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"Expose the Past to the Sun" (過去を白日にサラセ Kako o hakujitsu ni sarase?) is the one hundred tenth chapter of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.


Guren remembers losing his friends eight years ago. Mahiru speaks that they have to leave before the First finds them. Mika finds he can look at the sun. Exploring his newfound powers as a demon, Mika is asked to try and read Yu's mind. After recalling a lavatory related memory of them as children, Mika affirms he would not possess Yu. Keen to work together more, Yu thinks they should try stuff and figure out what works best.

Shinoa is thanked by Yu for her help. As they speak, Mika wonders how Yu met Guren when considering a plan that has been in the works for years. Accessing a memory of Yu's escape from Sanguinem, Mika wonders who told Guren he would be there. Seeing Ferid in the memory and registering he was acting, Mika considers his own memories involving Krul. Where they were all in the same place, Mika wonders whose plan it could be. In the memory Mika notices Mahiru seemingly staring directly at him.

Physically, Mika's new powers are tested by Krul who announces she is still stronger than him. Asking what Krul really wants, she answers her brother. Ferid arrives in a truck and Guren expects them to board it for the next stage. Mika is wary before he is asked by Mahiru whether he saw her in the past. She considers the question of who Yu and Mika really are and how many tens of thousands of years have they lived.


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As Guren considers the Sinful Key he is holding, it is recalled how eight years ago he was holding Shinya as others were lying deceased around him. In the moments before the catastrophe, Guren was overcome by a sense of blackness. Presently, Mahiru speaks to Guren concerning how they need to get out of there before the First finds them. When Guren does not respond, Mahiru assures him it is okay, everything is working so far but they are only human, there is only one chance to pull one over on the gods. They regard the sinful keys that Guren holds, while Kimizuki and Yoichi call for Guren, with Mitsuba joining them as well.[1]

Yu stands near Mika who is looking up to the sun. Feeling it to be strange, Mika thinks how he is out in the sun, and can look right at it. With his calls to Mika going unanswered, Yu decides to address Mika as "Mika-poo". Registering what was said, Mika responds with what the heck. Commenting that he had this troubled look on his face, Yu asks Mika what he is thinking about. Replying nothing in particular, Mika shares how he just realized that he could look at the sun. Surprised at this, Yu evidently attempts the same, only to react at the brightness where Mika tells him to not look directly at it. Getting it, Yu understands that when Mika was a vampire he could not look at the sun, but now he is a demon so can. Mika agrees that is probably what it is.[2]

After Mika states that more of his memories as a vampire are coming back, Yu questions if he did not get them back all at once. Clarifying the matter, Mika raises how he got some of Yu's memories after he devoured some of his desires. Consequently Mika has got his own memories, and some of Yu's memories too, however they are all muddled together in what Mika describes as this big mess inside his head. Explaining that if he does not concentrate and single out a specific memory, Mika finds it really hard to tell what is what.[3]

Following the line of conversation, Yu wonders if Mika can read his mind now too. Considering it, Mika feels probably, if he concentrates, before adding that Yu's desires are his food after all. Excited, Yu asks if Mika can tell what he is thinking right now. Shinoa observes while Mitsuba is interacting with others, as Mika sets about looking at Yu's thoughts. With his eyes open Mika can see a corridor appear. Yu as a child is knocking on the toilet door calling for Mika. Within, Mika also as a child asks him what, to which Yu questions if he is done with his poo yet. Answering not yet, and that he has just sat down, Mika asks if Yu has to go. Hearing he doesn't, Mika's query is why did he knock on the door then. Questioning what Mika thinks he is holding right now, Yu holds a coin and places it against the door knob. Alarmed at what would resemble a key sound to a lock, Mika orders Yu to hold it before asking whether he is going to try and unlock the door again. With Mika telling him to quit it, Yu states he does not know what he is talking about while attempting to open the door, by using both hands, and one of his legs too. As Mika shouts he is almost done, Yu merrily announces to Akane and others that the bathroom is open.[4]

Having seen this memory of them as children, Mika asks Yu what did he just show him. Delighted, Yu notes Mika really can see into his head. After Mika specifies that he is not 'seeing' so much as he is eating Yu's desires and the memories come with it, he adds it is the case even when they are dumb, crappy desires like the one just seen. In response, Yu comments that technically Mika was the one taking a crap. Laughing, Yu has another memory to show and requests that Mika come take a look. While Mika says he does not want to see any more dumb memories, Yu promises this one is awesome. Looking into the memory, Mika perceives static. Speaking to Yu that he cannot see anything, Mika questions why is that. Realizing the situation, and stating that it is the same with Asuramaru, if Yu makes the walls around his heart really high then he cannot see anything anymore. Getting it, Mika sees how that works.[5]

When Yu wants power he gives Mika bunches of that desire, that connects them. Mika adds because they are connected, he can see everything. Continuing what can be done, Yu details with Asuramaru, if he overdid it then he risked being possessed. When Mika responds at once that he will not possess him, Yu does not really care if he does, yet Mika is adamant he is still not doing it. Yu's perspective is that now he and Mika can work together on a whole new level and they should try stuff to figure out what way works the best. Smiling at this, Mika states it is a fair point and mentions for once Yu is actually taking things seriously. Agreeing, Yu states to believe it or not but he is competent when he wants to be, and is grown-up now and all.[6]

Joining their conversation, Shinoa says to Yu how excellently he done and he is most definitely a grown-up. Thanking Shinoa for helping, Yu addresses how she had to take poison to do it. Asking how she is, Yu is concerned as to whether Shinoa is going to be all right. Shinoa responds if she said no would he sweep her up in a princess carry. Alarmed having interpreted it that Shinoa is not okay, Yu says he knew it. Startled and asking for him to wait, Shinoa affirms she is fine. Having picked her up, Yu carries Shinoa while shouting to Guren that she is feeling bad. While Shinoa attempts to be clear that she was kidding, it is to little avail. Yoichi questions if Shinoa is okay and Kimizuki is near too as he states the substance she took was poison, before asking if she is going to be alright. Appearing embarrassed, Shinoa elects to go to sleep so bids them goodnight. Panicking, Yu shouts that Shinoa has fainted which Mitsuba is shocked by.[7]

While Mika observes this scenario he gives thought to how Yu's friends saved him, and that Guren helped too. Walking over to place his hand over Yu and wondering how he met Guren, whatever plan this is, Mika considers how it is big and is one that has been in the works for years. Doubting that he would get answers if he asked, Mika glances to Guren who is stood with Mahiru close by. Feeling he would just have to investigate, Mika means to build a hypothesis of what he finds to try to stay one step ahead. With thoughts on why Guren is doing this, Mika accesses a memory of Yu as a child when he escaped Sanguinem. Where Guren, along with Sayuri and Shigure are in the memory, Mika finds the addition of many black suns in the sky that he does not comment on. Standing near as the people in the memory interact, Mika ponders how on that day, at that time in that place, Guren was waiting for Yu, but who let him know he was coming.[8]

Going a little farther back, Mika views a previous memory, one of Yu about to shoot Ferid in the head in the exit hall of Sanguinem. Placing his hand near the memory of Yu as a child, Mika then glances to Ferid's surprised expression. Looking back now, Mika can tell that Ferid could have easily dodged that, and this was all an act. Glaring at the memory of Ferid and thinking why, Mika wonders how is he connected to Guren.[9]

Navigating forward, all the way up to his own memories, Mika can access the one of him as a child being found by Krul. As this memory occurs, Mika contemplates how Guren, Ferid, and Krul were in the same place at the same time, and for some reason got involved with him and Yu. Unsure why, Mika wonders further whose plan is this. Asking the unresponsive memory of Krul whether it is hers, Mika considers that it could be someone else's and thinks if he has missed something. Reviewing if there is some other clue buried somewhere in his memories, Mika turns to the darkened corridor of Sanguinem.[10]

Within the memory of Sanguinem that Mika is accessing, Mahiru stands some distance away. Seeing her, Mika questions to himself whether she was there too, then notes where she is looking. From the intentness, Mika speaks it is as if Mahiru is staring straight at him. Announcing that this place is a nightmare, Mika speaks that they are surrounded by too many crafty bastards. As Mika considers if he will be able to protect Yu, his name is spoken.[11]

Finding fingers physically before him, Mika is tapped away by Krul back on the rooftop. After Krul says that it is good to see him well, Mika on the ground asks if she had to do that. Having thought she would do the honour of checking how powerful he has become, Krul clashes with Mika in hand to hand combat. Yu continues to hold Shinoa, yet having heard the commotion he turns to ask Mika what is going on. Looking on him on the floor, Krul tells Mika she trusts he understands that she is still more powerful than him. Stating that he did well to survive the First with only that much strength to call on, Krul commends Mika. In response to Mika raising if that somehow counts as a compliment, Krul affirms yes, he is a part of her clan after all. Regarding that, Mika questions does that mean Krul loves him. Krul answers she cannot say she understands what love is. If Krul does feel love for him, Mika would like her to tell him something, no secrets. Inquiring what he wants her to tell him, and asked what does she really want, Krul answers she wants her brother Ashera back, and that Mika knows him as Asuramaru. With Mika speaking the name, it is asked where Ashera is now with it thought that he was inside Yu.[12]

With a truck coming towards them that Mika reacts to, Yu asks what is that noise and Kimizuki comments on the vehicle. Seeing that it is coming right at them, Kimizuki avoids the truck being driven by Ferid. Greeting them and remarking that they are amazing, Ferid praises them for surviving the First. Yu remains holding Shinoa as Ferid speaks that they can totally move on to the next stage now. Adding for them to get going, Ferid guides for them to come along.[13]

Raising whether getting in the car with Ferid is smart, Shinoa comments that Yu asks a good question. When Yu sees that she is awake, Shinoa reveals to him she was not asleep in the first place. Puzzled, Yu questions why did she fake being asleep. For the answer to Shinoa's question of why does he think, Yu has no idea, which she laughs at. Having thought not, Shinoa helps herself down. As Ferid joyfully waves at them, Kimizuki asks the Lt. Colonel does he really expect them to get in that truck with him. Confirming yes, Guren details that they are moving to a location where no one can touch them. While Mitsuba and Yoichi silently watch, Guren continues that when they get there he will tell them everything that is going on with the plan so they should just relax and follow along.[14]

Mitsuba and Yoichi look around and Mika is also hesitant. As Guren stands near Mahiru nearby, Mika thinks relaxing around him is not happening. Regarding Krul, and then Ferid and Mahiru who look happy, then Guren, he considers all the shadow players are coming together. Taking his place near him, Mika resolves he has to be there to protect Yu. Behind him, Mika notes Shinoa. Speaking how she understands the feeling, Shinoa cautions Mika to not trust anyone. Advising him to stay wary, Shinoa adds for Mika to protect Yu and in particular to be careful of her sister, she is dangerous.[15]

Mahiru makes her way over which Shinoa acknowledges, and speaks to Mika from behind. Questioning whether he has seen her in the past yet, Mahiru asks Mika to tell her if he can see memories from before this Yu was born. Surprised, Mika asks who she is, and Shinoa adds that if Mahiru ever does anything to hurt Yu then she will never forgive him for it. On who she is, Mahiru claims she is just a girl in love and the real question is who are they. Addressing both Yu and Mika, she asks how many tens of thousands of years have they lived. Mahiru states starting now they are going to try and figure that out.[16]

Chapter Notes[]

  • The scene of Guren holding Shinya as others were lying deceased around him eight years ago moments before the catastrophe is recalled. Events may have been on his mind as Guren is largely unresponsive to Mahiru speaking to him during the time.
  • The next stage of Mahiru's plan involves getting out of their current location before the First finds them. Based on what she is implied to be able to discern, Mahiru knows the First has gone away, but would not know that he is currently in a prison being monitored by Urd and Saitō.
  • Sure that everything is working out so far, Mahiru speaks how they only get one chance to pull one over on the gods, plural. Mahiru may be aware of such gods, or speaking only to emphasize their chances. She also comments that they are only human so only get one chance, when she is a specialized type of demon and Guren is a Namanari.
  • Mika explores his newfound state of being as a demon in the physical world. Where he was a vampire who was affected by the sun, now Mika can stand in it, even look right at it with no detrimental occurrences.
  • Yu decides to call Mika "Mika-poo!"
  • For the memories he has gotten back from when he was a vampire, Mika finds it hard to distinguish between his and Yu's memories. He describes the experience as having mixed memories muddled in a big mess inside his head, where concentration is needed to single out a specific memory.
  • Mika's demon capabilities allow him to read minds. Concentration is required and Mika can look ahead, eyes open where Yu physically is where a memory appears for him to view. Reading memories allows Mika to see Yu's thoughts from one side of a closed door, and his own expressions from his memories on the other side. This form of accessing memories does not involve placing himself into a memory to view it, which he can also do.
  • In reading memories, Mika states he is not seeing them so much as eating Yu's desires and they come along with it. Desires that could have been eaten was Yu's desires for Mika to see his memories.
  • When accessing a memory where Yu has placed walls around his heart, Mika perceives it as static similar to that seen on a television screen where nothing, neither visuals or sound can be made out.
  • When Yu is detailing the perils of giving too much desire and then being possessed, Mika is determined that he will not possess Yu.
  • Shinoa does not appear to be experiencing any ill-effects from the poison she endured to weaken Shikama Doji.
  • Acknowledging that a plan has been in development for years, Mika thinks to investigate what Guren is up to in order to stay one step ahead.
  • Where memory navigation is concerned and what he can do, Mika wondered how Yu met Guren and was presented the very memory of them first seeing one another.
  • In accessing the memory of Yu escaping Sanguinem, it was seen that the black suns were present in the memory with Yu and Guren. Having made no mention of them, it is unlikely they saw the black suns if they were there at the time. Ashera came across a black sun in the past, yet as Asuramaru he does not discuss these with Yu, even though he shared details such as human experimentation and information on seraphs. The black suns may appear only in the memory, or may be entities that only Mika can see whether as a demon or himself.
  • While it was considered that Ferid allowed himself to be shot and Yu to escape, Mika sees in the memory how Ferid was acting. This may be Mika regaining a memory or seeing Ferid's duplicitous behaviour more clearly.
  • Wondering whose plan it is, Mika considers it may be his benefactor, Krul's, and even someone else's.
  • Seemingly, something drew Mika's attention in the memory where he noticed Mahiru observing silently nearby.
  • If this is an aspect of the memory then it would have been Mahiru-no-Yo who was witnessing the murders taking place before Yu escaped for Guren to meet, of which it may be possible they would have been the informant as to where Yu was. Based on Mahiru glancing to Mika who was viewing the memory, it is a possibility that Mahiru-no-Yo was not present in this past event, rather it was Mahiru who had invited herself into the memory that Mika was seeing in the present time.
  • When accessing a memory, physically Mika may not be able to focus on what is happening around him as much. Where humans can be completely unresponsive to physical stimuli when interacting with their demons, Mika can still hear words spoken to him and after registering that he was being addressed, he could possibly concentrate on Krul's hand near him.
  • Speaking to Mika and then trying to gauge his strength, Krul physically engages him before declaring that she (a third progenitor vampire) is still stronger than him. Mika could still counter with some strikes, and can not only manifest but also physically interact with the world where other demons seem unable to even be noticed by others.
  • After it was said that Mika is a part of Krul's clan he asks if she loves him. Krul replies she cannot say she understands what love is.
  • Upfront about what she wants, Krul says it is getting her brother, Ashera back.
  • Speaking Asuramaru's name, Mika makes no comment on how he was made to murder his orphanage family in a dream world by him, if he remembers.
  • Ferid has found his way to the squad, with Guren, Mahiru, and Krul, and brought a truck for a next stage of a plan they all seem to be collectively involved in.
  • Guren does expect them to get in the truck with Ferid, where they are moving to an undisclosed location where no one can touch them in Guren's words.
  • With Krul, Ferid, Mahiru, and Guren in one area, Mika regards them as all the shadow players coming together.
  • Picking up on how Mika is feeling, Shinoa shares his sentiment and cautions against trusting anyone. Saying to protect Yu, she also warns against her sister where Shinoa feels she is dangerous.
  • Approaching him, Mahiru questions if Mika has seen her in the past yet. She may be asking if Mika has seen a different memory involving her, or trying to ascertain if she was certainly noticed in the memory she was within.
  • Mahiru is aware of past Yu's and asks if Mika can see memories from before this Yu was born. Able to enter the deepest point of Yu's heart when a demon with no memories, by engaging with a single large eye Mika was indeed able to see the point of view of a Yu from the ancient past.
  • Where Shinoa spoke favorably of Guren and Mahiru's plan before, now she states to Mahiru if she ever does anything to hurt Yu then she will never forgive her for it.
  • Concerning Yu and Mika, Mahiru expresses an interest in figuring out how long they have lived.
  • While Crowley was not seen in the truck Ferid was driving here or in the next chapter 111, it would be shown in chapter 112 that he was present.


Image gallery: Expose the Past to the Sun

Manga panels provide a visual overview of the events of Chapter 110 with depictions of the characters, Seraph of the End world and scenarios.


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