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"Desire Within Desire" (欲の中のヨク Yoku no Naka no Yoku?) is the ninety-third chapter of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.


Mika is conscious in an unruined world and enjoys time with Yu, with Akane and the rest of his childhood family.

Quickly catching on that it is a dream but content to remain in it, Mika hears it can remain like this forever. If he really wants to become a demon who devours human desires, then it is possible.

As darkness seeps into Mika's body six large seraph wings appear from his back.


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Mika is sat within a field surrounded by some flowers nearby. Whilst his eyes are open he then appears undazed, and young Yu beside him asks what is wrong. With Mika thinking he was sleeping after he was drooling Yu reasons this is because they were up late playing Othello[1] together last night. Yu offers his hand to Mika for them to head home, if they take too long the kids will start whining that they are starving.[2]

Akane Hyakuya is playing ball with some other children nearby to the suspension transmission towers where Yu and Mika stand. Akane teases the other children that if they do not run fast enough she will tag them with the ball and turn them all into demons. Mika feels he had a nightmare and wonders if all the terrible things that happened was that. After comically discussing the nature of the dream with Yu and mentioning not wetting the bed, Mika calls for everyone to head home where they will have curry for dinner. Akane mentions to Mika that it is about time that he woke up, was was asleep for what had to be two hours. Yu confirms this and adds how he is super sleepy and will go straight to bed after dinner.[3]

As the family happily make their way home, Mika appears blissful how everyone is here. At a building resembling the Hyakuya Orphanage dinner is served and enjoyed. Mika processes his happiness then has a question for Yu on what happened to the director again. Yu is unsure of what Mika means and that is his confirmation that as he thought it was too good to be true. Continuing to enjoy eating regardless, Mika then bathes and brushes his teeth with the family.[4]

Whilst the children sleep on futons Mika speaks to Yu on how great everything is. He also discusses how Yu has changed from feeling as a demon that no one would love to how good he is at caring for everyone now. That they can be together, smiling every day and growing up, it is considered how soon they will be fifteen and then twenty. Sure that some of them will go their separate ways, Yu and Mika will stick together. Stating that whilst they will probably be dead by the time they are a hundred Mika is in favour of looking back and saying that they had a full life being nice and considerate to everybody.[5]

With Yu wondering what has gotten into Mika he replies how he is just really happy that he could cry. Yu feels the same, he was alone for a really, really long time but then met everyone, most importantly Mika. Not feeling alone anymore Yu is sure it will come true. What he means is what Mika said about the living to a hundred and then two hundred thing. Although Mika says humans do not live that long Yu really means it. If that is Mika's greatest desire then he is sure it will come true. Mika is skeptical so Yu resolves to make it happen, to stay just like this for a thousand years together and the happiest ever.[6]

Taking Mika's hands Yu says that he does not have to be scared anymore, he will be with him always. Mika questions whether Yu would leave him, and that no one will die. At this point Yu wants Mika to desire to stay here forever and whilst that is what Mika wants from the bottom of his heart he cries that this is a dream. Shouting how it can become true since everyone died, Mika is in despair how he could not protect them. Mika even feels he left Yu behind when he was on the verge of becoming a demon. Feeling that he failed, Mika considers himself useless.[7]

Yu hugs Mika and reassures him that it is okay, he will always be here so Mika will be fine. Mika says he us tired and Yu answers they will still be together for eternity, that is possible here. A black mold appearing substance spreads from Yu's hands over Mika. He says if Mika chooses to become a demon who devours human desires the he will be able to stay with him together in a world of happiness. Six seraph like wings appear on Mika's back.[8]


Image gallery: Desire Within Desire

Manga panels provide a visual overview of the events of chapter 93 with depictions of the characters, Seraph of the End world and scenarios.


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