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Where an official name has not been stated, this article's title is conjectural.

This unnamed female student was captured by the vampire that escaped at the Second Shibuya High School.


She had long brown hair reaching below her shoulders and had darker brown eyes.

She wore the high school uniform, a sailor fuku, which consists of a grey blouse with black cuffs that have teal trim in the middle. It has a black sailor-style collar with has teal trim and a single five teal petal design in the middle. The ribbon of the uniform is also teal and is tied in the front and laced through a loop attached to the blouse. The bottom is a black skirt. She wore it with dark blue knee high socks and white shoes.


Not much is known about her before but, after being rescued, she acted shy around Yu. She tells him she loves him and had written what how she feels in a letter she gives to Yu.


She survived the apocalypse and came to study at Second Shibuya High School, likely being in the same class as Satoshi Yamanaka as he was present when the vampire had captured her.


Events of 2020[]

Second Shibuya High Arc[]

Upon hearing a scream, Yu entered a classroom where he found the girl unconscious on the teacher's desk with an escaped vampire holding her. Partially through the battle between Yu and the female vampire, she manages to stir as she regained some degree of consciousness. Weakened, she could little more than ask for help.

Yu turned to Yamanaka, who was also present, and requested that he get her to safety, to no avail on account of Yamanaka's hesitation. Holding this student's hair, the vampire attempted to drink from her to heal herself but Yoichi tackles the vampire from the side, preventing her from being bitten.

Sometime after this ordeal, she appears well and meets with Yu on the rooftop of the school where she shyly thanks Yu for rescuing her. Blushing, she states that she was the one Yu saved yesterday in case he did not remember. She requests that he takes a letter she made for him, one enclosed in a purple envelope sealed with a teddy bear sticker.[1] She runs off, leaving a blushing Yu to realize that it is a love letter.[2] Yu pockets it as Shinoa arrives, having overseen the encounter.