The Seraph of the End anime is split into two cours: Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign and Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya. The first cour aired from April 4 to June 20, 2015. The second cour aired from October 10 to December 26, 2015.

Below shows the full list of all 24 episodes, including the OVA.

Episode listEdit

Number Name Air date
Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign
"The World of Blood Legacy"

 (血脈のセカイ Kechimyaku no Sekai)

April 4, 2015
"Humanity After the Fall"

 (破滅後のニンゲン Hametsu-go no Ningen)

April 11, 2015
"The Demon in Your Heart"

(心に棲むオニ Kokoro ni Sumu Oni)

April 18, 2015
"Vampire Mikaela"

 (吸血鬼ミカエラ Kyūketsuki Mikaera)

April 25, 2015
"Black Demon's Contract"

 (黒鬼とのケイヤク Kuro-oni tono Keiyaku)

May 2, 2015
"New Family"

 (新しいカゾク Atarashii kazoku)

May 9, 2015
"Mitsuba's Squad"

 (三葉のチーム Mitsuba no Chīmu)

May 26, 2015
"First Extermination"

 (殲滅のハジマリ Senmetsu no Hajimari)

May 23, 2015
"Vampire Attack"

(襲撃のヴァンパイヤ Shūgeki no Vanpaiya)

May 30, 2015
"Results of the Choice"

 (選択のケッカ Sentaku no Kekka)

June 6, 2015
"Reunion of Childhood Friends"

(幼馴染のサイカイ Osananajimi no Saikai)

June 13, 2015
"Everyone's a Sinner"

 (みんなツミビト Min'na Tsumibito)

June 20, 2015
Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya
"Human World"

 (人間のセカイ Ningen no Sekai)

October 10, 2015
"Complicated Connections"

 (交錯するカンケイ Kōsakusuru Kankei)

October 17, 2015
"Ambition in the Demon Army"

(帝鬼軍のヤボウ Teiki Gun no Yabou)

October 24, 2015
"The Moon Demon's Orders"

 (月鬼のゴウレイ Gekki no gourei)

October 31, 2015
"Livestock Revolt"

 (反逆するカチク Hangyaku suru kachiku)

November 7, 2015
"Sword of Justice"

 (正義のツルギ Seigi no Tsurugi)

November 14, 2015
"Shinya and Guren"

 (深夜とグレン Shinya to Guren)

November 21, 2015
"Demon's Lullaby"  

(鬼のコモリウタ Oni no komoriuta)

November 28, 2015
"Traitorous Allies"

 (裏切りのミカタ Uragiri no Mikata)

December 5, 2015
"Yu and Mika"

 (優とミカ Yū to Mika)

December 12, 2015
"Arrogant Love"

 (傲慢なアイ Gōman'na ai)

December 19, 2015
"Seraph of the End"

 (終わりのセラフ Owari no Serafu)

December 26, 2015

OVA listEdit

Number Name Release date
"Vampire Shahal"

(吸血鬼シャハル Kyūketsuki Shahal)

May 2, 2016


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