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This unnamed child was a friend of Dai, both of who are minor characters currently kept in the vampire capital hold of Sanguinem.

Appearance []

Dai himself has medium length hair. Dai’s friend has short black hair, brown eyes and darker complexion in comparison to Dai.

Both of them wear the standard issued livestock clothing, though theirs consisted of a sleeveless white-hooded shirt and hood, as well as white Capri shorts covering the knees. Dai’s friend had a blue chest pocket on the left side of his shirt and blue collar and livestock wristbands.


He was bold enough to approach progenitor Ferid Bathory and ask him whether it was true that if he traded his blood he could get something in return. He kept his cool upon being lifted up by the neck and stuck to his goals after this incident.


Kureto Hīragi informs Guren Ichinose that several children, likely including Dai's friend, were trained as spies and sent into the vampire city.[1]


He calls Dai’s name when he is accosted by Ferid. When he is released he gives both Ferid and Mikaela Hyakuya a glare that fails to distinguish between the two vampires, likely regarding them as the same, and thinking of them as such despite Mika helping them.

Dai in the manga, Dai's friend assumes his role in the anime.

Where other children fled, Dai’s friend instead approaches Ferid and asks him if he is the vampire who trades blood for favors. In the anime, he assumes an unseen Dai’s place with Ferid lifting him up by the neck and drawing blood from him using his fingernail. Ferid uses him to tempt Mika into drinking human blood in order to remain his current age that Ferid views as most beautiful. Mika cites the city rule that vampires are not to drink from humans at will and gets him to let him go. Ferid then walks away with him.[2]

  • Anime: Later Dai’s friend is seen on his own making his way through the walkways of Sanguinem. He finds a carrier pigeon and attaches a note to it.[3] It flies though a large open pipe outside at night. By day break this pigeon has found it’s way to Aoi Sangu, who takes the message to Kureto Hīragi.







  • It is possible that this information Dai’s friend gathered concerned the locations of the noble vampires in Japan. It is also possible, and likely that Ferid was aware of this espionage, but nevertheless freely divulged this information anyway setting up the ambushes the Moon Demon Company would carry out at Nagoya.