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This article is about the 12th episode of the Seraph of the End anime. For the manga chapter of the same name, see Everyone's a Sinner.

"Everyone's a Sinner" (みんなツミビト Minna Tsumibito?) is the twelfth episode of the first season and twelfth episode overall of the Seraph of the End anime.


Shinoa asks Guren about what had happened, but he refuses to give her any information. Mika was taken away from the battlefield by Ferid, and he recovers with a curse detoxification. Lacus and René asks him about the "Seraph of the End," a forbidden enchantment the humans are messing with.

Yuichiro wakes up after being in a coma for a week and cannot remember what had happened on the battlefield aside from the fact that Mika is alive. Yu and Mika look up at the moon and promised to rescue each other.

Ferid Bathory mocks the humans and vampires, amused by how easily his and his partner's plans are going. He hands his research reports to his human partner.


List of characters in order of appearance:


Shinoa reaches deep underground

Shinoa Hīragi recollects memories about the previous battle as she walks down stairs, deep underground. She recalls Yūichirō's transformation and how Guren expected this to happen. When the main army arrives, she tells Guren that she has something she wanted to ask him about later. He tells her that he is not interested, so she should not come talk to him.

Shinoa says that she is a member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army's Vampire Extermination Unit

She continues walking and reaches a gate guarded by two soldiers. They order her to stop and state that this is a restricted area. She answers that she is a member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army's Vampire Extermination Unit. A soldier seizes her up and states that company officers and below are prohibited entry.

She asks what facility this is. The first soldier begins to state that he cannot answer that question, but the second tells her it was a lab for the guinea pigs. He says that every soldier in Shinjuku knows about it, so it is no secret. Shinoa asks for clarification. He says they are using the captured vampires to search for weaknesses in them. She asks if he means human experimentation. The soldier laughs and says yes, if she considers vampires to be human.

Reveals a pocket watch with the Hiragi Crest

Once again she asks to pass through, but this time she reveals an elaborate pocket watch with the Hīragi crest. Recognizing her as a member of the Hīragi family, they grant her passage. As she enters, the first soldier asks why a member of the Hīragi family, who controls the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, maintains the rank of a lowly sergeant. Shinoa answers that she likes the sound of the word and has no interest in the power struggle within the military. After all, her sister died from that.

scientists at work examining vials of blood

She walks down the hall, glancing at the imprisoned vampire soldiers behind bars on either side. She hears moaning from a half-open door down one hall and peeks inside. She enters. It is an expansive laboratory with many scientists at work examining vials of blood and making observations.

Guren examining data

Guren Ichinose is in an office overlooking all of them. As he examines data, she enters and states she has been looking for him for the past five days. He apologizes for her trouble but refuses to answer any of her questions. She says Yu has yet to wake up since he transformed. She asks Guren what he is doing with Yu and reveals that he specially ordered her to give him a special combination drug instead of the drug soldiers normally take because Guren claimed Yu's gear was special. She asks about Yu losing control and if that is due to the drug.

Shinoa blushes when Guren asked if she had a crush on YU

Guren laughs at her, stating it is unlike her to show her emotions. He asks what answer would satisfy her. If he tells her he had nothing to do with it, she would not believe him. If he tells her he used Yu for human experimentation, she would be angry. He asks how humans could survive in a world overrun by Horsemen and vampires. He asks how many people were sacrificed by Shinoa's sister, Mahiru Hīragi, to complete the Cursed Gear. He asks her if she has a crush on Yu, causing her to blush and become flustered. He laughs at her reaction and says he does not care. He orders her to leave. When she continues to ask him, he repeats his order but adds that the drug wears off in five days. Yu will wake up then.

Shinoa wants Yu to wake up soon

In the next scene, Shinoa sits by Yu's hospital bed and watches over him. She ponders about having a crush on him but says there is no way. She wants Yu to wake up soon. She holds onto his right hand.

Shinoa hugs a unconscious Yu

In a flashback to the end of the battle, Mikaela glares at the humans. Ferid puts his hand on Mika's shoulder and advises him to retreat, but Mika knocks his hand off and says that he will save Yu. Ferid sympathizes with him but says that he cannot rescue Yu right now. After all, Yu is surrounded by disgusting human desire. They watch as Shinoa hugs the unconscious Yu, and Shinoa Squad surrounds Yu. Mika curses them.

Ferid grabs Mika by the neck

Ferid asks if Mika has begun to hate humans. Mika tells him to shut up. Ferid reflects that Mika hates both humans and vampires, so what will Mika become now? He says that he cannot wait to find out, but it is time to return home.

He puts his hand back on Mika's shoulder, and Mika knocks it off again, yelling at him to let go. Ferid grins and grabs Mika by the neck, lifting him above the ground. He tells Mika to shut up and says Mika had enough fun. Mika looks back at Yu.

Mika in a transparent blue container

In the present, a completely naked Mika is in a transparent blue container, resting with tears in his eyes. An electronic voice announces that the curse detoxification is complete. The container opens, flooding the room with steam, and Mika opens his eyes. Sitting up, he wipes his tears and notes that he has not cried since becoming a vampire.

Lacus and Rene gets dressed

As he, Lacus, and René get dressed, Lacus complains they went through hell because of one measly human. He asks how was Mika's injury is since he was hurt the worst. Mika ignores him, and Lacus ponders that this newbie is ignoring him again. René asks what that monster was. Lacus states that even the Progenitor Council is concerned. He says that it has something to do with humans studying a forbidden enchantment that could end the world, something called the "Seraph of the End."

Mika smiles sadly and says he is just an ugly vampire

Lacus says the attack on Shinjuku was supposed to retrieve that, whatever it is. When René asks if that means they failed, Lacus says he does not know since Lord Ferid was in command and he has no idea what is on his mind. Lacus asks Mika about it, stating that Mika and that monster knew each other. He says that might be why Mika is Queen Krul's favorite. He asks Mika who he really is. René says they can find out, even if Mika does not answer.

This time, Mika stops ignoring them. He smiles sadly, turning toward them, and says he is just an ugly vampire. Lacus is perplexed.

An announcement comes over the intercom stating that Third Progenitor, Krul Tepes, is calling for Mikaela Hyakuya, and he has orders to come to the Royal Audience Chamber. Lacus jokes that the queen is calling for her pet. Mika leaves.

Yu opens his eyes

On another night, Yu continues lying in his hospital bed. The bandages on his face has been removed, and his wounds under them have healed. He opens his eyes and sits up. Yoichi is sleeping against Yu's bed. Yu looks around and begins to wake up. He urges Yoichi to wake up and asks what is going on.

Yoichi says he needs to let everyone know

Yoichi cheers that Yu is awake. Yu asks to know what happened, but Yoichi glomps him. He says he has to let everyone know and races off. Yu quickly asks if everyone is okay. Yoichi asks if he is worried, but Yu denies it. He says Yu was the only one who was seriously injured. He says Yu was in a coma for seven days.

Yu crying because he's happy

After Yoichi leaves, Yu says that he is glad everyone is okay. He asks if Mika being alive was not a dream. Yu is so happy that he begins crying. Shinoa steps in, asking if this is the cry baby's room. Yu begins to wipe away his tears, but she says it is fine. Of course, Yu would cry when he found out his family is still alive. She says that she was glad that Yu is now awake and sits down beside him.

Shinoa teases Yu

Yu asks her what is going on and says that he cannot remember what had happened. She teases him, stating he said he felt very sleepy and then fell asleep in the middle of the battlefield. She then says what really happened is that Yu suddenly lost consciousness and the units were on the verge of annihilation. The main unit led by Kureto and Shinya Hīragi arrived after that and reinforced them. She says that they were able to kill many normal vampires but no nobles. They also captured some of them, but many of the vampires escaped.

Yu wants to know about Mika. Yu says that she needs to just tell him. Whether Mika is a friend or a foe, he is happy as long as Mika is alive. She says Mika was taken by the vampires. He thanks her. She orders him to not leave the hospital and raid a vampire city by his lonesome. He agrees.

Shiho Kimizuki picks Yu up

In a flashback of the end of the battle, Shihō Kimizuki picks up Yu and asks where to go. Mitsuba orders them to go to the temporary base, and the squad runs, leaving Shinoa on her knees in the dirt. The battlefield is empty. She looks over to where Mika was standing. She ponders about Yu, Mika, and "family."

Yu breaks her out of her reverie, thanking her for worrying about him.

Shinoa blushes furiously

He sees the bandage on her neck and leans closer to look at it, brushing her hair away from her neck. She blushes furiously, but he only asks about her injury. She says the vampires had a sip of her blood. Mitsuba barges in, demanding to know if Yu is finally awake. When she sees Yu and Shinoa in an awkward position, she becomes furious and charges in and asks what they are doing. As she gets in Shinoa's face, Shinoa falls over with the chair and says she was only showing Yu where the vampire bit her.

Mitsuba is relieved

Yu notices that Mitsuba has a bite on her neck as well and asks if she is okay. Mitsuba appears to be relieved.

Kimizuki grabs Mitsuba's head

The light flicks on, and Kimizuki grabs Mitsuba's head and shoves her backward, stating that she needs to be quiet in a hospital. Yoichi came in with him. Mitsuba yells at Kimizuki, but he ignores her and turns to Yu, stating that Yu looks alright. Yu thanks him for worrying, but Kimizuki denies it. Shinoa, still sitting on the floor, teasing him, stating that he was caring and watching over Yu not too long ago. He blushes and denies it. Yoichi claims that it was true.

Kimizuki leaves to get drinks

Yu apologizes for worrying everyone and says that he was glad that they were all alive. He says that he was blessed with good friends. Startled, Shinoa Squad all look at each other and says that Yu still needs medical attention. Yoichi is the only one who insists Yu was a good guy from the start. They say that the Shinoa Hīragi Unit is on a break until Yu fully recovers. Yu agrees to rest and not charge out to save Mika ASAP. Kimizuki leaves to get drinks, and Shinoa teases him about adoring his sister and being good at taking care of people. Yoichi decides to come with him. Shinoa starts teasing Mitsuba for being a boorish girl, but Mitsuba points out that Shinoa is not doing anything. Shinoa says that it is okay because she is the squad leader.

Krul slouching on her throne

Guren Squad dines in the cafeteria

In the Royal Audience Chamber in Sanguinem, Krul slouches in her throne with her head resting on her hand as she looks at Mika, who is sitting in front of her in a chair.

Lacus and René sits on opposite ends of a bench in Sanguinem.

Guren Ichinose Squad dines without Guren in a cafeteria filled with soldiers.

Crowley drinking blood

Crowley Eusford sits in a chair, drinking blood from a wine glass while Chess Belle and Horn Skuld were playing chess on the floor.

Shinya Hīragi reads a book by the lamplight.

Kureto Hīragi looks through a window in his expansive office over at the forsaken, ruined Shinjuku.

Papers for the "Seraph of the End" project with an analysis report lie on a desk next to a sword.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 213.png

Shinoa and Mitsuba leave Yu's room. Yu stands up and closes a window. He wonders how none of his friends died and Mika is still alive. He wonders if it is okay for so many good things to happen. He gazes up at the moon and thinks that, as long as Mika is alive, Yu can do anything. Mika gazes at the moon from underground in Sanguinem at the same location the planes took off previously. He thinks about Yu.

Yu and Mika simultaneously promises themselves to rescue the other.

Guren signs a report written in English about the battle. He stops his record player and closes it.

Ferid hands over a box of research data

On the surface, Ferid Bathory is amused that he and his partner's plans were moving so smoothly. He says that, as always, the humans' lust are getting out of control and vampires are arrogantly taking everything too lightly. He turns and asks if his partner thinks the same but then notes that his partner is always so serious. Ferid hands over a box of research data. He turns back to say something that he forgot, but the door on the rooftop closes as his partner leaves.

Differences with the manga[]

Manga Anime
The manga follows the sequence of events and scenes shown in this episode more chronologically. The anime switches between scenes, characters, the end of the battle, and the present.
After the main army arrives, Crowley asks Ferid for orders. Ferid says that all of these filthy humans crawling about is turning is stomach, so he is going to leave. He tells Crowley he can live or die, whichever he would like. Ferid says he did what he wished to do anyway, but he does not elaborate. Not shown.
Shinoa's hair is still tied, and Yu's shoulder is not bare. Shinoa's hair came loose in the previous episode, and the clothing over Yu's right shoulder was completely destroyed in the anime.
When Mika damns the humans near Yu, Shinoa notices him. Shinoa does not react.
Ferid asks Mika if he is starting to hate humanity, and Mika answers that he hates both humanity and vampires. Ferid has Mika's wrist when Mika tells him to let go. The scene ends showing Ferid carry Mika away. Ferid answers for him. Ferid touches Mika's shoulder again. Ferid is not shown carrying Mika away.
The Shinjuku Barracks do not have any desks for the guards to sit, so they stand at attention. No one under the rank of major is permitted entry. Shinoa shows them a badge with the Hīragi family crest and states she is a member of the Hīragi family, the leaders of their army. The area is better lit and has desks. The guards sit at them. Company officers and below are not allowed entry. Shinoa shows them a pocket watch with the Hīragi family crest. The two guards are the ones who identify her as a member of the Hīragi family.
The vampires are in baggy sleeveless shirts, shorts, and no shoes. The vampires wear the black shirts, white pants, and black boots of their uniforms.
Guren is in a large lab, but it is not nearly as large as in the anime. His office there is larger than in the anime. The office space is more tidy. The lab in the anime is multiple stories and more expansive than in the manga. Guren has a smaller office on the upper level. The office is more crowded.
A flashback of Ferid, Crowley, and the Horsemen are shown along with Mahiru. Mahiru holds a pair of swords and stands over a pile of corpses. Waves of energy expand out from her. The corpses consists of teenagers dressed in the school clothing from the light novels. The flashbacks of Ferid, Crowley, and the Horsemen are not shown. Mahiru is holding only Asuramaru's sword, and the sheath is in her other hand. She stands on top of blood-coated stairs in a ruined city area.
Shinoa stands next to Yu's bed and touches his right hand with her right hand. She does not wear gloves. Shinoa sits down next to Yu and puts both her her hands on Yu's right hand. She wears gloves.
The curse detoxification chambers look different. They are on flat ground and open by sliding the transparent covering down. Lacus and René finish their detoxification while Mika is getting dressed, so they are also shown nude from the waist up. Lacus is not shown getting dressed. The curse detoxification chambers look different. They are held at an angle and open by splitting down the middle. The three vampires meet in a large dressing room. Lacus and René are only shown half-undressed. Lacus is shown wearing pants.
When Yu remembers Mika is alive and begins crying profusely because he's overjoyed. Yu's eyes twitch and he cries when he realizes Mika is alive, but he is not trembling from happiness like in the manga.
Shinoa wears a camisole over a long-sleeved shirt, a black skirt, pantyhose, and black boots that reach under her knees when she visits Yu after he wakes up. She turns on the light when she enters the room. Mitsuba, Yoichi, and Kimizuki also wear different clothing than in the anime. Shinoa wears a simple dress. She leaves the light off. Mitsuba, Yoichi, and Kimizuki wear different clothing than in the manga.
Yu asks Shinoa if Mika left him behind and ran away. She says she does not want to over-excite a sick person, but tells him that Mika was obviously greatly worried about you and refused to leave until another vampire physically dragged him away. Yu does not ask if Mika left him behind. Shinoa only says that the vampires took him.
Mitsuba makes a ruckus when she enters Yu's hospital room, but she does not jump at Shinoa. She is startled and surprised, but she is not angry or upset. Shinoa is standing. Shinoa turned on the light when she entered the room. Kimizuki grabs Mitsuba by the shoulder. Mitsuba becomes very upset and angry when she sees Yu so close to Shinoa and charges at Shinoa, causing Shinoa and the chair she is sitting in to fall over. Yoichi or Kimizuki turns on the light. Kimizuki grabs Mitsuba by the head and shoves her backward.
After the squad makes a ruckus and Yu agrees to not cause any more trouble, he says he feels kinda tired. This makes Kimizuki and Yoichi pause. Yu stays in bed. His squad stays in his room with him. Yu does not mention still feeling tired after sleeping for an entire week. After his squad leaves, he stands up and walks over to a window to close it.
The Royal Audience Chamber is in a different room. Krul smiles at him while watching him. Mika wears the standard vampire uniform without the cloak. Mika promises Krul that he will save Yu. Mika is in the docking area for the vampire planes. He wears his standard uniform with the cloak. He is alone and makes the promise to himself, not Krul, while he is gazing up at the moon.
The moon is a crescent moon. The moon is full.
Ferid meets his partner in a more desolate ruined cityscape overloaded and filled with sand. Even the rooftop they meet on is slanted. Ferid does not specify whether his partner is a human or not, does not comment on his partner's personality, and only a black boot is shown as a hint. He does not try to bring up another topic he forgot. Ferid meets his partner in a more civilized and habitable area on a rooftop with graffiti on its doors. He comments about his partner always being so serious. When his partner leaves, he tries to bring up a topic he forgot to mention, but his partner shuts the door on him and leaves anyway.
Mika meets with Krul while she is smiling at him. However, the brief scene in the anime is anime-only. Krul looks displeased and slouches in her throne with her head resting on her hand while she looks at Mika. Mika sits on a chair in front of her.
Not shown. The scenes with Lacus and René on a bench, Guren Ichinose Squad in the cafeteria, Crowley drinking blood, Chess and Horn playing a game of chess, Shinya reading a book, Kureto looking out a window, Guren signing a report written in English about the battle, and Guren and his record player are all anime-only.


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