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First Shibuya High School (第一渋谷高校 Dai Ichi Shibuya Kōkō?) is an upper-secondary school located in Shibuya that Guren Ichinose attends when he is sixteen. It is run by the religious sect known as the Order of the Imperial Demons[1] led by the Hīragi Family. The school specializes in training magic users and is unknown to the public.

As a school for the elite, only the best and brightest of students are chosen to attend from adherents throughout Japan, with nearly every student being the son or daughter of a clan that belongs to the Order and believes in its teachings.

The school is one of the settings in the Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen light novel series before the apocalypse occurs.

School life[]


First Shibuya has the appearance of a typical school with typical-looking classrooms.

Notable locations[]

  • Auditorium: used to welcome students at the start of the school year
  • The "schoolyard": a large training ground where qualifying exams are held as well as used for students to train
  • Gymnasium: located on the other side of the schoolyard, across from the main school building

It follows the same academic calendar as other Japanese schools, in that it begins in April and ends in the following March and has three long vacations: summer break (running late July to late August), winter break (late December to early January), and spring break (late February to early April).


The students wear typical Japanese school uniforms with pins signifying the Order (students that are members of the Order of the Imperial Moon, i.e. Guren Ichinose, Sayuri Hanayori, and Shigure Yukimi, wear different pins). The uniforms also have a long and short sleeve styles for both males and the females for warm and cold weather.

The male students wear a long sleeve black gakuran that has a standing collar with a red and thin white trim. The red also circles the cuffs while the trim is white. The school emblem is located on the left breast. In the summer, the top is replaced with a white polo.

The female students wear a sailor fuku which consists of a blouse with red trim around the collar and a grayish-blue sailor-style collar which also has red trim and a similarly-colored skirt with a belt. The uniform's ribbon, which is thinner than normal sailor fuku, is attached to the bottom right end of the collar. The school emblem is located on the right breast. In the summer, they wear a short-sleeve version of the sailor fuku.

Known students[]