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This unnamed doctor is a minor character who practices at a medical facility in Shibuya.

Appearance []

His dark hair was short, and wore red-framed glasses. He wore a long sleeve long white lab coat, grey trousers, white shirt underneath and a red tie.


He was straightforward in explaining the situation at hand concerning Mirai.


He survived the apocalypse and came to practice medicine in Shibuya. If Mirai Kimizuki was anything to go by, among other things, this doctor provided palliative care for children infected with the apocalypse virus.


Events of 2020[]

Second Shibuya High Arc[]

During a training exercise, Sayuri Hanayori is informed that Shihō Kimizuki is to head to the hospital ward immediately. The urgent matter regards his sister, Mirai who is kept in intensive care.

The doctor is seen with Kimizuki and Yu, both who remain handcuffed from the training they just left, and who are beside Mirai’s bedside. This doctor concludes that she was in the clear and that she would pull through for now.

He explains that the medical equipment they have here is not made to combat this virus. Mirai’s current care consists of a combination of modern technology and spell tags that cover mostly the wall, but there are also some attached to string across the hospital bed that were used to help deal with the effects of the curse.

Kimizuki asks him to take care of her just a little while longer, until she can be transferred to a place with unlimited medical treatment the Moon Demon Company has access to that the public does not.[1]