Esther Lee (エスター・リー Esutā Rī?) was a servant of the Fifteenth Progenitor Lucal Wesker and a member of the Third Progenitor Lest Karr's faction.


Esther had greyish hair pulled back with a full beard which is pointed on the chin and wore dark, round glasses. He also wore a trench coat with a belt at the waist and purple square knot scarf. Like all vampires, he also had pointed ears.


As a servant, he was very respectful towards his master, referring to him as "my lord."

He possesses a notable information gathering ability.

Although he was not a noble, he was exempt from having to wear a hooded uniform and tries to dress fashionably.


Events of 2020Edit

Nagoya Arc Edit

He is first seen talking to his master, the Fifteenth Progenitor Lucal Wesker, sitting on a bench in the park plaza. Lucal asks him if he care to join him. Esther respectfully declines his lord's offer and states he had his fill of blood for the day. Lucal then asks him about the missive that the Third Progenitor Krul Tepes sent them. Esther reads the letter that mentions the plan to destroy the Japanese Imperial Demon Army located in Tokyo, which angers Lucal and calls her insufferable. As they belong to a different faction and have no obligation to obey requests from Lady Krul as long as there are no direct orders from the Progenitor Council. Lucal asks Esther, what are the opinions of the other ten nobles, which he replies they are various about it.[2]

Lucal then asks him about the Thirteenth Progenitor Crowley Eusford, which Esther states that he is a member of the Seventh Progenitor Ferid Bathory's faction and they're difficult to predict. He also mentions that Lady Krul is sending humans as gifts to appease the nobles in Nagoya. However, Lucal refutes that they don't want them since Nagoya has their own law and continues to berate her. Esther then tells his master that he heard she intends to visit Nagoya personally. He quickly changes his attitude but remain hesitant because of the quandary they're in and the repercussions of complying to her. Then, Lucal suddenly notices the projectiles fired by Major General Shinya Hīragi and Special Private Yoichi Saotome, approaching towards him. He then sacrifices Esther to shield himself from their attack. Afterwards, all that remains of Esther were his right arm and his glasses.[3]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a vampire, he was far stronger than a human.


  • Esther 「エスター」 is female given name that means "star."
  • Depending on the country, Lee 「リー」 can have different meanings. In England, Lee is a surname derived from Old English lēah, meaning a meadow or forest clearing. In China, there a various meanings of the name; the most common means "plum." It is also a Korean surname which is derived from the Chinese name.
  • Although he was not a noble, he had a first class weapon.


  • "Of course, Lord Lucal."--Esther to Lucal Wesker, Chapter 27, "Vampire Noble Lucal"
  • "You are correct as always, my lord. We are of a different faction. As long as there are no direct orders from the Progenitor Council itself...I believe there is no need to obey requests from Lady Krul Tepes."--Esther to Lucal, Chapter 27, "Vampire Noble Lucal"


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