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After logging into Seraph of the End: Bloody Blades, the player will arrive in the main screen. At the bottom you will see 6 icons which will bring you to different page.

My Page (マイページ)

The main screen. Contains present box, battle result, menu, PVP lobby, and notification.

Character (キャラクター):

Players can edit their sortie parties, level up and upgrade characters, sell unneeded characters, and check character stats.

Quest (クエスト)

Currently divided into three categories: Shinjuku Defense story quest, Nagoya Battle Story Quest, and Special quest.

Summon (招集)

Players can try drawing from different gacha banners and pages using a variety of currencies, depending on the type of gacha.

Shop (ショップ):

Player uses Cursed Demon Stone (鬼呪石) as in-game currency. They can purchase more Cursed Demon Stones (with real life currency) in Shop, which then can be used to purchase other things such as stamina refill, drawing from the gacha, character limit and friends limit expansion, and buy other items.

Friends (フレンド):

Players can add other users and use their party leader as your battle support. By using a friend's support character in quests, the friend will be given 100 Character EXP.

My Page (マイページ)[edit | edit source]

Current party member[edit | edit source]

Present Box (プレゼント)[edit | edit source]

All quest rewards will go to this box. If your character box is full, any new card you get will be sent to here too. Press [一括受け取り] at the bottom to retrieve all present at once, or [受け取り] at the right side of the item to retrieve them one by one.

Battle Result (戦果)[edit | edit source]

Displays your red defense ranking and PVP ranking, player rank (階級), album scroll (図鑑), and inventory (アイテム一覧)

Menu (メニュー)[edit | edit source]

On the menu, players can check game announcements, player information, access the help page, game option, and going back to title page.

PVP Lounge[edit | edit source]

In PVP, you will assembly 5-members party to battle other players. The opponent will be controlled by AI.

Game Announcement (お知らせ)[edit | edit source]

Players can check the latest news about maintenance, events , upcoming gacha, and other things here.

Navigation[edit | edit source]

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