 4, 2018 ISBN : 978-1974701421
List of chapters:
  1. "Loose-Lipped Vampire" (お喋りヴァンパイア Oshaberi Vuanpaia?)
  2. "Defining a King" (王とはナ二力 Ō to wa na ni chikara?)
  3. "A Reason to Survive" (生存リユウ Seizon Riyū?)
  4. "Who's Your Owner?" (飼い主はダレカ Kainushi wa dareka?)
Cover character(s): Makoto Narumi
Shūsaku Iwasaki
Rika Inoue
Yayoi Endō
Tarō Kagiyama

Volume 15
With Ferid and Krul undergoing exposure torture, the only one left who can help Yūichirō and his friends is Guren! But Guren has secrets of his own that he’s willing to hurt his friends to protect. Meanwhile, Kureto wages war in Shibuya against his father in a coup d’état. Will he be able to defeat his father and take over the Demon Army, or this move spell his own demise?
16 April 4, 2018 ISBN : 978-4-08-881406-3 March 5, 2019 ISBN : 978-19-7470397-5
List of chapters:
  1. "Surrounding Ky Luc" (キ・ルク包囲戦 Ki Ruku Hōi-sen?)
  2. "Who's More Bored?" (退屈なクラベ Taikutsuna Kurabe?)
  3. "Unremembered Trauma" (知らないトラウマ Shiranai Torauma?)
  4. "Proof of Being Human" (人間のアカシ Ningen no Akashi?)
Cover character(s): Ky Luc

Volume 16 (Japanese)
The battle to save Ferid and Krul Tepes from Ky Luc and the vampires begins in full force, but victory isn’t going to be easy. Ky Luc is a Fifth Progenitor and it’ll take a lot of coordination and teamwork to take him down. But Shinoa Squad and Guren have a plan — use the Seraph inside Yūichirō to overwhelm the vampire! But can Yūichirō keep himself in control of it long enough to defeat Ky Luc?!
17 October 4, 2018 ISBN : 978-4-08-881594-7 June 4, 2019 ISBN : 978-19-7470781-2
List of chapters:
  1. "The Name of an Angel" (天使のナマエ Tenshi no Namae?)
  2. "Not Human" (人間デハナイ Ningen de hanai?)
  3. "Shuttered Shinoa" (閉鎖のシノア Heisa no Shinoa?)
  4. "The Door Into Puberty" (思春期のトビラ Shishunki no Tobira?)
  5. "Saviors" (救世主タチ Kyūseishu Tachi?)
  6. "The Day the Sun Was Lost" (太陽をウシナウ日 Taiyou o ushinau-bi?)
Cover character(s): Aoi Sangū

Volume 17 (Japanese)
Now that Ferid’s been rescued, Yūichirō and the gang regroup at Guren’s family’s old house. There, Guren reveals a terrible secret—the angel that was summoned with the original apocalypse is trapped in his home, and Yūichirō and his friends must work together to defeat it! Meanwhile, Krul is taken to Second Progenitor Urd Geales, the current leader of the vampires. While there, she reveals some old secrets of her own…
18 March 4, 2019 ISBN : 978-4-08-881768-2 February 4, 2020 ISBN : 978-19-7471065-2
List of chapters:
  1. "Retainer's Cause" (従者のタイギ Jūsha no Taigi?)
  2. "Three Black Demons" (黒鬼のサンニン Kuroki no Sannin?)
  3. "Hiragi in a Cage" (檻の中のヒイラギ Ori no Naka no Hīragi?)
  4. "Inside Yu's Sword" (優の刀のナカ Yū no Katana no Naka?)
  5. "Love Awakens" (恋がメザメル Koi Ga Mezameru?)
Cover character(s): Lest Karr

Volume 18
Yūichirō and his friends head back to the Demon Army to prepare for the final battle. At the base, Kureto struggles to stave off Shikama Dōji from controlling his body. But things quickly begin to fall apart when Shikama Dōji also tries to take over Shinoa and Yūichirō! Will they be able to stop the possession? Or will they lose their bodies to the first progenitor?
19 September 4, 2019 ISBN : 978-4-08-882061-3 July 7, 2020 ISBN : 978-19-7471064-5
List of chapters:
  1. "Secret Distance" (秘密のキョリ Himitsu no Kiyori?)
  2. "Age of Immortals" (不死者のセダイ Fushisha no Sedai?)
  3. "Rescue for the Devil" (悪魔キュウサイ Akuma Kyuusai?)
  4. "The Dark Ages of Greece" (暗黒のギリシャ Ankoku no Girisha?)
  5. "Eternal Hell" (永遠にジゴク Eien ni Jigoku?)
Cover character(s): Ashera Tepes
Krul Tepes

Volume 19
Shinoa fights for her life at the Demon Army headquarters where the First Progenitor, Shikama Dōji, is trying to possess her. Ferid’s solution to the problem? Kill her before she’s turned and possessed. With all of the pieces in place and the First’s resurrection all but complete, the vampires and the Hyakuya Sect both converge on Shibuya. Meanwhile, trapped in his own mind with Asuramaru, Yūichirō’s missing past is finally revealed to him.
20 February 4, 2020 ISBN : 978-4-08-882210-5 ISBN :
List of chapters:
  1. "Lightning Over Shibuya" (雷降るシブヤ Kaminari Furu Shibuya?)
  2. "Fallen Wings" (堕天したツバサ Daten shita Tsubasa?)
  3. "Mahiru-no-Yo" (真昼ノ夜 Mahiru-no-Yoru?)
  4. "Two Demons" (鬼ニヒキ Oni nihiki?)
  5. "Nativity of a Princess" (降誕するヒメギミ Kōtan suru Himegimi?)
Cover character(s): Urd Geales
Shikama Dōji

Volume 20
21 June 4, 2020 ISBN : 978-4-08-882321-8 ISBN :
List of chapters:
  1. "The Guinea Pigs Gather" (揃うジッケンタイ Sorou jikkentai?)
  2. "Run From Your Friends" (味方からニゲロ Mikata kara Nigero?)
  3. "Cannibal Family" (共喰いカゾク Kyōkui Kazoku?)
  4. "Ashura Tepes" (阿朱羅ツェペシ Ashura Tsepeshi?)
  5. "Vampire's End" (吸血鬼のオワリ Kyūketsuki no Owari?)
Cover character(s): Yūichirō Hyakuya
Mikaela Hyakuya
Guren Ichinose

Volume 21

Chapters not yet in tankōbon formatEdit

These chapters have yet to be published in a tankōbon volume: (these chapters can be found online)

  1. "Because of Mikaela" (理由はミカエラ Riyū wa Mikaera?)
  2. "Orphan Prince" (孤児プリンス Minashigo Purinsu?)
  3. "Black Demon Scenario" (黒鬼のシナリオ Kuro Oni no Shinario?)
  4. "Desire Within Desire" (?)


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