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Crowley Eusford (クローリー・ユースフォード Kurōrī Yūsufōdo?) is a vampire in the Seraph of the End anime. A Thirteenth Progenitor among vampires and a member of Seventh Progenitor Ferid Bathory's faction. He is often with fellow vampire nobles, Chess Belle and Horn Skuld from their area of main activity in the city of Nagoya.

Note: This is the page for Crowley in the anime, for the article detailing Crowley in other formats see: Crowley Eusford


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He is a tall and muscular vampire with narrow shoulders. He has parted maroon bangs and thick eyebrows, while the rest of his hair is dark brown. His long hair at the back is kept in a braid that comes over his shoulder. He has a single piercing in each ear. Like all vampires, he has red eyes, fangs, and pointed ears.

As a progenitor, he does not wear the standard uniform for vampire soldiers. He wears black boots up to the knees of his white pants and a white army shirt; the top buttons are undone to show his chest. He has a black belt with a chain on the right side and his scabbard on the left. He wears a black sleeve and glove over his right arm, and this sleeve is fastened to his the cape that covers his left shoulder that reaches the back of his right shoulder. The sleeve has two white stripes at the end. He has a purple second cape trailing from his waist to the back of his knees. His overall attire represents that of what a crusader in the thirteenth century would wear.


Overall he is very calm and patient. His most distinguishable trait is that he is fearless, not remotely afraid of a corrupted seraph like creature and not hesitating in fighting it even after witnessing its power, and being physically struck by it. Similarly he is unfazed by weapons that do not allow him to heal. Seeing a one horned demon caused him to smile and lick his lips. His fighting prowess stop what he is unfamiliar with from catching him off guard, whether it is spell tags, to a demon or cursed gear attack. When fighting he will draw it out, often parrying, moving around slowly, and fighting by himself against more than one opponent. This stems from confidence in his own abilities rather than foolhardiness, he did tell Chess and Horn to be careful demonstrating wariness and a desire to keep them unharmed, and for Chess he did intervene to protect from Yu’s attack.

Although he does not come across as serious, he is intelligent enough to consider that humans have been given their weapons by someone rather than by developing them themselves. His guess was correct, and Crowley would also consider his own allies as the traitor to the vampires which without any background knowledge would appear ludicrous suggestions. As farcical as it would seem for a human to be the puppet master, Crowley would consider that as a possibility. Whilst being tactical and waiting for the humans to attack, he also guesses (correctly) that they have an ulterior mission. Such a practice of considering improbable happenings (which are possible) keeps him ahead of the curve.

A natural sense of curiosity is the basis for this, he was impressed with Yu’s ability to disarm him and again when he saw him as a demon. Crowley was content to rub in the reality that humans are a food supply for the vampires to provoke Yu and both enjoyed gloating and being fascinated with the growing curse mark on Yu’s face resulting from his aggravation. Whilst he is extremely effective at contemplating implausible scenarios, when it concerns specific concepts such as the name of a demon or seraph creature, to a cursed gear ranged attack, he often wonders aloud how he has no idea what it is.


He has history with Ferid and at some point came to be stationed in Nagoya City Hall.


Shinjuku Arc[]

His method of stopping a speeding truck coming towards him

Crowley is outside the walls of Shinjuku as smoke rises from it. He walks towards a truck approaching the city and uses his hand to stop the vehicle from driving into him. Able to lift it one handed, Crowley throws it towards Yūichirō Hyakuya and Shinoa Hīragi. With multiple projectiles coming towards his direction from Yoichi Saotome's bow, Crowley invokes his sword to gain power from his blood and deflects the arrows with a single strike. Another sweep can produce a ranged attack of his own that he counter fires towards Yoichi.

Using his vampiric speed to attack Shinoa

Whilst Shinoa is aware of his first class weapon and is giving orders, Crowley appears right behind and brings his sword down. This is knocked out of his hand and is sent flying up into the air by Yu. Chuckling, Crowley leaps back and says Yu is pretty good for a human then asks who Yu is.

Flanked by Horn and Chess

Chess Belle and Horn Skuld drop down from the sky behind him, his sword having been recovered by Horn. Questioned by Chess on why he is wasting his time on these humans, Crowley responds to Horn when he hears the seventh progenitor is waiting on the front lines, intrigued that Ferid Bathory wants to see him. Deciding that he probably should not keep him waiting, Crowley deems it a pity since things were just starting to get interesting.

Facing Shinoa squad armed with Cursed Gear

Laughing, he retrieves his sword and supposes this can wait until later. Crowley announces to the squad before him that includes Mitsuba Sangū and Shihō Kimizuki that he will let them all go today but next time he will drain them of every last drop of their blood. His extraordinary speed is applied again when he taps Yu on his shoulder having appeared from behind, and bids who he calls a cute little blood bag so long for now.[2]

He is mentioned when Yu is asking Shinoa why they did not use the cursed gear stimulant to destroy Crowley. Shinoa feels they still would not have won since the pills use ten seconds to take a hold at which point Crowley could have killed every single one of them. He is remembered lifting the truck one handed and tapping Yu on the back.[3]

Joining the vampire who called for his presence, Ferid.

Announcing that it looks like he got here just in time, Crowley along with Chess and Horn join Ferid and Mikaela Hyakuya who are preparing to take Yu from the humans he is with. He did not want to miss all the fun and explains he took a little detour on the way over here. He can get behind Ferid’s plan to capture the Moon Demon Company and make them their livestock. When the humans are retreating, vampires obstruct them and he greets Kimizuki and Yoichi hello, aware that he is meeting them again but this time he is not letting them get away from him.

Capturing Shinoa to drink her blood

His sword is bearing over Shinoa and with her focused on Yu being taken by Mika, Crowley uses the opportunity to part some advice to not take her eyes off the enemy before proceeding to flick her on the forehead. Choking her, he stops Shinoa from speaking further.

Not sure what that is, only it doesn't look good

He looks up at Yu’s transformation into a creature with a large branched wing coming out his shoulder and approaches it, not knowing what it is only that it does not look good. He moves to avoid its strike and observes the sizeable crater in the ground resulting from it. Finding the amount of damage very impressive, Crowley experiences it first hand when he defends from Yu who has appeared near him yet he is still sent crashing through a building due to the force of the impact.

Scraped along the ground by Yu in a half seraph state

Set upon immediately and dragged along the ground by Yu, Crowley swipes at him with his sword and promptly on his feet he states Yu went and got his clothes all dirty. Wordlessly, spikes stab through his hand and his sword becomes red before he runs to attack the creature. His sword is fended off and Crowley is engulfed by a towering formation of blackness where on the outside a halo of light moves down the column and explodes when it reaches the bottom.

Directly weathering the power used on him

Crowley endures this attack before walking away unscathed. He comments how creepy it is and on account of how revolting it is he has completely lost his appetite. With Ferid nearby he asks what that thing is.

Close by as the Lieutenant Colonel of the Moon Demon Company, Guren Ichinose explains distracting them was their main objective all along, Crowley runs from the spot as the area he was stood in breaks upon being struck by the large white tiger projectile fire from Shinya Hīragi's long ranged sniper rifle. Even with the arrival of him and the main force of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army led by Kureto Hīragi, Crowley escapes even though nobles were meant to be captured by the humans[4] and is later seated by himself as he drinks a champagne flute of blood.[5]

Nagoya Arc[]

Humming as he reads in Nagoya City Hall

The Moon Demon Company lead a large scale all at once attack on the vampire nobles in Nagoya on the orders of Guren, who in turn is acting on Kureto’s orders in accordance of driving the vampires out of Japan. Crowley’s territory comes under attack by a forty five person army. Nineteen people are killed with the rest taken hostage. Eita Kusunoki updates Guren and his squad that the vampires want him as the commander to go to city hall. Crowley is in an office there, slowly humming to himself as he reads some documents.[6]

Some concern reports on experiments and whilst he is reading about sites in Europe destroyed by third progenitor Lest Karr, Crowley tells Chess not to worry about killing a hostage, they have plenty more where he came from. However is of the opinion that it would not hurt Chess to take life more seriously. With Horn declaring the Nagoya invasion an act of war and advocating that they must strike back, Crowley replies she is right about that.

Examining the enchanted weapons the humans have

Acquiring the soldiers sword, Crowley asks Chess to come here for a second. He swings the sword into her which sends her crashing into the wall. He just wanted to see whether a human or vampire blade was stronger.

The force of a weapon used by Crowley

It is true that whatever weapon he holds will be the strongest one but that is not what he is interested in. He is concerned the humans are gaining too much power too quickly. Running his finger along the blood and drawing his own blood, Crowley sees the wound fizzling slightly from the enchantment in the blade. Marvelling at the weapon, he knows it is cursed so it can kill any one of them. Thinking this is not something they could not figure out on their own, Crowley assumes someone must be leaking them information and a high ranking vampire at that. Noting the wound is not healing at all, he advises Chess and Horn to be careful.

Allowing Horn to drink the blood from his finger

When Horn offers to get a bandage right away, Crowley says she can drink from it if she wants. After, he was just wondering who the puppet-master for this ambitious human project might be. Queen Krul Tepes and Ferid are suspected right away and Crowley trails off saying it could not be possible that a human is responsible.[7]

Gripping the manifestation of the Gekkouin weapon, not sure of what it is

With his back to the window, Crowley is reading before noticing something. Unhurt from Yoichi’s cursed gear manifestation of Gekkouin that has dived into the outer face of the building, Crowley grips the avian shaped power and asks what this thing is. Remarking how strange, he tosses it into the wall to harmlessly explode. Sweeping his clothes he answers Horn and Chess that it would appear they have some visitors.

Awaiting a second attack with Horn and Chess

When a second attack does not come, Crowley answers Chess that hunting them down is exactly what their enemies are hoping for. He decides on patience to let their adversaries come to them. With Horn thinking they may have ran away, Crowley states humans have a bad habit of making stupid decisions especially when the smart choice is against their orders.

Crowley suspects the humans have a hidden agenda

With Horn’s commentary on human loyalty, Crowley suspects there may be something else, it is possible they have a hidden agenda. Sure that Ferid is going to want to know everything about this attack, he suggests they should gather as much intel as possible. Partially agreeing with Chess on Horn that Ferid can be a little much, Crowley feels they have to admit that whenever he is around there is never a dull moment. Moving to their new plan of attack, it is to capture the commanders and seize the one who will have the most info.

Fending off Guren's attack whilst hostages are rescued below

With the humans attacking the vampires and freeing hostages, Crowley remarks there we go, finally things are getting interesting. When Guren appears right in front, Crowley fondly states he has seen that face before. Swinging his sword to repel Guren’s, though he appears unsure of them he is able to raise his sword to block the flurry of spell tags that explode into him.

Swinging Guren into Shinya and sending them both into the building

Grabbing Guren’s arm mid air, Crowley finds Shinya’s rifle pointed at him close by and in response he swings Guren into him to send them both crashing into the building proper. Overhearing them in a meeting room, Crowley says they cannot leave, the fun is just getting started. Hopping though the broken window to join them, Crowley adds it would be a shame for them two to miss the main event.

Easily parrying Guren's Mahiru-no-Yo sword

Pacing back slowly, Crowley effortlessly parries every one of Guren’s strikes, appearing not too fussed at all. With Horn asking whether they should join Crowley tells her not to worry, he can handle the both of them. After blocking Guren’s sword, Crowley now thinks he is finally starting to put up a real fight. After pushing Guren away he turns to cut away Byakomaru fire shot at him.

Unconcernedly noting Guren and Shinya have escaped

Crowley explains to Shinya that this is going to get boring if he keeps repeating that same move, however he then sees Guren and Shinya have escaped through a hole in the wall. Looking around to Chess and Horn he remarks it appears that they have escaped.

Able to block and evade Byakomaru's ranged power

Breaking further portions of the wall to walk into the next room, Crowley cheerfully asks why are they running away. Stating to be honest he has never really liked running, he deflects and dodges Shinya’s fire power. Told he could always stop chasing them, Crowley points out that Guren and Shinya attacked them first but now they do not want the three coming after them. He is always amazed at how selfish humans can be.

Attacking Guren

He crashes through a wall into the corridor Guren and Shinya are running through and attacks the former. Stabbing into Guren’s shoulder, Crowley quips oops he is not supposed to kill him, at least not until after Guren has answered all his questions. Lifting Guren up by the neck, Crowley tells Shinya he should listen to his commander's order to retreat, before Crowley decides he needs two subjects for intel.

Unsurprised and collected at Yu's attack from the lower floor

Not remotely bothered at the floor near him exploding, Crowley casually blocks Yu’s surprise attack from the floor below and immediately swings his sword to him.[8] This is blocked by Kimizuki, then Crowley dodges the next stage of the ambush involving Yoichi assailing him with a barrage of arrows.

Unbothered by the powers of Tenjiryū and Yu's Asura-Kannon ability

Unconcerned at that, and at Mitsuba having Tenjiryū envelop him in some spiritual blue fire, Crowley moves Guren in the way of Yu’s attack before asking him if that is all he has got.

With Guren ordering Yu to retreat, Crowley thinks that is enough from him and throws Guren into a wall. He then recognises Yu as that weird kid from Shinjuku. The one who freaked out and almost killed a bunch of their troops. He is afraid not when asked by Horn if she can kill him and agrees with Chess he knows that Yu is asking for it, yet Crowley is betting lord Ferid will want the kid alive. Asked by Horn what he would have them do, Crowley considers Ferid would reward them if they capture the humans and keep them alive, besides it is no fun if they just let them go free.

Thinking of the illusionary power that can affect a noble's brain

Crowley suddenly finds himself in a molten cave with magma pouring and flowing all around them. Aware it is an illusionary spell and one strong enough to influence a noble’s brain, Crowley thinks how humans should not be able to control spells as powerful as this one. He wonders who is teaching them all these new magic tricks before noticing and deflecting two kunai into the ground. He swings his sword into a member of Guren's squad, Sayuri Hanayori who is attempting to sneak behind to rescue Guren, and then knocks Norito Goshi into her when he uses his cursed gear to defend her.

Dealing with another member of Guren's squad by grabbing Mito's leg

Crowley does not have Mito Jūjō land a single hit on him when assailed physically and grabbing her leg he throws her into Shigure Yukimi. He thought he told Guren to shut up as he kicks him, and continues to do so until Goshi has further magma spill out of breakages in the ceiling.

Destroying the illusion produced by Goshi's Cursed Gear

His vision obscured, Crowley swings his sword through the whole environment. The entire outer wall of the city hall is shattered along with the molten cave illusion.

Mentioning that it seems like Guren’s friends have left him behind, it seems quite the opposite when Guren jokes they did not like him very much. Either way Guren is his now and Crowley requests Chess and Horn get him bound nice and tight whilst they wait for Ferid.[9]

Overseeing Chess interrogate Guren on how they acquired their weapons

Overseeing Chess interrogate Guren, he adds to Horn’s comment that he is an important hostage so she should handle him with care. Sensing it before seeing him, Crowley moves to defend Chess after Yu has crashed into the room and dashed towards her with his sword. Crowley hungrily asks what kind of power is this, and he deems Yu’s sword prowess impressive then questions whether he is really a human, or something else.

Fighting Yu who has come to rescue Guren

In response to Yu generating Asura-Kannon blades, Crowley has his sword gain power from his blood with five spikes piercing through his hand. Without waiting Crowley swings an arc of energy into where Yu was, blocks his strike and elbows him away. He is ready to punch Yu into the wall as soon as he raises his head. Asking him how was that, Crowley tells Yu he asked for it when he charges again.

A single movement to knock Yu's sword away

Assuming a battle stance, Crowley knocks Yu’s sword out his hands with a single movement, and stops his sword just before Guren’s neck when he stands in the way. Unfazed, he remarks that was close.

Helping Yu understand he lost because he is livestock, in his own way

As Yu wonders after coming this far on why he does not have enough power to save Guren, Crowley invites himself into the conversation and answers his question for him. Crowley is certain it is because Yu is human, nothing more than their livestock. His eyes are boreing into Yu as he politely explains that Yu can fight all he wants, but can never defeat a noble like him. Crowley’s pronounced stare does not waver once as he says the only reason Yu exists is to feed them, to serve their every whim.

Gaining information on Yu's increasing strength

Certain to speak courteously as he says the antagonizing words, Crowley observes the growing curse mark spread on Yu’s face. Finding it interesting with Yu attacking with a greater amount of speed and both defending and listening to Guren, Crowley picks up that a demon is involved. After parrying shots, he punches Yu before wondering if Yu is not retreating.

Resorting to now kill him if he attacks again

Commenting that humans are dumb, Crowley questions if Yu realizes that if he attacks again, Crowley will not think twice about killing him. Initially appearing stunned at a black horn stabbing out from Yu’s head, Crowley regains his composure and decides to lick his lips.

Unsure of what Kiseki-o's Devil's Coffin power is

With Kiseki-o’s Devil’s Coffin appearing in the room, Crowley asks what is that thing. The only reaction he has to Kimizuki is to tell him to wait, confused that he has thrown Yu into the coffin. Sounding disappointed, he feels this is turning into a such a pain after Shinoa squad escape with Yu.[10]

Coming across the silent aftermath of a vampire ambush on the retreating Moon Demon Company survivors, Crowley lifts up the head of Yayoi Endō. Placing her back down he walks past the similarly deceased Tarō Kagiyama and utters that it looks like they missed an impressive battle here.

Observing queen Krul address her troops

Crowley watches the gathering of vampires around Krul speaking in front of her helicopter before turning his attention to a vampire noble beating Guren and paying no mind to another one. Spoken to by Ferid, Crowley states that five nobles were killed today. The humans knew their locations and he is positive that Ferid had something to do with this. True that it is despicable to sell out one’s friends, what concerns Crowley is that Ferid gave the humans his location.

Learning who orchestrated recent events

Here Crowley was under the impression that he was Ferid’s friend. He guesses it was a pretty good time when Ferid questions that he surely enjoyed the fight. With Ferid confirming he leaked info, Crowley sees that he is the one behind this. He is half right, and hears the other puppeteer is Guren, and that he is a half demon. With Krul ordering all units to move out to Nagoya airport where the humans are re-assembling, Crowley asks Ferid what is going to happen now, specifically what is the end game.[11]

Overseeing a seraph forming

At Nagoya airport, Kureto and Aoi Sangū of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army instigate their plan. Crowley stands beside Ferid some distance away from a purple orb of light around Mirai Kimizuki. Jagged rocks have erupted through the landscape and the land splits under a darkened sky. Having survived Abaddon, a demon that emerged from Mirai’s back, the Four Horseman of John that came from the monster, and then Yu destroying Abaddon using the salt based powers of the second trumpet, the King of Salt, Crowley finds the environment returned to what it was.

Crowley attacks Krul

Wearing a delightfully frenzied expression, Crowley leaps towards Mika and Krul. His right arm is cut off by Krul yet Crowley immediately retrieves his sword and says he is not done yet. With Krul jumping on his back, Crowley then has his neck broken.

Beside Ferid as Krul is declared a traitor

On his feet again, Crowley cracks his head back into place and remarks that is better. He is impressed that Ferid has actually managed to capture the queen as he sees Krul lying unconscious nearby. Crowley guesses he was a good distraction and is curious as to where that leaves them now that their leader has been taken out of the equation.

He stands beside Ferid as he shares with other vampires that they have discovered Krul is a traitor involved with the human seraph of the end experimentation.

Awaiting foreign nobles

Crowley remains near Ferid, not taking part in the fight between vampires and the Imperial Demon Army members.

Four months later, Crowley is standing with Ferid, Lacus and Rene amongst other vampires including Horn Skuld and Chess Belle.

He awaits a group of aircraft to land which contains vampire nobles including Lest Karr.[12]

Powers and Abilities[]

Natural Abilities[]

Being a vampire Crowley is physically far stronger than a human and being a thirteenth progenitor ensures it is even more the case. Crowley's strength is demonstrated when he can stop a truck ploughing into him with one hand where he seemingly bore none of the impact. Further he was able to lift the vehicle, again single-handedly and hurl it some distance. In terms of endurance Crowley can withstand sustained assaults such as being dragged along the ground, to holding out against a partial seraph's power then not being fazed at all by a demon manifestation power that had him covered. Crowley's reflexes are just as extreme, he can catch Gekkouin, a cursed gear manifestation that can destroy Four Horseman of John and demolish the outer wall of a building, mere moments after noticing it. A surprise attack on him had little effect, Crowley blocked and responded instantaneously. He directly intervened to stop Yu from striking Chess by engaging him first.

Crowley's Abilities


Wielding a first class vampire weapon, Crowley's double edged silver sword has a golden and purple colored handle. Five grey spikes stab through his palm where his blood can power the weapon and enhance his own capabilities in turn. This can emit a range crushing power.

Crowley's Sword


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  • “My sword. Gain power from my blood.” - Invoking his sword to have spikes stab through his hand.8
  • “Very well, I suppose this can wait until later. I’ll let you all go today but next time we meet I’m draining every last drop of your blood. So long for now my cute little bloodbag.” - Following Chess and Horn's direction and leaving Shinoa squad to head to the front lines where Ferid is waiting.
  • “Looks like I got here just in time. Sorry I’m running late, third progenitor.” - Reaching Ferid as requested. (Whether an absent minded comment made on a battlefield, knowledge of the extent of his secret true power if he was addressing Ferid, thinking that Mika was a third progenitor when who he is close to, Krul, is, a dubbing error, or another cause, Crowley joins Ferid, officially a seventh progenitor).
  • “Don’t take your eyes off the enemy!” - His guidance for Shinoa before flicking her to the ground.
  • “Hush livestock don’t speak.” - Preventing Shinoa from talking after she is captured.
  • ” I don't know what that is but it doesn’t look good” - A rather unconcerned statement concerning Yu was has been transformed.
  • “That’s one creepy monster. Seriously it’s so revolting I’ve completely lost my appetite.” - Not liking Yu's half seraph state11
  • “It wouldn’t hurt for you to take life more seriously.” - His reply to Chess regarding how nobles should act.
  • “I’m afraid the humans are gaining too much power too quickly. That’s how they managed to take down so many nobles.” - Nonchalantly realizing the human’s power contained in their weapons. (The manner Crowley says “I’m afraid” from the way he says it and following what he was discussing it sounded not in the context of fear, rather pity. He was not literally afraid, even with fellow nobles having been slain, he may as well have said “I’m afraid the livestock are powerful, what a shame they have to be culled.”)
  • “I was just wondering who the puppet-master for this ambitious human operation might be. Let’s think, was it queen Krul Tepes or perhaps Ferid Bathory’s doing? Or maybe even… never mind, it can't be possible that a human is responsible for pulling the strings.“ - Crowley makes some very good guesses, and possibly feigning disbelief in a human being behind it to stir the thoughts of Horn and Chess.18
  • “I would bet that’s exactly what our enemies are hoping for. We’ll be patient and let them come to us.” - His patience and strategy when he has hostages being kept to lure the humans.
  • “Humans have a bad habit of making stupid decisions, especially when the smart choice is against their orders.” - He would later again remark that humans are dumb.
  • “Or there’s something else. It’s possible they have a hidden agenda.” - Another view to Horn voicing the likelihood of the humans attacking them out of blind loyalty to orders. (Crowley’s view was well rooted, the humans do have a true mission of distracting the vampires from the movement of the Imperial Demon Army’s main unit).
  • “All right ladies here’s our new plan of attack. We capture the commanders and seize the one who will have the most info, got it?” - His pleasant synergy with Chess and Horn in a re-evaluated plan to gain exceptionally valuable hostages.
  • “Ah, I’ve seen that face before. You must be leading this hopeless assault.” - Crowley has the commander Guren he was looking for, and one seen before, right in front of him.
  • “You guys attacked us first and now you don’t want us coming after you? I’m always amazed at how selfish humans can be.” - Speaking civilly to those he was planning to capture from the beginning.19
  • “Hey wait, you’re that weird kid from Shinjuku. The one who freaked out and almost killed a bunch of our troops.” - Whether Crowley recognised Yu was attacking him after meeting him twice, or was reminding who he was in front of Chess and Horn, or simply wanted to call him weird, he does note it is Yu before him.20
  • “Hm, let’s see. Ferid will probably reward us if we capture them and keep them alive. Besides it’s no fun if we just let them go free.” - Incentives among the vampire nobles for assisting one another, and simply enjoying capturing further hostages. 20
  • “Illusionary spell, one strong enough that it’s managed to affect a noble’s brain.” - His observation of the volcanic cave he is in due to Goshi’s illusion magic, and that is is affecting himself.
  • “Humans shouldn’t be able to control spells as powerful as this one. So then, I wonder whose teaching you all these new magic tricks.” - Contemplating further the extent of the power the humans have acquired and how humans can wield it.
  • “He’s an important hostage so make sure to handle him with care.” - Guiding Chess in her interrogation of Guren.21
  • “Because you’re human. You’re nothing more than our livestock.” - Crowley seems to enjoy answering Yu’s question on why he is still not powerful enough to save Guren.21
  • “It looks like we missed an impressive battle here.” - His reaction to the aftermath of a vampire ambush on the retreating members of the Moon Demon Company. 23
  • “Five nobles were killed today. The humans knew their locations. I’m positive that you had something to do with this, Lord Ferid.” - Suspecting (correctly) that Ferid sent information to the humans to help them target nobles in Nagoya.23
  • “What bothers me is that you gave the humans my location, too. And here I was under the impression that I was your friend.” - Crowley was one such noble the humans attacked, and some views towards Ferid.23
  • “I’m not done yet!” - After attacking Krul with his sword and losing his arm because of it, and shortly before having his neck broken by her. It was an attention seeking phrase as he was distracting Krul for Ferid to ambush.24
  • “Wow Ferid. You’ve captured the queen, impressive. I guess I was a good distraction.” - After snapping his neck back into place he is surprised Ferid succeeded in rendering Krul unconscious.24
  • “I’m curious, where does that leave us now that our leader has been taken out the equation?” - Asking Ferid where they are left now that Krul’s position as their leader is gone.


  • It seems that Crowley was named after Aleister Crowley.
  • Crowley is derived from the English term meaning "wood of the crows."
    • The name when anglicized from Gaelic means descendant of the hard hero.