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"Everyone's Goals" (全員のゴール Zen'in no gōru?) is the one hundred fourteenth chapter of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.


As the squad travel, elsewhere Saito discusses with Shikama Doji on resurrecting his son, Mikaela. Where Urd, along with other vampires were failures, it is recalled how in the past the First founded the Emperor's Demons organization to begin tests to turn vampires into demons. When Mika was brought to the orphanage, Saito suspects he is the vessel Shikama Doji sought to create.

Saito does not trust the First, so will not listen to or work with him. The price of resurrection is said to be seven sinful keys, and the lives of every last vampire. Concerned for the world, Saito desires to stop Mikaela's resurrection, and find a different way for vampires to die rather than believe the First.

Arriving at an Akihabara underground site, the squad find coffins containing their family members. Guren explains that since Mika is not human, the price to resurrect him is the same as that to bring back all of humanity. The choice is to bring everyone's family back, or Mika alone. Although Mika says he is okay with bringing everyone else back, Yu calls him as his sword and means to fight.


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Yu asks that Guren tell them what this big plan of his is. On what their ultimate goal is, Yu has further questions of what price are they going to have to pay, and how will it curse them, which Guren considers.[1]

Elsewhere, Saito questions the First on what is he plotting, and what ultimate goal does he strive for, as Shikama Doji stands chained within a vampire prison. With Urd also standing nearby, Shikama Doji answers that Saito knows that already, if he did not he could not interfere as thoroughly as he has. Asserting that the First wants to bring Mikaela back to life, Saito adds that he was Shikama Doji's son. Where the First is seemingly at a loss for words, Saito speaks if he was not a guinea pig to Shikama Doji at first. Feeling he was a potential body to house Mikaela, and adding so was Urd, he suspects the First was trying to create a doll strong enough that it could hold his dead son's soul.[2]

Speaking how he was a failure, Saito continues that Urd was a failure and so the First moved on to the next generation, where Ky Luc and Lest Karr are also listening. After Lest Karr and Krul were all failures too, Saito guesses at that point, Shikama Doji changed his tactics. A past scenario of Rigr and Urd in a prison cell is envisioned, with Sika Madu offering his hand. After mentioning that he promised them eternal life, Saito states but then the First discarded them without a second thought. [3]

When Shikama Doji infers that he has held a grudge ever since, Saito deems it a good question. Remarking that the First gave them eternal life as he promised, Saito explains they needed some reason to keep living it, after all. Finding that the days become so boring otherwise, Saito details that ages ago when he was still young and tailing him, he found something.[4]

In Kyoto, Japan during the past, Saito realized the First founded a human organization. Although not confirmed, it seemed figures were attached to poles held up by ropes. The Emperor's Demons was ostensibly a religious sect, but they were conducting experiments on turning vampires into demons, where blood loss and apparent death were involved. Knowing he knew this, Shikama Doji comments that Saito began to interfere.[5]

After Shikama Doji mentions that Saito injected his own genes into the Ichinose family, and founded a competing organization, he confirms it. Where it was the Hyakuya Sect, Saito questions whether the First noticed the little barb he hid in the name. Explaining that "Hyakuya" means one hundred nights, Saito elaborates one hundred nights for them, a thousand, to a million meaningless nights spent by them after Shikama Doji abandoned them. Stating he did not notice, Shikama adds he did not bother before remarking that first and foremost, nothing in this world matters.[6]

Reaching through the prison bars, Saito seizes the First by the throat. Questioning if he is kidding him, Saito raises if everything is meaningless, then why does Shikama Doji have the single-minded determination to bring his son back. Ordering him to not drag them into his problems, Saito says thanks to the First they have no reason to live, yet no way to die, then asks what are they supposed to do.[7]

While Lest Karr listens, and Urd speaks Rigr's name, Shikama Doji suggests how about they become independent for once. Laughing in response, Saito wonders if Shikama Doji means become independent of his machinations. Addressing how the First was quick enough to take advantage of his Hyakuya Sect, Saito feels even now he is trapped within his grand plan, and he is sick of it. With Saito having released him, Shikama Doji has blood dripping from him, which Ky Luc notices.[8]

Remarking how Shikama Doji has blue blood, Ky Luc asks Lest Karr what even is the First. While they discuss how the First is no vampire, Urd looks to Saito. Claiming that they have already cut themselves of his strings, Shikama Doji says to just look at him. After the First states they have him bound and imprisoned, Saito fires chains into his neck.[9]

Commanding Shikama Doji to shut his mouth, Saito affirms all that ever comes out it is lies. Declaring that he will ask the questions here, Saito adds Shikama Doji will answer them, nothing more. One day, Saito noticed an anomaly in what he thought was his organization. An orphanage had suddenly been added, the Hyakuya Orphanage. Looking into it, Saito found that it was experimenting on, and killing thousands of human children. One day, several decades later, a certain boy appeared on its doorstep. He had a familiar face, a familiar name.[10]

A recollection shows Mika (seemingly beside the Hyakuya Orphanage Director) introducing himself, having arrived at the orphanage. Asking Shikama Doji what is he, Saito presently questions did he finally find a vessel up to his high standards, and was his preparations for his resurrection finally complete. Replying if he had not interrupted, Shikama Doji lists Mahiru, along with Shinoa, and Yu before affirming that Saito tampered with them all. Answering yes, Saito then guesses Shikama Doji accounted for this, even planned on it.[11]

After Shikama Doji says he is not god, Saito replies he cannot trust him. When the First says to listen to him, that they have a mutual interest, Saito fires a chain through his throat. While Saito reiterates that he cannot trust him, Shikama Doji communicates through his mind to announce that vampires cannot die. While Ky Luc, also Urd, and Lest Kar react to the telepathy, Shikama Doji continues to relay that upon death they become demons, with no will of their own. They are condemned to a hell of eternal reliance on human desire. While the First calls for them to listen to him, Lest Karr is affected by the voice inside his head, where Ky Luc, and Urd are also experiencing discomfort and cover their ears.[12]

Retrieving them from his jacket, Saito deploys a myriad of spell tags that scatter into the air. After Saito announces for them to break that brainwashing spell, Urd regards the spell tags drifting around them. After the chain drops to the ground, Shikama Doji has blood dripping from his mouth as he speaks how Saito is not an ordinary vampire anymore.[13]

Having taken advantage of an organization the First created, Saito mentions the Emperor's Demons and their spellcraft. Divulging that they are light spells, demon curses, blood magic, Saito also speaks of control of the divine punishment in order to weaponize the seraph of the end. Curious as to who that punishment comes from, Saito also addresses with his wings that Shikama Doji almost seems angelic. Wondering where the First came from, Saito additionally questions who is chasing him.[14]

Asking who and what Shikama Doji is, Saito details how his goal is to bring his son Mikaela back to life. If Mikaela is Shikama Doji's son, Saito concludes he must be the same species as him. While he is unable to say if the First is an angel or a demon, Saito does know that reviving one would take an unimaginably large price. It is one so large that other angels, that are visualized, would punish the attempt.[15]

Not of the view they can allow a seraph punishment for a resurrection to happen, Saito announces the First did make them vow to maintain world order for eternity. Smugly indulging the notion that they are bound to uphold that vow, Saito questions Urd whether that is right. The world has already been destroyed quite enough, and Saito adds they cannot let the angels come and punish it further. Speaking that nothing will happen to the world, Shikama Doji reveals the price is seven sinful keys, and the lives of every last vampire.[16]

Urd, along with Lest Karr, and Ky Luc react to this revelation with surprise, yet Saito darkly recollects the "mutual interest" that Shikama Doji spoke of, then asks how. Questioning if they are not all about ready to die, the First suggests they ought to be bored of living by now. Reacting with mirth, Saito sees, and questions is that what it is. A barrage of chains break out from Saito's back, to plough into Shikama Doji.[17]

Having finally found the meaning for his life, Saito thinks he does not want Shikama Doji to ever get his wish. Announcing that he is sorry to everyone, Saito addresses how he comes back for the first time in ages and now he has to make a selfish demand. After Urd queries when has he not made selfish demands of them, Saito promulgates that they cannot trust the First's words. Something could happen to the world, and there is no guarantee they will properly die if they listen to Shikama Doji. Accordingly, Saito expounds that they need to stay alive for now, stop Mikaela's resurrection, and stabilize the world.[18]

Intending to search for a way for them to finally die, Saito makes this a promise. Questioning whether he can ask them to trust him in this, Saito offers his hand out for them to join. Affirming that he need not do it alone, Urd states they will protect world order together before placing his hand on Saito's. Fond of the idea, Lest Karr welcomes Lord Rigr home. Since Lord Urd is going along with it, Ky Luc is also in agreement, and the four join hands. Attesting they will find their own way to die, it is then mentioned for them to interrogate the First thoroughly.[19]

Yu says for Guren to tell them, while Shinoa listens. From the driver's seat, Ferid then announces that they are here, and Yoichi comments on the Akihabara name visible on the side of a building. Pointing out that Guren said when they got here they were going to talk, Yu insists on knowing what is going on here, and what is here. Sharing that they are going underground, Guren confirms Yu's question that it is via an elevator. For what is down there, it will be seen, and Guren answers he will talk once they get there, leaving Yu elated for them to go right now, quickly.[20]

Seeing her ahead, Mika calls to Krul. When Mika asks whether she came along with them because she and Guren have a mutual interest, Krul answers yes. As for Ferid's involvement, Mika questions do they have some kind of deal with Guren. While Ferid and Crowley view some posters on the walls some distance away, Krul says to Mika she cannot speak for that loon, but guesses if he is here then he must. Having another question, Mika asks does Krul's interests align with theirs. The response Krul has is would Mika want to live forever so badly that he would be willing to sacrifice his family. After Mika answers no, Krul pats him, with the words then their goal is the same.[21]

The elevator doors close, Mika stands near Yu who is beside Mitsuba. Also cramped in is Ferid, near Shinoa, then Yoichi, also Crowley are close in proximity, and Guren is facing them. Remarking how this is tight, Yu wonders how many floors are they going down. Looking to the numbers, Mitsuba is surprised that there are fifteen. Exiting on the fifteenth underground floor, they enter a large spacious room with a multitude of pipes covering the wall. Excited, Yu asks what is this place, before commenting it is huge. While Ferid smiles at the scene, Shinoa observes a great amount of coffins before them.[22]

Speaking how there are countless coffins, Shinoa notices arrows drawn on the floor, with directions for Mitsuba and Yoichi rightwards, then Yu and Mika leftwards. When Yu asks what is that, Guren responds he will see when they get there. Keen to do so, Yu says for them to get going as Mitsuba and Yoichi await nearby.[23]

Approaching a see through coffin with pipes fitted to it, Mitsuba is stunned to find her dad and mom. Where Tomoe is visible, Yoichi is shocked to view his sister. Beside one another, Mika and Yu see one of the orphans from their orphanage family within a coffin. Where Mika contemplates the coffins in silence, Yu comments everyone, where all have been gathered. Carrying who appears to be Mirai wrapped in a blanket, Kimizuki turns to the matter of what the price is for this. There is not one price for bringing the world back, Guren discloses that there are three.[24]

The first price to pay for a resurrection is of the people involved in setting off the spell, one will be cursed with eternal life. Secondly, seven sinful keys are needed. The third price is that the lives of every last vampire must be offered in sacrifice. Saying to hold on, Yu would like to know how this works then, since Mika is a demon now. Yu also wonders are Ferid and Krul going to die too. Claiming that they want to die, Guren contends that only one person here might have a conflict of interest. Pointing, Guren posits it is Yu, who reacts to the assertion.[25]

Mika is said to not be human, but is Shika Madu's son, words which seem to impact him. The price to resurrect Mika is the same as what it takes to bring back all of humanity, and Guren adds that means they are stuck with a choice. As Mitsuba and Yoichi turn to listen, it is a matter of do they bring back everyone's family, or do they bring back Mika alone, a choice that appears to leave Yu unnerved. Sweating, Yu asks to wait a sec, where Mika also appears similarly horrified.[26]

Here, in front of all their coffins, Guren says for Yu to decide. Will he resurrect everyone's family, or will he give them up as dead forever and save only the friend at his side. As Yoichi processes the situation, Kimizuki sees that is what this is. Shinoa speaks Yu's name, before Mika looks to Yu to say it as well. Indicating that he sees him as his family, Guren states he wants Yu to bring his family, Akane and the other orphan kids, back to life. Although Guren announces that he chooses humanity, Yu says to wait and give him a minute.[27]

Not done talking, Guren speaks how if Yu chooses Mika alone, then that makes him their enemy. Ordering everyone to pay close attention to Yu and then choose, Guren directs him to pick who he will fight for. Both Yoichi and Mitsuba speak Yu's name, where Shinoa and Kimizuki silently consider the scenario. Happy, Mika says to Yu that he is okay, then mentions for them to bring Akane and the kids back.[28]

After Yu immediately calls for him to be his sword, Mika is startled at the direction. Initially at a loss for words, Guren then shouts for everyone to restrain Yu. While Mitsuba and Yoichi manifest their axe and bow respectively, Kimizuki also has his swords ready, where Shinoa remains weaponless as she calls Yu's name. Determined, Yu, where Mika is as a sword drawn, damns the situation.[29]


Tell us, Guren! What's this big plan of yours? What's our ultimate goal? What price are we gonna have to pay... ...And how'll it curse us?

–Keen to hear it all, Yu has a raft of questions for Guren. page 1

You know that already. If you didn't, you couldn't interfere as thoroughly as you have.

–Shikama Doji answering Saito what he is plotting, and aware of his intervention. page 2

You want to bring Mikaela back to life. He was your son.

–Saito mentioning what he sees as Shikama Doji's ultimate goal. page 3

I was a guinea pig to you at first, wasn't I? A potential body to house Mikaela. So was Urd. You were trying to create a doll strong enough... ...That it could hold your dead son's soul. But I was a failure. Urd was a failure. You moved on to the next generation. But Lest Karr, Krul... They were all failures.

–Saito suspecting that vampires were used by Shikama Doji for tests to resurrect Mikaela. page 3

At that point... ...You changed your tactics. You'd promised us eternal life... ...But then you discarded us without a second thought.

–From their prison cell, Rigr and Urd were given promises by the First. page 4

Ages ago, when I was still tailing you, I found something. You'd founded a human organization. The Emperor's Demons. It was ostensibly a religious sect... ...But they were conducting experiments on turning vampires into demons.

–Where Saito reveals he had pursued the First to Kyoto, Japan, he also learned what was established there long in the past. page 5-6

You injected your own genes into the Ichinose family... ...And founded a competing organization.

–The First was aware of Saito's prompt interference in response the to Emperor's Demon organization he founded. page 7

That I did. The Hyakuya Sect. Did you notice the little barb I had hid in that name? "Hyakuya". It means one hundred nights. One hundred nights for us. A thousand nights. A million meaningless nights spent by us after you abandoned us.

–Saito explains the reason for his organization's name. page 7

I didn't notice. I didn't even bother. First and foremost... ...Nothing in this world means anything...

–Shikama Doji professes he did not notice the meaning behind the Hyakuya Sect's name, then a claim at odds with his desire to resurrect his son. page 7

Are you kidding me? If everything's meaningless, why the single-minded determination to bring your son back? Don't drag us into your problems. Thanks to you, we've no reason to live, yet no way to die. What are we supposed to do, hm?

–Saito grabs Shikama Doji's neck to reject his words that nothing in the world means anything. Aggrieved at being affected by his actions, he also is unsure of a purpose. page 8

Ha ha ha ha ha! Independent of your machinations? You were quick enough to take advantage of my Hyakuya Sect. Even now I'm trapped within your grand plan.

–Saito laughs off the idea he can become independent from the First as he suggested. page 9

Blue blood? What is the First, anyway? He's no vampire. Right?

–Ky Luc wonders what Shikama Doji is. page 10

You've already cut yourself free of my strings. Just look at me. You have me bound and imprisoned...

–Shikama Doji's claim to Saito. page 10

Shut. Your. Mouth. All that ever comes out of it is lies. I'll ask the questions here. You answer them, nothing more.

–Saito does not believe he is free from the First, then gives orders to him. page 11

One day... ...I noticed an anomaly in what I thought was my organization. An orphanage had suddenly been added. The Hyakuya Orphanage. Looking into it, I found it was experimenting on... ...And killing thousands of human children.

–Saito had noticed the Hyakuya Orphanage had been formed, and had been killing over decades. page 11-12

One day... ...Several decades later... ...A certain boy appeared on its doorstep. He had a familiar face. A familiar name. What is he, hmm? Did you finally find a vessel up to your high standards? Were your preparations for his resurrection finally complete?

–Saito noting Mika's arrival at the Hyakuya orphanage, and wondering about his connection to Shikama Doji. page 12-13

Vampires cannot die. They become demons. With no will of their own... ...They're condemned to a hell of eternal reliance on human desire. But if you listen to me...

–Shikama Doji speaks to vampires in their minds. page 15

Well. You aren't a normal vampire anymore, are you?

–Shikama Doji comments on Saito after he used spell tags to dispel his voice. page 16

I took advantage of an organization you created as well. Your Emperor's Demons and their spellcraft. Light spells. Demon curses. Blood magic. And control of the divine punishment... In order to weaponize the seraph of the end.

–Saito speaking to Shikama Doji on the magics he has acquired. page 17

But who does that punishment come from? And considering your wings, you almost seem angelic. Where did you come from, hm? Who is chasing you? Who, and what, are you?

–Saito's questions and observations of the First. page 17-18

Your goal is to bring your son Mikaela back to life. If he's your son, he must be the same species as you. I can't say if you're an angel or a demon... ...But I do know reviving one would take an unimaginably large price. One so large other angels would punish the attempt.

–Saito inferring details on Shikama Doji, and aware of the cost of resurrection, then guessing how seraphs would react. page 18

You know? I don't think we can allow that to happen. You did make us vow to maintain world order for eternity. We're bound to uphold that vow. Right, Urd?

–Saito taking up the vow since it now undermines the First's plans. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 19

The world has already been destroyed quite enough, I think. We can't let the angels come and punish it further.

–Saito's views on protecting the world, after vowing to maintain its order. page 19

Nothing will happen to the world. The price... ...Is seven sinful keys... ...And the lives of every last vampire.

–Shikama Doji mentions the price of resurrection. page 19

I've finally found true meaning for my life. I think I don't want him to ever get his wish.

–Saito having assailed the First with chains, and not wanting him to resurrect his son, even if vampires would die. page 21

We can't trust his words. Something could happen to the world. There's no guarantee we'll properly die if we listen to him.

–Saito saying to others they cannot trust the First, and concerned for the world. page 22

We'll need to stay alive for now... ...Stop Mikaela's resurrection... ...And stablize the world. I'll search for a way for us to finally die, I promise. Can I ask you all to trust me in this?

–Saito laying out directives to Urd, Lest Karr, and Ky Luc. page 22

You needn't do it alone. We'll protect world order together.

–Urd accepts Saito's plan. page 23

Welcome home... Lord Rigr.

–Lest Karr happy to follow Saito's path. page 23

Okay! Let's go! Like, right now! Quick!

–Yu keen to head into Akihabara to gain answers. page 25

Hey, Krul? Did you come along with us... Because you and Guren have a mutual interest?

–Mika's question for Krul before they enter the Akihabara facility. page 26-27

And Ferid? Do you two have some kind of deal with him?

–Mika seeks to understand whether Krul and Guren are working with Ferid. page 27

I can't speak for that loon, no. But if he's here, then he must. Don't you think?

–Krul does not know if Ferid and Guren have a deal, yet asks Mika whether he thinks they do. page 27

Mikaela. Would you want to live forever so badly... ...That you'd be willing to sacrifice your family?

–Krul when asked if her interests align with Mika's. page 28

No... D... Dad?! Mom?!

–Mitsuba finds her parents kept in coffins. page 32

Well? What's the price for this?

–Kimizuki carries Mirai and raises the matter of resurrection. page 33

There isn't one price for bringing the world back. There are three. One. Of the people involved in setting off the spell... ...One will be cursed with eternal life. Two. Seven sinful keys are needed. Three. The lives of every last vampire must be offered in sacrifice. With those three things, we can bring back all the humans who died.

–Guren details the prices for resurrection, he mentions eternal life where Shikama Doji didn't. page 33-34

Wait, hold on. How's this work, then? I mean, Mika's a demon now. Are Ferid and Krul gonna die too?

–Yu seeks clarification on the resurrection. page 34

Mikaela isn't human. He's Shika Madu's son.

–Guren mentions news to Mika which shocks him (and refers to the First as "Shika Madu.") page 35

The price to resurrect him is the same as what it takes to bring back all of humanity. That means we're stuck with a choice. Do we bring back everyone's family? Or do we bring back him alone?

–Guren explains to Yu how all of humanity, or Mika only can be restored. page 35-36

Here, in front of all their coffins, decide. Will you resurrect everyone's family? Or will you give them up as dead forever and save only the friend at your side?

–Guren lays out the decision for Yu. page 36

Yu. I think of you as my family. I want to bring your family - Akane and the other orphan kids - back to life. I choose humanity. But... If you choose Mikaela alone... ...Then that makes you our enemy.

–Guren's statement, shortly followed by an ultimatum. page 37-38

Yu. I'm okay. Let's bring Akane and the kids...

–Mika does not consider his own restoration, rather puts others first. page 38

Chapter Notes[]

Cover Details[]

The feature image for chapter 114 is a rare case of not being a scenario that isn't involved with the story, rather it shows actual story events taking place. Where the title is in the top right of the page, Yu and Guren's faces alone are shown. While it is all unseen, they would be in the back of a truck being driven by Ferid, with Crowley also in the driver's area. Around Yu and Guren in the back would be Shinoa squad, including Shinoa, Yoichi, Kimizuki, Mitsuba, and Mika. Additionally, Mahiru and Krul would also be nearby. Heading to an unknown location, Yu is asking for Guren to tell them details on his ultimate goal and what it entails, where he is now aware that a curse is involved. The group's hands remain collectively in the centre, where they were joined together in the previous chapter 113 in a vow that as a family their past actions do not matter since it was done for survival. Silent, Guren appears to consider Yu's questions and possibly the group as well.

  • Although Saito appears to seek information on what the First's plan is, Shikama Doji feels he already knows.
  • Saito postulates that he, along with Urd, then Lest Karr and Krul (who would become second and third vampire progenitors) were tests to find a strong enough vessel to house Mikaela's soul.
  • Failures resulted in a change in tactics, where Sika Madu offered eternal life.
  • A flashback shows that Rigr and Urd were imprisoned together, with the scene apparently of Sika Madu first meeting them.
    • Seen as humans, it is also revealed that Rigr and Urd knew one another before being turned into vampires.
  • Having followed him to Japan ages ago, Saito found in Kyoto that the Emperor's Demons organization had been formed by Sika Madu.
  • While they are not outright discernible, human members appear to be around what may be vampires strung up to turn into demons as such experiments were said to be occurring at the time.
  • It is not clarified if Saito literally or figuratively injected his own genes into the Ichinose family.
  • The Hyakuya Sect's name, meaning one hundred nights is in reference to the large number of meaningless nights that vampires experience after the First left according to Saito.
  • Although advised to be independent, Saito feels he is still trapped within the First's plan.
  • While Shikama Doji has been struck before by weapons when in a demon realm, imprisoned physically here, the First is revealed to have blue blood.
  • The Hyakuya orphanage that Mika arrived at was not one established by Saito, but by Shikama Doji. Running for decades, it had killed human children.
  • A scene of Mikaela first arriving at the Hyakuya orphanage is shown.
  • Accused of expecting Saito to tamper with others, Shikama Doji replies he is not god.
    • This is the second instance of Shikama Doji referring to a god he appears to be familiar with, the first was in chapter 57.
  • Even after the idea was raised that their creations had outmanoeuvred them, and had sinful keys that were outright dangerous to them in chapter 109, Saito pays no heed to these unanticipated and potential future threats. Only concerned with the First, any potential alliance is unlikely to be feasible given that Saito does not remotely trust Shikama Doji.
  • In the physical world, Shikama Doji displays the ability to communicate with multiple vampires via his mind. Based on their reactions, it appears to cause painful discomfort to them.
    • Where it is said to be a brainwashing spell, Saito can negate the First's voice using many spell tags he has on him. Other vampires appeared unfamiliar that Shikama Doji could do this, yet Saito wasn't, indeed had the means to overcome it.
  • Although Shikama Doji founded the Emperor's Demons organization, Saito delved into their spellcraft knowledge.
  • Seemingly unaware, Saito is curious as to what Shikama Doji actually is and where he came from.
  • Cognizant that reviving an angel or demon would involve a large price, Saito also suspects it would draw divine punishment from other seraphs.
  • Two seraphs are visualized when Saito refers to them, ones that resemble those seen to be present within Yu.
  • With the possibility of divine punishment wrecking the world again, Saito tells Shikama Doji he does not think they can allow that to happen. Mentioning their vow that he previously took little interest in, Saito then raises their instruction to maintain world order for eternity. Although it suddenly may be Saito's actual sentiment to not want the seraphs to punish the world any more, it would also be an effective method in drawing Urd to his side to a greater extent as he really is invested in maintaining the world order. Further, it would make for a good reason in Saito's mind to undermine the First if he had to justify his actions, or needed a reason to live.
  • While the world was ruined due to a resurrection event, Shikama Doji claims nothing will happen to it. Where vampires were not killed before, there may be different types of very large scale resurrection based spells. The first one involved resurrecting a few humans, with a time limit on how long they could live. This one, based on speculation, would resurrect those who died as a result of that initial apocalypse, and supposedly also those who had been killed at various points after it. Th spell could also resurrect Mikaela only, but again with apparently with no detrimental effect on the world.
  • For a resurrection to bring back all of humanity, or to restore Mikaela and only him, the price is said to be seven sinful keys, and the lives of every last vampire. Guren adds a third factor, a curse of eternal life for one person.
  • Asked if they are about ready to die, and addressing the mutual interest the First said they had, in response to Shikama Doji's resurrection involving the death of all vampires, Saito skewers him with chains.
  • After asking what the point to eternal life is, Saito makes his own meaning, namely not letting Shikama Doji ever get his wish. He acted in a similarly, uncharacteristically angered manner when his possible death was raised after bing attacked by the First in chapter 107.
  • Despite the lack of contact over centuries, Urd mentions when has Saito not made selfish demands of them.
  • Not willing to trust Shikama Doji's words, and apprehensive about the further decline of the world, Saito requests other vampire progenitors help him stop Mikaela's resurrection. Stabilizing the world, and searching for a way for them to die is enticement for this aim.
  • In favor of undertaking the task together, Urd agrees to help enact Saito's plan. For all his unsupportive views before expressed in chapter 105, Lest Karr is happy to welcome Saito home as he agrees, too. Since Urd has, Ky Luc is in support as well.
  • Where they were to first set off to a new, unstated location in chapter 110, the group arrive at it in this chapter. The location is in a city, within a huge underground room under a building with Akihabara on the side.
  • Before entering, Mika asks Krul if she and Guren have a mutual interest, they do.
  • In asking whether Ferid has a deal with them, Krul indicates she has nothing established with him, yet suspects he may have one with Guren based on his presence here.
  • When asked if her interests align with there's, Krul questions would Mika want to live forever so badly that he would be willing to sacrifice his family. After Mika answers no, Krul feels that answers that their goal is the same.
  • Whoever had moved a vast amount of deceased people to Akihabara, from different locations, then placed them in coffins, they had also drawn arrows on the floor to direct known people to relative's locations. They would have expected their arrival, and known about familial connections.
    • From "Mikaela" written on the ground, Guren more than often calls him his full name, where Ferid uses "Mika". More often than not, Guren would use the shortened "Yu" that was also written. While it could be anyone, Guren also has a dark chalk like writing utensil on him when producing a spell circle in chapter 100.
  • The Hyakuya orphan's corpses were transferred from the murder scene in Sanguinem from chapter 1 and kept in the basement of Ferid's mansion, as seen in chapter 55, where Makoto Narumi's squad members were also kept. At some point, the Hyakuya orphans at least were amongst the many kept within the fifteenth underground floor of the Akihabara building. Where their remains had not been seen before, Tomoe has also been transferred to this location, in addition to both of Mitsuba's parents.
  • Mitsuba's mom and dad are introduced, where after passing away, probably as a result of the apocalypse, their remains were kept.
  • Although unseen on account of being wrapped in a blanket, it is presumably Mirai that Kimizuki is carrying.
  • From Guren's words, this specific resurrection consists of one spell.
  • Seeking clarification, Yu asks how a spell involving vampire sacrifices as one of the criteria would work since Mika is a demon.
    • Guren does not answer what would happen to demons, instead addresses the vampire area.
  • According to what Guren says, Krul wants to die, which is at odds with her long-held wish of getting her brother, Ashera, back. Similarly, Crowley who is also present has expressed no such desire to find a means to die. While Ferid has mentioned it, what he says and what he really wants are not usually the same.
  • From those gathered, Guren deems Yu the only one who could potentially be against the resurrection.
  • Although others were told that Mika is Shikama Doji's son in chapter 101, they had no reaction it. Hearing that he is not human and learning of this supposed fact leaves Mika disconcerted.
  • Guren pronounces the First's name as "Shika Madu", referring to his past name of Sika Madu.
  • A seven sinful key and vampire sacrifice based resurrection can bring back all of humanity, or only Mika back, but apparently not both. Should Shikama Doji still be alive, he could produce further vampires, and acquiring another set of seven sinful keys may be a practical, if challenging to enact, means of restoring the second option.
  • After revealing the choices, Guren says for Yu to decide virtually at once who to restore.
  • Guren is in support of bringing Akane and the other kids back, he chooses humanity in his words.
  • Right after claiming to think of Yu as his family, Guren affirms he will be their enemy should he choose Mika alone. Speaking for others in stating Yu will be their enemy, Guren directs them to pay close attention to Yu. The suddenness, and pressure would be in the confines of a test if Guren wanted to see how Yu would react.
  • Where Mika is a demon, it does not appear that the vampire sacrificial element of the resurrection would apply to him. It is not a matter of Mika losing his life, rather a choice between remaining as a demon or being restored as a human.
  • Although there is a chance to regain his humanity, Mika shares his view by assuring Yu that he is okay and says for them to bring Akane and the kids back.
  • A long-held desire of Yu's was to restore humanity, generally never mind any possible consequences. Where there is the chance of that for all of humanity, not just his own family, or giving Mika his humanity back, Yu appears ready to fight for the latter.
  • Guren appears stunned at Yu's apparent resolve to fight for Mika.
  • Upon ordering everyone to restrain Yu, seemingly complying with the order, Mitsuba, also Yoichi, and Kimizuki draw their weapons, where Shinoa calls for Yu.


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