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This article is about the 14th episode of the Seraph of the End anime. For the manga chapter of the same name, see Complicated Connections.

"Complicated Connections" (交錯するカンケイ Kōsakusuru Kankei?) is the second episode of Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya, fourteenth episode of the first season, and fourteenth episode overall of the Seraph of the End anime.


Yoichi eliminates five horsemen with one attack, and Yu begins the next step of his training. Yu battles against Asuramaru in his mind and defeats Asuramaru by asking to become friends with him.

At the Progenitor Council meeting, Ferid discusses the battle at Shinjuku and has Mika present, a video showing Yu's transformation. Krul strikes at Ferid and intentionally misses. Ferid explains that she cannot kill him.

Kimizuki struggles in battle against Kiseki-o and faces memories where he was told to kill his sister. He breaks free and is victorious by remembering Yu's feelings for Mika, who were family even though they were not related by blood.

Kimizuki and Yu show off their new techniques, and Shinoa and Mitsuba learn that the files of the three boys have been erased.


List of characters in order of appearance:


At night Yu, Shinoa, Kimizuki and Mitsuba train their demon weapon affinity outside amongst the abandoned building in Shibuya. Yu asks Asuramaru to possess him, which he does at the lowest level, greater levels require blood.

Yoichi detecting incoming threat

Yoichi is atop a lamppost above them, remaining alert for danger. His range allows him to detect the incoming threat of five Horseman of John. Yoichi demonstrates his proficiency with Gekkouin by dispatching these foes with a powered archery manifestation. He explains that by talking to his demon in his sleep can enhance his powers and curse control. The squad draw their weapons as Yu suddenly instructs his sword to drink his blood; his eyes turn red from demon possession, and Yu faints with the team standing watch whilst he faces the demon within.

Unconscious Yu

Whilst Yu is unconscious, Kimizuki presses Shinoa for answers as to why he and Yoichi were interrogated for information regarding Yu by the Hīragi family. Shinoa does not that deny that she may be manipulating her teammate Yu, and though not fond of the idea, in the interests of keeping his sister safe, Kimizuki is prepared to follow orders even if he disapproves of Shinoa’s methods. With Yoichi’s response, Shinoa rejects keeping secrets, since this could drive them apart, and promises to share what she knows once Yu regains consciousness.

Yu's sobbing mother

In young Yu’s mind, he finds himself in his home before he was orphaned. He sees his sobbing mother saying that he should never have been born, and his father tells him that he is the devil’s child, a monster. His eerily calm, deba knife wielding father advances to him and with his parents intent clear, Yu panics and runs. He makes it out of the apartment to come across the empty clothes of his orphanage family, lying in their deceased positions outside. In shock, Yu could not escape his father who stabs Yu with the knife. He states that Yu should have died along with the others, rather than run away like a coward.

Asuramaru sinks his teeth in Yu's neck

In Yu’s mind, Asuramaru truly has his teeth sunk deep into Yu’s neck, willing him to fall apart with this illusion he is subjecting him to. Aware, and regaining composure, Yu questions Asuramaru whether he thinks this memory will cause him to break. With the determination to keep a promise, Yu overcomes this memory to face an apparition of young Mika standing opposite him. Walking to him and intertwining their fingers, Yu awakens to face Asuramaru in his mind. Yu feels he can over come Asuramaru’s attempts to tear him down with his desire to do whatever it takes to help those he cares about. Yu throws his sword down when Asuramaru moves to attack him with shadowy extensions. Yu did not come here to fight against, but fight alongside Asuramaru to help save and regain Mika. When he asks what’s in it for him, Yu offers Asuramaru his friendship, being able to relate how it feels to be alone. Asuramaru was surprised by this development; he contemplates it and Yu regains consciousness in the real world. Yu states that he knew he was not on his own because he has his team alongside him.

Krul having a meeting with the Progenitor Council

Within Sanguinem, Ferid was taking part in a meeting with Krul, and members of the Progenitor council itself. They communicate via working telecommunications to discuss the incident that occurred during the battle of Shinjuku. Ferid summons Mika, to Krul’s discomfort, to deliver a recording that shows Yu’s agonising transformation into the twisted single black-winged creature that appeared on the battlefield. Some progenitor council members express shock at this sight, and Ferid announces that what they had witnessed was the humans successful attempt to weaponize the Seraph of the End. Krul responds to a council member that she did indeed put an end to the Seraph of the End experiments eight years ago by slaughtering everyone, researchers, children and all. One screen reveals council member, Lest Karr, a third progenitor of Europe, and he enquires how if that were the case the research could have come so far. Not liking the direction of the conversation topic, Krul attempts to silence him, but unfazed, he simply suggests that he becomes the next ruler of Japan over Krul, declaring himself the stronger of the two. Ferid calms the tension by focusing on how they should respond to this threat. Krul sticks with her current strategy to send her strongest units in to destroy the Japanese Imperial Demon Army gathering in the North. Lest Karr seems satisfied with this course of action and the meeting ends, though not before a council member asks Ferid on whom the young boy standing behind him is.

Krul slices the stone floor

With the meeting over, a livid Krul slices through the stone floor itself in fury that Ferid had brought Mika to the Progenitor council meeting. Ferid responds that if he were to die in Krul’s hand, then all the information he collected on her would bring Krul down as well. However, noting that he would also be punished if the progenitor council were to find out he was the one to let Yu escape, he concludes that with their shared secrets, they have no choice but to be allies, a prospect he relishes to his delight and Krul’s anger.

Kiseki-o stabs Kimizuki

After one success in Yu, the team do stick with the plan to next train Kimizuki within the same night, though his possession is proving to be somewhat tougher. Kiseki-o, the demon he made a pact with, taunts Kimizuki before stabbing him through the body with his own weapon, before drinking blood from him. Whilst in this state, Kimizuki is haunted by memories of him and his friends having to leave through lack of food, since this would necessitate leaving an ailing Mirai behind due to the illness she had.

A boy offers Kimizuki a switch knife

One of the boys offers him a switch knife, telling him that’s what Mirai wanted. Horrified such a thing could even be contemplated, Kimizuki pushes the other boys aside then runs into his apartment locking the doors behind him, before going to the balcony to guard.

Mirai embraces Kimizuki

‘Mirai’ is conscious and simply asks her brother to kill her. She darkly tempts him that he would be free to live his life however he wanted, to Kimzuki’s despair. The demon taking on Mirai’s appearance in this illusion can hear his inner thoughts, including the ones on what it would be like to be rid of her. Kiseki-ō is aware that Kimizuki notes that he was just a kid too, and feeling weary of looking after and ailing Mirai, and contemplating that she is holding him back. Mirai rises from the bed; walking normally as she embraces him from behind and cheerfully thanks him for finally putting her out of her misery.

Kimizuki thinks of Yu, and how he would risk his life to protect the people he cares about, even if they were not a family related to each other by blood. He does not like that this quality may very well make Yu a better person than the one he is. The incarnation of Mirai is greatly shocked to behold Kimizuki turning the knife on himself, rather than his sister and he is returned to facing his demon who backs away from him before he slices across a surprised Kiseki-ō completing this trial through sheer power.

Yu and his floating katana swords.

Kimizuki wakes up with his demon power enhanced swords drawn and challenges Yu with this upgraded weapon. Yu is ready, and demonstrates his strengthened demon power as an arc of floating katana swords, much to Kimizuki's surprise. He deflects the airborne swords propelled at him, some of which explode on contact with surrounding objects. In turn, Kimizuki wields his greater power, being capable of summoning a levitating coffin that eerily counts down from the count of nine to zero, at which point it will open.

Shinoa and Mitsuba viewing the files and history

Yu backs away from this manifestation, and Kimizuki notes that it was his perspective of Yu which was what helped him overcome his demon. Shinoa notes that all three black weapon holders are capable of conjuring their weapons above what their skill levels should allow. Indeed, Shinoa notes that Yoichi could have done it without any real training, and wonders where Guren had found them.

Later, both Shinoa and Mitsuba view their files and history, both of which have been deleted. They suspect Guren is hiding their details from the higher-ranking officers within the army, but also because of the possibility of human experimentation that may have occurred. Shinoa is concerned that something bad is about to happen and that they were unprepared for it.

Differences with the manga[]

Manga Anime
The manga takes more time introducing the two broad categories of demons (possession and manifestation). Yu facing Asuramaru, Kimizuki facing Kiseki-o, and the Progenitor Council meeting all have their own chapters. More time is spent looking into their pasts. The anime moves at a much faster pace and does not give nearly as much detail about possession and manifestation, training, or the characters' pasts.
The manga explains manifestation and possession. The anime does not explain manifestation and possession in much detail and fast-forwards to Yu and Kimizuki moving onto the next level of training.
The training begins during daytime. Shinoa and Mitsuba discuss where to begin training. The training begins at night.
Yoichi scouts for horsemen before Shinoa and Mitsuba explain about possession and manifestation, and Yoichi shoots down three horsemen first. Yoichi shoots down five horsemen after Shinoa explains their training to them.
Yoichi says he and his demon talk when he goes to sleep. He mentions talking about their favorite colors. Yu asks Asuramaru about his favorite color, but Asuramaru ignores him. Kimizuki lies, and Yu challenges him to prove he can talk to his demon easily. Kimizuki attempts and fails, leading Yu to make one of the funniest facial expressions yet in the series. Yu calls them partners in failure. Yoichi mentions talking to his demon when he goes to sleep, but the rest is not shown.
When Mitsuba mentions the boys going mad with rampaging demons, they all glance at Yu. Yu asks why they are looking at him. Kimizuki only has an expression of concern.
Shinoa and Mitsuba explain acclimating to gear as well as possession and manifestation. Mitsuba and Yu spar to explain the ranges set to certain weapons. Shinoa demonstrates the weakness of limitations with Yu and pouts when Yu sends her flying. She explains that bearers of manifestation-type weapons require a "knight in shining armor" to defend them while they are weakened after using their techniques. Yu helps her stand up. The explanations are not given, and the demonstrations are not shown. The rest of the scene is left out as well.
Shinoa mentions it will take twenty hours or so to fully fuse with the demon. She recommends starting a campfire. No time expectations are given.
Kimizuki mentions that he and Yoichi already discussed being tortured. He says he will not be Shinoa's knight if they refuse to tell Yu about the battle at Shinjuku. Kimizuki and Yoichi did not discuss it beforehand. Kimizuki only mentions holding back his nausea.
Shinoa mentions it is chilly, and Yoichi offers to run back to the city to grab some blankets. Kimizuki puts his jacket over Yu to keep him warm, surprising the others. Kimizuki says his training will be delayed if Yu gets sick. After a moment, Shinoa and Mitsuba pretend to be Kimizuki and Yu and act out a romance, ending it by hugging each other and saying, "To be continued." Kimizuki asks Yoichi if he can kill them. The jacket is on Yu, but that scene is not shown.
When Yu makes contact with the demon, horsemen arrive, and Kimizuki leaves to fight them. The horsemen do not appear while Yu is battling his demon.
Asuramaru reveals that all vampires turn into demons in the end. He goes mad for Yu's blood and attacks him before the curse binds him down. He mocks Yu's amnesia and explains the rules to loosen the curse. After the explanation, he breaks free of the chains and attacks Yu. Yu sees illusions of the dead Hyakuya orphans and young Mika and Akane blaming Yu for turning Mika into a vampire. Yu breaks free as Asuramaru bites him. Not shown.
Yu's father's face is always in shadow. He is enraged when he approaches Yu. Yu's father's face is shown. He tries to act friendly while approaching Yu.
Yu only sees Mika and Akane in the hallway before his father stabs him. Yu sees the other dead orphans as well.
After Yu wakes up, he commands the sword to come to him. He talks to Asuramaru before tossing his sword back between them. He refuses to give Asuramaru those same nightmares and convinces Asuramaru to become his friend. Asuramaru allows Yu to possess him. Asuramaru attacks Yu as soon as he wakes up. Yu tosses the sword himself. They have drastically less dialogue.
When Yu wakes up, Shinoa asks him if the demon hurt his heart too much. He says he is fine since he is not alone anymore. Not shown.
The council meeting is shown through a flashback after Mika attacks Krul. The council meeting is shown chronologically. Mika is not shown attacking Krul and asking for more blood.
The council meeting uses portrait-like images for discussion. Krul's meeting room looks different. Only Lest Karr's face appears during the meeting on the monitors.
Mika is present at the meeting the entire time. He has never seen the video of Yu transforming and has a concerned expression when he sees it. More of Yu's transformation is shown. Krul does not react to Mika's presence. Mika walks in after Ferid summons him. Krul is surprised when he appears. Mika plays the video of Yu's transformation.
Ferid describes Mika has his favorite servant, from whom he cannot bear to be separated from. He is scolded by one of the council members, especially since Ferid's ranking is too low to attend the meeting under normal circumstances, but another says Ferid's "flights of eccentricity" are nothing new. No one explains who Mika is.
Krul has two half-up twin tails with the rest of her hair down. Krul wears three pony-tails.
Ferid hides behind Mika after Krul attacks him. He holds Mika in place. While prattling about sharing the same secret, he touches Mika's shoulder. Mika looks at Ferid's hand with an annoyed expression. Ferid puts his arm around Mika's shoulders.
Ferid pats Mika's bottom before walking away. Does not occur.
Not shown. Krul walks away from Mika after Ferid ticks her off.
Shinoa mentions they passed the 30-hour mark with Kimizuki. Mitsuba says the chance of his demon taking over is increasing. Not shown.
Kimizuki and Kiseki-o are shown fighting and talking more. Kiseki-o refuses to submit to the weak. Not shown.
Kiseki-o catch's Shiho Kimizuki's blood in the air. Kiseki-o licks it off Shiho's face.
Shiho and Mirai talk about their circumstances before the other children arrive. They talk about food, and Mirai says she would not mind if Shiho had to leave her behind. He says he would never leave her behind. She says she hears him crying every night because he wishes he could just abandon her. Shiho calls this out as an illusion, but Kiseki-o reveals these are his own memories. Shiho watches over her, but the rest does not occur.
Shiho just opens the door. Shiho uses a step-ladder to look through the peek hole of the apartment he is in.
The children with Shiho say they need him because he can drive. They talk about the world being destroyed, monsters being everywhere, vampires hunting people, the adults being dead, and them being the oldest left in the town. The children mention protecting the "little ones" instead of his ability to drive. The anime mentions Mirai's illness is progressing quickly, which is odd when one considers that it killed all of the other victims within seconds.
Mirai thanks Shiho for ending her life when he stops responding to Kiseki-o's taunts. Shiho tells Mirai about Yu and says how much he hates him but says he respects his willingness to save his family. The discussion is shorter.
Kiseki-o as Mirai stays in the bed while taunting Shiho. Kiseki-o as Mirai stands up and hugs Shiho from behind.
Kiseki-o discusses Shiho's darker nature and willingness to betray his comrades. Shiho says there is no human without darkness. Kiseki-o says this is why he likes humans and is willing to lend Shiho his power. He calls Shiho, ugly, young, and naive. Not shown.
Kimizuki knocks Yu's Asura-kannon away. Kimizuki knocks the manifested katanas into nearby cars and windows.
Shinoa and Mitsuba are shocked that Kimizuki and Yu can do manifestation techniques when they have possession-type demons. This should be impossible. The girls are surprised, but no explanation about possession and manifestation are given.
Kiseki'o's coffin has a glowing smile to go with its glowing eyes. Only the glowing eyes are shown.
Shinoa casually mentions that the three boys had their files deleted. She calls them Guren's handpicked secret soldiers. Mitsuba asks if this means the power struggle among the higher-ups is going to begin for real. Shinoa and Mitsuba look up the deleted files on a computer themselves.


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