Ferid Bathory (フェリド・バートリー Ferido Bātorī?) is a seventh progenitor among the vampires and one of the main antagonists of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series. He is the one who killed Yūichirō Hyakuya's family, thus fuelling Yuichiro's desire for revenge against all vampires. He is also a Michaela, who was sired by the former second progenitor Saitō.

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Ferid is a slender male with long, silver hair that reaches his hips and possesses rather handsome looks. He has bangs and a lock of hair over either ear. He keeps his hair tied back into a pony tail with a ribbon. The ribbon has stripes in the first chapter, but he replaces it with a black one after Krul defeats him. The ribbon tails trail to his shoulders. He also wears a pair of red diamond-shaped earrings dangling from either ear. Like all vampires, Ferid has elongated pointy ears, red eyes, and fangs.

Ferid's attire is composed of several components, including a suit, a long coat, thigh high boots and a cape to compliment the noble appearance.

He wears a white long-sleeved shirt with a decorative cut. It has a black line with dark gray rhombi intermittently dispersed along it. There is originally a stripe on his left side as well, but this disappears after Krul defeats him. The cuffs off the shirt are black and have four gold buttons down the outside. White lace ruffles comes out of the cuffs over his hands. He wears white gloves.

Ferid wears a white cape with a decorative cut over his shoulders and arms. It reaches to his waist in the front and down to his upper thighs in the back. The cape has black shoulder details as well as the black vampire insignia on the left shoulder. It also has two black buttons on the right. A gold ring connects to the vampire insignia and is attached to a chain running under his ruffles. There are some gold decorations hanging from this chain. There is a wide dark gray strap beneath this cape moving from his right shoulder to his left hip. This has three strips running down it with a small mark over each stripe at set intervals. He wears a black collar that originally has a pair of two white stripes lining it in the first chapter, but he replaces it with a similar collar with one stripe afterward. The collar is decorated with a scarlet bow at the base of his throat. The tails of the ribbon reach his lower chest. Two layers of white ruffles are present beneath the bow and reach his mid-chest.

Ferid also has a white waistcoat he wears over his posterior. It is split down the center and reaches his mid-calf. It is held in place by a wide black belt with a large buckle. The buckle rests over his left hip.

He dons a pair of white pants and black boots, which reach his upper thigh. The boots have four golden buttons at his thigh and three at his calf. The boots are white at the toes, sole, and heel. A pair of small black ribbons meet over either heel and are kept in place by a small white button detail in the center.

After rebelling the vampire leaded by Urd Geales and Lest Karr and being burned for treachery, Ferid's hair and Noble attire were burned to ash. Although the former broomed back into ear-length at the moment he was freed and soon recovered the original length. He untied his hair and wearing an casual attire made up by simpler shirt and trouser, a black shoulder cloak and glove serve as distinctive signs.



Even as a human child, Ferid has an excellent memory and memorizes things easily, which leads him to become bored quickly. He would remark he loved his mother whilst bloodied and armed with a sword, and once a vampire much later he would also declare he loves his 'papa' Saito so he has come to kill him. He was deemed "Abnormal" by Saitō, and has always been so even during the days he was a human child.
Human Ferid


Ferid murders the orphans

Ferid ruthlessly kills off the Hyakuya orphans in front of Mika and Yu

Ferid is chatty, happy, enthusiastic, playful, and sneaky. He is often described as unpredictable and says things to incite someone's temper but then says he is just kidding. Ferid enjoys irritating Third Progenitor Krul Tepes and Mikaela Hyakuya to a dangerous level, and he has a great deal of fun teasing Mika as well. He is infamous for his eccentric behavior and tends to cause "interesting" things to happen, according to Thirteenth Progenitor Crowley Eusford. He likes to risk having all of his plans ruined just so that he may feel some emotion.

When Crowley suspects a high-ranking noble may be giving information to the humans, Ferid is the first one he suspects. Ferid is self-serving and traitorous to serve his own ends, he uses blackmail to stay Krul's hand. He appears to be assisting the humans somehow.

On the outside, Ferid acts kind and polite. However, he keeps many secrets and tells many lies. He is sadistic and enjoys manipulating others in order to torment them. He immensely enjoys crushing the hopes of human children and watching their expressions become filled with despair. Ferid says he wants to hear them scream. Preferring the blood of beautiful boys and girls, he has kept many mansions filled with them over the centuries. Once he loses interest in one to the point of forgetting the child's name, he kills him or her. Regarding age, he claims the 16-year-old Mika is just barely within his preference range. He would like Mika to drink human blood and stop aging as soon as possible, and he frequently brings up the topic when alone with him.

Ferid up to no good

Ferid mocks both vampires and humans to his mysterious partner.

Toward his own supporters, Ferid may say carelessly cruel things. His true objective is a mystery, even to his closest followers. He appears to be at work manipulating many things behind the scenes.

Ferid considers the humans to be ugly, insatiable cowards. He also mocks the vampires' boundless arrogance.

Ferid resents Saito for having turned him into a vampire. He has grown bored of being immortal and seems to lack a will to live.


Chapter 91 - Page 25 - Panel 2

Ferid was born as the second in line to an unknown kingdom and had a strict upbringing as he was being taught to be a saint. Sometime in his childhood, he saw his father with a sword through his chest and calmly saying hi to his mother, who was horrified at the scene, Ferid raised another sword as he said he loved her.[2]

Ferid carries the Michaela trait and was turned into a vampire by Saitō. Since then, he has watched and waited to find other people carrying the Michaela trait and uses the blood of higher-ranking progenitors to turn them into vampires. One instance was using Second Progenitor Saito's blood to turn Crowley Eusford into a vampire and kill all who were important to him.[3] He manipulates Mika's situation in order to force Third Progenitor Krul Tepes to turn Mika into a vampire as well.


Events of 2012

Ferid LN

Ferid first appearing

Ferid Bathory first appears at a zoo in Tokyo to investigate reports about humans dabbling in forbidden research. Guren Ichinose uses a demon weapon provided by Mahiru Hīragi to kill a hybrid Horseman. Ferid then appears before them, surprising Mahiru and Guren, and he easily defeats both of them. He breaks Guren's left hand and many other bones when Guren attempts to block his attack. Ferid is amused by their survival and says he is uncertain if he can still call them human. He takes half of the horseman corpse with him and leaves, utterly unconcerned about the humans behind him.

On Christmas day, Ferid Bathory arrives at the scene when Guren Ichinose was performing the Seraph of the End experiment taboo, Guren recognized him from few months ago at Ueno Zoo when he fought Mahiru and him. There were few corpses at his feet from the Hiiragi's which seems he has killed them. Guren who is filled with despair; having lost his friends and his lover as he is the only one alive, asks the vampire to kill him which Ferid denies to do so and tells him to not fall into despair and decide for himself thinking it's more amusing this way while laughing, while watching him as he finishes the experiment telling Ferid that he understands that he carries a great sin by triggering the apocalypse.

Events of 2016


Mika approaches Ferid and allows him to drink his blood in exchange for money and good food. He realizes Mika actually intends to steal a map from him and escape Sanguinem, but he patiently feigns ignorance and waits until Mika succeeds. Ferid walks the streets of Sanguinem with a pair of hooded vampires. Mika and Yu are chatting, and Mika mentions that getting physically stronger is not enough against vampires. When Yu asks him what else they can do, Mika notices Ferid walking toward them. Mika suddenly greets him with a smile and runs up to him, confusing and alarming Yu. Ferid greets him and asks if he will come to his mansion that night. Mika politely agrees, and Ferid strokes his face while commenting on how delicious Mika's blood is. He says Mika is always welcome.

Seraph of the end manga ch 1 (11)

Discussing Mika and Yu offering their blood

When he asks if Yu will join them tonight, Yu begins to rudely reject the invitation until Mika covers his mouth and pulls him away. With a smile to Ferid, Mika apologizes, stating that Yu is too bashful and perhaps he might join them at a later date. They part ways.

Mika meets Ferid that night, missing out on dinner with his family and returning home after everyone except Yu has fallen asleep. He has blood on the right side of his neck when he returns. Although the activities between Mika and Ferid are not shown, their physical contact and Mika's tears and desperation to escape imply it was worse than merely being bitten. This was severe enough for Mika to see escaping to the surface into a world he believed was completely devoid of human civilization and overrun by monsters as a preferable alternative. Mika successfully steals both a map and a gun from Ferid's mansion.

Ferid is here to ruin everything

Waiting for the orphans at the exit

Ferid waits patiently atop the archway for them to reach the exit. Once the children congratulate themselves on getting this far and plan to make their final steps, he takes a few steps forward and laughs. He says he has been waiting for them, and Mika looks up in despair. Ferid gleefully states that expression is why he played this "little game." Mika realizes what is about to happen, and Yu asks if this was a trap.

In response, Ferid leaps down plucks up a young child standing between Yu and Mika. He bites the child's neck deeply and then claims he drank too much. He moves so quickly that Yu and Mika only turn in time to see him drop the corpse to the ground. Yu shoots at Ferid, but Ferid dodges the attack, laughing as he realizes that is his own gun. He decides to give them more hope. He says the map is real, and the exit is through the giant door at the end of the hall. He says he wonders what screams they will make as they step between hope and despair. Yu yells at the children to sprint for the exit while he and Mika hold Ferid off to buy them time. Ferid just smirks and runs between them, smiling as he kills every last child as Mika cries and begs him to stop. Akane Hyakuya is the last one he kills. Mika falls to his knees before he takes the gun from Yu and charges at Ferid. Ferid waits patiently, smiling and complimenting him once more on the taste of his blood.

Yu shoots Ferid

Shot in the head by Yu

When Mika raises the gun, Ferid slaps Mika's hand away and grabs him by the neck. He then uses the claws of his right hand to puncture Mika's rib cage and make him cough up some blood. Refusing to surrender, Mika raises the gun once again, and Ferid amputates Mika's arm. Yuichiro then catches the gun and shoots Ferid in the head after telling him to die. He and Mika both fall to the ground.

Hooded vampires hear the commotion and arrive at the scene. Krul appears as well and stops them from finishing off Mika. She says he belongs to her. She tastes Mika's blood and asks Ferid about what happened.

Screenshot (116)

Having survived and speaking with Krul

Ferid stops playing dead and smirks before sitting up. He greets Krul with compliments and tells her how much he loves her, but she claims he only loves her power. He does not deny it. She says Ferid deliberately allowed her seraphs to escape. When Ferid says she is the one who needs to explain herself and brings up the Progenitor Council, Krul attacks him, easily removing his right arm and stomping on him as he hits the ground. Ferid says he will not pry into this matter any further and leaves while waving his amputated arm at her. He says he will be back because he loves her so much, but she only scowls at him and turns her focus to Mika.

Events of 2020

Second Shibuya High Arc

At the end of the first volume, Ferid approaches Mika in a chapel, informing him that Yūichirō Hyakuya has been found. Mika draws his sword on Ferid and points it at Ferid's neck, but Ferid appears unconcerned. He says Yu was being used by the humans, just as they thought.

In Sanguinem, Krul and a spokesperson give a speech to what appear to be over a hundred vampires. They discuss the nasty Japanese Imperial Demon Army, which is responsible for numerous crimes, including killing vampires, stealing vampire territory, and performing forbidden magic. Krul notices Mika and smiles at him. Ferid then realizes Mika is there and turns to wave at him. Mika sits a few rows behind him. Krul then steps forward to complete the announcement. She declares war against the humans for the sake of the world's stability. Vampires cheer, and Mika mutters that he will save Yu. Ferid turns to look back at Mika and smiles.

Shinjuku Arc

Ferid and Mika watching the battlefield

Overseeing the battle in Shinjuku

Ferid commands the attack on Shinjuku. Crowley receives summons from Ferid to head to the front lines and join him at the 5th Street Intersection. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Colonel Guren Ichinose scopes out the battlefield, looking for the vampire in charge. He spies Ferid with Mika at his side. Ferid returns his gaze, alarming Guren. Ferid laughs and says someone is spying on them.

When Mika asks about it, Ferid tells him to not mind it and suggests he partake of some human blood. Mika tells him to shut up and says that is none of his business. Ferid mentions that they are forbidden to touch humans directly in the city, but Mika asks Ferid how much attention he paid to that law when he drank Mika's blood. Ferid laughs and tells him to not say such mean things. He reveals that Mika is the one who approached him. When Mika says that Ferid slaughtered his entire family for his entertainment, Ferid asks him if he is still upset over that "little incident" from ages ago now that he is a vampire. Mika says he is only mad at himself for being unable to protect his family. Ferid teases him about Yu and implores him once more to drink human blood. He says that starved vampires do not die but go mad and turn into demons.

Vampire lineup

In contact with the Moon Demon Company

Guren Ichinose jumps into the battlefield and kills several vampires in a single strike. Ferid tells Mika that Guren is a member of the Moon Demon Company, which is elite even among the humans' vampire extermination units.

Ferid says they must remind the uppity humans of their place. He orders Mika to fight with him and kill Guren while the other vampires keep the other humans busy. Mika says he can handle Guren on his own. Mika and Guren clash. Ferid says Mika's power and arrogance are overwhelming, but his arrogance will trip him up. He offers to help and points out that the humans did not intend to fight Mika one-on-one. They force Mika into a trap.

Ferd's backhand

Blocking Guren's sword meant for Mika

When Guren attempts to strike Mika from behind, Ferid steps in, drawing his sword and blocking the attack. He then backhands Guren, sending him flying across the battlefield. Ferid says Mika owes him one. He warns Mika that humans are greedy coward but are also exceptionally determined. He asks again to work together with Mika, but Mika insists he has it covered now and orders his sword to drink more of his blood.

Mika defeats Guren and stabs him through the chest when human reinforcements arrive, Yu among them. While Mika recognizes Yu immediately, Yu does not recognize him until he stabs Mika through the chest for attacking Guren. After Mika frees himself from Yu's sword, he moves a distance away. Ferid joins him. Ferid calls it a touching reunion and says that Yū is obviously being used by those humans. Mika says he will save Yu. Ferid says a human could never be one of them and offers to turn him into a vampire. Mika grabs him by the collar and threatens to kill him if he touches Yu. Ferid laughs, claiming it was a joke and offers to keep the other humans occupied while Mika rescues his "beloved princess."

Ferid's sword 2

Intending to just leave Yu alive

Yu begins to cry when he calls out for Mika, and Ferid calls it an adorable reaction. He draws his sword, claiming all of the humans besides Yu must die until Crowley arrives. He returns his sword to its scabbard and changes his plan from killing the humans to turning them into vampire livestock instead.

The humans attempt to retreat. Ferid leaps behind Yu and then dodges his attacks. Guren swings at him next, but Ferid easily jumps behind him and kicks him aside. He mocks Yu for being quick but too young and Guren for being slow now that he is wounded. He then steps behind Yu and grabs his shoulder, saying he wants to see how Yu tastes.

Mika responds by amputating the arm touching Yu which Ferid claims he was a joking.

Mika attempts to escape with Yu while the vampires defeat the humans and drink their blood. Ferid holds Guren up by his neck. Soon, Yu screams as the drug he ingested kicks in and forces him to transform. Ferid films the transformation secretly. When Crowley asks Ferid what to do about that, Ferid asks Guren about that thing. He says that the bottomless greed of humans is frightening and points out they never manage to control what they create.[4]

Yu attempts to kill Sergeant Shinoa Hīragi, but Mika steps in and is stabbed through the chest in her place. Yu flings Mika away, and Shinoa hugs Yu, triggering his transformation to cease. Guren chuckles and says that is is ace in the whole. When Ferid says that monster did not do much for them, Guren mentions that they were only decoys, alerting Ferid to Major General Shinya Hīragi's sniping attempt. Ferid dodges the brunt of the impact and only part of his left shoulder is injured.

The Main Shinjuku Army arrives to reinforce the humans. The rest of the human's main army arrives. Crowley asks Ferid for orders, and Ferid says he is leaving. He tells Crowley that he can live or die, whichever he pleases. He then suggests they both return home since accomplished his goal. When Crowley asks for details, Ferid only smirks at him and tells him it is a secret. Ferid grabs Mika's shoulder and orders him to retreat. Mika refuses, but Ferid says he cannot save Yu right now. Mika curses the humans. When Ferid asks him if he is beginning to hate humanity, Mika claims to hate both humanity and humans. Ferid grabs his arm and tells him it is time to go home. When Mika struggles, Ferid grabs his neck and reprimands him. He grabs Mika by the waist and flees with him.

Post-Shinjuku Arc

Following the battle in Shinjuku, Ferid meets with someone in a ruined city full of sand like a desert. Ferid laughs about how perfectly his plans are proceeding. He says humanity's all-consuming greed is expanding unchecked, and vampires' boundless arrogance is making them look down at the entire world. He addresses this person as his "ever-so-amusing partner" and hands over research reports. This person wears black boots resembling those of the JIDA uniform.

Ferid troll

Attending the progenitor council meeting

Ferid attends a meeting of the Progenitor Council, and he brings Mika with him. He plays the video of Yu's transformation, causing quite a stir when they recognize the seraph of the end, which are being experimented on by the humans once again. A fourth progenitor claims Krul foiled that plan when she destroyed the Hyakuya Sect in Japan. Krul claims she eliminated the entire Hyakuya Sect and all of their orphans with the seraph gene eight years ago with her own hands. Ferid feigns ignorance about this and glances at Mika, who appears shocked and confused. Third Progenitor Lest Karr chips in, threatening to make Krul take responsibility for her failure. When he says he would be happy to take control of Japan in her place, she calls him a child and tells her to remember her place. He says he is only 200 years younger than her an claims to be stronger than her. Ferid redirects their attention to the problem at hand. Krul declares they will deploy their full army and kill every human under the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.

A council member then asks about the child standing behind Ferid. Krul makes an uncomfortable expression, but Ferid only says that Mika is his favorite servant as of late. He claims he cannot bear to be away from Mika, but he does not name him. One progenitor scolds Ferid's for his behavior, pointing out that even Ferid himself is of too lowly a rank to attend their meetings under normal circumstances. Another says Ferid has always been eccentric.

Ferid almost lost a limb

The consequences of provoking Krul

After the meeting concludes, Krul confronts Ferid, asking why he brought Mika and if he is trying to dethrone her. She swings at him, leaving a deep fissure in the floor, and threatens to kill him. Ferid hides behind Mika with a scared expression, before becoming serious. He says Krul has been unable to kill him for some time since she would be the first suspect in his death. He says he may have plans for his secretes to reach the Progenitor Council on his death and mentions how the vampire queen has been meddling with the seraph of the end. She glares at him, and he claims her adorable face makes his heart flutter. He says it is his fault that Yu escaped, so he would face even worse punishment than her. Since they share the same secret, he asks if this makes them partners in crime.

He tells her to take his hand and submit to him before claiming he was just kidding. He pats Mika's butt before leaving and says he hopes they will be the best of friends next time. A while later, Ferid finds Mika on the streets of Sanguinem. Mika is desperate for blood, sweating and gasping while feverish. Ferid pats him on

the shoulder and suggests he slake his thirst. Since Mika has yet to drink human blood, Mika continues to age. Ferid says Mika is still barely at the age Ferid finds most beautiful, so he should halt his growth at his best spot. He plucks a livestock child named Dai off the street and pricks Dai's neck with his thumbnail. A few drops of blood trickle out, making Mika gulp, but he resists his thirst and grabs Ferid's arm instead. He orders Ferid to let the child go and reminds him that drinking directly from a human is against the law. Ferid drops the boy unceremoniously onto the ground. Dai and Dai's friend glare at them.

Ferid then asks him why Mika tries so hard to avoid drinking blood. He wonders aloud if Mika hopes to return to being human some day. Mika tells him to get lost. Ferid then asks if Mika is afraid Yu would hate him for drinking human blood, but Mika does not answer.

Ferid appears again lurking around the streets of Sanguinem and looks at the children. He says one is cute, but he and his friend flee from him. Dai's friend from the previous chapter politely approaches Ferid and says he heard he might get something in return if he lets Ferid drink his blood. Ferid asks where he heard that and suggests he received that information from Mika.

Nagoya Arc

In Nagoya, Ferid flies with Krul to Crowley Eusford's domain. Ferid comments that the area is already under attack by the humans.

When Ferid arrives at Nagoya, he approaches Crowley Eusford. Crowley says there is "too much fun" going on, so Ferid must be behind it somehow. He accuses Ferid of leaking information to the humans, but Ferid says he hates fools who betray their comrades more than anything else. Crowley does not buy it and then says the thing that gets him is that Ferid sold out his location to the humans as well. He asks Ferid to explain that. He says he thought he was part of Ferid's faction.

Ferid points out that Crowley was entertained, and Crowley admits that. Ferid asks for thanks for sending something to liven up Crowley's boring day. Ferid says having a member of his own faction attacked makes him less likely to be suspected. Ferid admits to giving the information to humans, but he says someone even more twisted than he pulled the strings this time and points to Guren Ichinose, who lies beaten on the ground.

Crowley says Guren does not look like it, but Ferid says that Guren is a namanari. A namanari is a human one step short of becoming a full demon. He says there are two beings in Guren's body, and they share their time in control. He says one half is the idealist who wants to save his friends and followers. He says the other half is possessed by the vengeful spirit of Guren's dead lover, a perfectionist who reduced herself to a demon in order to get what she wants.

When Krul orders the vampires to set out for Nagoya Airport, a bit further away, Crowley asks Ferid about what is really about to start. Ferid laughs, stating that it is a grand party. He tells Crowley to stay close behind him at all times or else Crowley will die.

Later during the battle at the airport, both Ferid and Crowley attacks Krul to catch her off guard - their plan to ultimately remove her from power. Krul had been ordering for Mikaela to bring back Yūichirō, and therefore they can escape together soon after. Then suddenly, Crowley charges in from behind with his blade to slash her from behind, but she reacts quickly and easily cuts off his arm. However soon after, Ferid emerges as Crowley served as the distraction to comment that Krul's pretty neck was wide open due to her arrogance, then plunged his fangs into her shoulder. As she mouths for Mika to go, Ferid manages to drink the Queen unconscious, jokingly saying that if he continued she would've died.

With Krul unconscious, he is able to exploit her betrayal to the vampires and taking over from that point on.

Post-Nagoya Arc

Three months after the battle at Nagoya airport, Ferid summons an urgent call for the Progenitor Council. When the live feed loads, Krul Tepes is revealed to be bounded to her throne, looking in a worn condition. Many of the progenitors are astounded and shocked by the display, demanding to know what was going on in Japan.

Ferid steps into view while he comments brightly.

Ferid comments brightly to the progenitors of the Progenitor Council

Ferid steps into view while he comments brightly.

He proceeds to apologize to the high progenitors for the urgent call, stating that it was an emergency. Third Progenitor Nix Parthe shouts at him, infuriated that he a non-high ranked progenitor dared to call the high progenitors. He taunts the seventh progenitor, only to be silenced by Lest Karr as the latter states that with Krul in her state that Ferid currently held the most power in Japan. Lest then urges for Ferid to continue.

Ferid proceeds to inform the rest of the progenitors of the events that occurred in Japan. Crowley, Chess, and Horn speak up, only commenting little, irrelevant things. Second Progenitor Urd Geales is irritated with such a display and orders for them to stop acting foolish and to state the important details.

Ferid then ultimately reveals to all in the Progenitor Council of Krul's betrayal of being involved with the humans' experimentation on the Seraph of the End. There are rears of shock and disbelief at the news. Ferid continues to state that the experiment has been completed and the Seraph has been weaponized by the humans, and with both him and Crowley's efforts they managed to subdue Krul as a traitor while risking their lives. He informs the other Progenitors that the vampires are now weak and powerless against the power the humans possesses.

Suddenly from outside, the humans invade Sanguinem and on-screen, they blow the wall in behind Ferid. Lacus and René runs in on the meeting, saying the humans are coming to the palace and that he must flee.

Ferid makes a deal with the progenitor council

Ferid asks the progenitor council for permission to abandon Japan, and in return he shall send them Krul.

The seventh progenitor asks the higher progenitors for permission to abandon Japan, and in return he shall send them Krul.

Later on, Ferid drives a western car with Crowley in the passenger's seat. Crowley asks where they are headed, and Ferid says they are going to see his friends. After some banter, Ferid says they are actually going to a little fishing village to meet Yu and Mika and to "become their new best friends."

Ferid brings crowley to meet yuu

Ferid and Crowley leave to meet Yuu and Mika

Crowley and Ferid quickly drive to the fishing village where the Shinoa squad and others had been hiding. Crowley points out that Ferid already killed Yu and Mika's entire family for fun, and Ferid agrees. Ferid says they are going on this trip to become their new best friends anyway. When Crowley says that is unlikely, Ferid cheerfully tells him to not be confined by common sense and says how the idea of "former enemies coming together all through the power of friendship" is so exciting. Ferid mentions killing all of Crowley's friends once and states that they are now "buddy-buddy." However, Ferid says taking 800 years to become buddy-buddy with Yu and Mika might be just a little too long in this case.

Crowley points out the group spotted them and are running. Ferid orders Crowley to run after them since he is busy driving. When Crowley, who mentioned how much he hates running during the previous arc, then offers to drive instead, Ferid tells him to get going. He says Crowley needs to stop them. He can cut off a leg or two, but he tells Crowley not to kill them. Crowley brings up Ferid's previous comments about becoming buddy-buddy with Yu and Mika before jumping out of the car to chase after them.

Crowley engages them in combat with Kimizuki, Mitsuba, Shinoa, and Yoichi fight him. Ferid appears behind Yu and Mika and nearly drives over them. He jeers that he heard they were being attacked by a dangerous vampire, so he came to their rescue. He says he will save them if they take a ride with him, but Crowley says they already finished that part and surrendered.
Ferid takes Akane's head

Ferid pulls out Akane's head from the car

Ferid acts shocked and asks when Yu and Mika became so reasonable. Yu explains why they will cooperate, and Ferid asks if that means he will forget everything Ferid has done to them. When Yu agrees… Ferid pulls Akane’s head from his trunk and asks if Yu can say that to her face.

Yu turns into a demon, screaming that he will kill Ferid and attacks him. Ferid only prances around, asking Crowley to save him because he is only a delicate flower, telling Yu he is being mean, and asking if using this much demon power means Yu will become a demon permanently. Yu never comes close to hitting Ferid, but he manages to slice his fancy foreign car in half.

Ferid mentions that the five humans cannot stop Yu now but he can because he has the right drug. He tells them to beg. When Shinoa begins, he says he was just teasing and came here to be their new friend.

He throws the Akane’s head to Yoichi. Ferid struts toward Yu and Mika, and Mika gets between them, telling him to stay away. Ferid pulls out a filled syringe and asks if Mika will give Yu that dangerous, unstable drug instead. Mika attacks him, and Crowley intervenes, keeping Mika away from Yu.

Ferid says that Yu has grown cute and calls him an “extra-special guinea pig.” He says this curse-suppressant drug is the same drug Guren Ichinose is using. He says he met Guren before the catastrophe when he was just a high school student and received the drug directly from him. Yu demands answers.

Ferid says he is cute and bites him on the neck, drinking his blood. He then stabs Yu in the back with the needle, suppressing the demon and putting Yu to sleep.

Ferid stabs Yu

Ferid gives Yuu the curse suppressor

Alarmed, Mika finally leaves Crowley to returns to Yu’s side. He tells Ferid he will never forgive him. Ferid mentions that he just saved Yu’s life as Yu’s blood trickles from his mouth. Mika says they are not going to be part of his plot, and Ferid asks if this is his plot.

Mika asks him what he is trying to do, why he is here, and why he has Akane’s head with him.

Ferid says he thought he might just drop by and show them how to bring Akane back to life. He says the name of the experiment is the Seraph of the End. He says it is a forbidden spell that a group of foolish humans tinkered with eight years ago.

Later on, Crowley works on fixing a bus engine. Not exactly pleased with the situation, the main characters enter the bus and Crowley drives them. Ferid jokes about them being on a "field trip" with a "ton of packed lunches," and Kimizuki hopes he is not referring to their squad as the meal.

On cue, Ferid approaches Makoto and tells him he has the bodies of all of his squad members packed up in bottles as well. Makoto is enraged, but Shiho tells him to just let Ferid talk. Mika says to not bother asking Ferid any questions since this is all a game to him.

Ferid just teases Shiho about Mirai and counts down until Yu wakes up. Shiho says he finally realizes what Crowley and Mika meant when they said dealing with Ferid is a pain.

Yu wakes up sometime later and mentions that the drug appears to be working. Ferid says he has the bodies of the other orphans at his mansion, but he refuses to tell them where they are headed now. Yu says he will not believe a word Ferid says, but he will listen to what he says about Guren.

Ferid mocks Yu about always asking about Guren, but replies to his questions anyway.

Ferid says Guren is haunted by the deaths of his comrades: Shinya Hiragi, Norito Goshi, Mito Jujo, Sayuri Hanayori, and Shigure Yukimi. He says they all died eight years ago, shocking and confusing Shinoa. He says they all died and were then revived. He says the world does not permit the dead to return, and that angered a petty god. The price of their return was the culling of all the adult humans in the world by a virus.

As the group takes a rest stop, Ferid and Crowley joke about the kids' taking a long bathroom break. Ferid bemoans that the kids still have not come out. Crowley asks where they are really going, and Ferid confesses to lying about taking them to the place of the Seraph of the End experiment. He reveals he is actually taking them to Osaka Bay to rendezvous with Guren.

Back on the bus, Crowley asks for more information. Ferid only says they will become extremely busy and refuses to divulge anymore information in order to spare Crowley from being tortured. Ferid calls him his "precious son," and Crowley promptly rejects the notion. Crowley asks about Saito, their sire, but Ferid says nothing.

Crowley asks if this is all to get back at Saito and says he might get revenge on Ferid instead if Ferid says nothing, and Ferid only tells him to make it spectacular if he must.

Ferid approaches Mika and advises him to get some sleep, but Mika states vampires do not sleep. Ferid teases him and asks if Krul Tepes is the one Mika wants revenge on since she turned him into a vampire. Mika asks where they are going.

As Ferid appears to answer, Crowley slams on the breaks and sends Ferid flying through the windshield.

Ferid adjusts his broken neck and ponders about how absolutely boring the beautiful blue sky is.

Ferid sits up and asks why Crowley stomped on the breaks. Crowley asks if that was "spectacular" enough for Ferid, and Ferid shows surprise before laughing. He says he did not see that one coming.

The humans disembark and demand an explanation. However, a shout from Lest Karr demands that Ferid greet his betters properly. Quite alarmed by the unexpected vampire army, Yu confronts Ferid, but Ferid quickly warns him to be silent. He says even he will get killed in an instant if Yu screws this up.

Osaka Arc

Ferid greets the members of the Progenitor Council. Before Ferid can explain the situation, Lest Karr takes Ferid's heart out of his chest and forces him to speak.

2017-01-04 (14)

Ferid's heart taken out of his chest by Lest Karr

Ferid tells Lest where Krul is and Lest returns Ferid's heart. Ferid rushes over to Kimizuki and drinks his blood. Ferid tells Urd Geales that the humans are his toys and replies that he tried to stop the humans from taking over Sanguinem. Ferid smiles as Urd chases after Krul's scent.

Later Ferid meets Saito and claims he has been waiting for him. Saito contemplates killing Ferid but chooses to forgive him. He tells Ferid that next time he will not be as generous. Crowley asks if the blood Ferid forced him to drink was Saito's and Ferid says yes. Ferid jokes about killing Fifth progenitors and working their way up to kill Saito. He then remarks that they could ask the humans to help them.

Ferid meets saito

Ferid meets Saito

Ferid is later seen being dragged by Lest Karr back to Osaka Bay and waves at the humans. He claims he is not guilty and says he hasn't spoken to his father for a thousand years. Urd then sentences both Krul and Ferid to ten days of exposure torture in the sunlight, and after that Urd will listen to what they have to say. Ferid insists he is ready to talk immediately however the pair is threatened with eternal torment unless they have a good explanation when he returns.

Ferid and Krul are tied onto crucifixes, and Krul asks Ferid if he has a plan to get out of this. When he denies it, she calls him useless. He says his friends will probably rescue them.

Ky Luc cheerfully cuts off Ferid’s UV light-guard. Ferid remarks about the brightness of the sun before bursting into flame and screaming.

Sunlight torture

Within one day of exposure torture Ferids hair has burnt off as Ky Luc sits under his cross smiling.

Later, Mahiru-no-Yo looks around Osaka and notices Ferid and Krul burning. She mocks the two for being on fire and Ferid glares at her.

Ky Luc notices something off about Ferid and the latter moving and jumps up onto his burning cross, unharmed, to question him why he moved. Ferid rasps out at the sudden shade from Ky's shadow, asking the latter if their torture was finally over, only to have his question brushed aside. As Ky suspects him for doing something, he looks behind the Fifth Progenitor at Mahiru, whom the Fifth cannot see. Ferid is still burning when squads Guren and Shinoa and Crowley lay siege on Ky. When Shinya tries to snipe him with Byakkomaru, the fifth progenitor slices Ferid's body, tossing the lower half at the materialized tigers and the upper half at Yu but blocked by Shinoa and Mitsuba.

While Ky is distracted by the squads, Crowley tosses Ferid's sword to the regenerating upper half of the seventh progenitor. Ferid, given a UV-band and now having shorter hair, catches his sword before calling his lower half to come to him. When Ky is taking his leave, he makes a threat to Ferid that his head will be cut off and buried deep into the earth, but Ferid continues some banter with Ky before the fifth progenitor escapes with Krul.

After Ky is confirmed to be far away now, he freaks out Shinoa and Mitsuba with his nude lower half rejoining his upper half, which leads to Shinoa cutting off Ferid's head. Crowley returns the seventh progenitor's head with a comment that Ferid could have dodged that, and gives him some clothing. He then asks if getting burned was hot, in which Ferid says it was it was so hot, he wondered if he was alive again. Crowley disbelieves the claim, and Ferid agrees about them being long dead. He then asks Crowley if he has become jealous of humans for being alive as they watch the gathered Shinoa squad and Mika. When Crowley tells him that they are traitors now and asked what the next step is, Ferid tells him that there is another big battle, in which they will meet up with the humans in Shibuya. Upon Crowley guessing the battle is going to be the vampires, Ferid questions why they would do that, and reveals that their next battle is going to be against God.[5]

In chapter 64 he tells Mika that the Saito addressed him a long time ago with the same name. And asked Mika who gave his name.[6]

Shibuya Arc

Ferid stands nearby with Crowley as he listens to Guren and Kureto discussing Saito. He confirms to Crowley that Saito is one of the names of their "daddy dearest" before telling Crowley they are going to check in on the first. Saito is also looking for him and Ferid feels it's best they get there before he does.[7] Ferid joyfully enters the examination room where Shinoa is being treated asking all gathered how's it going. He guesses aloud that the transformation will not stop, but then proceeds to share that he in fact knows how to stop it. He assures the apprehensive medical staff, and Crowley that he does know how and if they want him to stop the process.[8] He approaches Shinoa laid out on a stretcher, greeting her he understands it must be uncomfortable feeling her body die and reconstruct itself cell by cell. He tells her not to worry, he is here to help and answers Crowley that it is simple really. Unsheathing his sword, Ferid explains that to stop a person from transforming into a vampire all you need to do is kill them before the transformation is complete, bringing his sword down upon Shinoa as he says so.[9]

As he stares fixed upon Shinoa[10], a scythe materialises over her and Ferid is immediately dismembered at the waste. He remarks “here it comes” just as his sword arm is also cut right off. Ferid calls to Crowley and has his head seized and then hurled out of harms way straight into the wall behind them. In his haste, Ferid is thrown with such force that he head has smashed through the other side of the wall. He comments aloud that Crowley is so stupidly strong as he pulls his head out. Seeing that Crowley is having trouble fending off what is attacking them, Ferid gleefully suggests running away even with his lower body detached. He tells Crowley if he tried to retrieve his legs, ‘he’d’ kill him. Matters become serious for him when he witnesses Crowley swiftly decapitated. Remarking the situation is very bad, Ferid wonders if today is the day he will finally get to die.[11]

Watching Shinoa’s possessed body rise, Ferid initiates dialogue asking if they are the first. He continues talking wanting to know what the point of everything is, the destroyed world, endless human wars and why vampires have bodies that just do not die, using the opportunity to reattach his lower torso as he does so. He notes it began with them as to why they were all cursed, and wants to know what the point to it all was. Ferid answers he will decide what he does with the information when he hears why from the first. He acknowledges was not turned immortal directly by them, rather from a ripple effect when he was turned by his father, Rigr Stafford.[12]

Ferid excuses himself into the conversation Guren, Kureto and Shinya are having regarding the first. He has to disagree with the choice the human captains are making and shares a bit of advice: run now. It is then revealed that Ferid has been bisected at the waist again as the first in Shinoa's body steps out gripping him by the neck.[13] Not taking part in the fight as the first attacks, with Rigr Stafford behind the Hyakuya Sect's sudden attack, Ferid remarks that the whole family will be here. Upright, he declares they are saved after Shinoa crashes out a window in response to the invasion.[14]

With Shibuya under a large scale attack Ferid attempt to attack one of the invaders. Striking vampire noble Basteya Irclu from behind, Ferid’s sword is blocked, at which point he maintains his outwardly pleasant manner and speaks warmly at what a surprise it is Basteya is alive and if they are here does that mean “daddy dearest” is here too.[15]

Confirming that he was discarded, Ferid informs Basteya he is awfully stuck up for a dog still chained and offers to cut the leash. With Basteya doubting his ability to do so on account Ferid is a seventh progenitor, Ferid points out he has Crowley with him today. Stating that he is so irresistibly cute and adorable, Ferid shares that he has made a whole bunch of human friends lately too. Saying that Basteya has poked his nose too deep into enemy territory, and underestimated humans and their capabilities, Ferid says it looks like they are going to die for real today.[16]

Observing a cut in the air and a Hyakuya Sect member on the other side of the portal, Ferid notes they got away as Basteya leave through it. Noting it as an awful handy weapon, Ferid wonders where Basteya went. Turning his thoughts to Saito, he contemplates what his objective is and if he is simply collecting human sin then it is likely the seraph of the end kept here. Producing a cross shaped dagger in his possession, Ferid also considers it may be that. He is so caught up in his thoughts and tells Crowley as such, and that he should protect him.[17]

Not too fussed that Crowley just got a scratch, Ferid has managed to collect his thoughts, and he has concluded that Mr. Handy-Dandy Weapon Man is just the handy-dandy tool that he needs.[18]

Following the agent who has pursued Shinya in jumping off Shibuya’s wall, Ferid grasps the agent by the head and before he can activate his cursed gear Jigenso, Ferid tells him to shut up then makes him by throwing him into the ground.[19]

Landing, Ferid tells him no dying they need to borrow his handy weapon. Concerning Shinya, Ferid points out he just saved his life and does he not get a thank you. When thanked Ferid is certain that there is no need to thank him, it is only natural to help friends. Leaning on Shinya’s shoulder he explains if he really wanted to thank him that much then how about he follow Ferid’s orders for a minute. He has Shinya’s sniping speciality in mind since at the moment Ferid just happens to have an opponent way more powerful than him that he has to beat up, laughing it is just not that easy.[20]

With the Hyakuya army largely pacified having been stabbed with Saito's chains, Ferid brings the unconscious Hyakuya agent who has Jigenso with him. He agrees to Shinya's plan to go and find Guren stating that it seems fun.[21] Watching the fight between the first and Saito with Crowley, he states to look at their daddy dearest, he is has always been so preoccupied with looking up at the sky. Ferid disagrees with Crowley's assessment that he himself has been occupied with looking up to Saito, saying that he does not have that bad a daddy complex, and jokes that he has a lolita complex. For now, he thinks they will wait and see what their ally does, aware that "Mr. Namanari" boy is getting ready to turn into a full demon.[22]

Standing amongst the impaled and unconscious Hyakuya Sect members, Ferid is balancing a cross shaped dagger on his fingertip. He has the Hyakuya agent under his boot and is noted to be in a good mood by Crowley. Ferid finds that strange, since he is actually super nervous right now, namely about dropping the knife he has, stating obviously he has to keep balanced on his finger. The fight between the first and Saito continues overhead, and Ferid claims he gave Crowley a perfectly serious answer.[23]

Asked what the knife is for, Ferid confirms it is the one taken from the child that was turned into a seraph of the end. He has heard it is a fantastical magical item that can do lots of amazing thing. Yet he is not really interested in that part, what does interest him is that Saito, who is so busy fighting the first right now, has been looking for such daggers for a thousand plus years. Saying there are seven in total, Ferid answers Crowley that he is waiting for the signal and has been for hundreds of years.[24]

Receiving a signal from Guren, Jigenso is activated and Ferid appears through a portal in the air to seize and stab Saito with the dagger he has. Greeting him hello, Ferid takes the time to ask if Saito knows that according to his calculations, just one of these is enough to break him.[25]

Chapter 91 - Page 4

Observing the Hyakuya Sect retreat

Ferid[26] is at ease as the Hyakuya Sect are retreating from the Imperial Demon Army. Asking if Crowley also feels a little peckish he observes a Hyakuya Sect member gain an advantage over a Demon Army soldier and takes ahold of the former's head. Saying he prefers children's blood but the Hyakuya Sect member will have to do, Ferid drinks then remarks it is disgusting. Replying to the soldier it is no problem, as allies they help one another, Ferid then asks whether Crowley wants the man's blood. The blood of allies one just betrayed is the tastiest blood and Ferid seems to remember that Crowley's blood was indeed tasty. Thinking about it, it was delicious and he wants to drink it again. Ferid requests Crowley to turn back into a human so he can before wondering whether it is still tasty, maybe he will have a sip and see. Thinking it could be fun if Crowley drank his own blood, Ferid questions whether he desires him now then says for him to drink it. He begins with asking him to drink so it nearly kills him then ends with saying for Crowley to actually kill him, before smiling it off.[27]

Chapter 91 - Page 16 - Panel 1

Finding Saito within an alley

Noticing tracks on the concrete nearby, Ferid thinks the marks looks like long chains dragged in the dirt. With them leading to an alley, Ferid produces his sinful key then asks whether Crowley has noticed. He agrees the smell of blood is papa's scent. Calling him, Ferid says he loves Saito so he has come to kill him and slides the implement across the wall. Seeng the upper torso of Saito with chains coming out the bottom, Ferid questions the plan, and point when it is assumed has has either one. Questioning Crowley what he thinks of Saito asking what his point is, personally Ferid thinks the father's duty is to teach the son what the point of living is. Hearing from Crowley that Ferid force fed him a vial of Saito's blood and so should have taught him, Ferid replies he is the picture of familial responsibility. He taught Crowley the point of life repeatedly, first starting by killing everyone who was important to him.[28] Despite that tragedy the world did not change one bit. Ferid explains they live on but nothing changes ever, the sky can be blue or black but there is no point to living at all. At least that is what he taught his son, but if he is somehow wrong he wants Saito to show them what meaning there is to life.[29]

Chapter 91 - Page 27 - Panel 1

His sinful key holding arm restrained

Raising the sinful key, Ferid licks the wound that has appeared across his cheek from Saito's chain that has zipped past. He can do that too and deflects further attacks before descending downwards after an explosion has cleared. His sinful key gripping right arm is chained yet Ferid says it is dull, struggling will not get Saito anything and he should let it be over. In response to Saito saying that turning him into a vampire was a mistake, Ferid questions what the point of him saying that is. With his sword connecting and despite the scenario with his father and mother from the past Ferid is sure he has always been perfectly normal, especially for someone who was second in line for a royal throne. Commenting on his strict upbringing since he was to be a saint, Ferid answers Crowley's skepticism by saying to look at him closely, does he not have a princely face.[30]

Noticing the slight movement from Saito's chains, Ferid turns his attention back to him and decides he has let him buy enough time for himself. Even if he healed, Ferid wonders whether Saito thought he could get out of range of the sinful key's reach. His tone changes to a reflective one and Ferid thinks whether this is really it to life in the end. A thousand years of chasing after Saito and it is all going to be over this easily. This is replaced with Ferid startlingly asking whether he just heard someone say "brother." From a voice in the shadows comes a weapon that slices Ferid's arm off.[31] Urd Geales, Ky Luc and Lest Karr are before him and when Saito accepts Urd's offer of help, Ferid remarks to Crowley how this is bad before defending against Urd who is attacking.[32] Struggling to block his sword, Ferid states this is bad as Urd raises it again.[33]

Offered the chance to surrender and asked what to do by Crowley, Ferid declines the offer. He is super powerful and if Urd wants to kill him then he should come give it his best shot. With that Ferid is promptly cut in half yet cheerfully reacts that he is not dead. His cut off right arm holding the sinful key is grabbed by Crowley and Ferid's upper torso is taken up into the air. Considering the sun Ferid wonders if today the day he can finally die. Commenting that the sun is so bright, Ferid notes his UV-blocking rings are on the other half of his body. He replies to Crowley where can they run to, the world is round and wherever they are they will always be at the edge of the earth. Regardless of whether today is when he gets to die, Ferid requests that Crowley throw him down twenty three degrees diagonally to the left of here. His lower body is kneeling on the ground.[34]

Saying now, Ferid tells Crowley to make sure he moves quickly, if they are lucky they might be able to win. Hurled downwards, Ferid uses his hand to rebound off the floor. Feeling everything is luck, Ferid states there is no meaning to life and no point to death. There is only the glimmer of luck in the moment. Falling down to the Hyakuya agent below Ferid makes contact and orders Jigenso to slice it open. A portal appears behind Lest Karr and Ky Luc and he gets there attention by saying over here, morons. Appearing though the portal with the sinful key, Ferid is then decapitated by Urd. However he has thrown the key for Crolwy to catch.[35]

With the sinful key activated, Ferid's lone head downheartedly remarks that they won already and it was dull. He says Crowley can end it now.[36] After a window breaking scream is heard Ferid's head is exuberant. He is thrilled that the sinful key was completely negated and comments it is incredible. Papa's betrayal, his own insanity, Ferid speaks that everything today is still dancing on the palm of the first's hand. Saying the Crowley that they have to run, it seems they have not reached the edge of the world yet. Ferid is carried away and prompts Crowley to hurry.[37]

Powers and Abilities

Natural abilities

As a vampire, Ferid is naturally far stronger and more powerful than a human. Being a seventh progenitor, he is incredibly strong even among noble vampires and he is stronger than those of lower ranking vampire. However, he is weaker than the higher-ranked progenitors, such as Krul Tepes. Unless he is facing a large number of strong opponents, he uses his bare hands to fight, other wise he relies on swords to battle.

As a vampire, he also has immortality and regenerative abilities demonstrated when his arm was severed by Krul. He was able to re-attach it and have it functioning properly.[38] He also has enhanced senses.

As a noble vampire, he has the ability and permission to turn humans into vampires as he pleases. Although he suggests turning Yū into a vampire at one point, he has yet to be seen exercising this ability. Vampires typically detest increasing their numbers.

He is cunning and manipulative. He is also wise enough to toe the line of taunting Krul to the point of attacking him without actually crossing it. He is extremely intelligent and patient and has been working on numerous plans for centuries.

Unknown abilities

Another one of Ferid's unique abilities is his ability to somehow circumvent the usual inability of Vampires to use Cursed Gears. As seen where he was able to utilize the portal making abilities of Jigenso, Ferid having successfully accomplished this by physically holding the Cursed Gear's owner and from their somehow activate the weapons abilities. Ferid having successfully used this in order to sneak up on Saitō and Urd Geales, the two 2nd Progenitors.


Ferid uses a European-style sword with a distinctive curved cross guard. Although not directly shown carrying it, Ferid owns a gun as his weapon that is stolen from him by Mika;[39] however, his proficiency at wielding it remains unknown.

Later after acquiring the Sinful Key from the 6th Trumpet, its been shown that Ferid possess immense in-depth knowledge of the Key's mechanics and abilities. As seen where he implied during his conversation with Crowley Eusford that he knew a multitude of ways to use the Key and its various powers. Later he fully displayed the Key's abilities when he successfully attack Saitō using the Key that successfully obliterated a majority of his body and rendered his immense regenerative powers nonexistent for a considerable amount of time.


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Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen

Book 2

"Heh… I didn’t know human demonology had come so far. You’re much stronger than you look, aren’t you?"
—Ferid. (Chapter 7, page 316)
"Ferid Bathory, Progenitor of the Seventh Rank. Though I doubt a mere human can appreciate the importance of that title."
—Ferid introducing himself. (Chapter 7, page 317)
"This is frightening stuff, you know. I have no idea what you humans were thinking, meddling in this sort of thing. If you keep playing with forbidden magic like this you’ll bring the whole world crashing down on our heads. That sword of yours is a kind of madness all on its own. The way you humans crave power is disgusting."
—Ferid to Guren and Mahiru. (Chapter 7, page 319)
"I have no interest in what you humans do. Tear each other apart for all I care. What does it matter to me if the pigs start feeding on each other? Assuming you two really are human. Seeing how you survived a blow from my sword, I’m not so sure. I suppose it doesn’t really matter either way, though."
—Ferid to Guren and Mahiru. (Chapter 7, page 319)

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign

"I have been waiting for you... my poor little lambs. Yes. That look! That expression on a human's face the instant hope turns into despair. That is why I can't stop playing this little game."
—Ferid Bathory to the Hyakuya orphanage escapees. ("The World of Blood Legacy", page 45)
"As you walk the thin line between despair and hope... I wonder what your voices will sound like when you scream."
—Ferid Bathory to the Hyakuya orphanage escapees. ("The World of Blood Legacy", page 49)
"Mika! Oh Mikaaa...! Mika, Mika, Mika! Aah, so here you are again. Have you heard? It seems they have finally found him. The one you have been looking for all these years. Your precious, darling angel. As we thought, he is being used by some very nasty humans. I speak of... Yuichiro Hyakuya. Now then... How will you continue your story? Mikaela Hyakuya."
—Ferid to Mika. ("The Demon in Your Heart")
"My, my. Are you still upset about that little incident from ages ago, even now that you're a vampire?"
—Ferid to Mika about slaughtering Mika's family four years prior. ("Vampire Attack")
"You have but one family member left, Little Yu Hyakuya. And you will do everything you can to ensure his safety. Isn't that right? Oh, what love? Aha ha ha!"
—Ferid to Mika. ("Vampire Attack")
"See, Mika? You shouldn't underestimate humans. They are greedy cowards, but also exceptionally determined. Ha ha! Though I'm sure I needn't tell that to a former human!"
—Ferid to Mika. ("A Very Safe Supplement")
"Aha! That was Yuichiro Hyakuya, wasn't it? What a touching reunion. I'm so moved I could almost cry! So what will you do now, Mika? It seems obvious to me... that Little Yu is being used by those humans."
—Ferid to Mika. ("Reunion of Childhood Friends")
"Goodness, what was that? Humans certainly know how to craft unpleasant monsters."
—Ferid about Yu's transformation. ("Reunion of Childhood Friends")
"Impertinent human. Is this another one of your special 'experiments,' then? Where on earth does that bottomless greed of yours come from? It's frightening. Truly frightening. And to top it off, you never manage to control what you create. See?"
—Ferid to Guren about Yu. ("Reunion of Childhood Friends")
"Ha ha! Goodness... Everything is proceeding so perfectly it's almost laughable! Humanity's all-consuming greed continues to expand unchecked... and vampires' boundless arrogance has them looking down their noses at the entire world. Don't you agree? My ever-so-amusing partner. Here you go. These are our research reports."
—Ferid to an unknown individual. ("Complicated Connections")
"Eep! How scary! But... you can't. Not anymore. If I die now... you will be the first one everyone suspects. No. You've been unable to kill me for some time. After all... I might have plans for my secrets to reach the Progenitor Council on my death. Who would've thought that the vampire queen had stained her hands with the taboo of the 'seraph of the end'? What could her majesty possibly want with something like that? Aha ha! Please, don't glare at me with that adorable face. It makes my heart flutter. Of course, it is my fault that Little Yu escaped. If they discover that, I will face even worse punishment... Oh, wait! Wait, wait! Then doesn't this mean... you and I are actually partners in crime? We share the same secret, after all. Yay! Now we can finally be friends! Take my hand. Submit to me, Krul Tepes. Just kidding! Anyway, I think that's enough for today. I'd hate to be wrong and wind up dead. But I'll be back later. Next time I hope we'll be the best of friends!"
—Ferid to Krul. ("Taboo Krul")
"How insulting. Everyone knows that I hate fools who betray their comrades more than anything else."
—Ferid to Crowley Eusford after Ferid betrays the other vampires and leaks information to the humans and Crowley calls him out on it. ("The Namanari Awakens")
"Oh. But you do know that he's a namanari, right? It is a half thing—a human one step shy... of becoming a full demon. Two beings in one body. They share their time as one or the other. One half, the idealist, who wants nothing more than to save his friends and followers. The other, possessed by the vengeful spirit of his dead lover, the perfectionist who reduced herself to a demon to get what she wants. Watch. Now the real monster comes out."
—Ferid revealing Guren to be a namanari and explaining his nature to Crowley. ("The Namanari Awakens")
"Me? All I want is to kill some time."
—Ferid to Crowley when asked about his objective. ("Arrogant Love")
"That aside, have you taken a look at the humans? They've broken the taboos and completed not one, but two Seraphs of the End. Vampire-kind can no longer rest easily with those running about. I'm sure, before long, all of the highest-ranked progenitors from across the whole world with gather here in Japan."
—Ferid to Crowley. ("Arrogant Love")
"FELLOW VAMPIRES, HEAR ME!! I have just witnessed Krul Tepes in a flagrant act of treachery against all of vampire-kind!! She had a hand in the creation of the Seraph of the End!! The Progenitor Council is sure to convict her of high treason!! Accordingly, I, Seventh Progenitor Ferid Bathory, shall now take command of this operation! Follow me!! We must go and destroy the humans and their forbidden experiments!!"
—Ferid to the vampires. ("Arrogant Love")
"Boy, living forever gets so boring sometimes."
—Ferid to Crowley. ("Where It All Begins")
"And oh was it ever so fun."
—Ferid to Crowley about killing Yu and Mika's family. ("A Drive Along Death's Shoreline")
"Common sense? Pfff! Who needs that? Don't let that silly thing confine you, Crowley! Just think. Former enemies coming together... all through the power of friendship! Wouldn't that be so exciting?"
—Ferid to Crowley. ("A Drive Along Death's Shoreline")
"I mean, I killed all of your friends once, too. And now look at us. We're buddy-buddy!"
—Ferid to Crowley. ("A Drive Along Death's Shoreline")
"My, my! Hey, Mika? Are you sure it's okay for him to use this much demon power? ...Don't you think he might get stuck as a demon? For good? I'm worried for the poor guy."
—Ferid to Mika about Yu. ("Return of the Hero")
"Well, what will it be? Who will be the first to beg, 'Please save us, Gracious Lord Bathory?' Say it, or I'm not saving anybody... I was just kidding! I came here to be your new friend, after all. And it is a personal policy of mine to always save my friends for free. Now then, let us go rescue dear Yu."
—Ferid to the Shinoa Squad. ("Return of the Hero")
"Wow! Haven't you grown into the cute one! Your demon is on the verge of rampage...yet you still have such clear and beautiful eyes. No wonder you are the extra-special guinea pig. Hmm... Perhaps before I heal you I'll take a little sip of your blood."
—Ferid to Yu. ("Return of the Hero")
"Hmm... How to put it? Well, you see this curse-suppressant drug I have here? the exact same drug Guren Ichinose is taking. Aren't you curious about that?"
—Ferid to Yu. ("Return of the Hero")
"Oh? So this is my plot...?"
—Ferid to Mika. ("Return of the Hero")
"Oh, nothing. I just thought I might drop by and show you how to bring her back to life. The name of the the Seraph of the End. It's a forbidden spell that, eight years ago, a group of foolish humans tinkered with."
—Ferid to Mika about Akane. ("Return of the Hero")
"Oh, yes! You there. You are Makoto Narumi, correct? Just like little Akane... all of your precious, dead friends—Shusaku, Kagiyama, Yayoi, Rika... I made very sure to carefully collect all four of them and back them away in bottles too. So don't worry. Okay? ...Oh! But when all of them are revived, it would be terrible if any of them were, well... missing parts."
—Ferid to Makoto Narumi. ("Prayer's Price")
"He is haunted... by his friends. All his precious companions and their deaths. Eight years ago, he had friends he cared about very much. Friends he would give his life for. Their names were... Shinya Hiragi, Norito Goshi, Mito Jujo, Sayuri Hanayori, Shigure Yukimi. But they all died.... Oh, they died all right. And then they were revived. But the world does not permit the dead to come back. It was a presumption that angered a petty god. The price of their return was great. Very, very great. Can you guess what it was? All the adult humans of the world were killed by a virus. Ever since, Guren Ichinose... has been haunted by that sin and its price."
—Ferid to Shinoa Squad about Guren. ("Prayer's Price")
"Don't glare at me like that. It's Krul Tepes you want to get back at, right? She was the one who turned you."
—Ferid to Mika. ("Progenitor's Memory")
"Aaah... Once again, the sky is such a beautiful blue... It's become absolutely boring."
—Ferid's thoughts as he gazes at the sky. ("Progenitor's Memory")
"Aha ha! A higher level of difficulty only makes the game more fun, don't you think?"
—Ferid to Crowley. ("Brothers in Blood")
"Aha ha! Well then, we'll just have to practice first. We'll start by killing fifth progenitors, work our way up to third progenitors... and by the time we can kill Urd... we should be able to handle Father. Oh, and we simply have to ask the humans for help. They are experts at killing things far greater than they are, after all."
—Ferid to Crowley. ("Brothers in Blood")
"But, believe it or not, I have friends! I'm sure they will rescue us."
—Ferid Bathory to Krul Tepes. ("Crucifying the Immortal")
"It was really hot! For a moment there, I had to wonder if I was suddenly alive again!"
—Ferid to Crowley about his exposure torture. ("Who's More Bored?")
"Yep. Our hearts are long dead. Aren't you just so jealous of humans for still being alive?"
—Ferid to Crowley. ("Who's More Bored?")
"Well then... It's beginning. One angel and the terror it wrought has vanished.... One key has fallen into our hands. Now the world will change. Drastically."
—Ferid. ("Saviors")
"A 'messed-up experiment' on saving the world. And today, we made one more successful step forward by eliminating one of the disasters that plagued it. That makes us saviors! Isn't that right, Guren?"
—Ferid to Mika and Guren."Saviors"
"Aha ha! Well? What do you think, Crowley? They look like they're having fun. Don't they?! They're brimming with the happy, bouncy energy of life. Doesn't it make you want to suck 'em dry and watch 'em die? What's with that look? Don't you want to drink their blood?"
—Ferid to Crowley. ("The Day the Sun Was Lost")
"And so we have them let us drink their blood. Just like the good pets they are. You know? I think I'm feeling peckish. Excuse me a moment... I'm going to murder some humans."
—Ferid to Crowley. ("The Day the Sun Was Lost")
"Hello, helloooo! I'm just your friendly, neighborhood vampire, come to attack you!"
—Ferid to the Shibuya City Guards when he is intentionally making things difficult for Guren. ("Retainer's Cause")
"Yep! That is one of the names of our daddy dearest."
—Ferid is aware of Rigr Staffords's alias, Saito. ("Secret Distance", page 14)
"Whoopsie! Oh dear. This looks bad. Very, very bad. Will today be the day I finally get to die?"
—His reaction at being cut in half and seeing Crowley decapitated. ("Age of Immortals", page 6)
"What’s the point of this destroyed world? Of the endless, meaningless human wars? Of these bodies that won’t die when cut in half? That won’t die even when the head is cut off? What is the point to giving vampires bodies that just. Won’t die. When we were never given a reason to live?"
—Ferid's questions for the first whilst also using the opportunity to reattach his lower body. ("Age of Immortals", page 8-9)
"Excuse me! Pardon me! I have to say I disagree with the choice the human team captains are making. A bit of advice. Run now."
—Commenting on Kureto, Guren and Shinya's plans, Ferid is held by the first progenitor as he warns them to run. ("Rescue for the Devil", page 16-17)
"Rigr Stafford? My, My! The whole family will be here."
—His response the the Hyakuya Sect and the first knowing that Rigr is behind them. ("Eternal Hell", page 32)
"I’m waiting for the signal, of course. I have been for hundreds of years."
—Having acquired a key, and knowing Saito seeks them, Ferid has his own plans.
"I’ve always preferred children's blood, but you'll have to do."
—Words to a Hyakuya Sect member. ("Orphan Prince", page 6)
"Aww! I've always been perfectly normal. Especially for someone who was second in line for a royal throne. I had such a strict upbringing. They were teaching me how to be a saint."
—Replying to Saito who thought it was a mistake to turn him into a vampire having always been abnormal, and his background as a child. ("Orphan Prince", page 27)
"Oh, hell naw!☆ I'm super-powerful!☆ If you wanna kill me, come give it yer best shot!☆"
—Ferid is missing his right arm with second progenitor Urd attacking. He receives a chance to lay down his sword and surrender and replies accordingly (the text is replicated, the stars within the speech bubbles as well). ("Black Demon Scenario", page 4)
"Whoopsie! You cut me in half, but I'm not dead! ♪"
—Happily commenting on the circumstances (The eighth note is a part of the speech bubble). ("Black Demon Scenario", page 6)
"Yep! Eeeverything is luck! There's no meaning to life! No point to death! All there is... is the glimmer of luck in the moment!"
—Expressed views that also make Ferid happy. ("Black Demon Scenario", page 15)
"Wooow! Even the sinful key was completely negated! Amazing! This is incredible! Papa's betrayal! My insanity! Everything "today" is still dancing on the palm of the first's hand."
—Downhearted before, Ferid is thrilled to hear a scream on a frequency that only vampires can hear. He noticed and was happy that the sinful key was no longer working on the progenitors who were trying to kill him. Ferid remarks on his own insanity and feels these events are related to the first progenitor, Shikama Doji. ("Black Demon Scenario", page 25-26)


  • Based on his surname, he is possibly related to the famous serial killer, Elizabeth Báthory.[40]
  • Farid (فريد) also spelt Ferid or Fareed is an Arabic masculine personal name or last name, meaning "unique."
  • His favorite food is the blood of young boys and girls.[41]
  • He uses hidden cameras, which was revealed in chapter 22.
  • He never wears the same ribbon twice.
  • In all of the cover and colored pages Ferid appears on, he is always turned away from the viewer. The sole exception is the cover of Volume 4.
  • In Volume 13 on last page, he calls himself "Jennifer" as a joke. At least in german version.
  • In the popularity poll, Ferid earned 10th place at 856 points.[42] In the 2019 popularity poll, Ferid ranked at 6th place with 1,864 votes.[43]
  • Kagami has described Ferid as one of the prettiest character in the series.[41]
  • Ferid draws the map Mika takes in Vampire Reign chapter 1 by hand after spending several hours trying to draw one that looks perfect.


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