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Where an official name has not been stated, this article's title is conjectural.

Demon Mika, titled "The King" by Kiseki-o and other demons, refers to the demon that emerged from Mikaela Hyakuya. After the fight, where alongside Yu, he fended off attacks from Guren Ichinose and his demons, Mahiru and Noya Hienma, a rank one demon appeared that had its own distinct thoughts and experiences as a newly formed demon.

Upon making a contract and becoming Yu's demon, his child appearance changed to that of Mika at his current age, where without memories he still behaves as a demon. While consuming Yu's desires in their fight against Shikama Doji, he also ate up a lot of his memories. Sensing how Yu felt in his memory of having to escape by himself, demon Mika would also sense how Mika felt, and with his memories returned he acted as Mika once more.


Whilst a demon, Mika appears as a child with the addition of two large pointed black horns on top of his head. Unlike as a vampire where he had red eyes, demon Mika has his original light blue eyes[1] Also unlike Mika as a human child, this demon has visible pointed ears that can be seen from his yellow blond hair.

Demon Mika wears clothing that is formal for his young age including a white double buttoned dress shirt with a banded black double buttoned collar. His pair of dark colored shorts were down to his thighs. He also wears a pair of sturdy black boots that reached up near to his knees. The dignified manner of attire was out of place for the respective time period he was in, it is not something that Mika was seen wearing during present times. Over all of this, demon Mika was cloaked in a hooded dark cape with the interior a lighter color with the length down to his shins. It was worn open with the front part of the clothing visible, and held together by a crossed strap across the chest. The hood was large and rigid appearing where the material did not rest over his head. It may have had openings for his horns or part of the design included a material to cover them and there was a long part of the back of the hood. Just as prominently was an exceptionally long upright shadowy tail like appendage that curled in several places.

Upon forming a contract with Yu, he physically changed into a teenage appearing demon version of himself with a new manner of clothing. Demon Mika's triangular shard shaped horns were now visible with his wavy hair shown, in addition to his vampire like ears. He is wearing a dark colored, sleeveless parka jacket like clothing that has a gap partly showing his chest, where the raised collar has his neck visible. There is a black fur like trim around his shoulders. A strap with a middle light colored line, with black lines running either side pattern is across his chest, with a single similarly designed band around his bicep. Mika also wears dark colored fingerless gloves. The circling wisp like tail that he had as a child is retained. A lighter colored cape that is darker at the top, before becoming lighter further downwards, is worn over his back where the length is the same as his jacket in that it ends at Mika's thighs. The cape is parted in the middle where the tail can appear from, and is somewhat tattered at the ends.

The sword that Mika can form into is dark overall in coloration, both the blade and sheath. The grip is dark with two thin light parallel lines running vertically down it. The pommel is lighter in coloration and stylised with a circle pattern int the centre, with metal like ridges on the outside. The design is symmetrical much like the handle patterns are. The guard is formed differently on either side, similarly, one side of the blade is lighter in coloration and has a pattern on its side of the fuller, where the dark side of the sword does not.


Showing consciousness within a landscape, demon Mika contemplated demons and how bright the world was. He remained expressionless at experiencing a thirst though acknowledged that he needed to hurry. Remaining indifferent even as his arm started to disappear, demon Mika concentrated on a course of action in locating a human, having the instincts to devour their desires. Whether he was bothered by the sun or his arm he made no effort to alleviate his discomfort.

With unfamiliar people such as Mika and Yu he deemed them precious and desired to protect the world they were in for them. At feeling that someone was an invader, demon Mika immediately attacked Kiseki-o with his next decision being to devour the invaders' desires. He showed no fear at being attacked. At first running, demon Mika took to firing at a pursuer and took measures to deliver on his intent to defend Mika and the illusionary Yu once it became clear that they were being targeted. He was surprised at Ashera managing to break into a building he had created to block his path, but returned to composure when one of his attacks missed with the remark that it was annoying. Similarly he had little regard for his own arm being struck, but expressed a deep sense of shock at the prospect of Mika and the Yu being eaten.

With threats, Mika acted to defeat them, even after forming a contract with Yu. Straight away setting about consuming desire, Mika focused on the future, but first ascertaining how powerful they could be against the First. Working with Yu, he was wary of seraphs speaking about sinners, and shouted to not let the First get away.


The demon Mika entered the world after Mika had a serum injected into his hand in his and Yu’s battle against Guren then ascended into the air. If he had any memories or was connected to the being that Mika found he did not think of this. The demon has enough history to comment on ‘this world’. Demon Mika is aware of modern buildings and can create them in remarkable detail. He is aware of what an amnesiac is, where he has no memories himself.

He shows some familiarity with a coliseum like setting, and also knows what Black Suns were. Having some knowledge that the prescence of seraphs was bad, demon Mika would also know what they were.


Post-Shibuya Arc[]

After an explosion occurs around Mika this demon’s right arm reaches out of a portal over his face.[2] The hand reaches down[3] before another one emerges from the same portal.[4] This left hand has moved downwards as Yu shouts that he will save Mika from the ground. After twitching it reaches towards Yu as he is taken away by Krul Tepes before a tremendous audible sound is emitted from the demon.[5] The right arm pauses as it grips Mika's shoulder before a small child like being covered with a dark cloak emerges from Mika.[6]

Stood on a plane which appears not of the physical world, with a long shimmering and winding path near it, the demon remarks on how the sun in this world is so bright. Gulping, the demon states to himself how he is so thirsty. Through some means the demon feels he needs to hurry and find a human to possess. Raising to check his right arm, the demon finds it frittering away where is has disappeared down to the forearm. Outwardly not bothered by this happening, demon Mika knows it is right that he must find a human and devour their desires. He has an awareness that this is because he is a demon.[7]

Within a residential area, demon Mika has entered the world that Mika's consciousness in his child body was sent to, and watches the human child Mika speaking with Yu in a room where other orphans sleep. Observing through a door the demon giggles to himself. He does not know who they are yet for some reason finds them precious, so much so that he decides to protect this place for them. Walking outside into the neighbourhood, demon Mika notices a lone coffin in the street. Recalling that he has to keep this world safe and make sure no one else sneaks in, he uses his hand to cause four spiked ended crosses to materialize around the object. Without warning, one stabs through the opening of the other side of the coffin right into Kiseki-o who was attempting to infiltrate that world.[8] He is visualized as being absorbed in his own world of pleasures.[9]

Having moved to a rooftop, demon Mika decides invaders are coming as multiple coffins appear in the air around him. Many spectral arrows come flying out of one of them and direct themselves towards him where demon Mika has the capabilities to capture them with his hands. Demon Mika says he should devour the invaders' desires first.[10] He remains standing as black demons Kiseki-o, along with Gekkouin and Asuramaru have entered this area and surrounded him.[11] Running through the streets, demon Mika casts a glance to Asuramaru behind him who is armed with a sword.[12] Continuing to run[13] he responds to Ashera's taunts by materializing four crosses. Informing Ashera that he will go nowhere, demon Mika states he will kill Ashera and take his desires. Directing his weapons towards Ashera[14] he then stops at finding Ashera in front of him and moves to avoid his attack. Telling him to die, demon Mika fires one cross at close range which skewers right through Ashera's chest. He disappears and demon Mika realizes it was an illusion that was struck. With Mika and the illusionary Yu being targeted, demon Mika announces that he can protect them. If it means keeping what is dear to him safe then demon Mika feels he can do anything. Declaring Ashera as nothing, demon Mika speaks for him to hold still while he devours him.[15]

As Ashera moves in on the house where Mika is, demon Mika in a different location can cause the destination to appear farther away for Ashera by magically extending the distance. Additional manipulation of the world he is in allows demon Mika to produce a towering building to be raised in front of Ashera's path. After stating that it is his world, demon Mika is then shocked to realize that Ashera has slashed into and jumped within the interior of the building.[16] He blasts a hole into the elevator shaft that Ashera is leaping up just in time to see him dart past. Deeming it annoying, demon Mika then means to slice him in half and draws his finger to horizontally cleave[17] the entire building into two. Appearing above him, he says that Ashera dies here.[18] Launching a spike towards Ashera he awaits attentively to see it make contact as one of Kiseki-o's coffins has appeared behind Ashera. After his projectile is caught by Ashera, and with the opening of the coffin showing Mika with Yu on the other side, demon Mika shouts no. His left arm is blown off by Gekkouin who has flanked him and he sees the coffin disappear after Ashera passed though it.[19] Aware that Ashera is going to eat Mika and Yu he shouts for him to stop.[20]

Having failed to reach the house where Mika has stabbed his family, demon Mika crouches despondently outside in the street. As tears roll down his face his expression changes as he hears Asuramaru repeat that they win. Demon Mika offers no resistance as he is surrounded by him, Kiseki-o and Gekkouin where they mean to bind him.[21] He stays still as Yu breaks out of Asuramaru[22] and makes no reaction even while being carried off by Kiseki-o and Gekkouin.[23] Standing and held by Gekkouin, he is not moved by Yu turning into a demon with three seraphs behind him[24], neither the intent for his heart to be crushed[25] or the destructive fight between Yu, Gekkouin and Kiseki-o. Kneeling and left alone with Yu, he remains tearful while being consoled. As in previous scenarios, demon Mika remains indifferent to Yu placing his hand into his chest[26] and continues to shed tears.[27]

With a red sky version of Nagoya, where Mika found Yu again and became a vampire, demon Mika is active and giggles to draw Yu's attention within a store. Laughing as he runs, demon Mika awaits Yu while balanced on Mika's sword. Addressed as Mika, he greets the human Yu hello before asking how he knows his name when he has not told it to him yet. With it said that he does remember Yu since he picked this store, demon Mika answers he has no idea who Yu is. Regarding the location, demon Mika questions what is this place then wonders if it is somewhere important to Yu. With Yu sure that Mika picked this place, he is uncertain. Rather than articulate how he has no idea, after a pause, demon Mika concludes what does he care, nothing matters at all anymore.[28]

Descending from atop the sword, demon Mika arms himself with it and says for them to get started. Since Yu already knows his name, demon Mika infers he must know the rules too. Stating he is a demon, demon Mika explains they eat human desires and possess their bodies. Seemingly licking his lips as he explains this, he adds this makes Yu his prey. Pointing his sword at Yu he orders him to hold still and let him be devoured. Deeming it good, demon Mika is satisfied when Yu means to allow him to carry out this act and reiterates for him to hold still.[29]

With Yu deciding to fight instead and readying himself with his sword, he notes Yu already holds a demon. In response to Yu resolving to not let Mika eat him and have him submit instead, demon Mika judges these brave words and tells Yu he will make his deepest desires run wild. Jumping off his platform, demon Mika shouts he will eat Yu alive and brings his sword down. After exchanging combat moves, demon Mika gains some distance and anticipates Yu's countermeasure. In a defensive stance, demon Mika appears surprised when the ceiling behind him is cut away so he takes evasive action.[30]

Springing off of a utility pole and then the side of a building outside, demon Mika uses his fist to break into the structure to keep himself secured in place. From his vantage point he can see a derelict city before him encircled by a coliseum wall. Absorbing the scene, he asks himself if this is the inside of that human's heart. Glancing up, demon Mika sees at least twenty one floating black orbs hovering above the arena. Feeling he has seen this place before, demon Mika considers black suns and a warped false soul. Physical reactions matching a heart beat accompany thoughts on what are these memories. He thinks if that human was right and whether this is the inside of his heart, or whether this is his own world.[31]

In response to the black suns firing individual electrical bolts that culminate in an explosive generation of dark lightning, demon Mika leaps into the air. With Yu there to engage him, he wonders who this human is.[32] Considering it further demon Mika guesses he will find out when he eats his desires and possesses him. Regarding the swirling electrical and shadowy like currents around Yu, demon Mika voices that he looks powerful before clashing with him.[33] Demon Mika is visualized when Guren was telling Yu how he is probably more powerful than Asuramaru.[34] Floating in the sky with the moon behind him, demon Mika has his sword ready as he announces that Yu's soul as a human will be his to control. Bringing it down results in a large scale ranged attack that slams into the building. Striking again to be blocked by Yu, close by, demon Mika grasps him by the neck and attempts to bite Yu. Growling that he would tear out his throat, demon Mika is then pushed back before invoking the 'A Glint of Light' power. With the shimmering cross in between them demon Mika licks his lips as he grins that Yu cannot dodge. Having the light fired into Yu he relishes that he got him and sets about seeing what is inside that wound. Announcing that he would rip Yu open demon Mika motions with his hand to begin an intent to suck his heart dry.[35]

Looking into the hallways demon Mika stands within the underground vampire city. Thinking that this is familiar, he looks to Ferid lying motionless on the ground with a bullet shot to the head. demon Mika observes the memory of Yu crying over Mika about leaving him after he was injured. Saying that it seems like he does know him, demon Mika speaks Yu's name and his family. Getting down to the young Yu's level, demon Mika says for the non-interactive memory of Yu to let him see his desires. With black shrouds of words expressing a wish to die demon Mika sees and comments Yu always looked so fragile that he would shatter with a touch. While reaching his hand out and saying he wants to save Yu, the memory of him is pushed by Mika who told him to escape.[36] Joining the young Yu outside the city, demon Mika gets the feeling he cannot see that, the multitude of black suns in the sky before them. Drawing near to him demon Mika's hand emits a shadowy energy as he speaks to open the wound further. He needs to go deeper to learn who Yu is and demon Mika continues for Yu to show him his past and what happened to him before. Reacting to being struck, demon Mika finds that he has been stabbed through the chest by Yu as he is presently, with his cursed gear sword.[37]

With Yu calling that he can turn Mika back into a human, along with Akane and the kids as well, demon Mika speaks Yu's name and appears before him back in the exit hall of Sanguinem. He does not remember Yu, only knowing his name but not who he is. Told that this scenario is the inside of his heart and that they are family demon Mika says the family part does feel true. The memory is gone but the feelings of caring are still there. Contemplating how he still does now know who Yu is, neither does Yu know who he himself is either, demon Mika wonders what is that monster up in the sky and what is it Yu has gotten caught up in. Swearing to save Yu, he fights him until making contact and being struck in turn. demon Mika's sword decapitates Yu then he raises his light emitting hand where he can go into Yu's heart to his deepest, darkest corners.[38] At this point, Mika appears as a teenage human.

After accessing a memory from interacting with a large disembodied eye, where Sika Madu noticed Mika there and tried to have him sleep, demon Mika appears in a landscape seemingly experiencing head pains. Seeing Yu join him, demon Mika answers sorry, he still does not remember him. Noting that it seems like they are in trouble, demon Mika states they will have to work together. With Yu saying they can do anything, demon Mika answers what makes him say that. Their foe looked extra dangerous and he highly doubts Yu's claim that it is a simply case of blasting him away.[39]

Raising how he overheard them talking in that vision, demon Mika reveals to Yu that he was created by that winged man. Not only that, Yu was meant to be the sacrifice used to resurrect the corpse they called Mika. Considering Yu, he questions if that body is supposed to be his. When Yu says he does not mind if that brought Mika back to life, demon Mika questions how can they know if it is good or bad if they do not know anything about it. Asking if Yu does not remember anything that he witnessed, demon Mika says for Yu to not tell him that he is an amnesiac. Listening as Yu details how he remembers the last sixteen years yet Mika is now suddenly a little kid with no memories, demon Mika agrees it does sound like a pain for both of them.[40]

Pondering the matter, demon Mika finds it weird. He does not remember Yu at all, but has the same feeling. Asking why is that, demon Mika questions if Yu is sure it is because they are family, they did not seem like it in that vision. When Yu asks if the last sixteen years are more important than what happened in the past, demon Mika considers the question for a moment before saying he does agree, oddly, even though he has no memories of them. Demon Mika looks at Yu after being asked to take his hand and become his demon.[41]

Asking then what if he were to take Yu's hand, demon Mika comments that the winged man did not look like the sort they could beat with their power. When Yu says he cannot say that until they try, demon Mika responds yes he can and Yu should have realized it too, there is nothing they can do to him. He listens as Yu details their family including Akane and the other kids, along with Guren, Shinoa, Mitsuba, Yoichi and Kimizuki. With Yu stating a desire to live and protect their family, demon Mika hears he can devour all that desire. Asked to be his demon, he smiles and answers okay. Speaking that he will devour his desire, demon Mika takes Yu's hand and he is invoked.[42]

When a zap occurs between his and Yu's hand, demon Mika as a child in a hooded cloak becomes demon Mika appearing in his current teenaged self in transformed attire as well. Focusing, Mika addresses Yu then tells him to look, he is his demon now. Voicing that there is so much they have to talk about, especially about their future, Mika follows Yu's direction of thought that right now is not the time for that, they indeed have to take out the First. Asked if he thinks they can do that, Mika replies they have to. Questioned if he is Yu's sword now, Mika confirms yes he is one, and on whether he is powerful, Mika would say that depends on his wielder. Demon Mika laughs when Yu mentions he had better do a million push ups.[43]

With Yu saying for them to do this, Mika materializes into a sword at his hip, and answers from there that he is good. As a sword, a ranged attack is launched at Sika Madu. "The Second Edge. Black Gash" power is invoked which is used by Yu to blow the First's head off. When he reforms, Mika agrees with Yu they will have to do better. He does not speak when Kimizuki asks Yu if Mika was rescued. As Yu raises if they can gauge things to see how powerful the First is, an eye can appear in a circular part of the sword guard before demon Mika shares that he thinks it is possible, depending on Yu's desire.[44]

After Yu articulates his desire to protect everyone, and wants his friends to love him, the sword is enveloped in a shimmering fire. Demon Mika speaks that is plenty and he has eaten his fill, so they should kill the First. The sword clashes evenly with Sika Madu's scythe. With the "Third Edge. Phantom Journey" spoken, demon Mika materializes behind Yu. He awaits as "First Edge. Pandemonium" is invoked where the sword leaves streaks of a shadowy like substance.[45]

When three seraphs appear, the sword is used to slash against the First.[46] It is only when the seraphs speak about the great sinner who revived the cursed child, and how sinners must be executed on sight does demon Mika appear again. Shouting to Yu that this is really bad, demon Mika states that they have to get away and interacts with him further.[47] After Sika Madu is grasped by chains, demon Mika shouts to not let him get away. When he is taken, demon Mika floats near Yu and asks if he heard that about the seraphs being their enemy.[48]

Questioned by Yu what are those things, demon Mika thinks they are angels. Asked what angels are, demon Mika gives the question some thought yet as to why Yu has them inside of him, he does not know. Betting that the answer is somewhere in Yu's memories, demon Mika reminds him they watched his past just a bit ago. Stating those were Yu's memories and not his, demon Mika is certain this is the case.[49]

Asked if he has his memories back, demon Mika considers that they fought Shikama Doji a minute ago, and he devoured a ton of Yu's desires. During that event he also ate up a lot of Yu's memories too. Having a lot of memories in his head that are all jumbled up, demon Mika finds it hard to tell which are Yu's and which are his.[50]

The memory of Mika pushing Yu away to escape Sanguinem is recalled. Where Yu's feelings of sadness can be discerned from the memory, demon Mika can also make out Mika's guilt it was all happening because of him. With Mika wanting Yu to escape, the scenario restores his memories. Where demon Mika acted as a demon would do, with his memories restored, Mikaela Hyakuya remains a demon but is himself.[51]

Powers and Abilities[]

Demon Capabilities[]

Regarded as a rank one demon, this black demon could generate a debilitating noise which brought a third progenitor vampire’s retreat to an end. His voice was something only Krul could hear and the devitalizing pain was probably a factor in her eventually losing consciousness. The demon’s heightened instincts allowed it to rather quickly gauge what it needed to do in terms of acquiring a food source.

Large crosses with all four ends tapered into sharp points were used as weapons. His reaction to sensing a new coffin was to treat it the same namely strike through it as fast as possible. His physically fast reflexes allow him to seize multiple arrows from out the air even with one inches from his face. Physically he can also use his fingers to blast his way into a building and slice clean through it as well.

  • A Glint of Light - this verbal incantation generated a single very large, radiating with a sharp aura, cross that was used to blast a straight column of power across the landscape. When a thinner strand of light connected with Yu the trajectory ended with him as the light enveloped Yu.

Within what he called his world, demon Mika displayed the ability to physically extend the distance it took for someone to reach a destination. He could also cause multiple huge modern buildings to appear instantaneously which were fully interiorly fitted with mall like features and an elevator. Mikaela could sense Ashera's presence within the building and head him off at sections.

He is capable of wielding a sword as he did against Yu. The force of this in circumstances could send Yu hurtling into a building. A huge ranged power could be emitted from it from where demon Mika was in the air. This could be used in close quarters as well which could be blocked by a cursed gear sword.

When attempting to possess a human it would be a clash of hearts not weapons. If demon Mika is struck it would weaken his heart. Were he able to strike Yu then he was capable of intensifying his worst trauma, as a demon his wounds inflicted were poisoned.[52]

Able to access memories, demon Mika can also know the feelings from them. Demon Mika finds it hard to tell which ones were his, before his memories of being Mika are regained.

Sword Powers[]

As a physical weapon, Mika as a sword can engage relatively evenly with a weakened Sika Madu, where powers are capable of inflicting damage on him. The sword can gauge an enemy's strength. Demon Mika states his strength depends on the wielder, specifically the desire they have.

  • "Second Edge. Black Gash" darkens the area around a target, where an affected area, such as the area around a head brightens. Tt warps the space around a target's head, shining brighter until the head more or less disappears.
  • "Third Edge. Phantom Journey" resulted in demon Mika appearing outside the weapon to help withstand the First.
  • "First Edge. Pandemonium" generates a stream of shadow like energy from the blade that spills to the ground. Used after the previous two alarms Sika Madu where he warns not to merge any more or 'they'll' notice. Three seraphs did indeed appear after this power, used after the previous two, was used.


Mikaela Hyakuya[]

The demon emerged from a flat oval like portal that appeared where Mika’s face was. Resembling him as he was as a child, the physical differences are that this demon’s pointed ears were visible. He regards Mika as precious and outright fights to protect the world he is in with an illusionary family. Demon Mika was concerned at the possibility of harm befalling Mika.

Yūichirō Hyakuya[]

A being resembling Yu was who demon Mika sought to defend from outsiders. Rescued physically from three black demons by Yu as he was in his current age, demon Mika makes no acknowledgement of his presence. In a separate environment there is a marked difference in behaviour. Laughter is seemingly used to draw Yu to a location Mika awaits him in.

Hello human. How do you know my name when I haven't told it to you yet?

–Responding to being called 'Mika' he is also familiar with humans and wonders how Yu knew his name while also saying he has no idea who he is. Chapter 103 "The Sky Awaits Them Both", page 26

Unfamiliar with Yu and not interested in exploring what they may know about one another, demon Mika speaks to Yu as a demon out to possess a human. He asks Yu to let him devour him before initiating an attack. Demon Mika pulls away from the battle and after seeing an arena around the city as well as black suns he wonders who this human is.

He continues to fight Yu and seems to defeat him easily, although he admits that Yu is strong. He states that he will take control of Yu and go inside his heart. There, he notices all of Yu's injuries when Mika died in Sanguinem. He says this is all strangely familiar to him. He remembers Yu's name and calls him "Yu-chan". Mika states that Yu has always been such that he could break with one touch and, for some reason, he wants to save Yu. He follows Yu out into the street and notices that Yu cannot see the black suns. Mika tries to open his wound further, but Yu attacks him faster. When Yu starts talking loudly about saving Mika, the demon calls his name again. Although Yu is happy, Mika says that he still doesn't remember him, but he feels that Yu and the others are dear to him. The demon says that he will save Yu and, during the battle, chops off his head.

After viewing Yu's deepest trauma involving the loss of his family, demon Mika expresses familiarity at them and the care felt from Yu. With Sika Madu appearing as a threat, demon Mika interacted with Yu as someone else to fight beside with in order to survive. While the desire to possess him was not shown, demon Mika still raised the idea that Yu's body is supposed to be his based on what he heard about him being a sacrifice to resurrect Mika.

Are you sure about that? We didn't seem like family in that vision.

–Having seen a past vision, and not remembering Yu, so not sure of his claim they are family. Chapter 107 "Angel's Plan", page 11

Still not remembering Yu, and unsure about his claims of the family they have, demon Mika was still open to the possibility that the last sixteen years were more important. Concerned that even if he became Yu's demon that they would still not be able to defeat Sika Madu, he was swayed by the offer to consume Yu's desire for them to live and protect their family, so accepted becoming Yu's demon. Changing his form, demon Mika confirmed he was his demon and answered other questions such as his capabilities. Together they worked to fight the First, where demon Mika warned Yu that the seraph's arrival was bad.

With angels above them, demon Mika shared with Yu what he thought they were. Out of danger, he thought to explore Yu's memories for answers.

But I bet the answer is somewhere in your memories.

–Suggesting how they could find out why there are seraphs within Yu. Chapter 109: "Moving Pieces", page 3

In detailing how he devoured a ton of Yu's desires, demon Mika would remember Yu as a child on how he felt having to leave Mika behind. Demon Mika would regain Mika's feelings and memories to become himself from this connection with Yu.


He views the black demon Asuramaru as an invader and was chased by him later. Taunted by him, demon Mika responds by firing attacks at him, and impedes Asuramaru's path to reaching human Mika and Yu. Following Asuramaru into a building he maintains his offensive stance but expresses annoyance when Asuramaru avoids an attack.

You will 'go' nowhere. I will kill you... And take your desires.

– Responding to Asuramaru's willingness to fight Chapter 100, "A Demon Appears", page 19

On more than one occasion demon Mika declared that he would kill and devour Asuramaru and told him to hold still for that purpose. He is surprised when it turns out that Asuramaru with the others tricked him along. Mika tries to stop Asuramara when he attacks the children, but to no avail. In the end, he was broken by this attack and was indifferent to the fact that Asuramaru and the others wanted to take his soul.


Seeing one of this demon's coffins, first demon Mika conjures weapons of his own to stab through it and into Kiseki-o on the other side of the opening. He views him as an invader yet would ignore him while focusing on engaging Asuramaru. Such lack of attention would result in Kiseki-o being able to use his coffins to transport Asuramaru and have himself directly attacked by Gekkouin. He was indifferent to Kiseki-o and Gekkouin's idea to have his heart crushed.


He views Gekkouin as an invader and was later attacked by him, yet was effortlessly capable of simply catching his arrows. With demon Mika focused on Ashera and more so by Mika and the illusionary Yu before him he would not notice let alone defend against an assault, and sustain damage to his arm from Gekkouin. Mika looked indifferent when Gekkouin and the others tried to take his soul.

Guren Ichinose[]

His appearance is due to Guren attacking Mika with a serum where the demon could emerge. He is described by the Lieutenant Colonel as a Black demon. It is felt demon Mika is the first's son, and that he is more powerful than any black demon. Apparently, Guren is very interested in the demon and wants to use it for his own purposes, which Mika does not know about.

Mahiru Hīragi[]

The demons existence and arrival seem expected by Mahiru and his entrance into the world is observed by her.In her conversations, Mahiru mentioned that they should lock up the demon and prevent Shikama from finding him. Mahiru later said that she intended to use him against Shikama.

Sika Madu[]

Found by the first progenitor Sika Madu in a memory, demon Mika is unaware that Michaela, who he resembles, is Sika Madu's son, but did hear Yu was to be a sacrifice to resurrect Mika. Attempting to avoid capture, demon Mika was wary that he and Yu could not escape from the First.

That winged man didn't look like the sort we could beat with our power.

–Regarding Sika Madu as a threat, and feeling he and Yu could not deal with him. Chapter 107 "Angel's Plan", page 38

Fighting against him, demon Mika shouted to not let him get away when Sika Madu was taken.


At seeing three seraphs appear, demon Mika's alarmed reaction was that they had to get away from them. Regardless of what may be an innate feeling concerning them, demon Mika only had an idea that they were angels, yet could not go into detail on what exactly they were, neither why they were inside Yu.


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I’m thirsty. So thirsty. I have to hurry. Find a human I can possess.

– Experiencing thirst and knowing how to satiate it. Chapter 95, page 6

Ah... Who are these two? I don't know. I haven't a clue. Yet, for some reason... They're so precious.

–Able to see Mika and an illusionary Yu in a dream like world. He has no memory of either but does have an opinion on them. Chapter 98, page 4

I can protect them. If it means keeping what's dear to me safe... ...I can do anything.

–Aware that Asuramaru meant to eat Mika and Yu he resolved to defend them from him. Chapter 100, page 25

Uh, no... I have no idea who you are. What is this place? Is it somewhere important to you?

–While Mikaela has innate knowledge of what his role as a demon entails he has no memory of Yu, or the store in Nagoya where Mika found Yu again but guesses it may be important to the latter. Chapter 103 "The Sky Awaits Them Both", page 27

Demons eat human desires and possess their bodies. That makes you my prey. Hold still and let me devour you.

–Acting in his capacity as a demon while pointing Mika's sword at Yu. Chapter 103 "The Sky Awaits Them Both", page 30

I think I've seen this place before. Black suns. A warped, false soul. What are these memories? Was that human right? Is this inside my heart? Or is this his world? Which is it? Which?!

–While unfamiliar with the store in Nagoya location Mikaela recognizes to some extent the coliseum surrounding it. The 'black suns' are the first name given to the dark substance. He is unsure of whether this scene is from himself or Yu. Chapter 103 "The Sky Awaits Them Both", page 40

Who are you? Why do you want to save me so badly?

–Mika thinking about who is Yu and what did he think about Mika Chapter 104 "The Same Dream", page 2

Your soul will be mine to control, human

–Mika want to take Yu's soul Chapter 104 "The Same Dream", page 13

Yes. I got you. Now let's see what's inside that wound. I'll rip you open and suck your heart dry.

–Mika when he ready got inside Yu Chapter 104 "The Same Dream", page 19

I think this is familiar? Yeah. It seems like I do know him. Yuichiro... No, Yu. Yu and my family. Now show me. Let me see your desires.

–Mika was return his memories. Chapter 104 "The Same Dream", page 20-23

Ahh, That's right. You always looked so fragile you'd shatter with a touch. I... I want to save you.

–Mika about Yu Chapter 104 "The Same Dream", page 24

Family? Yes... Yes, that feels true. The memory is gone, but the feeling of caring are still there. I swear, Yu, I'm going to save you!

–Mika remembered about his feeling to Yu and wants to save him. Chapter 104 "The Same Dream", page 35-36

Now I can go into your heart! To the deepest, darkest corners!

–Mika going inside Yu's heart Chapter 104 "The Same Dream", page 38

But it does seem like we're in trouble. We'll have to work together.

–After being confronted by Sika Madu, he notes the danger and is willing to work with Yu. Chapter 107 "Angel's Plan", page 6

Besides. I overheard them talking in that vision... ...saying you were created by that winged man. Not only that... ...you were to be the sacrifice... ...used to resurrect the corpse they called Mika. That body. Is it supposed to be mine?

–Sharing with Yu what he saw in the ancient past. The winged man is Sika Madu. Chapter 107 "Angel's Plan", page 7-8

How can we know if it's good or bad if we don't know anything about it? Don't you remember any of that at all?

–Giving thought to judging a situation, and asking Yu if he remembers anything from the ancient past. Chapter 107 "Angel's Plan", page 8

Right. Now's not the time for that. We have to take out the First.

–Focusing on the matter at hand. Chapter 108: "Yu's Sword", page 5

This is bad, Yu! Really bad! We have to get away!

–His reaction when three seraphs appear. Chapter 108: "Yu's Sword", page 33

Well, uh... ...We fought Shikama Doji a minute ago, right? And I devoured a ton of your desires, right? When I did, I ate up a lot of your memories too. Now I've got a lot of memories in my head and they're all jumbled up. It's hard to tell which are yours and which are mine.

–Giving some thought to his memory situation, where after accessing the feelings from Yu's memories, he would also feel what Mika felt and in so restore himself to Mika after regaining his own memories. Chapter 109: "Moving Pieces", page 4


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