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Crowley Eusford as a human in the past was a crusader, one well-liked by others. Witnessing his comrades murdered by Ferid Bathory, he would be turned into a vampire. Having lived for hundreds of years, vampire induced apathy would affect his views, and Crowley is drawn into a plan long in the making by Ferid.

Situated in Japan along with Chess Belle and Horn Skuld, he would come into conflict with human members of the Moon Demon Company, and the Japanese Imperial Demon Army that they are a part of. Regarding humans as livestock as other vampires do, Crowley becomes suspicious of their newfound power. Where it was Saitō's blood that turned him, Crowley would act with Ferid over other vampire progenitors such as Lest Karr, and Urd Geales.

Having a hand in overthrowing Krul Tepes, he then works with the humans fought against before, as stronger foes such as Shikama Dōji became active. Crowley interacts with various other characters throughout the Seraph of the End series, which affects himself and the story. This article details Crowley's relationships with other characters.


A vampire himself, Crowley was changed into one by Ferid yet via being force-fed a vial containing Saito's blood, not Ferid's. Keeping his true rank a secret from other vampires at Ferid's direction, Crowley is publicly a thirteenth progenitor, the type of vampire a seventh progenitor like Ferid would make. On account of truly having ingested a second progenitor's blood, in terms of strength, Crowley is more akin to a seventh progenitor himself.

Keeping it a secret is an advantage for me. See, all the upper-level progenitors I know think I'm a thirteenth.... So, if we fight, they underestimate my strength.

–Revealing the advantages of keeping his rank a secret from other vampires. Chapter 52: "Suspicious Mansion"

Depended on in the invasion of Shibuya against the human forces there, Crowley is also a capable strategist who would lead vampires to a victory in Nagoya. Often accompanied by seventeenth progenitors Chess, and Horn, he speaks amicably with them and provides guidance for threats ahead. Fine with betraying vampires, even the queen Krul, ultimately Crowley is loyal to whomever assists with what Ferid is up to.

Ferid Bathory

Episode 11 - Screenshot 57.png

He was a human when first seeing Ferid Bathory in the 13th century. Looking in on a case of serial murders, Crowley found Ferid to be charming and highly intelligent despite his flagrantly perverse nature. After one of Crowley's former comrades is murdered, he is convinced by Ferid to become his partner in tracking down this serial murderer. Eventually, Crowley would learn that Ferid has killed all of his friends. When Crowley gets turned into a vampire, he says that Ferid was most likely laughing while he watched.

Crowley joins Ferid.png

By the present time, Crowley is in the country of Japan with Ferid and a part of his faction. While they share the same blood having been sired by Saito, that is not a major factor in Crowley opting to work with Ferid. In invading Shinjuku where the strongest members of the Moon Demon Company were, Crowley is specifically summoned to help with the battle, then with capturing humans for livestock. Later in Nagoya, he would also think to capture a commander for interrogation in case Ferid was interested in the vampire noble extermination underway. Seeing Yu again, Crowley had Ferid in mind whose interest was considered.

Although working with him, Crowley does express his mistrust. Confronting Ferid on whether he was the one who gave vampire nobles' location away, including his own, Crowley then brushes the incident off as he did indeed have fun. Taking Ferid's advice to stay near as other vampires rushed to engage Demon Army, and seraph related forces at Nagoya airport, Crowley would increasingly adhere to his instruction. For their connection and what they had pulled off together, Crowley still did not trust Ferid.

I never trusted you with anything, ever.

–A response to Ferid where he had followed his guidance. Chapter 43: "Where It All Begins"

A greatest indicator of the extent of their connection was that Crowley was willing to partake in the gambit to defeat their queen, Krul. Aware of the consequences for the act itself, and with no guarantees of success either, Crowley disregarded that if it gave Ferid a shot. Launching the initial surprise attack, Crowley was impressed that Ferid actually succeeded in overthrowing Krul. Close by to Ferid as he reported the situation to the progenitor council, Crowley had never seen him so happy. Now working fully together, Crowley would travel with Ferid to seek out the members of Shinoa squad.

Not really considering the idea they were friends, Crowley still appears completely at ease with Ferid's whims. Crowley follows and supports his faction because according to him, Ferid makes interesting things happen. Even when suspecting Ferid may be the one sharing information with the humans, hence how they developed Cursed Gear to begin with, Crowley complies with his demands. Often, Crowley expresses curiosity on the motives, however acts with Ferid out of interest in where his plots can lead.

Precious, my ass... I didn't ask you to turn me into a vampire, you know. I've been mad at you about it these last 800 years.... Not only did you turn me, you went out of your way to have me drink some other vampire's blood. Whose was it again?

–Rightful anger towards Ferid, not even knowing it was Saito's blood that turned him. Chapter 49: "Progenitor's Memory"

Despite accompanying him, he appears to be emotionally detached to Ferid. Appearing to be quite unimpressed with him half of the time, Crowley calls his antics "stupid" and even sympathizes with others for getting dragged into the mess that Ferid creates. Working with humans, Crowley will still remain around Ferid though. While told by Ferid that he does not care if he lives or dies, Crowley only looks mildly disappointed. In the interests of something stirring, Crowley slams the bus breaks on so that Ferid goes flying out the bus as the "revenge" he mentioned, yet rather than done out of genuine vengeance, Crowley speaks about whether it was a surprise as desired. When Ferid remarks about drinking his blood, Crowley warns him not to or he might try the same. After Ferid says to drain all his blood for real, Crowley has no comment.

They fight together very effectively, particularly for joint sneak attacks, where often little to no verbal communication is needed between them. Ready to pull him away from the First in Shinoa's body when Ferid was assailed by their scythes, Crowley then asked him whether they should run away. During the war in Shibuya, as Ferid pondered the situation where the sinful keys were involved, Crowley made the effort to defend him from missile strikes among the destruction taking place. Speaking with Basteya was effective in helping Ferid to attempt an ambush from behind. While Crowley did not help Ferid assail Saitō, he was ready to defend him from Urd where his own survival was also at stake. In the air, Crowley worked very well with Ferid in throwing him at a precise angle. Without a word, Crowley was available waiting on the ground to catch the sinful key thrown to him by Ferid, where upon activating it, Crowley could begin to unleash it on not just Urd, but Lest Karr, and Ky Luc as well.

Following his guidance to escape, Crowley heads with Ferid to join the group heading for Akihabara where human resurrection and the death of all vampires is discussed.

Chess Belle

Episode 18 - Screenshot 9.png

A seventeenth progenitor, Chess is one of Crowley's companions. Coming to spend time with her, and Horn, he never commented on Chess' immature, playful, and jealous characteristics. Informed by Chess that he was summoned to the front lines, Crowley left with her to successfully capture members of the Moon Demon Company there.

Occupying Nagoya city hall together, Crowley shares his discerning views on a potential traitor with Chess and Horn. Additionally he cautions Chess on the capabilities of the weapons in the hands of the soldiers they were up against, as wounds from them do not heal. Assuring Chess that there was no need to worry about her having drained too much blood from a human, Crowley mentioned one or two did not matter. Annoyed or not, Crowley still swung the cursed sword into Chess, to send her into the wall, in a display of its power.

When attacked by Guren and Shinya, he could count on support from Chess. Benefitting from her loyalty, Crowley was defended by her from cursed gear manifestations such as the Asura-Kannon power generated by Yu. In interrogating Guren, he seemingly gave Chess the opportunity to try this out for herself. Trusting her to carry this out, Crowley leapt to her defence when she was targeted by Yu.

Horn Skuld

Crowley and co..JPG
Episode 18 - Screenshot 41.png

Also a seventeenth progenitor, Horn is one of Crowley's companions and the one he most often converses with strategically. This might be because she is more mature and serious compared to Chess. Usually found with them both, Crowley is handed his sword back by Horn after he was disarmed of it by Yu.

During the invasion of Shinjuku, in bringing Horn as well as Chess, they could firmly tip the balance in the favor of vampires at the time. In Nagoya he received feedback from Horn on his views concerning the power that humans have acquired, as well as the potential for a traitor to vampires being active.

After detailing how harmful the Moon Demon Company's weapons were, Crowley offered the blood from the wound on his finger to be licked by Horn. During the fight with Shinya he declined help as he had the situation under control. As with Chess, he could rely on Horn's assistance when human reinforcements arrived.

Krul Tepes

Episode 24 - Screenshot 263.png

Living in third progenitor Krul's territory of Japan, he seems wary of her power. Even the queen herself was considered by Crowley as a possible candidate to be leaking information to the humans. Crowley would find that Krul had come to Nagoya with an army to deal with the soldiers who had launched the attacks on vampire nobles that Crowley endured. Where he had captured Guren, it was Krul that his prisoner was placed near. Keeping his distance with Ferid as Guren became a Namanari and attacked Krul, he would be one of the few aware of the nature of their secret conversation.

Following her direction to head to Nagoya airport, Crowley would fail to land his attack on Krul and be struck in turn. In acting as a distraction though, Crowley drawing her attention allowed Ferid to stage a follow-up assault to catch Krul off guard and defeat her. Having not spoken of her, or interacted with Krul for any extended period of time, Crowley seemed to have some doubts about the whole plan actually working, but had no qualms at all in taking part in the winning effort to overthrow Krul.

Witnessing Krul undergo sunlight exposure torture, Crowley later made a comment about forgetting about saving her and Ferid. Acting in accordance with what Yu needed, namely information, Crowley would contribute to the plan to help rescue Krul from Ky Luc guarding her. Fighting as well in the effort, Crowley and the group at large would fail to rescue Krul who was taken with Ky Luc.

Likely unknown to one another, they would be in the same city as Shibuya together, where Crowley was fleeing from it as Krul arrived. Where Krul also escaped the city at a later point, Crowley would join her after seeking out Guren. The tie between them, rather than them being vampires, Krul has a bargain with Guren concerning her brother Ashera, and Crowley accompanies Ferid who also seemingly has a vested interest, where together they head to Akihabara together.


Ingesting a vial of second progenitor Saitō's blood means he is Crowley's sire. Having never met him in the hundreds of years since, Crowley refers to him as father, likely on account that it is a habit adopted from Ferid. Paying attention to references concerning him when they are raised, news related to Saito is something Crowley seems eager to acquire, enough to voice enacting vengeance against Ferid to gain it. When Ferid talks of killing Saito with Crowley, right away he knows they are too weak to kill their father. Crowley has dubbed Saitō to be a monster after seeing him for the first time.

Uh, no. Trying to kill that thing would be impossible.

–Only seeing Saito, he has a view on him for Ferid to hear. Chapter 50: "Brothers in Blood"

Hearing him being discussed, Crowley pieces together that Rigr Stafford is a name he goes by. Watching Saito battle the First in Shibuya, he mentions him when raising whether Ferid has daddy issues concerning his interest. Seeing evidence of his presence namely in his chain weapon marks on the ground, Crowley can also sense his blood and darkly notes it is their father. Silently following Ferid, he is a bystander as Saito is spoken to by him. In a scuffle, Crowley does not back Ferid up who is attempting to bring a sinful key near him, yet neither does Crowley support Saito.

Lacus Welt

A city guard in Sanguinem, Lacus and Crowley have the same overall goal of quelling the human uprising. His arrival on the Shinjuku battlefield changes Lacus' task of killing the Moon Demon Company members to capturing them. With Crowley's presence, it may have helped Lacus succeed in cornering the elite units of Guren squad. They were in the same area when vampire nobles from abroad came to Japan.

René Simm

Currently a city guard, René works with Lacus. On the same battlefield as him in Shinjuku, they had the common vampire objective there of dealing with the human forces. Likely not paying to much attention to it, but Crowley was in the same vicinity as René when foreign nobles had arrived in Japan.

Lucal Wesker

Fifteenth progenitor Lucal Wesker was in the same territory as Crowley in Nagoya. Where he occupied city hall, Lucal frequented the park where both nobles presumably maintained order over the city. During the attack on vampire nobles, there was the concern that they would join up with one another, yet there was no such worry for humans here with Crowley remaining where he was, with Chess and Horn, eager for an attack on them to commence.

Mikaela Hyakuya

Mika and Crowley after seeing Yu's seraph.PNG

Aware of Mika's position as Krul's favorite or not, Crowley would find him near Ferid at the battle of Shinjuku. Making no comment on him there, Crowley would also likely see yet not react when Mika attempted to reach Yu when undergoing a monstrous transformation, neither when stabbed by him in this state. Crowley had left Nagoya city hall by the time Mika arrived there in his search for Yu. They were at Nagoya airport together but again there was no acknowledgment.

Knowing about Mika's background, Crowley comments with disapproval how Ferid plans to find and befriend him. Where Mika and his squad are attempting to flee from a local fishing village, Crowley acts to hold them up until Ferid arrives. When Ferid means to inject Yu with a substance to control his demon, yet Mika moves to prevent what he sees as an unknown substance, Crowley obliges with the direction to prevent him from interfering, in using his sword to block his. As vampires in the group, Crowley acts in accordance with what Ferid wants, while Mika sticks with Yu. To test the squad's lauded formation, Crowley challenges them all where every one including Mika are down.

Interacting at Ferid's mansion, Crowley says for him to cease looking at the blood and have some if he wants. He is questioned by Mika on the length of time it takes for emotions to fade when a vampire. Witnessing him attempt to attack Guren for his transgressions, Mika is one of the few who Crowley affords some private pondering to, namely to how long his passion will last. Additionally, Crowley considers others' words about the possibility of Mika forming connections with others.

Taking part in the campaign against Ky Luc as a group including Mika, he would also travel with him to Shibuya. Where Crowley went ahead with Ferid to locate the First, it is possible he was one of the few who could have assisted Mika when he attempted to fend off Guren, along with Shinya, and Kureto, based on the vampires acting together premise. The sinful key Crowley used against the vampire progenitors had its debilitating effects cancelled out by the noise concurring with Mika's demon transformation from across the city. Consequently, Crowley could not see the developing effects of the sinful key come to fruition against three particularly strong threats, rather had to flee while he could.

Where Crowley was occupied with other matters, namely surviving, along with Ferid, he would rejoin with Mika, now a demon, and make their way to Akihabara together.

Urd Geales

Chapter 92 - Page 6 - Panel 2.png

Where second progenitor Urd is being communicated with over a video link when Sanguinem is under attack, Crowley lets Ferid do the talking. Finding Urd has physically arrived at Osaka Bay, again Crowley stands by as Ferid does what talking he can. Seeing that Ferid and Krul have been sentenced to sunlight exposure torture on Urd's orders, Crowley proceeds with his prearranged plan while also developing a plan to free them.

When Ky Luc escapes with Krul, he feels along with Ferid they will be branded traitors, of which Urd would be a candidate to deem them as such. When Ferid is confronting Saito and a voice in the alley is heard, Crowley senses it is bad news. Having a bad feeling, he warns Ferid of trouble where it is Urd who has arrived. Saito accepting Urd's offer of help is what seals Crowley's fate in the moment. Attacked by him, Crowley weathers the blade pressed upon him and he believes the claim that Urd can break it should he choose to. Largely targeted for his association with Ferid who Urd is predominantly after, Crowley does what he can to fight back.

Flung in the air by Urd, he does help deliver a significant counter measure by throwing Ferid at the specifications he stated. Near Urd on the ground, Crowley catches the sinful key thrown to him by Ferid. Without any major delay, Crowley calmly activates the sinful key where its effects commence against Urd.

Ky Luc

60 (7).png

Finding that fifth progenitor Ky Luc had been tasked with monitoring Ferid and Krul at Osaka Bay, he would react by taking the squad to Ferid's mansion where preparations could be made to battle him. Considering his strength and acknowledging that Ky Luc is much more powerful than him, Crowley sees Yu's seraph abilities as the only practical means of standing a chance. When the time for fighting comes, Crowley is certain at least one individual would have to endure a hit from Ky Luc.

While others such as Guren believe that Ky Luc would not suspect their true motive, Crowley feels otherwise. Where vampires are somewhat predictable given their apathy, Crowley has concerns about some of Ky Luc's traits.

I've seen him from a distance a few times. And each time... ...He always looked like he was amused. Amusement is an emotion. Emotions are unusual for vampires. Plus... He's a little like Ferid in that way. He has a vampire's typical cold logic mixed with a dash of madness. I'm sure he'll figure us out, and it will amuse him.

–Talking about Ky Luc and noting his quirks. Chapter 60: "Surrounding Ky Luc"

In the battle, Crowley engages Ky Luc when he sees through Goshi's illusion thus targets him. Struck, Crowley can do little more than be a distraction. In Shibuya he would come across Ky Luc again who was with Urd and Lest Karr, while he and Ferid were confronting Saito.

Fuola Honte

2017-01-06 (15).png

Aware that tenth progenitor Fuola Honte was occupying Ferid's mansion, Crowley made his way to him upon arriving there with Shinoa squad. Evidently overcoming him inside, Crowley followed Fuola outside where he was attacking members of Shinoa squad. Referred to as a monster, Crowley done little to dispel this view of himself when he cut apart Fuola twice.

Warned by Fuola that he was betraying Ferid, he revealed it was on his orders he was acting. After destroying Fuola, with his capabilities addressed given that it was a known thirteenth progenitor overcoming a tenth, this led to Crowley revealing the news that he was in fact more like a seventh progenitor in terms of strength.

Basteya Irclu

Basteya and Crowley.png

Familiar with Basteya Irclu, a sixth progenitor, Crowley found them at Shibuya. When Basteya was on the side of the invading Hyakuya Sect and was attacking Shinya, he harmlessly rapped their sword to gain their attention. Striking up conversation, Crowley states that he heard that Basteya had died.

In speaking frankly, it resulted in Basteya ceasing their attack on those Crowley knew, and also provided a distraction for Ferid to attack them. Where it failed, Crowley witnessed Basteya leave through a portal provided by Jigenso. While likely unable to do much, had Crowley been able to hinder or outright defeat Basteya there, it may have factored greatly into Saito's plan to draw enough power to challenge the First, given that Basteya would arrive there to initiate the spell to do that.


Being a human in the past, Crowley once appreciated and cared for them, particularly his friends. A crusader, Crowley took part in what he saw was a holy war. Becoming a vampire, Crowley's attitude to humans are largely in keeping with how other vampires view and treat them. Human feelings faded as a vampire given time, and the apathetic traits that set in, to the point where they are regarded with little worth, and livestock to feed from at best.

It's okay. One or two doesn't matter. It's not like a human life is worth much. After all, we've got others.

–Speaking when Chess accidentally kills a hostage. Chapter 29: "Who's Pulling the Strings?"

While capable of praising them, such as when he is outmaneuvered in combat, Crowley still regards them as lambs, with perhaps some affection afforded given how impressed he was. Having said that, it is a rare case that Crowley is stern in ordering that live-stock do not speak when he intends to drink from them.

Able to sympathize with humans, Crowley would work with them largely given that was what Ferid was doing. Providing insights, Crowley took into account their feelings such as the possibility of Yu succumbing to anger at seeing his deceased family, to pointing them to the direction of food. Forming informal allegiances, Crowley would be a rare case of a vampire fighting alongside humans, where he would battle other vampires on their behalf.

Moon Demon Company

Where the Demon Army has a branch organization named the Moon Demon Company, he would initially succeed in capturing members, such as those of Shinoa Squad. Similarly, it is this organization that Crowley would be targeted by in Nagoya where his name and location was provided to the group. Where his rank was stronger than what was mentioned, it may have factored in him being able to capture members of the Moon Demon Company given the numbers that were sent for him, and have them tied to crosses outside city hall to lure further soldiers.

The plan working, Crowley could capture their commander, Guren using this method. For all the hostilities, both in terms of the vampire human relation, and close quarter fighting against cursed gear wielders, it would take very little for Crowley to focus on working with such humans, with no negative views impacting his newfound allegiances at all.

Shinoa Squad

A five member group that Crowley would first find driving towards him when the battle for Shinjuku was underway. Targeting their leader, Shinoa, he would be somewhat amazed with Yu having lost his sword to him.

Whoa! Wow. Not bad for a bunch of humans. Who are you?

–Impressed with Shinoa squad upon being disarmed by a member. Chapter 10: "Vampire Attack"

Significantly stronger than the relatively newly formed group, more so when reinforced by Chess and Horn, he would decline to engage them in favor of heading to the front lines as requested. Taking part in the capture of members then, Crowley would later come under direct attack from them when the squad came to assist Guren. Although interested in members, indifference won over fleeting curiosity and Crowley was none too bothered that they escaped.

Along with Ferid, he would locate the group at a fishing village where the squad now included Mika, and Narumi. Fighting, Crowley was not there to defeat them but stall them until Ferid arrived. Although helping with that, Crowley did express sympathy for members, but done little to remedy their plight.

Too bad. I feel for you lot... Hanging out with him with all his antics is exhausting.

–Sympathizing with Shinoa Squad concerning Ferid. Chapter 46: "Return of the Hero"

These would be the humans who Crowley would fight alongside against Ky Luc, and then head to Shibuya with when the First awakened. Having escaped there, Crowley is around Shinoa squad in Akihabara where the topic of human resurrection, and the death of all vampires is open.

Shinoa Hīragi

Episode 8 - Screenshot 185.png
Shinoa About to be Bitten.png

In fighting Shinoa's squad when they enter Shinjuku, he rapidly moved behind her as she was giving orders, yet was prevented from striking. Finding her later, Crowley again targeted Shinoa, this time pinning her down before drinking some of her blood.

Cattle don't talk.

–To Shinoa while holding her on the battlefield at Shinjuku. Chapter 13: "Reunion of Childhood Friends"

The bite marks Crowley inflicted on Shinoa would later be examined by Yu, and seen by Mitsuba who made an assumption that they were having a tender moment. They are currently travelling together, and at Ferid's mansion Crowley is asked by Shinoa whether he knows someone in one of the tanks. At Shibuya, he is surprised that Ferid draws his sword on Shinoa as she is turning into a vampire due to the First's influence. Rejoining the group, Crowley and Shinoa reach the Akihabara facility.

Yūichirō Hyakuya

53 (5).png
Episode 8 - Screenshot 210.png

It was Yu who Crowley was disarmed by when he first approached them in Shinjuku. Considering him to be quite strong for a human, Crowley praises Yu's capabilities. Upon his transformation into a blackened one-wing entity, Crowley is unsure what to make of the scene.

Undaunted by Yu breaking up through the floor from below in Nagoya, Crowley reacts by striking him at once. While he recognizes Yu from his transformation, Crowley is not concerned that he escapes. Taking interest in fighting Yu again when he returns, renewed for battle, Crowley was clearly excited. Apologizing softly to Ferid, he mentioned that next time, he might "just drink this one dry." Speaking with no small degree of delight how Yu as a human could not beat vampires because he was livestock, Crowley seemed to enjoy provoking him. He was mostly intrigued at the idea that there was a demon involved with Yu's newfound strength, but largely for the battle it could afford to him.

Aware of Yu's past, Crowley knows Ferid murdered his family and doubts the idea they could be friends. Reaching the settlement where Yu and his squad are located, Crowley means to prevent their escape. When Yu offers a truce thinking that Crowley is after him for his links to seraphs, Crowley answers it is not actually his plan so anything is good. Later he is much kinder to Yu, and discusses his past as a human with him. In searching for details of what Ferid wants them to do, Crowley unconcernedly blocks an attack from Yu who strikes from behind, then turns to the matter of his sword skills. Speaking encouragingly, Crowley feels Yu could improve in his capabilities.

You have the speed, but your lack of technique is holding you back. Study even basic swordsmanship, and you'll get much better.

–Advice to Yu after fending off a surprise attack. Chapter 53: "Holy Knight's Secret"

Learning that Yu's family are kept in the basement of Ferid's mansion, Crowley looked almost regretful upon learning that he will have to show him the corpses of his adopted family, a first sign of compassion he ever showed. While Crowley breaches the news gently, at the same time, he speaks of subduing Yu should he go berserk, the same when it comes to attempting to control the seraph part of him.

Travelling to Shibuya, he also meets Yu again where they head to Akihabara.

Shihō Kimizuki

Encountering Kimizuki during the battle in Shinjuku, Crowley would find had Yu not dealt with his sword, that he would be prepared to defend Shinoa from him. Bringing Horn to the front lines, Crowley would impact the result of her being able to drink Kimizuki's blood when they are defeated. At Nagoya airport, Crowley would have seen Kimizuki's sister, Mirai as a seraph.

Dubbed by Kimizuki as the "red haired monster", Crowley exchanges sword strikes with him when attempting to impede their escape near the village they were staying at. Having currently been 'accepted' into their group, Crowley fights beside someone he was against before.

Yoichi Saotome

Episode 8 - Screenshot 178.png

Batting away Yoichi's archery projectiles using his blood energized sword, Crowley then fired a ranged attack at him in return. At Nagoya city hall, unknown to himself, but Crowley was spotted by Yoichi and became the target of his order to fire. Sniped at, Crowley could catch his Gekkouin bow manifestation. While he is recognized by Yoichi as the noble the jeep was rammed into, Crowley does not express familiarity with him when he comes closer in the attempt to rescue Guren. Similarly, that Crowley and Ferid were drawing close to the settlement by the sea was picked up by Yoichi who could spot them with his cursed gear. As with other members of the squad, Crowley now battles alongside Yoichi.

Mitsuba Sangū

Having the same interaction with Mitsuba as other members of Shinoa squad, he sees the Tenjiryū decoys she can summon. Crowley would target her when he is to prevent them from escaping. Violently hitting her away, Crowley then keeps her on the ground. In deciding to evade Kiseki-o's Devil's Coffin, he requests that Mitsuba let go of his leg when she is attempting to retrain him. When she refuses to do so, Crowley mentions cutting off her arm.

Guren Squad

A group that were formed before the catastrophe, Crowley would find the five-member group of Guren Squad would become the strongest members of the Moon Demon Company. Although entering into hostilities against them what with Crowley being a vampire noble targeted for destruction by a group created for that, later he would assist them. In more than one case, Crowley would defend members under pressure from stronger vampires. Finding the group at Ferid's mansion, they collectively fought against Ky Luc. When Crowley had drawn Basteya's attention, it allowed Guren squad to approach where they were also not attacked by the sixth progenitor.

Guren Ichinose

Guren vs Crowley.png
Episode 19 - Screenshot 224.png

Lieutenant Colonel Guren of the Moon Demon Company is the leader of the human resistance in Shinjuku. The one in command of the attack against the vampires in Nagoya, his capture would be a possibility once Crowley arrived with Chess and Horn. While that opportunity was taken with the arrival of the Demon Army, there would be another chance. Where Crowley's details were passed to Guren, it was because of his order as to why Crowley found Yoichi's cursed gear sniper fire coming towards him at Nagoya. Also on account that Crowley was holding twenty captives at city hall to lure others, Crowley would bring Guren to him.

Finding Guren has reached his position, Crowley fends off a mass of Spell tags. While Guren is supported by Shinya, he can overpower them both where Crowley swings the two into the building's interior. Comfortable in dealing with Guren's strikes to the point where he declines backup from Chess and Horn, then finds him attempting to flee. Mentioning that Guren and Shinya came to him but are now running, Crowley pursues them. Breaking through the wall and stabbing Guren, he remembers his goal. Having decided beforehand to capture one of the commanders for information to present to Ferid, he allows Shinya and the other soldiers to retreat while Crowley takes only Guren as captive.

Permitting Chess to interrogate Guren, he halts his offensive against Yu when Guren jumps in between them. Delivering Guren to the vampires around Krul, he is surprised to hear from Ferid that Guren is behind the campaign against vampires at Nagoya, not thinking a human like him could have been pulling the strings at all. Learning that Guren is a Namanari, he would see him in this state cut apart a vampire noble.

Continuing Ferid's operation where he is unable to, Crowley expects a contact to arrive and finds it is Guren. When Mika attacks Guren, he takes no side where Crowley stands by as dialogue calms the situation. Where Guren has ideas on what to expect from Ky Luc, he shares his insights on the reality of the matter. Reaching Shibuya, he could gain access to the Demon Army stronghold on account of Guren's authority.

Shigure Yukimi

Episode 20 - Screenshot 95.png

Encountering Shigure at Nagoya City hall, Crowley would deflect the kunai thrown by her at himself. Crowley then throws Mito into her. While Shigure came to rescue Guren but failed, she still managed to escape. Where Shigure agreed with Sayuri about heading back, were that to happen it is probable Crowley would have come into conflict with her again.

Sayuri Hanayori

Episode 20 - Screenshot 86.png

Knowing that Sayuri was attempting to rescue Guren he moved to attack her. Prevented from doing so, Crowley could also not stop Sayuri from escaping Nagoya city hall. Given that she fights with Spell tags, it seems the case that Crowley could defend against her weapons were this to take place.

Mito Jūjō

Episode 20 - Screenshot 91.png

Defending from Mito's physical based assault, Crowley would grab her leg and throw her into Shigure to knock them both over.

Norito Goshi

Affected by Goshi's illusion generating cursed gear, Crowley took note that it could affect a vampire noble's brain. It may have been the case that Crowley was not in range to see the illusionary soldiers that had been generated to occupy the vampires below defending the crosses. Beholding the magma chamber Crowley found himself in, Goshi's power caused Crowley to further consider the strength that humans had acquired. He would see him in person when Goshi defended Sayuri from his attack. In the battle against Ky Luc, when Goshi was located, Corwley made his move to intervene.

Narumi Squad

A squad of the Moon Demon company who would be pooled together with Guren, and Shinoa squad. The three combined teams would be the collected force sent to rescue as many hostages Crowley had gathered at city hall, before moving onto to another mission. In awaiting a battle, Crowley would find they were tasked with rescuing the hostages which he left to other vampires to deal with. Although Crowley would meet Narumi again, he would find his squad member's corpses had been gathered in Ferid's mansion, of which it is possible he had a hand in.

Makoto Narumi

Squad leader Narumi knows some of the troops that Crowley had restrained. After Narumi loses his squad, Crowley would find he had joined Shinoa squad in deserting the army and escaping from Nagoya. In stalling him, Crowley gripped Narumi's cursed gear trident, Genbushin as he acted defensively. When Fuola had cast Narumi into the air, Crowley defeated the foe who had done this. As Crowley considered the prospect of having friends, Narumi was discussing whether that it possible for vampires.

Shūsaku Iwasaki

A friend of Narumi, after escaping the vampires, Shūsaku was murdered to fuel Kureto's experiment to power the seraph of the end. This occurred at Nagoya airport, a location Crowley would soon arrive at.

Rika Inoue

As with other members of Narumi squad, Crowley would have found that Rika was freeing hostages he had gathered. Paying that no mind, Crowley focused on Guren and Shinya. As with Shūsaku, it was the case that Crowley would be in the area of her passing at Nagoya airport.

Yayoi Endō

If Crowley saw Yayoi freeing captives, he would find her close on the route to the airport. Where Yayoi had been murdered, Crowley examined her corpse before placing her downwards.

Tarō Kagiyama

After Tarō's effort to release prisoners, similar to Yayoi, he would be killed. Tarō was deceased nearby to Crowley as he walked past his corpse.

Japanese Imperial Demon Army

The Japanese Imperial Demon Army is the largest human army in Japan. Where their activities have been expanding, they have been ordered to be wiped out of which Crowley is a part of the force to ensure that happens. Finding that the main force of the Demon Army under the command of Kureto and Shinya had arrived an Shinjuku, Crowley would find the battle lost.

Where Shikama Doji had become a problem, Crowley would be able to access a city under their control, without murder attempts on him. While he dealt with a few hostiles to the Demon Army, he did not go to any major effort to defend soldiers from the Hyakuya Sect.

Shinya Hīragi

Episode 19 - Screenshot 181.png

Seeing Shinya aim his rifle and intending to fire, Crowley would seize and hurl him into Guren. He was content to allow Shinya to escape. Later in Shibuya, Crowley would gain Basteya's attention away from Shinya in effect saving him.

Kureto Hīragi

The invasion of Shinjuku was repelled by Kureto who arrived with the main Demon Army force. Entering Shibuya where Kureto was struggling against Shikama Doji's possession, Crowley would join his side in dealing with the invading Hyakuya Sect, who were set on exterminating the same soldiers he was in in the recent past.


Seemingly not fully absorbing that demons were involved in the Cursed Gear that was a significant threat to vampires, Crowley's curiosity would be piqued by them in a minor fashion. Seeing the fiery white tiger missiles of Byakkomaru, he witnesses their destructive capabilities. Able to catch Gekkouin's projectile from Yoichi's bow, Crowley asked what the bird thing was before tossing the manifestation aside.

Where stronger vampires can on some level perceive demons from within a human's cursed gear, Crowley shows no such insight. Gathering that Yu may turn into a demon engrosses Crowley, and he sets about fuelling his rage to develop that further. Licking his lips, Crowley enjoys the fight that a demonic affected human can provide. Witnessing the Devil's Coffin ability from the Kiseki-o cursed gear swords, Crowley took that into account the next time it was activated, and sought to avoid it.

Shikama Doji

The first vampire Shikama Dōji was known as Sika Madu in the past before becoming a demon by the present day. In creating all of vampire-kind, Crowley has him to thank for his current existence. Conscious that the First was stirring, Crowley would find him possessing the body of Shinoa when he awoke in Shibuya. After Ferid attacked, and Crowley though him aside, he was able to deflect a rapid onslaught of scythes from the First, before having his head chopped off.

Mahiru Hīragi

While Crowley had clashed with the Mahiru-no-Yo sword that Guren used, he would be near the physical form of Mahiru herself as they headed to Akihabara together.



Other vampires are wary of seraph's existence, yet Crowley has little to say on them. Where Mirai had a seraph within her active at Nagoya airport, another would occupy the essence of someone Crowley knew, namely Yu. Regarding them in terms of power, Crowley would suggest Yu hone his seraph capabilities to stand a chance against Ky Luc.