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"Choises and Decisions" (選択とケツダン Sentaku to ketsudan?) is the one hundred fifteenth chapter of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.


The squad hold off as Yu is spoken to by Mika. Although Mika reminds Yu that he is pointing his sword at his family, Yu says he is family too and wants to bring him back. Speaking of bringing others back, Mika states Guren went through hell to get this far.

Yu says he cannot give up on Mika, yet he wants to restore their family. Where Mika thought he could do anything with Yu, he reveals his guilt at feeling responsible for their family's deaths. Sharing how living hurt, Mika asks for Yu to save his heart. Mika persuades Yu for them to bring the others back, and they can be together forever.

Making a decision, Yu tells Mika to devour his desires. Needing all the power, Yu becomes a demon and attempts to escape. Guren calls the vampires to help otherwise their plan is screwed. Everyone collectively tries to stop Yu, and it is Krul who throws him into the ground. Needing more power, Yu demands that Asuramaru give it.


List of characters in order of appearance:


Leaping backwards, Yu gains some distance while repeatedly damning the situation, then registers how really bad this is. Having her axe Tenjiryū drawn, Mitsuba speaks Yu's name while maintaining her position. Similarly, Yoichi remains where he is while having his Gekkouin bow at hand. As Guren shouts Yu's name, Shinoa has her fist clenched. After a moment, Shinoa glances before calling for Lt. Colonel and her big sis, which draws Mahiru's gaze.[1]

While Yu stands with the sword out, Mika speaks his name from it. Guiding him to calm down, Mika tells Yu that he is fine, and he does not have to. Cut off at being told to shut up, Mika says for Yu to think of Akane and the kids. After Yu shouts to shut up once more, Mika answers no, and presses him to think, of everything Guren did to get this far. Not entertaining the idea, Yu repeats a third time to shut up, while Mika continues his attempts to engage with him.[2]

In their sphere, Mika approaches Yu who has his back turned. Where Yu's head is lowered and he is not speaking, Mika calls for him to stop this. A means to an end of achieving that, Mika states that Yu is swamped in ugly desires right now, and he cannot eat those. As Yu contemplates the matter, but does not answers, Mika speaks for him to quit trying to run away and think. Questioning who is it he is facing right now, Mika raises who is it that Yu is pointing his sword at.[3]

The squad are envisioned, where the scenario of Shinoa regarding Yoichi with a cat resting on his head, with Mitsuba and Kimziuki interacting with it is visualized. Mika speaks to Yu how they are his family. When Yu replies that Mika is his family too, the empathetic answer is of course he is. After Mika adds that he is already dead though, Yu responds that he wants to bring him back.[4]

Mentioning how Yu cannot have everything, Mika affirms that the numbers are too different, just him, versus all of humanity. When Yu shouts that he does not care about humanity, Mika considers his words. Raising whether this means that he is okay with abandoning Akane, it leaves Yu at a loss for words. Continuing the line of questions, Mika asks if Yu is okay abandoning all the kids who died.[5]

A memory is recalled where Mika and Yu, with Akane as well were happy around their orphanage family. Dressed in livestock clothing as they were in the vampire city, Ako is also seen with a family member happy to embrace Yu. Talking presently, Mika addresses that Yu would be happy to bring him back, but would give up on Akane and the kids. With Mika saying he cannot see Yu being able to live with that, he reacts to the words.[6]

Speaking that he knows Yu understands, Mika details how they are aware that Guren went through hell to get this far. His enemy is the First himself, and Mika observes he has to have made a lot of hard, ugly choices. Today, it is Yu's turn to make a hard choice. After opening his eyes, Yu's face is awash with tears as he looks to Mika.[7]

Saying he can't, Yu states he just cannot give up on Mika. Contending that he can, Mika says Yu can make this choice. Remembering a moment when they were children walking through Sanguinem, Mika was looking to Yu who was enthusiastic about what they were talking about. Asking if he does not remember their promise, Mika details how Yu was going to do a million push-ups, get really strong, kill all the bloodsuckers, and save their family.[8]

Back then, Mika says he was full of dreams. While speaking as long as he had his family, Mika alters what he was going to say to clarify as long as he had Yu, he thought he could do anything. Turning to how they failed, Mika cries while feeling it was his fault too, that everyone died. Living after that, Mika tells Yu it hurts too much, as he listens. Reiterating that living hurt, that it was his fault (in his view), Mika steps forwards while adding they died, but he survived. Placing his hand on Yu's shoulder, what Mika wants is for him to save his heart. Mika says for Yu for them to please bring Akane and the kids back, together while offering his hand.[9]

While Yu feels it is not fair, Mika is sorry. Repeating his view, Yu states he cannot choose this quick. After Mika says he is sorry to put him through this, Yu states how he wishes he had died instead. Assuring him to not worry, Mika comments that everyone dies eventually, and then they will get to be together in heaven. After Yu questions where is heaven, Mika laughs that he is not sure. Holding his hand for Yu to take, Mika says for them to go.[10]

Guiding Yu to make the right choice, Mika says for them both to save their family together. Tears stream down Yu's face as he struggles to find his words. Reassuring him that it will be okay, Mika adds it will all be fine, and they will be together forever. Breathing, Yu gathers himself as Mika awaits.[11]

After a moment of looking upwards, Yu wipes his face and announces that he will do it, namely choose, which Mika is satisfied with. When Yu remarks how he cannot make Guren do all the hard stuff, Mika agrees with this path. Stating for him to come and they will do it together, Mika offers his hand which Yu takes and they regards one another in apparent understanding.[12]

Signaling for Mika to devour his desires, Yu is serious when sharing that he has made his decision. Shocked as he realizes what is to transpire, Mika charges Yu to hold on, before attempting to urge him that he cannot do that. Curse marks sizzle instantaneously across his face as Yu announces he needs all the power ever. His eyes blackened at this point as well, Yu calls for the demon to go totally wild, where Mika can do little but react with an angered sense of shock at this scene.[13]

Within the underground chamber of Akihabara, a demon horn bursts from Yu's head. As Mitsuba registers this happening, Yoichi is surprised at the development, while Guren stands idle. Gritting his teeth while damning it, Guren proclaims to everyone that Yu has gone berserk. Delivering orders to restrain and restore him, Guren then yells for Mahiru who is ready. As the jagged light like energy surrounding Mahiru envelops Guren who is armed with his sword, Shinoa anxiously calls for him to wait.[14]

Alarmed, Guren turns to the vampires to petition they give them a hand. Guren warns if Yu runs, their plan is totally screwed. Merry despite the gravity of the situation, Ferid tells Crowley how he heard him to prod him into acting. Crowley however has not actually heard anything about this plan of Ferid's yet. For her part, Krul is silent yet considers the directive.[15]

Springing away, Yu speaks to himself how he has got to get out, to find an escape route. A dual shot of arrows wind near him, yet the sword Mika in within can be used by Yu to defend from the projectiles of the Gekkouin bow. As Yoichi sees his fire has failed to deter Yu, glimmering in energy, Kimizuki invokes Kiseki-o. Rising out of a coffin that is near Yu, the Devil's Coffin ability can deliver Ferid. After Ferid greets him hi, in response, Yu says for Mikaela to slice it open.[16]

A collision of attacks propels Yu off his feet, partially intentional or not, it benefits him as Ferid notes he pulled back. Honing in on Yu is Crowley, with Guren closing in as well. Although Crowley is confident enough to speak that he will stop Yu, Guren invokes Mahiru-no-Yo all the same. Plunging the sword into the ground, Yu can swing round it to avoid both Crowley, and Guren's strikes who draw close, but not perilously so towards one another. Guren sees he has missed Yu, and the evasive measure is considered not bad by Crowley.[17]

Darting upwards, Yu thinks to open the ceiling, to get to the floor above. Yu's leg is seized, and he finds it is Krul who has done so. In speaking enough games, and addressing Yu as a child, Krul promptly slams him into the ground. Thrown with the force to create an impact, Yu lies among rubble. Judging that he does not have enough power, cursed energy covers Yu's fingers as he decides he needs lots more. Requesting that Mika give him more power, Yu appears determined as a second horn bursts from his head.[18]

From where Yu sits alone near the wall, others round on him including Crowley, with Guren, and likely Yoichi and Kimizuki, too. With his bow apparently raised just in case, Yoichi attempts to verbally reach Yu by calling for him to stop, and adds they can talk over this.[19]

Commanding everyone to hurry, Guren alerts them that at the rate Yu is going, he will break his mind. Consumed with the idea he needs more power, Yu decides he does not have nearly enough. Needing to be stronger, Yu thinks he needs to be much stronger, and Guren shouting for him to stop does nothing to deter this consuming goal. Fixed that it is not enough, Yu feels one demon's power is not enough, so wonders what he should do.[20]

Long wispy hair floats in its own realm, and from where he is, Yu as a demon thinks of Asuramaru. Perhaps sensing him as he is considered, Krul speaks her brother's name, Ashera. The sky is awash in black stormy clouds that crash thunder strikes across a landscape. Balanced on his sword, Asuramaru views the calamitous setting. His eye fundamentally changed, Yu demands the demon give him power, and Asuramaru turns to regard him.[21]


Yu. Calm down. I'm fine. You don't have to-

–Mika speaking to Yu who has darted away from his squad, sword drawn after being told to choose him, or humanity. page 5-6

No, Yu! Think! Everything Guren did to get this far-

–Mika considering Guren's plan may be feasible, and guiding Yu to go along with restoring humanity and not himself. page 6

Who is it you're facing right now? Who is it you're pointing your sword at?! They're your family!

–Mika pointing out to Yu that he is viewing his squad as hostile, and reminding him who they are. page 9-10

You're my family too!

–Reminded of who his squad are, Yu says Mika counts as it as well. page 11

I want to bring you back.

–Hearing Mika say he is dead, Yu has a goal over restoring all of humanity. page 11

The numbers are too different. Just me, versus all of humanity...

–What may be a factor in Mika deciding he is in favor of bringing humanity back. page 12

I don't care about humanity!

–For all Yu's long-standing enthusiasm to resurrect those who had perished, never-mind the cost, he has a change of mind given restoring Mika is a possibility. page 12

Okay. So does that mean you're okay abandoning Akane? You're okay with abandoning all the kids who died? You'll bring me back... ...But you'll give up on Akane and the kids?

–Mika putting matters into perspective for Yu, where he feels it is better to bring others back. page 12-13

You know Guren went through hell to get this far. His enemy is the First himself. He has to have made a lot of hard, ugly choices. Today... ...Is your turn to make a hard choice.

–Mika coaxing Yu by reminding him of Guren who has sway in his decisions. page 14

I can't. I just can't give up on you.

–Crying, Yu pays no mind to what Guren done to get this far, and won't give up on Mika. page 16

Yes, you can. You can make this choice. Don't you remember our promise? You were going to do a million push-ups... Get really, really strong... Kill all the bloodsuckers, and save our family.

–Mika saying Yu can decide to resurrect their family, they are remembered as children as livestock when forming plans. page 17

Back then I was full of dreams. As long as I had my family... Well, no. As long as I had you... ...I thought I could do anything.

–Mika speaking of his dreams, and Yu's importance. page 18

We failed. It was my fault too. My fault everyone died. Living after that? It hurts too much.

–Mika sharing his feelings to Yu where he blames himself for what others done. page 19

Yu...? What I want is for you to save my heart. So please. Let's bring Akane and the kids back. Together. Okay?

–Tearful, Mika shares his wish to Yu. page 20-21

Oh, don't worry. Everyone dies eventually. Then we'll get to be together in heaven.

–Mika responding to Yu who wished that he had died instead. page 23

C'mon. Let's go. Make the right choice. Let's both save our family together.

–Offering his hand, Mika encourages Yu. page 23-24

It'll be okay, Yu. It'll all be fine. We'll be together forever.

–Mika assuring Yu, of which the words appeared to factor into Yu's decision given his reaction after. page 25

Okay. I'll do it. I'll choose.

–Wiping his tears away, Yu has reached his decision, yet does not specify which one. page 26

I can't make Guren do all the hard stuff.

–Yu mentioning Guren in deciding his course of action, misdirection or not, it is said by him. page 26

C'mon. We'll do it together.

–Mika supporting Yu. page 27

Devour my desires... ...Mika. I've made my decision. I need all the power ever!

–After shaking his hand, Yu is serious in what he has planned. page 28-29

Dammit, Yu! Everyone! Yu's gone berserk! Restrain and restore him!

–Seeing Yu become a demon, Guren gives orders to all. page 31

Lt. Colonel, wait!

–Shinoa asking Guren to wait when he orders everyone to engage Yu. page 31

Vampires! Give us a hand! If he runs, our plan is totally screwed!

–Guren calling on Ferid, Crowley, and Krul to stop Yu escaping. There is more to Guren's plan if Yu is needed, as he said 7 sinful keys and the lives of every vampire are the criteria for human resurrection. page 31

You heard him, Crowley.

–Ferid's response at being called upon by Guren to help prevent Yu from fleeing. page 32

Actually, I haven't heard anything about this "plan" of yours yet.

–Crowley responding to Ferid. page 32


–Kimizuki making his decision by invoking his weapon to prevent Yu from escaping, he would transport Ferid to assist with that. page 33

He pulled back?!

–Ferid's thoughts on Yu after he moved to attack him. page 34

I'll stop him.

–As Crowley heads to Yu who he means to stop, he speaks to Guren who is heading to do the same. page 34

Open the ceiling. Get to the floor above.

–Yu avoids combat as he continues fleeing, and sees an escape route. page 35

Enough games. Child.

–Krul having seized Yu, before she would hurl him to the ground. page 36

Hngh!! Not enough power. Need more. Lots more. Mika... Give it. Give me more power!

–Yu's demon addled thoughts on power, before a second horn would burst from his head. page 37

Yu, no! Stop! We can talk this over!

–Yoichi seeing that Yu has a second demon horn. page 38

I need more power. I don't have nearly enough. I need to be stronger. I need to be much, much stronger... Not enough. Not enough! One demon's power isn't enough. So... ...What do I do now?

–Yu's thoughts fixated on power, impervious to others requesting he stop, before considering Asuramaru. page 39

Give me power. Demon.

–Appearing as one, Yu finds and speaks to Asuramaru within a thunderous landscape. page 42-43

Chapter Notes[]

Cover Details[]

The feature image for chapter 115 features six characters, where their positioning, and the amount of light and darkness across them is a conspicuous element of the overall design. If not for artistic purposes, then there is more than one source of light. The most significant focus on account of the central position, and the light on him, is on Mika who is shown as a child. Apparently, Mika is wearing the livestock clothing that all children wore while kept in Sanguinem when enslaved by vampires. While his back is turned, Mika faces something he can see.

To the right of Mika stands Krul, who is afforded a degree of light as well. Like Mika, she has her back turned yet is facing in the same direction that he is. As well as their background, Krul being the vampire who sired Mika, they are also featured in this chapter. Above Krul is Asuramaru who largely has just his extended left hand in the streak of light diagonally running across the scenario. Although in the upper shadows, Asuramaru's right red eye glows ominously, unlike Krul's identically colored red eyes.

On the left of the image, virtually blanketed in shadow so that his upper portion is essentially a silhouette, tinged with blue in areas, is Lest Karr. Facing in his own direction, Lest Karr seems to be holding his left hand up to his face. The twin braided sections of his hair can be seen. Also facing the direction is Noya, who has his red hair afforded some light on account of the aforementioned stream of it across the image. As with Lest Karr, his face is not seen, indeed due to his positioning, Noya is barely physically in the image. Regardless, Noya appears to be standing hands on his hips, if his left hand and the positioning of his right elbow is anything to go by. Noya is the only demon whose horns are overly visible.

What all the characters have in common is their connection to Shikama Doji, who is the contender for the sixth character who envelops them all with pale, ghost like arms. While the arms surround the other five characters, the hands are at the forefront of the image. See-through, the arms keep what can be seen of Noya, and Krul's dress visible. Where Asuramaru and Noya are similar to ghosts so to speak, they are not depicted in such a manner, yet this transparent entity is. The speculation on this being Shikama Doji is also on account of the robes in the upper background of the scenario that the arms come out of, and due to the plots he is involved that also concern the other characters, namely these ones.

Aside from Mika, who is linked to Shikama Doji with his resemblance to his son, Mikaela, all the other child like characters share with one another that they were third progenitor beings. Asuramaru and Noya have since turned into demons, where Krul and Lest Karr have remained vampires. In chapter 105: "Saito and Urd" it was shown that Lest Karr did not particularly care at having not been selected as one of the third progenitors chosen by the First. Noya was present with brother and sister, Ashera and Krul and was aware of Mikaela's existence. Lest Karr is closely allied with the progenitor council members. They all share a past with one another.

Some cover images for chapters can form another image when beside feature art for another released material. For example the cover of volume 10 for the Owari no Seraph manga can fit beside the cover for the Seraph of the End: The Story of Vampire Michaela light novel where they are two images of one larger scenario. For the chapter 115 cover, in the bottom right of the image, there appears to be someone with a hair color matching Urd Geales'. To the centre left in the bottom of the image, although the head is obscured by what may be the First's hands, the shoulders of someone wearing a suit appears to be visible, of which Saitō is shown wearing such attire.

Overall, Mika is a child in the centre of extremely powerful beings, all within the hands of an even stronger one.

  • Mika's livestock clothing on the cover image is missing the black features of the shirt, such as the emblem on the sleeve seen on page 13 in a flashback scene. If is is livestock clothing that Mika was wearing on the cover, there are different styles of which Mika may have had varied forms of clothing during his time there.
  • Although featured on the cover, Lest Karr does not appear in this chapter, he was last seen welcoming Saito back in the previous chapter 114: "Everyone's Goals", where the captured First is imprisoned before him and other progenitors.
  • Similarly, Noya is shown on the cover but was last seen being afflicted with a syringe by Mahiru in chapter 92: "Black Demon Scenario" shortly after Guren had caused Mika to turn into a demon. However, Mahiru-no-Yo is invoked as a power in this chapter, which would include Noya who is a part of that being.
  • Where Guren made the threat to label Yu a traitor to them in the previous chapter 114, and ordered the squad to draw their weapons, they do so but maintain their distance here as Yu speaks with Mika.
  • Attempting to calm him, Mika considers what Guren done and favors the path of restoring their family. He also reminds Yu it is his current squad family he has taken up a sword against.
  • What seems to be a flashback scenario not shown in previous chapters involves Shinoa, with Mitsuba, and Kimizuki beholding a cat perched on Yoichi's head.
  • Part of Mika's decision may come down to numbers, he would be one person affected, compared to a vast amount of humans who would be resurrected.
  • Akane and other Hyakuya orphans including Ako are remembered.
  • In attempting to encourage Yu choose the better path in his mind, Mika speaks favorably of Guren for the first time, noting him as an enemy of the First, and someone who has had to have made a lot of hard choices. Mika uses this to encourage Yu to also make a hard choice.
  • Although bringing back Akane and other family members is discussed, as is how Guren has undergone similar trials, Yu is tearful that he cannot just give up on Mika.
  • Where Mika shared that he loved Yu in chapter 90 "Because of Mikaela" he speaks further of his feelings here in saying how he and Yu can be together forever. Before, Mika also adjusted his comment to as long as he had his family, to as long as he had Yu, he felt he could do anything.
  • Mika feeling guilt that he caused his family's death was an idea that Asuramaru addressed in chapter 101: "My Desire" and is a matter that Mika gets off his chest with Yu here.
  • The prospect of getting their family back is something Mika feels would help alleviate the hurt he felt at feeling he caused their deaths. Framing it as wanting Yu to heal his heart by supporting that route, it is not something Yu seems to fully appreciate.
  • Since it was Guren putting Yu on the spot in the last chapter in saying decide now, and if he chooses Mika then he will be their enemy, Yu states here how he cannot choose this quick where further time really would have been helpful.
  • Yu says he wishes that he died instead.
  • Speaking how everyone dies eventually, Mika words are of peaceful acceptance, and he is pleased that when that time comes they will get to be together in heaven.
  • After presenting a determined expression, and shaking Mika's hand, seemingly in agreement with his wishes to resurrect Akane and their family members, Yu then suddenly announces he has made his decision, which involves becoming a demon with the need for all the power ever.
  • Mika's words that they would be together forever seemed to weigh heavily into Yu reaching his decision, where hypothetically in becoming a demon himself he would be the same as him and truly together forever in that state. Conjecture, where it was a decision to resurrect humanity, or restore Mika, the intent to escape would achieve neither of those objectives, so now Yu's unspoken chosen third option may be to become a demon himself to be with Mika.
  • For the prior threat of deeming him a traitor, Guren orders Yu to be restrained and restored. Guren calls to the vampires to help with this.
  • In turning to the vampires, Guren speaks that if Yu runs, their plan is totally screwed. Guren detailed how the plan was human resurrection involving seven sinful keys, and the lives of every last vampire. If Yu, and Mika from their connection, are in actuality a part of that plan, then Guren has not revealed the full extent of it. As with the observations on the chapter 114 page, Krul has not expressed a desire to die, rather wants her brother Ashera back, of which she was fine with Yu being a host body for him in chapter 94: "Hole in the Sun". Ferid may have his own vested interest in Yu or Mika, or both. Crowley seems genuine in not having a clue what is going on, and is simply following Ferid's direction.
  • As above, Crowley is unfamiliar with whatever Ferid's plan is, if he has one it has not been stated.
  • Complying with Guren's command to not let Yu escape, Both Yoichi and Kimizuki act to hinder him. Yoichi fires at Yu, and Kimizuki conjures a devil's coffin to transfer Ferid close to where Yu is.
  • The sword that Mika can inhabit can defend Yu from the projectiles that Gekkouin's bow fires.
  • In his one-horned demon state, Yu is unable to outrun Crowley, (likely Ferid too), Guren, and Krul.
  • Acting defensively, Yu focuses solely on escaping.
  • While Mahiru is called to in fights during chapter 111: "Yu & Guren" and chapter 112: "Defining Family", here Mahiru-no-Yo is invoked by Guren, where they are the joint being between Mahiru and Noya.
  • In fleeing, Yu identifies an escape route in the floors above, where currently he is fifteen floors underground.
  • Yu's ascending leap to freedom is halted by Krul. Caught by her, Yu cannot outrun, or fend off Krul, rather is thrown to the ground.
  • Set on gaining more power, Yu becomes more demonic with two demon horns being formed.
  • For page 38, where their feet and backs are all that is shown, Crowley is identifiable from his now unique clothing given that Ferid changed his. From his sword, Guren is present. Seemingly holding a bow up, body posture may indicate Yoichi close by. A final set of feet may belong to Kimizuki, who like Yoichi has acted to prevent Yu's escape.
  • Shinoa takes action by calling for Guren, and Mahiru, in an attempt to discourage their behavior. On guard, Mitsuba has not taken action against anyone.
  • Dismissing Yoichi's direction that they can talk this out, Guren urges them to hurry since he sees a risk that Yu could break his own mind.
  • In thinking about him, which may have initiated contact, it seems Krul can also perceive on some level that Ashera is close, partially based on communications taking place between a host.
  • Asuramaru returns in this chapter 115, who was last seen in chapter 102: "He's Calling for Me". There, Asuramaru was working with Kiseki-o and Gekkouin, on the First's orders to capture Mikaela's soul. For trying to seal Demon Mika, he was turned into his cursed gear sword form by Yu. His location and state is revealed here, Asuramaru stands in his own plane atop his sword.
  • The landscape Asuramaru is in has a tremendous thunderstorm in the distance, with black thunderclouds covering the sky.
  • Speaking as a demon, the first thing Yu says to Asuramaru after last regarding him as an enemy troubling Mika is to demand power.


Image gallery: Choices and Decisions

Manga panels provide a visual overview of the events of chapter 115 with depictions of the characters, Seraph of the End world and scenarios.


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