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"Familiar Faces"[† 1] (懐かしいクビ Natsukashī Kubi?) is the forty-fifth chapter of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.


Aoi visits Shinya, who is imprisoned within Shinjuku's Japanese Imperial Demon Army HQ. She gives him a message from Kureto, telling him to quit his temper tantrum and return to his senses. Both Kureto and Guren are returning tomorrow.

Mitsuba hooks herself onto Crowley's leg and refuses to let go. The squad attacks Crowley, but he deflects every blow.


In Shinjuku, Aoi enters the prison within the Japanese Imperial Demon Army HQ. Guards inform her that the prisoner has been quiet and cooperative. She approaches the prisoner Shinya Hiragi, stating that she has a message for him. Shinya addresses her as Kureto’s pet dog, and she immediately replies that she is Kureto’s pet. Although he pleads with her to open the cell, she refuses. She tells him that a Hiragi like him should act like one and quit begging.

When Shinya asks her about sacrificing her sister, Mitsuba, Aoi states the Sangu family needs neither the incompetent nor traitors who desert the army.

Aoi tells Shinya that Kureto will be returning to Shinjuku tomorrow. His message is that Shinya is to cease his “temper tantrum” and come to his senses. Shinya tells her to tell him to shut up. Before leaving, Aoi mentions that Guren will be returning tomorrow as well.

Elsewhere, Mitsuba goes flying after Crowley’s blow but is shocked to realize she is uninjured. He throws her to the ground. When Shiho asks what they will do, Yoichi responds first by manifesting his bow and saying they must rescue her.

Crowley is pleased and says fighting will make waiting for Ferid less boring.

Mitsuba latches onto Crowley’s leg and orders the squad to abandon her and flee since they cannot waste time there. Yoichi refuses and shoots at Crowley, who easily deflects his shots. For the first time, Yoichi summons his demon to the extent curse marks cover his face. He fires again.

Kimizuki steps in next. Makoto asks what they are all thinking, and Shinoa orders everyone to assist Kimizuki. Makoto obeys and wields Genbushin.

Kimizuki begins his count of nine and manifests Kiseki-o, but Crowley recalls seeing that technique before. He considers pulling back and asks if Mitsuba would release his leg. When she refuses, he says he will just cut off her arms. She declares she will no longer be the weak link.

Shinoa steps in and blocks Crowley’s sword with her scythe.


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  1. The name of this chapter was originally published as "The Sangu Sisters" (三宮家のシマイ Sangū-ke no Shimai?) in both the Japanese and English magazines, however eventually retitled "Familiar Faces" in tankōbon format.



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