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Ferid Bathory (フェリド・バートリー Ferido Bātorī?) is the seventh progenitor among the vampires and one of the main antagonists of the Seraph of the End anime. He murdered Yūichirō Hyakuya's family, contributing to Yu's desire for revenge against all vampires. Ferid would continue to be an influence in Mikaela Hyakuya's life and lead the vampire invasion on the human city of Shinjuku all the while having his own agenda concerning humans and vampires.

Note: This is the page for Ferid in the anime, for the article detailing Ferid in other formats see: Ferid Bathory


Ferid Bathory (Anime).png

Ferid is a tall and slender male with a rather handsome appearance. He has long, waist-length silver hair with bangs and a lock of hair over each ear. Like all pure vampires, he has red eyes and pointed ears. He also wears red diamond shaped earrings. Ferid's attire as a noble is composed of several components. He wears a white long-sleeved shirt with a decorative cut. It has a black line with dark gray rhombi intermittently dispersed along it. There is originally a stripe on his left side as well, but this disappears after Krul defeats him. The cuffs off the shirt are black and with a pair of gold colored lines around the wrist cuffs with three buttons. White lace ruffles comes out of the cuffs over his hands. He wears white gloves.

Ferid wears a white cape with a decorative cut over his shoulders and arms. It reaches to his waist in the front and down to his upper thighs in the back. The cape has black shoulder details as well as the black vampire insignia on the left shoulder. It also has two black buttons on the right. A gold ring connects to the vampire insignia and is attached to a chain running under his ruffles. There are some gold decorations hanging from this chain. There is a wide dark gray strap beneath this cape moving from his right shoulder to his left hip. This has three strips running down it with a small mark over each stripe at set intervals. The collar is decorated with a scarlet bow at the base of his throat. The tails of the ribbon reach his waist. Two layers of white ruffles are present beneath the bow and reach his mid-chest.

Ferid also has a white waistcoat he wears over his posterior. It is split down the center and reaches his mid-calf. It is held in place by a wide black belt with a large buckle. The buckle rests over his left hip.

He dons a pair of white pants and black boots, which reach his upper thigh. The boots have three golden buttons at his thigh and three at his calf. The boots are darker at the toes, and heel. A pair of small black ribbons meet over either heel and are kept in place by a small white button detail in the center.



Having a courteous manner of speaking, Ferid is carefree when interacting with others. When the opportunity present himself he will place himself in a physical higher position than those he is speaking to. His pleasant manner of speaking extents to those he murdering for Ferid has a deviously sadistic streak. He kept a map around for Mika to find and after waiting for him and his family to reach the exit and escape, Ferid appeared and first enjoyed the loss of hope that he could identify in their faces then set about systematically killing a number of children.

His entrapments cover his allies as well, he later reached the point where he said the queen of Japan could not kill him or the progenitor council would learn of her illicit activities. He would include other accomplices in a list of assassination targets he gave to the humans to avoid others suspecting his involvement.

In a fight with those who have the means to damage him, Ferid remains largely unbothered. Provoking a vampire much stronger than him and losing an arm did not fully deter him right away although he says losing an arm hurts. On a battlefield he directs units to specific targets but largely observes, only intervening if it requires his capabilities. He blocked an attack aiming for Mika, and antagonized Yu to draw him away from his squad for Mika to get. A scenario such as the presence of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army instilled anger in him and he retreated from that.


He is aware of Krul's involvement with seraphs. Ferid also came to know about Guren's background, information of which even his close friends know nothing about. At some point he turns Shahal into a vampire and found him with Riko.[2]


Events of 2016[]

Approaching Mika

Ferid asks what is going on here as he strolls to join Yu and Mika who are having trouble with a vampire. Recognizing Mika, he asks what all the fuss is about then whether Mika will be joining him at his mansion again. Turning his attention to Yu, he asks whether he will be coming as well before smirking as he watches them both leave.

In wait at the exit of the vampire city

When the Hyakuya orphans arrive at the exit to the city, Ferid steps out and greets who he calls the little lambs, he was beginning to wonder if they would show up. Seeing their faces, Ferid loves the expressions humans make when all their hopes have been dashed. He says it is so intoxicating that he just cannot stop playing this game. Fast enough to snatch Ako away, he drinks her blood before letting her drop and remarks what a pity that she died so quickly.

Attacking the orphans one at a time

Gun fire from Yu cannot hit him, Ferid's speed allows him to avoid that and appear behind Yu to comment he believes that is his pistol. Sneaking it past him takes a cunning few possess, Ferid was not expecting to be this entertained. It makes him hungry for more and he rekindles the orphans fire by suggesting that the map is a real one with the exit to their world existing as well to encourage them to run. Ferid strikes Chihiro, then uses his hands to kill the other orphans before appearing before Akane. Ferid murders her as well.

Amongst those he killed

With just two left, Ferid watches as Mika runs towards him before stabbing him through the chest. He then dismembers Mika’s right arm but is shot through the head by Yu and collapses to the floor.[3]

When Yu envisions the night he lost his family he visualises Ferid appearing and biting into Mika's shoulder.[4]

Events of 2020[]

Second Shibuya High Arc[]

Ferid has survived

Four years later, Ferid has survived the gunshot wound to his head. Walking through the hall where the murders took place, he repeats Mika’s name. Having a feeling that he would find him here, Ferid asks if he has heard the latest report. Apparently they have finally tracked down Mika’s precious angel, Ferid told him it was only a matter of time. Asking what his name was, Ferid finds a sword drawn to his neck, before asking if it was Yuichiro. Ferid wonders how Mika will weave what he calls the next part of this tragic tale.[5]

It is remembered that in the aftermath of Ferid’s murder of the orphans and when he was shot, that third progenitor, queen of Japan, Krul Tepes had joined him. Ferid did not react to vampires noting that he had been injured but did rise and remark what a treat it was to be visited by the beloved queen, and that it had been far too long. Flattering her that she looked ravishing as always, he deems that Krul’s comments on his nauseating grin are cruel. Here he is with a gun shot wound to his head yet he still manages a smile on his face because of his love for her. Suspected that he only loves her power, Ferid replies that she knows his heart too well. Denying that it is a joke, and he really was attacked and injured by human children. With Krul saying one of her seraphs has escaped and the other is dying, Ferid is called upon to explain his actions.

Rising to his feet, Ferid counters that his queen has plenty of explaining to do herself. She has been fiddling with the curse of the seraphs and that is against the law. Ferid continues to say if the progenitor council knew they would be furious. Confirming she heard him mention he would tell the council, Ferid sees Krul advancing towards him and he is kicked clean across the hall. Wondering if he has hit a nerve, Ferid prepares to engage as he is charged at again but his right arm is cut off and Ferid is sent to the ground.

Soundly defeated by Krul Tepes

His neck is stepped on as he comments how Krul is so violent, and he shares that losing a limb hurts like hell even if he can re-attach and heal it. Judging that the lover’s spat has taken a turn, Ferid admits he is at Krul's mercy and promises not to meddle in her affairs any longer. He is not an idiot and Ferid says he knows he could not survive crossing her so his lips are sealed when it comes to her precious seraphs. When her foot is removed Ferid stands and states he values his life far too much when told he will regret it if he pries into this matter again. Retrieving his severed arm, Ferid says she has not seen the last of him since he does love her.

Listening to an announcement and waving at Mika

Sitting in on the meeting with nobles possessing the progenitor’s blood, Ferid listens as an announcer describes the Japanese Imperial Demon Army expanding in Northern Tokyo and concerns of the seraph of the end. He waves to Mika as he enters then hears Krul’s intention to exterminate the Demon Army by going to war. Ferid glances to Mika as he processes this information.[6]

Concerning himself with Mika's goal of finding Yu

Standing nearby as Mika observes the aircraft being prepared below, Ferid comments that the time is near and that Mika must be overjoyed. It will not be long until Mika gets the chance to see his precious angel again, Ferid has such high hopes for Mika.[7]

Shinjuku Arc[]

Aware that he is being spied on

As the attack on Shinjuku is underway, Ferid is within the city and atop a structure with Mika beside him. He notices Guren Ichinose monitoring him from some distance away. Commenting that someone has their eyes on them, he tells Mika to never mind and it is nothing for him to worry about. Turning the matter to how Mika is feeling, Ferid mentions it has been a while since he was last here and probably has some bad memories of the place. Impressed with the city the humans have built, Ferid then raises the possibility that Mika could see “his beloved Yu.”

Commenting on humans as they are being fought nearby

Seeing Mika observe the fallen soldiers before them and their blood being drank by vampires, Ferid questions whether Mika is going to drink blood and encourages him to go ahead. He advises that Mika should take advantage of being on the battlefield since it is forbidden to drink directly from a human back home. Told that those rules did not stop him drinking Mika’s blood, Ferid asks for Mika not to say those things or they will hurt his reputation, besides it was Mika who came and offered him his blood that night. Noting it was so Mika could steal a gun and map from his mansion, Ferid taunts Mika by asking him how that worked out.

Speaking on matters of blood

Questioning why Mika is still upset about ancient history, Ferid asks what does it matter, he is a vampire himself now then ends with smiling smugly at him. Labelling Mika a gluten for self punishment, Ferid queries how he is going to protect Yu, the last of his family in this whole wide world and he states that is love which could be eternal. Serious about Mika drinking blood soon, Ferid calls after to Mika as he walks away that he knows what happens to vampires who get too thirsty and he would hate for that to happen to him.[8]

Commanding the vampires behind him to engage the Moon Demon Company

Chuckling, he walks over to Mika who is facing Guren. He remarks it is impressive that Guren’s attack took out a whole squadron of their men and it looks like the humans are sending in their strongest forces. Answering Mika, he knows these are a part of the vampire extermination units most elite squad, the Moon Demon Company. With that he turns to the vampires gathered behind him and asks whether they are ready to end this war once and for all then directs them to slaughter the livestock in a full blown extermination.

Surveying the battle from a vantage point

Observing the battle taking place, Ferid remarks it is finally getting interesting. Feeling it is a shame that Crowley the thirteenth progenitor is not here since here, he would make it a battle truly worthy of the history books and Ferid feels he is really missing out. Calling Lacus and Rene, he tells them to round up all the humans except for the one in charge. Dropping to the ground, Ferid speaks to Mika that he may now have a chance to see Krul Tepe’s favourite servant in action, and adds that he must be very thirsty. With Guren charging towards them, Ferid suggests he and Mika can kill the human’s pompous leader together before asking if Mika is sure when he intends to fight by himself. He remarks how intimidating when two vines wrap around Mika’s sword arm as he prepares for combat.

Parting advice to Mika as he fights Guren

With Mika battling Guren directly, Ferid voices it is just as he expected, with Mika’s tremendous power and over confidence, if he is not careful he will get the rug pulled out from under him. He elaborates further with emphasizing the rug underneath Mika, having noticed the kunai wire pattern all around Mika. Ferid explains their enemies never intended to fight one on one. After Shigure Yukimi unleashes her assemblage of kunai and Norito Goshi deploys his illusion spell to have Mika where Guren can get him, Ferid intervenes physically to block Guren's sword.

Literally knocking Guren aside after defending Mika from him

Notifying Mika that he owes him one, Ferid forcefully clobbers Guren away from them where the impact of his strike causes the lieutenant colonel to crash through multiple structures. Some guidance to Mika is that it is always a mistake to underestimate the livestock, Ferid says there is nothing honourable about the way they fight. He adds that Mika should know all about that being ex-human himself.

Content to observe the humans in a major battle

Thinking they should probably get serious about this, Ferid suggests they fight together. With the help rejected since Mika knows their strategy now, Ferid perceives there is that arrogance again. Standing by as Mika disarms Guren and knocks him over, Ferid looks to see people approaching in the distance then comments that it looks like his backup has arrived. With that he bids Mika to go on and put the poor man out of his misery.[9]

Episode 10 - Screenshot 224.png

After Mika is stabbed by Yu, and escapes from Guren’s attack, Ferid stands beside Mika and watches the humans talk amongst themselves. After Yu and Mika speak, Ferid announces that it might just be the sweetest thing he has ever seen, and to just look at how dear Yuichiro has sprouted. Deeming it a fateful and unexpected reunion for the three of them, with so many memories returning Ferid says it almost brings tears to his eyes. Asking Mika what the plan is, he plants the idea that Yu is most likely being manipulated by these humans then questions whether Mika means to save Yu from the hands of these traitorous dogs.

strangled for suggesting he could change Yu into a vampire

Then he poses the question that with Yu being a human would he really want to befriend them, before suggesting Yu would rather die. Ferid has an idea, he can do for Yu what Krul done for Mika and have Yu reborn with a drop of his blood. Indifferent to Mika grabbing his neck and threatening to kill him if he tries it, Ferid insists that he was just kidding and Mika needs to learn to take a joke. Placing both hands on Mika’s shoulders, Ferid pays no mind to Mika’s whimper and offers to help rescue his “princess.” Ferid’s plan is to help deal with the other livestock whilst Mika gets Yu. Saying to just leave it to him, all Mika needs to worry about is getting Yu out of harm's way. Ferid has his answer when Mika’s sword becomes red and he takes out his own. He proclaims to the humans that it has been decided, all the humans will died except for the little lost lamb, Yuichiro.

Joined by Crowley, Chess and Horn

His walk is paused when he sees Crowley Eusford has arrived, with fellow nobles Chess Belle and Horn Skuld as well. Asking if anything interesting was going on during Crowley’s detour, Ferid states now that he is here the game he had planned will not be quite as much fun. However, they can play a new one, called take them alive.

Enraging Yu with his existence, and drawing him away from his squad

As the humans retreat, Ferid sprints to block Yu’s path and asks him if he does not want to play. Appearing behind him, he bounces and backflips away luring Yu from his group. Saying that he is fast but still has a lot to learn, Ferid suddenly jumps off Yu to avoid Guren. Landing behind him, Ferid shares an expression that the injured lion’s strike is never quite as sharp before kicking Guren away. Pushing him into the wall, Ferid leaps to avoid Yu’s sword before placing his hand on Yu’s shoulder.

What happened when he touched Yu

Before he can finish his sentence about how long he has waited to taste Yu’s blood, his arm is slashed off by Mika. Nonchalantly catching his limb as he mentions this is what he meant about taking a joke, Ferid only says Mika should be sure to call him if he needs a hand.

Keeping Guren there as he observes Yu's half seraph state

With Mika having taken Yu, Ferid keeps Guren restrained by holding him up by the neck, even as Yu begins to turn into a human based creature with a dripping branched wing like structure from his shoulder. He has taken Guren into the ginormous crater the being created with a single stroke of his sword. There Ferid answers Crowley he has no idea what it is before posing the question to Guren. He guesses this is the result of human experimentation and questions where the infinite human greed comes from. Regarding the creature being Guren’s trump card, Ferid replies sadly for him he did not really achieve anything. With distracting him being the main objective all along, Ferid looks up and notices a glint atop a building far away in the distance. It is from Shinya Hīragi's long ranged rifle and Ferid flees right before the large white tiger projectiles crash and break the ground where he stood. He sees the explosion on the spot he was just stood and judges it far too close, if it had not been for Guren's big mouth Ferid would be a pile of ash by now.

Not so happy to see the arrival of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army

His complacent view on the situation changes when he sees lines of soldiers led by Kureto Hiragi and he notes it appears they are surrounded.[10]

Stopping Mika from reaching Yu

It is recalled that he went for Mika for them to retreat. He understood Mika may be upset but now is not a good time before nodding for Mika to take a look at Yu surrounded by his squad. All his human friends will do absolutely anything to protect him. With Mika’s reaction, Ferid voices finally Mika is developing a proper disgust for humanity and now Mika is learning to hate them as well as vampires. He is curious as to which one Mika will choose and cannot wait to find out. Saying for them to go, he changes to strangle Mika. Serious that his patience has run thin and voicing that Mika has had enough fun for one day, Ferid then orders him to shut his mouth.

Meeting with someone real only he can see

After successfully escaping, later Ferid is on top of a building at night for some secret correspondence. He asks who he is interacting with whether they find it amusing that things seem to be going so smoothly. As usual the human’s lust for power is out of control, and speaking for vampires Ferid determines they are so arrogant they take things too lightly. He asks whether the other being agrees with him, or does his partner see things differently. Considering they are so serious, he hands the other party a book. It contains all of the vampire’s research data. There is one more thing, he almost forgot but he only chuckles as he partner closes the door leaving Ferid stood by himself.[11]

Post-Shinjuku Arc[]

Mistreating a child

Finding Mika in pain alone in a corridor, Ferid asks why does he not take a sip already, after all this is probably the best looking he is ever going to be. As he speaks how Mika would not want to risk, he is approached by a child who has heard if blood is offered, then Ferid can make life easier for the child’s family. Smiling, Ferid asks who told them such a thing, before sardonically questioning whether it was Mika. Suddenly picking the child up by the neck, Ferid tells Mika to come drink this child’s blood and quench his terrible thirst. His nail draws some blood on the youth's neck yet he is reminded it is against the rules to drink directly from a human. Stating that Mika is such a goody two shoes, Ferid drops the child and adds maybe Mika is thinking of him, but his comment that Mika is scared is cut off.

Inviting Mika to a progenitor council meeting

Ferid remembers he is here to invite Mika to something, he must attend the next progenitor council meeting. It will be so much more interesting if Mika finds out for himself what they want and with that Ferid turns to the child and walks away.[12] Within the purple hued meeting room Ferid is with Krul and addressing the progenitor council members through screens. He explains to put it simply the humans are being blinded by their desire to defeat them and are partaking in forbidden experiments they do not understand, it is quite unsettling.

The council meeting with Krul

If they would just watch this recording they will understand exactly what he means. Ferid clicks his fingers to signal Mika to enter the room. After watching the hologram recording of Yu transforming at the battle of Shinjuku and the seismic destruction he wrought, Ferid claps his hands then announces to see that the humans have finally succeeded and have managed to weaponize the seraph of the end. He does not have to tell them what a serious problem this is.

Bringing Mika infront of progenitors to show the holorecording of Yu

With Krul corroborating she killed every child bearing even a trace of the seraph of the end eight years ago, Ferid notices Mika’s gasp behind him and asks Krul if she is sure she killed all the test subjects. With two third progenitors quarreling, Ferid mediates to ask that Krul and Lest Karr please not argue when the ruling of Japan is being discussed. Remembering why they are here, Ferid poses the question of how they respond to the human’s successful weaponization and he questions what queen Krul would have them do. At the end of the meeting he is asked by a member of the council who the boy stood behind him is.

Prepared for Krul's wrath, and how she cannot use it on him

With the meeting over he does not flinch as Krul tears into the floor in front of him. Saying that Krul is so scary when she speaks of ending him if he conspires against her, Ferid reminds Krul she cannot kill him. After all, if he died think about what might happen, all the information Ferid has collected on her could leak to the progenitor council. Ferid continues that if they find out he allowed an escape he would be punished too. With all their shared secrets it appears they have no other choice but to be allies and he places his arm around Mika.

Feeling he and Krul belong together and looking like this

He has manic look for Krul when he states she might even say they belong together. Saying who is he kidding, Ferid laughs merrily and heads for the door, what a fun game this is turning out to be.[13]

He is mentioned by Crowley as wanting to know everything about the Moon Demon Company attack on Nagoya City Hall.[14]

Passing the time to Nagoya by staring at Krul

The helicopter he is on is approaching Nagoya where they will arrive at Crowley Eusford’s territory in a few minutes. Ferid is in the company of Krul and he is smiling pleasantly as he stares at her.[15]

Having arrived in Nagoya in the area where Yayoi Endō and Tarō Kagiyama were murdered by a vampire ambush, Ferid finds it a pleasure to see Crowley. He is balanced on a rail and says it has been too long. Five nobles were killed today and the humans knew their locations so Ferid is suspected as having something to do with this. Ferid is hurt, there is nothing worse than selling out one’s friends. Ferid finds it despicable and then hears Crowley’s concern that Ferid also gave his location. Replying surely Crowley enjoys the fight, when he did Ferid tells Crowley he should be thanking him instead.

Speaking freely of his traitorous activities to Crowley

Besides everyone knows that they are friends, and no one will suspect he leaked info if Crowley were attacked. Saying that Crowley is only half right when seen as the one behind this, Ferid reveals there is actually another puppeteer pulling the strings along with him. Glancing to Guren who is being beaten by a vampire noble, with another onlooking, Ferid says it is him. He is aware the Lieutenant Colonel is a half demon, although he is actually close to becoming complete. Everyday he struggles to keep two personalities under control inside his body. One is an idealist who wants nothing more than to protect his troops and his friends from harm but the other personality is not so nice. It is his dead ex-girlfriend, a perfectionist whose been turned into a demon.

Aware Mahiru-no-Yo is emerging before they do

Ferid says to look, the monster is coming out. With Krul ordering all units to move out to Nagoya airport where the humans are re-assembling, Ferid replies to Crowley that the end game is the transformation of the world.[16]

Watching a seraph activate from a somewhat safe distance

At Nagoya airport, Ferid stands beside Crowley some distance away after Kureto and Aoi Sangū with the Japanese Imperial Demon Army have unveiled a purple orb of light around Mirai Kimizuki. Jagged rocks erupt through the landscape and the land splits under a darkened sky. Judging it quite impressive, Ferid says to watch.

After Yu uses the power of the second trumpet, The King of Salt, to destroy Abaddon, the landscape is restored. Ferid jumps behind Krul after she has just broken Crowley’s neck. Addressing her as his queen, Ferid says she has panicked and left her beautiful neck wide open. He grabs Krul from behind and bites her until she passes out.

Ambushing and successfully defeating Krul

With Crowley expressing surprise that he was successful, Ferid replies that it sounds as if he doubted him. With Crowley wondering where that leaves them with their leader taken out of the equation, Ferid holds Krul by the arm as he addresses other vampires. Calling for his brethren to listen, Ferid announces they have just discovered that Krul Tepes is guilty of high treason against their kind. She was involved in the human seraph of the end experiment that could have completely destroyed them. Therefore, as the seventh progenitor, he, Ferid Bathory is assuming control. He stands at a distance as the vampire soldiers engage the Imperial Demon Army members.

Awaiting foreign vampire nobles

Four months later, Ferid is standing with Crowley, Lacus and Rene amongst other vampires including Horn and Chess. He awaits a group of aircraft to land containing vampire nobles including Lest Karr. Bowing, Ferid remarks now this is where things get really interesting.[17]

Powers and Abilities[]

Natural Abilities[]

Enhanced Strength[]

Able to cut through flesh with his hands

Being a vampire, Ferid is naturally far stronger and more powerful than a human. As a seventh progenitor, he is incredibly strong even among noble vampires and is stronger than those of lower ranking vampires. However, he is weaker than the higher-ranked progenitors, such as Krul Tepes. Unless he is facing a large number of strong opponents, he uses his bare hands to fight, other wise he relies on swords in battle.

Regenerative Powers[]



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  • I know. Why don't you, come by mansion again tonight?" - Getting right to the point of why he is speaking to Mika.1
  • "Hello little lambs. I was beginning to wonder if you'd show up. Aw, just look at those faces. I love the expression human's make when all of their hopes have been dashed. It's so intoxicating that I can't stop playing this game!" - Ferid is waiting by the exit that Yu, Mika and their family mean to leave through.1
  • "What a pity. Died so quickly." - after drinking the blood of an orphan.1
  • "Well, well. I believe that is my pistol. Sneaking it past me took a cunning that few possess. I'm impressed, Mika, I never expected to be this entertained." - Thoroughly enjoying himself.1
  • "Does that fire of yours need rekindling? What if I told you that map you stole was the genuine article. All you have to do is make it past me and you'll be back in your world." - Wanting the children to run to safety.1
  • "Sweet Mikaela. I'll miss your company most of all. And the lovely meals." - His final words to Mika before maiming him.1
  • "Mika! My sweet Mika. Hello, I had a feeling that I would find you here. Have you heard the latest report? Apparently they've finally tracked down your precious angel. I told you it was only a matter of time. No one can stay hidden forever. As we feared he's become a puppet for those filthy humans. What's his name? Yuichiro, wasn't it?" - Having survived, he continues to trouble Mika, but is aware of intel Mika that values.3
  • "How cruel, here I am with a gun shot wound to my head. Yet I still manage a smile on my face because of my love for you." - Speaking to the queen of Japan, Krul and when it is suggested he just loves her power Ferid replies: “You know my heart too well” 4
  • “So how are you feeling? It’s been a while since you were last here. You probably have some bad memories of this place. But even I must admit that the humans built themselves a pretty impressive city. Plus you may even get a chance to see your beloved Yu while you’re here. What a bonus.” - Speaking to Mika in Shinjuku, his views on the human city and addressing that Mika may find Yu again.9
  • "Impressive. That attack took out a whole squadron of our men. It looks like the humans are sending in their strongest forces." - Judging it impressive that those under his command were destroyed, and knowing Guren and the Moon Demon Company's strength has been brought to him.
  • “This fight’s finally getting interesting. It’s a shame that Crowley the thirteenth progenitor isn’t here, he would make this a battle truly worthy of the history books.” - First mention of Crowley's name.
  • "Lacus, Rene. Round up our men and take down all the humans except for the one in charge." - Giving orders to vampires. (The "one in charge" would have been Guren).
  • “You and I can kill their pompous leader together.” Seeing Guren and suggesting he and Mika attack him together, and calling someone else pompous.
  • “Mika, just as I expected. Tremendous power and over confidence. If you’re not careful that arrogance will get the rug pulled out from under you. Do you need a hand?" - Wary of arrogance, and offering assistance to Mika against his fight with Guren. Ferid has also intervened since he alone has noted that the humans never intended for a one on one battle, Shigure has prepared wire based kunai traps around Mika.
  • “Remember Mika, it’s always a mistake to underestimate the livestock. There’s nothing honourable about the way these greedy little blood bags fight. Although I guess you know all about that as an ex-human yourself.” - Insulting humans in more ways than one, having a notion of honour and speaking contemptuously to Mika.
  • “There’s that arrogance again. It’s an unfortunate holdover from your humanity that’s going to get you in trouble one day." - When Mika says he can defeat Guren by himself. 10
  • “Aw, this might be the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. And just look at how much dear Yuichiro has sprouted. What a fateful and unexpected reunion for the three of us. Brings back so many memories. It’s almost enough to bring tears to my eyes." - Trying to be a part of the reunion between Yu and Mika.
  • “Ah, I know! I can do for him what Krul did for you, Mika! One drop of my blood and Yuichiro will be reborn!” - Malevolently saying he can turn Yu into a vampire fully aware of how Mika feels about it.
  • “Now why don’t I help you rescue your princess.” - Offering to help Mika rescue Yu.
  • “Well now that you’re here the game I had planned won’t be quite as much fun. But, we can play a new one, it’s called take them alive. We’ll capture the Moon Demon Company and make them our livestock.” - With Crowley’s arrival, Ferid adapts his plan from killing to capturing some of the strongest humans for their blood.
  • “And you should know by now that the injured lion’s strike is never quite as sharp.” - An expression he says to Guren before attacking him, and an awareness of lions.
  • “I have waited so long to get a taste of your-“ - Ferid’s desire for Yu’s blood and after placing his hand on his shoulder, Ferid does not finish his sentence because he has his entire arm sliced off by Mika.
  • “Let me guess. This is the result of human experimentation isn’t it? Tell me, where does that infinite greed of yours come from? Honestly it scares me. Besides you always seem to be losing control of it. See?” - His whimsical views on Yu being turned into a partial seraph.
  • ”Phew, that was too close for comfort. If it hadn’t been for his big mouth I’d be a smoking pile of ash right now.” - His outlandish reaction after almost being blown apart by a cursed gear based explosion. If it were not for Guren's tip then Ferid would have been blasted by Shinya's ranged fire.11
  • “Yes, finally. You’re developing a proper disgust for humanity. You hate vampires, and now you’re learning to hate humans." - Satisfied with the deteriorating perspectives Mika has after he has seen Yu with humans and is unable to reach him.
  • “There, you see! The humans have finally succeeded! They have managed to weaponize the seraph of the end!" - His reporting to the progenitor council.14
  • “So scary. But you forget that you can’t kill me. After all if I died, think about what might happen. All the information I’ve collected on you could leak to the progenitor council. Besides if they found out I let you escape, I’d be punished too. Hm, dear, with all these shared secrets it would appear that you and I have no other choice but to be allies. Hooray. You might even say we belong together. - Explaining why Krul cannot kill him where his tone and facial expressions grow progressively more insane as he speaks.14
  • “I’m hurt. There’s nothing worse than selling out your friends, right? That’s despicable.” - Ferid’s relaxed answer to Crowley’s accusation that he had something to do with the humans knowing the locations of vampire nobles to targer. Selling out his friends is also exactly what Ferid done.23
  • “Besides, everyone knows that we’re friends, Crowley. No one’ll suspect I leaked info if you were attacked.” - Feeling other vampires are aware that he and Crowley are friends, and confirming his involvement in assisting the humans in the open with many other high ranking vampires around.23
  • “You’re only half right. There’s actually another puppeteer pulling the strings along with me.” - Speaking candidly around Crowley and styling the involvement as puppeteering.23
  • “The Lieutenant Colonel is a half demon. Although he’s actually close to becoming complete. Everyday he struggles to keep two personalities under control inside his body. One is an idealist who wants nothing more than to protect his troops and his friends from harm. But the other personality isn’t so nice. It’s his dead ex-girlfriend, a perfectionist whose been turned into a demon. Look. The monster is coming out!” - A deep understanding of Guren, Mahiru-no-Yo and able to know when the demon (described by him as a monster) is emerging before it does.23
  • “My queen! You’ve panicked! And left your beautiful neck wide open!” - Feeling Krul panicked after she soundly defeated Crowley, and betraying Krul by biting her.24
  • “Listen vampire brethren! We’ve just discovered that Krul Tepes is guilty of high treason against our kind. She was involved in the human seraph of the end experiment that could have completely destroyed us. Therefore, as the seventh progenitor, I Ferid Bathory… am assuming control!” - Beside Crowley and holding Krul unconscious by her arm, Ferid makes his case to other vampires.


  • Based on his surname, he is possibly related to the famous serial killer, Elizabeth Báthory.
  • Farid (فريد) also spelt Ferid or Fareed is an Arabic masculine personal name or last name, meaning "unique."