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The Fifth Trumpet (?), also referred to as the Angel of Destruction (滅びの悪魔 Horobi no Akuma?), is a Seraph existing in the Seraph of the End series. Through human experimentation that the Japanese Imperial Demon Army partook in, it can occupy the body of Mirai Kimizuki. Conscious in this state, the seraph can act of its own accord, which often involves bringing the demon Abaddon into existence in a realistic attempt to destroy humanity.


Not seen directly on account of existing within a young human girl, the seraph's discernible traits are its four large feather based wings often outstretched on either side. Its presence is also indicated by what may be its true eyes visible in the place of Mirai's. They are golden in color where the sclera is black. There are unique curse mark style markings that cover her skin.


Anachronistic in its speaking, the Fifth Trumpet's immediate response to humans before it was to lambast them as wretched sinners, then act to kill them all indiscriminately. When under the control of army forces, the Fifth Trumpet obeys verbal directions given to it by humans. Otherwise inactive when close by to the beings it vowed to destroy, the seraph will fight alongside them and commence attack when ordered to. In this state the Fifth Trumpet acts to fight against another seraph. Such malleable, at odds behaviour with what was displayed initially, is indicative of what is controlling it rather than the seraph's regular nature.


After Mirai fell ill after the apocalypse she was experimented on by the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Such extensive human experimentation allowed the Fifth Trumpet to be able to use her as a host. Where it had a knowledge of human activities, and apparent innate nature to punish them for carrying out what it deemed as sins, magical based means including spell tags and chains were prepared in order to have this beings power's controlled instead.


Conscious within Mirai Kimizuki

At Nagoya, situated within a truck, the chains that break out and stab into humans and vampires transfer their blood into the Fifth Trumpet.[1] Called upon by Kureto Hīragi, it breaks upwards from the vehicle in a pillar of light where its four wings keep Mirai who it is inhabiting in the sky. The seraph has a trumpet ready before it. Conscious, the Fifth Trumpet speaks through Mirai to address the humans below as wretched sinners, before announcing that ruin will fall down upon them.[2] After the trumpet is sounded, the being is stabbed in the back by many chains and bound which results in Abaddon materializing from its back.[3]

Fighting against another seraph

With a second seraph, The King of Salt, appearing within Yu's body, the Fifth Trumpet is ordered to fire at the pillar of fire which it does via Abaddon.[4] When the emissions are blocked by the salt formations created, the Fifth Trumpet loses Abaddon as an asset when the demon is cut apart by the King of Salt's sword.[5] The seraph within Mirai keeps her levitating inactively in the air.[6]

Around three months later, the Fifth Trumpet descends upon the vampire city of Sanguinem. Soaring above soldiers, it helps Kureto and Guren Ichinose in their invasion.[7]

After Kureto Hīragi leads a coup against Tenri Hīragi to overthrow him from power, the Fifth Trumpet is active within Mirai and floats overhead a soldier on top of a building with Abaddon stationed above.[8] Twitching when ordered to fire towards a second signal, the fifth Trumpet pays heed to the soldiers command that was given by Kureto, rather than Aoi's.[9]

When Shibuya comes under attack by the Hyakuya Sect, the seraph is ordered to be activated by Kureto where a needle is injected into Mirai for the seraph wings to appear.[10] The Fifth Trumpet stands in between Saitō and the First who is in possession of Shinoa Hīragi's body, with Shihō Kimizuki nearby as well.[11] It is unresponsive to them, and where Mirai seems asleep she can be carried away by Kimizuki.[12]

Seraph Mirai is carried on Kimizuki's back through Shibuya that sustains heavy artillery fire. The Fifth Trumpet remains inactive as Mirai is swept away and murdered by Guren Ichinose who is a demon.[13] A Sinful Key emerges from the body of Mirai, of a human that bore a seraph.[14]

Powers and Abilities[]

A golden trumpet used to summon monsters

Capable of flight, the Fifth Trumpet can keep its human host suspended in the air as well with minimal, if any movement of its wings. Conjuring a golden trumpet and blowing into it can summon powerful monsters to the world instantaneously. These can include many Horsemen of the Apocalypse which will attack both humans and vampires, where previous other ones left the latter alone. Chiefly, the Fifth Trumpet from its back can have Abaddon brought into existence. That it can follow human orders at once, and without question makes it an incredibly powerful, and useable asset. Such is the sheer strength that the Fifth Trumpet was deployed to lay invasion to a vampire city where its fall was ensured, and was humanity's larger only practical means for survival against the wider vampire threat. This epitome of power was also the weapon of choice when Kureto acted to defeat Tenri Hīragi. The Fifth Trumpet's capacity to be manipulated is humanity's greatest asset, but also a weakness, it heeds Shikama Dōji's orders over a human's.


Mirai Kimizuki[]

After Mirai Kimizuki was experimented on, the Fifth Trumpet would come to occupy her being and use her body to act in the world. It did not act to defend Mirai during her ordeals, and in its fixation with punishing humans the seraph may not even realize it is occupying the body of one.


Abaddon Remanifesting.PNG

Based on this monster's power, Abaddon is likely summoned by the Fifth Trumpet itself, rather than being a demon that exists within human Mirai. The relationship may be symbiotic, one of control, or where the Fifth Trumpet is instructing Abaddon how to act, but in any case they act in unison. When the seraph is ordered to engage, Abaddon will be what fires destructive emissions towards a target.

Kureto Hīragi[]

With Kureto Hīragi aware that it was coming to enact divine punishment against humanity for violating the taboo, the Fifth Trumpet was bound by the Lieutenant General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Successfully controlled, the seraph within Mirai would be used by Kureto to sack the vampire city of Sanguinem. Then it would play a vital role in assisting Kureto stage a coup against his father, Tenri, to gain absolute control over the army. The Fifth Trumpet would be activated again on Kureto's orders to defend Shibuya from the Hyakuya Sect invasion.

Aoi Sangū[]

In serving Kureto, the Fifth Trumpet will have orders passed to it by Aoi Sangū. Behaving as a weapon, the seraph will obey this human, yet defer to higher ranked orders even with Aoi ordering it to stop.

Shikama Dōji[]

The Fifth Trumpet has been experimented on by humans, under the control of the first vampire Sika Madu, who became the demon like being Shikama Dōji. Whether through its own will or magically induced, the Fifth Trumpet and Abaddon ceased its attack on the First's order.



Wretched sinners. Ruin shalt fall down upon thee.

–Speaking through Mirai to the humans below at Nagoya Airport. Chapter 40: "Trumpet of the Apocalypse"