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Ferid Bathory, was involved with his parent's murder when a child. He has lived for hundreds of years as a vampire after being turned into one by second progenitor Saitō. In turn transforming Crowley Eusford into one too, Ferid presently has operations in Japan that is ruled by Krul Tepes. Deception is a major characteristic of his interactions with others, for instance after acting nice to them, Ferid is prepared to murder children. Casual hostility is shown to humans, even to those that he is secretly working with such as Guren Ichinose, while he outwardly displays that they are enemies.

Also conducting himself in a similar professionally unhinged manner around vampires as well, where his air of authority, and that his behaviours are accepted as eccentric work in his favour. Then if he is compromised, Ferid deploys his leverage over others to create the recourse for himself. One example was him revealing that Krul could not remove him since otherwise the progenitor council might find out about her involvement in the seraph of the end, and then after betraying Krul anyway he contacted Urd Geales to bring him and more progenitors to Japan.

Strikingly Ferid enjoys inflicting unspeakable suffering onto others and then behaving amiably as if they were a close acquaintance. His extremely duplicitous practices, conniving multi-faceted schemes, and that he is capable of enacting them unpredictably is demonstratively a threat to humans, and vampires of all ranks as well. Collectively this makes for some uncustomary interactions throughout the Seraph of the End series. This affects himself and the story. This article details Ferid's relationships with other characters.


Episode 24 - Screenshot 281.png

A vampire himself, Ferid is a seventh progenitor who has taken up residence in Sanguinem. For vampires in general as a noble, Ferid was treated in high esteem. Hooded vampires would escort him and others would abandon their ill intended plans concerning Yu at seeing Ferid in the vicinity. Entrusted to be a commander of vampire forces when invasions are underway, Ferid is effective at directing others such as Lacus, and René. On the battlefield they would carry out his orders. Those gathered at Nagoya including other vampire nobles were prepared to accept his word that Krul, their queen, was a traitor to them.

Rarely deferential to vampires of higher ranks, Ferid will only interact with them respectively should he believe his well-being to be in danger. When it comes to vampire nobles, Ferid ranges from employing subterfuge to try and defeat them, attempting to blackmail ones such as Krul before backtracking, to giving a dignified display even when his heart is taken out by Lest Karr. It is no secret that he betrays his allies such as Crowley, and is actively committed to seeing stronger vampires such as Saito fall, of which he is prepared to embrace human assistance to achieve this.

Crowley Eusford[]

Crowley joins Ferid.png

Publicly a thirteenth progenitor, Crowley Eusford is a member of Ferid's faction. When Crowley was a human, Ferid killed everyone who is important to him. Afterwards, Ferid turned Crowley into a vampire by forcing him to drink a vial of Saitō's blood instead of his own. Over time they went from a scenario of a vampire destroying a human's life and turning him into the monster he was hunting, to two vampires whose emotions have literally disappeared with new, usually mutually aligned interests.

I mean, I killed all of your friends once, too. And now look at us. We're buddy-buddy!

–Time and vampire induced apathy has changed the relation from one of a murderer of someone's friends to working together. Chapter 44: "A Drive Along Death's Shoreline"

With Crowley his "brother" for they share the same sire, it was Ferid's idea to have Crowley withhold that he is more akin to a seventh progenitor in strength and instead represent himself as a thirteenth progenitor. By the present time, it was Crowley who Ferid would have join in a long-term scheme.

Episode 23 - Screenshot 138.png

Involving him in his activities, such as at the battle of Shinjuku, Ferid sends for Crowley to join him at the front lines. With his timely arrival, it causes Ferid to change his plan to killing the Moon Demon Company to capturing them instead. Able to count on him to help enact that did not stop Ferid from giving away Crowley's location to human forces who were planning to assassinate vampire nobles in Nagoya. Affirming that it was fun was used as justification for betraying Crowley's whereabouts and placing him in reasonable danger. However, when a seraph was involved in an upcoming situation, Ferid warned Crowley to stay close to him if he wanted to live. Where Crowley was an effective distraction for Krul Tepes, it allowed Ferid to be able to sneak behind her. Draining her blood until she fell unconscious, Ferid could successfully carry out the coup against the queen of Japan with Crowley's help.

Ferid and Crowley .png

Bringing Crowley when they drove to seek out Shinoa squad, again, Ferid could depend on his assistance in stopping them escape and form an alliance for longer term goals. Around this time, Ferid mentioned the concept of friendship with Crowley. Before injecting Yu with a syringe, Ferid could have Crowley prevent Mika from intervening.

Aww! Not even once in all 800 years we've been together?

–On whether they were friends. Chapter 43: "Where It All Begins"

Their blood lineage may have came to be the most significant link between them. Where Saito was concerned, Ferid would draw Crowley into his actions concerning him. As well as possible friendship, Ferid has used more familial terms concerning Crowley.

Well, you are my precious son, after all.

–Where they share Saito's blood, Ferid passed some of his to Crowley hence the biological relation. Chapter 49: "Progenitor's Memory"

In his mansion Ferid tasked Crowley with killing Fuola Honte who had taken up residence there. Where some clues were left, a minor trap that effected Crowley was there as well. Around other humans Ferid would remain with Crowley and bring him along when he attacked Shinoa to draw out the First within her. Relying on Crowley to fling his dismembered body out of harms way, Ferid would comment on his overwhelming strength. With Shibuya coming under attack, Ferid would make use of Crowley distracting Basteya Irclu for him to attempt a sneak attack.

Ferid would speak but not go into details on his plan to acquire a useable cursed gear weapon from a Hyakuya Sect member and then draw attention to the sinful key he had on his person, all the while speaking facetiously of such matters. Discussing blood, Ferid would suggest to an Imperial Demon Army soldier that his blood be given to Crowley, before commenting how delicious Crowley's blood was as a human. The baseness of the remark does not function not even as macabre humor since now as vampires they do not have the emotions to respond to the negative connotations attached to the act. In any case, as Crowley jokes about drinking his blood, in turn Ferid asks whether he desires him now.

His severed sinful key holding arm caught

Confronting Saitō who has been heavily injured, Ferid reminds Crowley that he did teach him the point of life repeatedly where the first lesson was killing everyone who was important to him. Ferid speaks of how he was second in line for a throne and that he was being raised to be a saint which Crowley heard. Joined by progenitors, Urd with Lest Karr and Ky Luc he relies on Crowley to take his body into the air once Urd attacks. It is not the first time that he and Crowley think to escape, but Ferid rules that out with the earth being round - there is nowhere they could ultimately to run to. Ferid could depend on Crowley to follow his plans to the precise specifications of throwing him twenty three degrees diagonally to the left of where he was. Furthermore, with Ferid attacking the progenitors and failing, the diversion worked since Crowley had returned nearby for Ferid to throw a sinful key towards him where their collaboration could have potentially devastated higher ranked fifth, third, and second, vampire progenitors. At that point did Ferid escape thanks to Crowley absconding with him.

Rejoining Guren and Shinoa squad with Krul, he is accompanied by Crowley as they head to Akihabara. As before Ferid stays near Crowley, where they regard an idol like poster together. When Yu has become a demon, and Guren calls to them to prevent his escape, Ferid automatically passes off the request to Crowley.

You heard him, Crowley.

–Having Crowley deal with matters he is called on to handle. Chapter 115: "Choices and Decisions" page 32

Krul Tepes[]

Krul's flames 2.png

A third progenitor, Krul Tepes is queen of Japan who occupied Sanguinem where Ferid was located. Speaking with her after Yu had escaped the city, Ferid professed that he loves Krul. Replying that she knows him so well when Krul suspected it was her power he loved, dauntlessly Ferid addresses her business concerning seraphs and what would the progenitor council do if they found out. After being booted across the room, having his arm dismembered and pinned to the floor by the neck, Ferid agreed to keep his silence on the matter.

I'm going, I'm going! But I'll be back, Krul. Because I love you so much.

–Changing from attempting to manipulate Kul to agreeing to keep her secrets. Chapter 5, "Vampire Mikaela"

Indirectly he pressed the issue again at a progenitor council meeting where Ferid brought Mika in before raising loudly whether Krul really did end all the seraph experiments as she was supposed to do. After the performance, the display would not end in violence once Ferid divulged that he is blackmailing Krul. If he dies, the unspoken possibility is that he might have someone in line to reveal Krul's secrets to the Progenitor Council.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 266.png

The adjusted method working now, from then Ferid considers Krul to be his "parter in crime", as they share a vampire order compromising secret. Thoroughly enjoying this, Ferid would also stare with a mix of smugness and fondness at Krul when he travelled as a part of her select entourage to the city of Nagoya. In the aftermath of a battle involving seraphs, Demon Army members, where Krul was left as the likely strongest combatant, Ferid chose that moment to ambush Krul. Ignoring her offer of a deal, Ferid drank Krul's blood until she passed out. In revealing Krul as a traitor to vampire kind for her part in the seraph of the end experiments, Ferid assumed her command of vampire forces in Japan.

Hee hee... Oh, but he was just the distraction, your majesty. You've left your lovely neck wide open.

–A follow up ambush for Krul after she was distracted by Crowley. Chapter 41: "Arrogant Love"

About to be burned.PNG

Having Krul cemented in a wall, Ferid seems to have arranged for her blood to have been able to be detected, timed so that Saito could find her, where Urd would be drawn to them shortly after. Although effectively using Krul as bait to possibly bring the second progenitors into conflict, Ferid would share in her fate at Urd's decree. Strapped to a cross to receive sun exposure torture, Ferid answered that he did not have a plan to deal with this.

But, believe it or not, I have friends! I'm sure they will rescue us.

–Both sentenced to sunlight exposure torture. "Crucifying the Immortal"

With little option otherwise, Ferid and Krul burned together where they were monitored by Ky Luc. Later, while they did not come across one another, they would both be in Shibuya around the time of the Hyakuya Sect's invasion of the city. Their goals differing, Ferid was awaiting the moment to deal with Saito, while Krul hurried to her brother.

Having driven a truck to pick up Krul along with Shinoa squad, it transpires that Ferid and Krul are following Guren's plan rather than the other way around. After seeing Yu reconcile with Guren, he thinks to suggest to Krul, who he addresses as "Krulsie", that they are family too.

...! Ooh! Ooh! We're following their plan, so that makes us family too, Krulsie!

–Sharing it is not their plan but Guren's, and also keen to alert Krul that they are family. Chapter 112: "Defining Family", page 35

While his head is cut off by Krul, he appears jolly all the same. Driving her to Akihabara, from Krul's comment, their plans are different.

Lacus Welt[]

Episode 24 - Screenshot 331.png

A city guard, Lacus Welt is a member of Ferid's faction. At Shinjuku, Ferid treated Lacus as a commander and someone to remain nearby whilst lesser vampires done the bulk of the fighting. He directed Lacus along with René Simm to gather up the leaders of the human resistance in the city. Ferid's orders were carried out and had the invasion been successful without the arrival of reinforcements then he would have had Lacus to thank for capturing the highest ranked members of the Moon Demon Company. While his orders were followed without question, Ferid does not seem to know or comment on Lacus' view that he is a deviant.

René Simm[]

Often working with Lacus, René Simm too is a city guard and member of Ferid's faction. René works alongside Lacus Welt and Mikaela Hyakuya, behaving respectfully before his superiors and not hesitating to follow Ferid's orders on the battlefield. If he arranged for it or not, Ferid would find Shinjuku easier to invade once René and Lacus had ploughed an aircraft full of explosives into the city's outer wall.

Chess Belle[]

Episode 11 - Screenshot 57.png

A seventeenth progenitor, Chess Belle acts as an aide to Crowley. A member of Ferid's faction, Chess' presence in the Shinjuku war zone affords him the chance to capture high ranking members of the human army. It is unknown if Ferid is aware that Chess dislikes him, believing him to be "sneaky" and "tricky" and she "never knows what he's thinking". Regardless, due to her proximity with Crowley, he had endangered Chess in providing vampire noble's locations in Nagoya for members of the Moon Demon Company to target.

Horn Skuld[]

Like Chess, Horn Skuld is a seventeenth progenitor and aide to Crowley. Also a member of Ferid's faction, he would not hear that she agrees with Chess' appraisal of his character. Ferid revealing Crowley's location to the Japanese Imperial Demon Army would also affect Horn who was within Nagoya city hall.

Lest Karr[]

A third progenitor, Lest Karr once silenced Gabel Parthe from berating Ferid about his lower rank during a progenitor council meeting. A member of the progenitor council, Ferid shares details of human experimentation with Lest Karr. After reaching Osaka bay, Ferid sees that Lest Karr has arrived in Japan when he is called upon to greet his betters. Complying, and speaking formally, Ferid's act of deference is met with his heart being physically ripped out of his chest by Lest Karr, with him powerless to do much. Praising the jest, Ferid is almost turned into a demon from his heart being outside his body. He is dragged by the hair by Lest Karr as Ferid's sentence by Urd is carried out there and then. In speaking, after Urd orders him silenced, Ferid is slammed by Lest Karr to induce this.

Urd Geales[]

Ferid steps into view while he comments brightly..png

A second progenitor, Urd Geales is the current leader of the Progenitor Council. It was Urd who Ferid contacted to inform him of Krul's dethronement and to reveal the news that Sanguinem was under siege by humans. Seemingly hoping to be rewarded for bringing to light this treachery, and of the attack, rather quickly, Ferid was sentenced by Urd to ten days of exposure torture for allowing the city to fall, and for being viewed as a traitor himself.

Attacked by Urd

When Ferid had Saitō cornered he would hear Urd and have his armed sliced off via a ranged attack before he saw him. Regarded as a lesser vampire who had his share of fun, Ferid would be beset by the second progenitor who was acting on Saitō's behalf. Joyfully, Ferid rejected Urd's offer to surrender and face trial for crimes against vampire kind. Additionally, Ferid delivered the boast that he was super powerful and that the progenitors should come and get him. With that obliged, Ferid was promptly sliced in half and flung into the air. Although Ferid managed to pass a sinful key to Crowley, where his head was removed in the process, it would result in Urd being incapacitated where he could escape.

Ky Luc[]

A fifth progenitor, Ky Luc is member of Urd Geales and Lest Karr's army. As his sunlight exposure sentence is carried out, Ferid is monitored by him. Ferid is seen as insane as him for the both of them have lived so long in boredom. Nonetheless, Ferid appears to irritate Ky Luc, provoking him to such an extent that Ky declares he will bury Ferid's severed head himself once he returns.

Oh, how scary! But I haven't done anything, you know. I'm innocent! I'm not lying. Honest! Please believe me, Great Lord!

–Attempting to appease Ky Luc. Chapter 61: "Who's More Bored?"

He would be seen again in Shibuya, yet there was no interaction as Ferid was being assailed by Urd.

Mikaela Hyakuya[]

Mika attacked by Ferid - chapter 1.png

Familiar with Mika after he was herded into Sanguinem along with the other Hyakuya orphans, Ferid would have him visit his mansion. Taking his blood directly, Ferid then gave Mika anything he wanted in return including food. Coming across him and speaking, Ferid again invited Mika to come round to his and spoke warmly to him.

Waiting for Mika and his orphanage family when they attempted to escape the underground city they were in, Ferid was satisfied that the lambs had come. The map Mika found was left out for him to find, yet Ferid appeared impressed if anything that Mika had also taken a pistol of his. Without further delay, Ferid slaughtered all of the orphans infront of Mika, paying no mind to his pleas to leave the other children alone. With Mika running towards him, Ferid indifferently remarked that he would miss his blood before using his supernaturally powered hand to stab into Mika and fatally wound him. While he enjoyed his sadistic acts, as with Yu's escape, this result may have been intentional on Ferid's part since to save one of her seraphs, Krul would bestow her power onto Mika by turning him into a vampire. Once Mika is transformed, Ferid would seek him out and when a sword was drawn Ferid could retain Mika's attention with news he had concerning Yu.

Mika! Oh Mikaaa...! Mika, Mika, Mika! Aah, so here you are again. Have you heard? It seems they have finally found him. The one you have been looking for all these years. Your precious, darling angel. As we thought, he is being used by some very nasty humans. I speak of... Yūichirō Hyakuya. Now then... How will you continue your story? Mikaela Hyakuya.

–Seeking out Mika, having news of Yu four years later. "The Demon in Your Heart"

Episode 12 - Screenshot 78.png

With Mika nearby during the vampire invasion of Shinjuku, he encouraged him to drink the blood of humans. Callously taunted him on the event four years ago, Ferid dismissively framing it as ancient history. There were attempts to justify it with Ferid saying it was Mika that came round to his of his own will. Then, Ferid turned to what Mika's plan would be if he saw Yu, before adding further snide comments that he would have to drink blood eventually.

My, my. Are you still upset about that little incident from ages ago, even now that you're a vampire?

–Dismissive of Mika after he slaughtered his family four years prior. Chapter 11: "Queen's Contract"

Where Guren, the commander of the Moon Demon Company was heading for them, Ferid suggested to Mika that they take him out together. With his help rejected, Ferid would monitor the fight and point out that it never was a one on one battle between Mika and Guren once Shigure's cursed gear kunai trap became apparent. With Guren announcing a checkmate move on Mika, Ferid would appear to meet his sword with his own and stop it hitting him.

Once Yu arrived, Ferid suggested that he turn him into a vampire which resulted in his neck being grasped by Mika with the threat of death. Undaunted, Ferid then detailed a plan for the humans around Yu to be killed to allow Mika to rescue him. With this agreed, Ferid experiences his arm being cut off for laying a hand on Yu, yet responded by telling Mika to call if he needed a hand. With the battle lost once the main force of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army had arrived, Ferid forcibly took Mika away when he wanted to remain with Yu.

Paying no heed to the physical pain Mika was feeling from a lack of blood, Ferid expresses his concern regarding Mika's appearance: he is at the age in which Ferid finds most "beautiful" although "just barely." Then seizing a child by the neck, where Mika was troubled by this, Ferid would relinquish his hold at being reminded of the laws to not drink directly from a human.

As part of a ploy to send a message to Krul he has Mika attend the progenitor council meeting and snaps his fingers to bring him in. Announcing Mika as his favourite servant afterward, Ferid would inappropriately touch Mika's behind. Ferid indoctrinates Mika to think of humans as "greedy", and derives a twisted pleasure in teasing him especially when he now hates both vampires and humans. His subjection of Mika is such that he is either told to shut up or is ignored entirely as Mika blames himself for what Ferid done.

When Mika retrieved the sinful key that fell from a person with the seraph trait, Ferid coerced him into handing it over. Not overly surprised to find that Mika has changed to become a demon, it may indicate some prior knowledge that this would occur. In maiming Mika to begin with when he tried to escape Sanguinem, it is possible Ferid done this on purpose so that Krul would be left with little choice but to transfer her own blood to keep him alive. On the surface, Ferid was enjoying murdering children. The other view is where Mika resembles Sika Madu's son, Mikaela, the First's son could become a vampire by Krul, and then a demon for where Guren had plans for him. It is a scenario in keeping with Ferid's habit of manipulating others.


Chapter 84 - Page 27 - Panel 1.png

Another second progenitor, Saitō is a former member of the ruling council. Sired by Saitō long ago, Ferid refers to him as his father or "papa." Having not seen one another in some time, Ferid appears shocked at having his head patted by Saitō after reuniting at Osaka bay. Aware if his name change from Rigr Stafford, he mentions to Crowley that it was Saito's blood that he used to turn him into a vampire.

Intrigued at learning that Saitō is in the area, Ferid would observe the clash between him and the First in Shinoa's body in the sky of Shibuya. Ferid denied having daddy issues when his interest in Saitō was addressed. He was ready to fulfil his part of a plan which involved using the Jigenso cursed gear to open a portal in the space behind Saitō, where Ferid stabbed a sinful key into his shoulder which resulted in an explosion.

Chapter 91 - Page 24 - Panel 1.png

Following a trail of chain marks in the ground after smelling his blood, Ferid would hone in on Saitō and proclaim him as a father that he has come to kill. While Saitō was under the impression that Ferid was acting as part of a plan, he had none. Initially wanting to know why Saitō as the father did not give them a purpose in life, Ferid's interest changes to wanting to bring down the sinful key on an already heavily wounded Saitō. After a struggle, Ferid had his sword out too as he worked to that. Able to knock away Saito's Chains using his sword, Ferid would find his arm restrained, where further action was prevented with the arrival of progenitors who opted to assist Saito.

I assume we're no longer dancing on the First's palm... ...But on dear old daddy's now?

–Having sensed Shikama Doji has been captured, Ferid assumes they are involved in Saito's plan now. Chapter 109: "Moving Pieces", page 29

Sensing that the First was restrained, Ferid suspected that now they were involved with Saito's plan.


Where at first Ferid paid little attention to humans, he was intrigued by the demonic power they displayed. In speaking of the awful things they were able to create, there was an element of awe to it. He would have similar reactions to their desire to acquire strength.

Impertinent human. Is this another one of your special 'experiments,' then? Where on earth does that bottomless greed of yours come from? It's frightening. Truly frightening. And to top it off, you never manage to control what you create. See?

–Questions for Guren about Yu, and his reaction to it all. Chapter 13: "Reunion of Childhood Friends"

When not fighting soldiers armed with Cursed Gear, he takes an unusual cordial approach in dealing with humans, particularly children. Offering them food in exchange for their blood, Ferid would use them in a sick sport of entrapping and murdering them where he enjoyed their expressions of anguish. Willing to make alliances with humans, Ferid will provide them information against vampires.

Japanese Imperial Demon Army[]

As a vampire and so a natural enemy of human organizations such as the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, when Japan's largest military organization began expanding, he was sent with an army to wipe them out. Commencing the operation ordered by Krul in Shinjuku, he monitored the invasion underway and confronted by them, Ferid was aware of the Moon Demon Company division. Familiar with Guren, yet publicly his enemy, Ferid arranged for the capture of him and his squad, telling the vampires it was to use them as a blood supply. Registering the results of human experimentation, Ferid and his invasion force would be driven out of Shinjuku by the main force of the Imperial Demon Army led by Kureto, and Shinya.

When accompanied by other humans, Ferid can gain avoid hostilities from them. While not taking part in fighting the invading Hyakuya Sect which was led by Saito, who were targeting the Demon Army, he would favor the latter's side. For specific squads, Guren works with and against them depending on the situation, and his own whims. Aware of Category:Guren Squad and Shinya from before the catastrophe, Ferid knows they have been resurrected from death. Where they would perish should they ever learn they are resurrected, Ferid does not speak of this in front of them. He does reveal this news out of their earshot to Category:Shinoa Squad, a team he is happy to essentially ferry around as Guren requires them.

Guren Ichinose[]

Resurrection book 1 - Guren and Ferid.jpg

Lieutenant Colonel and leader of the Moon Demon Company, he first met Guren Ichinose as a teenager in Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen. It is likely that Guren was the one who Ferid was addressing as his "ever-so-amusing partner", as while they may appear to be enemies, Ferid and Guren have been working together for quite some time.

Ferid was the first to witness Guren performing the Seraph of the End experiment to revive his friends. He later helped him revive Shinya. If it was intentional that Ferid allowed Yu to escape then the prophecy Guren mentioned was Ferid gifting a seraph experiment to him.

Ferd's backhand.png
Ferid has Guren by the neck.png
Episode 11 - Screenshot 121.png

At Shinjuku Ferid would be in his sights as the commander to take out. Ferid voiced that Guren was pompous and was effortlessly able to knock him away from Mika when he was afforded an advantage in their fight. On hand to deal with Guren when he attacked, by the time Yu was active as a partial seraph, Ferid had Guren at his mercy. Whilst violent, the display was practical as Guren was alive for Ferid to later transfer plans to detailing the location of vampire nobles in the city of Nagoya.

Aware that Guren was a namanari, he knew the specific details that his demon contained his deceased girlfriend that made up the Mahiru-no-Yo weapon. Observing him as a monster about to awaken, Ferid did not interact with Guren during that time as a plan to activate a seraph was underway, rather he was content to watch it unfold from a distance.

From the Japanese Imperial Demon Army uniform uniforms in Ferid's mansion, he was suspected by Shinoa of being Guren's vampire contact as details came to light. Guren may have been the means that Ferid was able to locate Shinoa squad with Crowley to begin with. Further he had access to a medication that could remedy Yu's issue of turning into a demon for extended periods of time. Unusual for Ferid, he seemed to comprehend the extent of Guren's grief for his actions related to the apocalypse. While captured by other vampires and burning, through Crowley transporting the squad, Ferid could continue the plan where Guren could find them at one of his mansions. From there, Ferid could be rescued with Guren arranging for that to happen.

Once the First awakens, Ferid awaits a signal. In using the weapon Jigenso, Ferid uses its portal opening capabilities to support Guren, by stabbing a sinful key into Saito who had betrayed him in the battle against the First in Shinoa's body. The master stroke working, the end result of the feat was Shikama Doji was sealed, with Saito blown apart, leaving Guren to act unhindered. Separated after the war in Shibuya, he would locate Guren who had turned Mika into a demon and become cursed gear held by Yu. Transporting them to Akihabara, it is speculated that Ferid has his own bargain with Guren. Publicly enemies, rarely interacting, and having others progress sections of their plans if they are unable do so in person, with the First and Saito compromised, Ferid thinks it is finally his and Guren's turn to act.

Yūichirō Hyakuya[]

Episode 1 - Screenshot 269.png
Yu aims.png

Seeing Yu with Mika he wondered whether Yu would also be coming to his mansion that night. Waiting for him at the exit to the city, Ferid slaughtered his entire orphanage family, and along with Mika left him for last. After fatally wounding Mika, Ferid was shot in the head by Yu where he escaped. For his actions, Ferid stands as the leading cause of Yu's hatred towards vampires being the one who killed his family. If Ferid even considered it, he would be the motivation for Yu to become Former Special Private and member of the Moon Demon Company to enact vengeance against vampires.

Ferid gets behind Yu.png

Keeping up to date on information concerning Yu for Mika, he would see him again after four years at Shinjuku. Commenting on how he had grown, Ferid suggested aloud that he do to Yu what Krul did to Mika in turning him into a vampire. Whilst Yu was ordered to retreat, Ferid would see to it that he would be drawn away for Mika to acquire. Touching Yu and stating an intent to drink his blood, Ferid would leave him with Mika after the removal of his own arm. Seeing Yu as a belligerent shadowy being, Ferid had no idea what he was. Recordings of Yu and his heavily destructive actions were shown by Ferid to vampire progenitors where he stated this was a result of further experimentation on the seraph of the end. When Yu became active as the Second Trumpet he kept his distance from the seraph's destructive capabilities.

Seeking Yu and his team out near the coast, Ferid gave a show of pleasantness when the chance of an alliance between himself and Crowley with Shinoa squad was being brokered. Expressing surprise at how reasonable Yu was being, Ferid questioned if he could forget his past actions. With that the case, Ferid then produced a jar containing Akane's head and wondered if Yu could say that in front of her.

Oh? Can you say that to poor little Akane's face?

–Hearing Yu could forgive him, Ferid asks the question again while holding a jar containing Akane's head. Chapter 46: "Return of the Hero"

When Yu entered into a murderous partly demonic state, Ferid avoided his sword slashes in a playful manner. Beholding Yu as a special experiment of sorts, Ferid injected a needle into Yu's back to seal the demon influence, while also tasting his blood. Where Yu had been entering his demon state for increasing lengths of time, Ferid did have the means to resolve that, and yet instigating his sudden change and tormenting him was done for his own amusement.

Hmm... How to put it? Well, you see this curse-suppressant drug I have here? This...is the exact same drug Guren Ichinose is taking. Aren't you curious about that?

–Able to remedy Yu's increasing amount of time spent as a demon. Chapter 46: "Return of the Hero"

Raising the link with Guren who also uses the suppressant, Ferid would provide information on him to Yu involving his participation in the calamity. Around this time, it was pieced together that rather than a case of Ferid being caught off guard and shot in the head when Yu escaped Sanguinem, it is very much a possibility that Ferid allowed himself to be shot, and so intentionally allow Yu to make it outside. Ferid was working with Guren, who ended up with an experimented on human in Yu, where Ferid could tell Krul he did not allow Yu to escape on purpose, he was shot in the head so could not act to stop his escape.

Shinoa Hīragi[]

Seraph of the End manga ch 76 (1).png

The squad leader Shinoa Hīragi, whose members Ferid would attempt to capture in Shinjuku. After the battle in Nagoya he seeks them out where his request for them to board a bus is obeyed with Shinoa and her squad physically powerless to say otherwise. After having his clothes burnt away, Ferid invites Shinoa to turn around to behold the show. His naked body regenerating after being cut in half was not a display that was loved, at which point Ferid has his head cut off by Shinoa. With Shinoa transforming into a vampire, Ferid had his solution to the problem.

Feeling your body die and reconstruct itself cell by cell must be terribly uncomfortable.

–Understanding how Shinoa must feel as she currently transforms into a vampire. Chapter 75: "Secret Distance", page 27

Speaking softly to Shinoa on how she must be feeling at having every cell in her body die, Ferid explains that to stop the transformation he just needs to kill her. This act revealed the First within Shinoa, who responded with scythes. Ferid's upper torso would be clutched by Shinoa's hand with Shikama Doji in control of her body.

Shihō Kimizuki[]

Episode 11 - Screenshot 69.png

Meeting Kimizuki, this member of Shinoa squad at Shinjuku, Ferid would join him after the battle of Nagoya. Where Ferid was taunting Narumi on his squad members, he found Kimizuki would have pointed questions in his want to know information he had. With extensive blood loss from Lest Karr pulling his heart out, upon having it returned Ferid would lunge at Kimizuki and drain him of a significant amount of blood to replenish his own.

Yoichi Saotome[]

Another member of Shinoa squad at Shinjuku, who Ferid would join after the battle of Nagoya. The jar that contained Akane's head that Ferid brought was carried by him. In transporting him to Akihabara where the body of Yoichi's sister Tomoe was contained, there is the possibility that Ferid had a hand in transferring her there. Previously, where Tomoe was killed by Lacus who acts under Ferid's orders, it is also feasible he arranged for this action, and the body's collection to begin with.

Mitsuba Sangū[]

Having a similar connection to Mitsuba as Kimizuki and Yoichi, for the fifth member of Shinoa squad, Ferid is against her as an enemy during the battle of Shinjuku where he interferes with her retreat. Likewise, in seeking the squad out he transports them to where Guren can meet them.

Makoto Narumi[]


Entering Nagoya where Makoto Narumi was fighting vampire nobles whose location Ferid had betrayed, he would be in the same area as him when at the airport. Where Narumi had joined Shinoa squad, Ferid clarified who he was before taunting him over the fact his squad members bodies have been retained.

Oh, yes! You there. You are Makoto Narumi, correct? Just like little Akane... all of your precious, dead friends—Shusaku, Kagiyama, Yayoi, Rika... I made very sure to carefully collect all four of them and back them away in bottles too. So don't worry. Okay? ...Oh! But when all of them are revived, it would be terrible if any of them were, well... missing parts.

–Both informing Narumi of his squad members, and threatening them. Chapter 47: "Prayer's Price"

While antagonizing him, it is feasible that Ferid had gathered Narumi's fallen comrades at the behest of Guren where he had them brought to his mansion.


Hyakuya Orphans[]

Episode 1 - Screenshot 221.png
Ferid's first kill.png

Considering themselves as family, the children of the Hyakuya Orphanage lived together after they were transferred to the underground vampire city. Unknown to them, Ferid was waiting at the exit of Sanguinem to murder the children indiscriminately. Drinking Ako of her blood, Ferid would then use the strength in his hands and enhanced speed to systematically end Chihiro along with Kōta, then Fumie and Taichi as well. Adoring their terror, Ferid encouraged them to run to the exit to make sport of it. After their violent passing, their bodies were transported to Ferid's mansion. At some point, possibly with Ferid's involvement, they were moved to an underground facility in Akihabara.

Akane Hyakuya[]

One of the final orphans that Ferid murdered, Akane Hyakuya was near the base of the stairs where he appeared to slash her. He kept her head preserved in a jar where over four years later Ferid showed it to Yu and Mika which enraged the former to a demonic state. Ferid seemed to enjoy that more, rather than the potential that Akane could be resurrected. As with the other orphans, Akane had been transferred to Akihabara.


Episode 13 - Screenshot 246.png

Within Sanguinem he would flout the rule not to drink directly from the children kept there. Bringing various children to his manor, Ferid would give them food in exchange for their blood. Further mistreatment was inflicted upon one child when Ferid picked him up by the neck. Some children were providing information on vampire activities to Kureto Hīragi outside the city. It is probable Ferid was aware of this espionage and went along with it where he allowed information to be discovered since he was also acting against certain vampires.

Mahiru Hīragi[]

First meeting Mahiru Hīragi in Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen, he found this human had access to a weapon that could allow her to survive against a vampire. Seeing Mahiru with Guren, he has been working with them both for a long time. Ferid is aware that Mahiru was Guren's girlfriend who is now imbued in his cursed gear sword as Mahiru-no-Yo. The dramatic increase in strength would be observed by Ferid when a vampire noble nearby was sliced to pieces by Guren who had entered a namanari phase.

Shikama Doji[]

Shinoa as Shikama Doji attacks the group.png

The first vampire, Shikama Doji is the founder of their race. Ferid is more interested in Saitō's occupation with the First, however he does come into direct contact with Shikama Doji in some form. Attacking Shinoa as she was changing into a vampire, Ferid drew out this demon as he took physical measures to protect his host. His arm and body cut apart, seeing Crowley also affected resulted in Ferid considering whether he would die this day. Asking whether it was the First in Shinoa's body, Ferid kept them talking while subtly busying himself with reattaching his body parts. Having questions of the purpose of a range of areas, Ferid raised what the reason for living was, a same question he had for Saito.

What’s the point of this destroyed world? Of the endless, meaningless human wars? Of these bodies that won’t die when cut in half? That won’t die even when the head is cut off? What is the point to giving vampires bodies that just. Won’t die. When we were never given a reason to live?

–Questions for the First whilst also using the opportunity to reattach his lower body. Chapter 76: "Age of Immortals", page 8-9

With his arm missing and cut in half, Ferid advised the human commanders to abandon the plans they were forming and run before it was was revealed he was being held by the First in Shinoa's body. When Saito, powered by the sapped power of the Hyakuya Sect army, and the First in Shinoa's body were clashing, Ferid took part in Guren's entry into this fray. By ambushing Saitō with a sinful key to remove him as a threat to Guren, his key was one of the three used to seal Shikama Doji.


Keeping his distance from Seraphs when he knows they are incoming, Ferid generally regards them as weapons that humans will use. Rather than concern for himself, Ferid does express wariness at their impact on vampires as a whole.

That aside, have you taken a look at the humans? They've broken the taboos and completed not one, but two Seraphs of the End. Vampire-kind can no longer rest easily with those running about. I'm sure, before long, all of the highest-ranked progenitors from across the whole world with gather here in Japan.

–Speaking to Crowley about how seraphs will shape events. Chapter 41: "Arrogant Love"

With their presence, Ferid also sees a chance to bring foreign vampires nobles to Japan. In doing so, Ferid had stronger progenitors to potentially support his overthrowing of Krul. Additionally, waiting until the Fifth Trumpet was attacking Sanguinem, he chose that time to broadcast its destructive capabilities to further the case that armies of vampires should come to Japan. Once they did so, it was the case that Krul was kept confined to lure Saito near, which in turn brought him close to Urd. The trap was partially successful in that the second progenitors came to blows, and Krul was sentenced (even though Ferid was as well). Seraphs were an opportunity for Ferid to bring stronger vampires together to possibly have them destroy one another.

Ferid's Parents[]

Chapter 91 - Page 25 - Panel 2.png

Together with his parents in the past, Ferid was a part of a royal family and was being raised to be a priest. His mother was alive to see Ferid's father having endured a sword wound. Ferid would tell his mother that he loved her as he rounded on her with another sword.