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Guren Ichinose (一瀬グレン Ichinose Guren?) is the main protagonist of the prequel story Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen and its sequel, Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Resurrection at Nineteen light novel series. In addition, he is the tritagonist in the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, which takes place eight years later.

With the death of his father, Guren became head of the Ichinose family, when he was still 16, and remains head of the family as an adult.[3] Guren is a Lieutenant Colonel of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and the leader of the Vampire Extermination Unit's Moon Demon Company. He is also the squad leader of the Guren Squad (グレン隊 Guren-tai?), and has been since in his teen years.

Note: This is the page for Guren in the manga and light novels, for the anime article detailing Guren see: Guren Ichinose (Anime).


Guren is a tall, young man with medium length black hair similar to an overgrown mullet, with slightly overgrown messy bangs parted in the middle and complementary violet purple eyes. He is considered quite handsome according to some girls who are infatuated with him.


He wore the First Shibuya High Uniform, a black gakuran with a standing collar, with red trim which was also around the cuffs. Instead of the school emblem, Guren wore the Order of the Imperial Moon emblem on the left breast.

When his squad was first formed, he wore the standard JIDA uniform which consists of a long-sleeved black jacket with two rows of gold buttons on the front and red details including the shoulder epaulets. A brown Sam Browne belt passes diagonally over his right shoulder and holds a brown pouch on his left side. Along with that, he wears a pair of white gloves and a red standard belt. He also wears the uniform trousers with knee-high black boots which goes over his trouser legging.

Vampire Reign[]

He sometimes is shown with his hair slicked back during the midst of skirmishes on the battlefield, but more often is seen with slightly tousled hair, with bangs hanging over his forehead. He wears the standard JIDA uniform, which consists of a long-sleeved, double-breasted black coat with two rows of gold buttons down the front, red details including shoulder epaulettes, gores at the bottom, and stripes on sleeves. Other decorations include gold aiguillettes and white fourrageres worn on the right shoulder, attached to a stylized cherry blossom decoration pendant at the center of his collar, and two bars with unit insignia medal below them on the left. He wears a pair of white gloves, a black on white armband on his left arm, and a similarly striped black and white web belt with a frog for his sword on the left, and a gold waist-plate. In addition, he also wears the uniform trousers with two white belts strapped around his left leg and black shoes.

In the manga illustration, he also wore a black cape or overcoat with a red lining, and in the anime's artwork, he is shown wearing a maroon coat with red ornamented sleeves. Anime and manga versions have in common shoulder epaulettes and a gold unit insignia. While the shoulder epaulettes are primarily red in the anime, they are a mixture between black and beige in the manga. The anime version shows extra red markings and gold details. In contrast to the anime, the manga depicted the cloak to have beige for its insignia, and details spread all around the garment, with no markings visible.



Guren was naive in his childhood days where most of his time was spent with Mahiru Hīragi. His outlook on life was simple while his life was only happy moments. When he was forcefully separated from Mahiru and treated with contempt for being part of a lowly branch family, Guren felt guilty for being too weak in physique and power to not reach out for what he wanted: Mahiru. Motivated by Mahiru to become stronger and wiser, Guren would become a wise leader who values teamwork, cooperation and friends, determined to ensure the survival of the human race from demons and vampires. When Yūichirō Hyakuya tried to join the Moon Demon Company, Guren refused until he made friends.

Guren sometimes pretends to be lazy, but in truth, he really works hard. He keeps many secrets to himself, and has no difficulty lying about them. He also plans to dethrone the Hīragi Family; however, this is shown to be explicitly desired by him upon being possessed by Mahiru-no-Yo. It is made clear when Guren is possessed, and his true desires come to light, that he, along with Shinya Hīragi, wants to change the status quo and hierarchy.

In addition, he actually cares a lot about his subordinates and friends, considering them to be his family, both before and after the apocalypse.

In the past, as shown in the Catastrophe light novels, he was strongly devoted to his lover Mahiru Hiragi, showing the strength and goodness of his heart, staying true to his love for Mahiru and desperately keeps trying to save her, even when she was turned into a vampire and then when she was demon, also rejecting his female companions due to his devoted love to her. Indeed, even when pressured with the death of Sakae, Guren showed he couldn't bring himself to actually kill her, opting to commit suicide with her, which failed. Even after Mahiru killed all his friends, Guren forgave and tried to save her as she died. Her death was so devastating to Guren that he even asked Ferid to kill him. Although he treats Mahiru-No-Yo coldly, as later on revealed he never let go of the guilt and sadness he felt over his failure and despite having been willing to trigger the Apocalypse to save his friends, he shows regret over what he had done to the world, which ultimately motivated him to become a demon to atone for his mistakes.


His kindness is the reason for why he hasn't been completely honest with his squad whenever they're around him, especially hiding from them his second personality, which Kureto knew of all along, and later Shinya became aware of. It was another reason for why Guren's original personality had yet to be fully taken over by his second, demonic personality, and continues to exist. Nevertheless, he has since kept his own emotions in check on a daily basis, carefully maintaining a positive image so as to not worry them.

Guren's personality changes drastically when he's overtaken by his demon blade, Mahiru-no-Yo. According to Ferid Bathory, it happens more often than shown, and his demon side is capable of hiding his true nature from his close friends. Guren is described as being a Namanari, a human with two souls in his body, just a single step away from becoming a complete demon. When Mahiru is in control of Guren's body, he becomes utterly ruthless in the pursuit of his goals and cuts down anyone who opposes him, even if it is one of his comrades, like Shihō or Yu. He doesn’t distinguish vampires or humans as friend or foe to him when possessed, but sees them all as only sacrificial pawns for the Seraph of the End experiment.

Kureto considers the demonic personality to be strong and the original human personality to be weak.

After Mahiru-no-Yo and Noya separate, truly turning Guren into a Namanari, Guren has shown previously unseen lenience by sparing Shinya and the rest of his squad, showing he still cares for them but will not hesitate to put them down when needed, as he ruthlessly pinned down his squad and brutally attacked Shinya until he could no longer try to stop him and drained power from the rest of his squad to prevent them from attempting anything.


For the total coverage story detailing Guren's history as well see:

Story: Guren Ichinose

Guren Ichinose is waiting for Yūichirō Hyakuya outside the underground city he escaped from. Deeming him useful in the fight against vampires he offers him a chance of vengeance against them. Four years later Guren would arrive to repel a vampire attacking him. Guren required that Yu work well with others and had Shinoa Hīragi assigned to monitor these efforts. Along with Yu he would have Yoichi Saotome and Shihō Kimizuki acquire black cursed gear weapons. Appointing Mitsuba Sangū as the fifth member of Shinoa squad, Guren would task them with clearing a vampire lair and freeing the humans within.

With the city of Shinjuku coming under attack from a vampire invasion Guren gathered his own squad to him before directly targeting the leadership of the operation. Coming into conflict with Mikaela Hyakuya his advantage gained thanks to his squad would end with the intervention of Ferid Bathory. Ordering a retreat with the arrival of additional vampire nobles Guren would then be restrained. Witnessing Yu transform into a murderous one winged being Guren would declare his trump card had brought the time he needed for the main force of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army to arrive.

Conscious that Yu might defer to the Hīragi Family's orders, Guren reminds Yu who saved him. He also agrees to help Yu reclaim Mika. Gathering forces for a campaign to target vampire nobles in Nagoya he would then take part in a rescue attempt when prisoners were taken. Along with Shinya Hīragi he would engage Crowley Eusford before being captured. Succumbing to possession by his demon Mahiru-no-Yo he would share the location of an experiment taking place at Nagoya airport with Krul Tepes. There he would murder both his own soldiers and vampires to enable a seraph to come into the world.

Along with Kureto he would sack the vampire hold of Sanguinem. Seeking out Yu with Shinoa squad Guren detailed plans of resurrecting all who had died in the apocalypse. Stating that Mika could leave if he wanted to, Guren specified that Yu was vital to these plans. Fighting against Ky Luc resulted in Ferid being freed. Recuperating at his residence Guren would reveal another seraph kept there.

Aware that Kureto meant a succession change Guren travelled to Shibuya. With Shikama Doji becoming active as a result of events there, Guren would see Shinoa possessed by him. With the Hyakuya Sect led under Saitō reacting to the first by assaulting Shibuya, Guren determined that this was the time to betray everyone. Partitioning Mahiru-no-Yo into the Mahiru and Noya constituents Guren would be able to generate chains to sap the strength of his squad to supplement his power to an even greater extent. The combined strengths enabled him to participate in Saitō's fight against the first. Ready for Saitō's betrayal of him and his demons Guren double-crossed Saitō in turn with assistance from Ferid. Seizing the three sinful keys in the vicinity Guren was able to seal Shikama Doji.

With a time limit on his enhanced powers Guren sought out Yu and once Mika arrived he attacked them both. Backing them into a corner resulted in Mika sacrificing himself where Guren thought that he was turning into a black demon. After joining Krul who was with Shinoa squad where the first had regained control Guren hurried Yu to prepare to gain Mika as a cursed gear weapon.

Powers and Abilities[]

Natural abilities[]

Adept with prior knowledge of the experiment since he was a teenager, Guren has proven himself to be an intelligent scientist, capable of developing Cursed Gear during adulthood. Due to this, he has even managed to create a method that comes with a very high rate of success for the development of humans who can bear Black Demon Series weaponry. Guren is also an exceptional strategist and leader, with him being typically the leader of any team he is in. He is known for having backup plans, such as giving Yu the drug to activate his Seraph genes in case they were cornered. He is very analytical and able to quickly deduce how to counter the current predicament, such as ordering the group to retreat. He is also courageous and loyal to his friends, even to the point of ordering Shinya to abandon him and take command for the group in his stead, so they can escape, while carrying on with their mission. Back when he was still a teenager, even Kureto acknowledges the great intellectual, political-like nature of Guren's capabilities, to the point that having known each other at the span of about eight years, Guren was his right-hand man in carrying out his missions. Guren is also adept with his knowledge of the five-man battle formation called Moon Demon Company, which is mainly used as a tactic for defense within his squad. He is highly proficient in deceiving others, as shown by how no one, not even Shinya, with only Kureto and Ferid being the only individuals aware, knew of his demonic personality until he revealed it himself.

Guren is an outstandingly proficient combatant, specializing in many forms of combat, particularly swordsmanship. Born with outstanding talent among the Ichinose Family, Guren's combat skills marks him as among the finest fighters in the army and he can easily hold his own and triumph in a fight even against those with superior physical power, or other highly skilled fighters with great might. This was shown when Guren is able to kill several common vampires with a single strike and can fight Mikaela evenly, who has the blood of a third progenitor and wields a first-class vampire sword. Indeed, with assistance from his squad, Guren almost came close to defeating Mikaela had Ferid not came to his rescue. Later on, Guren calmly overwhelms Mikaela even after he fully became a Vampire, with the power of his Cursed Gear aiding him. During his teen days, Guren once managed to evenly duel Kureto while apparently holding back as Kureto himself said, with Kureto having to use the full power of his Cursed Gear to overpower him, at which he still put up a brief fight and was able to slice off Kureto's arm. Another instant is when he bypasses Yūichirō's defense in the mock battle to get to his squad members, defeating both Shinoa and Mitsuba first despite it being her five-men squad against a three-men squad (excluding Goshi, Sayuri and Shigure).

  • Anime: While slashing each and every one of them with his sword, Guren can easily repel away the decoys set up by Mitsuba's demon weapon ability at a quick succession. Unlike in the manga, where a sword fight between Guren, Yūichirō, and Shihō never occurs, it actually happens in the anime. Guren was able to easily fend off both of them at once simultaneously and then low-kicking Shihō away while handling Yūichirō on his own with little effort even though he calmly praised him for his improvements.

He is also highly proficient in martial arts, often implementing hand-to-hand attacks effectively while engaged in swordplay to easily batter aside enemies. He fairly quickly defeated Shinya in hand-to-hand and even could dominate Mikaela as a true Vampire wielding his sword while greatly empowered physically by Mahiru-no-Yo for a while using only his bare hands.

Guren also specializes in other combat assets such as the use of magic and spell tags, known for having particular abilities in it even among the Ichinose Family and he is proficient in using it strategically in combat. Guren also holds great knowledge in spell casting, as shown by how he was able to see through one of Goshi's illusionary techniques and anticipated Mito's Vajrayaksa Curse before easily countering it.

Since he isn't an ordinary human anymore, Guren was able to fully recover one of his cut-off arms, and survive powerful vampire attacks from the seventh progenitor, Ferid Bathory, both when they met when he was sixteen, and later, on the battlefield as an adult which surprised him.

  • Anime: The possessed Guren is able to move at a remarkably, insane speed even though his monstrous movement was shortly anticipated and then apprehended by the third progenitor, Krul Tepes, pinning him down on the ground in defeat.[4] The physical prowess bestowed by the demon weapon, Mahiru-no-Yo in this state proves so great that Guren could casually overwhelm Mikaela in terms of physical power, despite the large boost he acquired for becoming a true and complete vampire, as well as wielding a first-class vampire sword (though at the time he had not fortified himself by having it drink his blood). In addition to overwhelming Mikaela in their exchange, he also could lift Mikaela by one of his feet, and then throw him to Yu, causing both of them to tumble down into the ground. It was while Guren is also fighting him hand-to-hand in close combat to his own advantage for a very short period of time.

Magic and Spells[]

  • Fudo Myo-o spell: Guren is capable of skillfully using enchantments on spell tags and talismans since late teens. It is shown even at the age of 16, he can implement a talisman on the sword to augment the weapon's cursed power and ability. As a result, from synchronizing the talisman with the blade itself, this created an explosion to unnaturally occur on the enemy's body for physical damage. While so, he can also successfully implant one of these spell tags on the targets' head whenever they're caught off-guarded or if the chance presents itself. In such cases, for example, this type is an ancient one that causes an explosion to occur right after a few seconds has merely gone by before detonating.
    • Illusion spell: While fighting the demonic Yu, and Mika as a demon himself, Guren used a spell that allowed him to create an illusion to trick them so he could get close to them. The spell was notably convincing enough that Mika, who could see through Goshi's illusions, could not notice it, but not enough to trick Yu. Guren uses one in particular illusion like to strategically serve as a distraction in his battles against Yūichirō and Mikaela. Further more, the Ichinose family and particularly Guren himself had special incantations such as a talisman placed on the scabbard of his katana. When he activates the incantations through a talisman for the blade, it begins to make the sword glowed brightly crimson, red in color.
    • Anime: Unlike in the manga, where Guren was able to use a spell tag on Mikaela to create an explosion upon range, it also causes the ruined building to start sinking into the ground below with a gust of whirlwind blowing by its surrounding vicinity.[5] Additionally, Guren can be seen explosively bombarding the thirteenth progenitor, Crowley Eusford with multiple spell tags the moment it came into contact with him yet the latter remains undamaged from the attack.
  • Paralyzing spell: Guren was able to paralyze both Yu and Mika by placing talismans on their back.


  • Kujakumaru: This blade goes by the name of Kujakumaru and is already wielded by Guren Ichinose at the age of fifteen. It was a
    Catastrophe book 1 - Guren wielding Kujakumaru.jpg
    heirloom that had been passed down from generations in the Ichinose Clan. Kujakumaru was a sword that had been sealed with the curses of those who had been beheaded by it. The sword was able to prevent the enemy from absorbing the impact of an explosion created by a talisman he put in place on his blade, which was supposed to resist any of the Hīragi Family's curses. Once the seal had been lifted, the enemy will soon become cursed by this weapon, turning their body red. As a result, the curse will eventually destroy the enemy's body, causing it to have their flesh be torn apart and atomize. Mahiru cuts the sword in half during their first battle.[6]
  • River's Edge: An enchanted blade owned by the Ichinose Clan. After Mahiru destroys Kujakumaru, Guren begins using this sword in its place. When Kureto captures and interrogates him, he takes this sword and returns it to the Ichinose Clan and gives Guren Hoarfrost instead.
  • Hoarfrost: An enchanted katana that Kureto gives to Guren after he swears loyalty to him. It vibrates and emits a high pitched ring when Guren drew it from its sheath and was then filled with the desire for slaughter and bloodshed. According to one of the many tales about the blade, it cut down a thousand demons in a row without getting a single nick.

Cursed Gear[]

  • Noya (ノ夜 Noya?, lit. "Of Night"): A demon who formed a contract with Guren, given to him by Mahiru and becomes his demon weapon in the form of a black katana. Guren can call Noya fly back to his hand whenever they're separated.[7] With the recent revelation, Noya is a possession-type demon of the Black Demon Series as it mainly concentrated on enhancing Guren's physical abilities similar to Mahiru-no-yo as Noya can increase Guren's strength by using his desires as sustenance.[3] Noya eventually transformed into Mahiru-no-Yo due to Mahiru merging with the demon.[8] However he later managed to erupt from her body and make use of Guren into becoming a full demon.
  • Mahiru-no-Yo (真昼ノ夜 Mahiru-no-Yoru?, lit. "Midday's Night"): A possession-type demon of the Black Demon series that Guren wields in the manga.[9] The weapon is still a black katana, like Noya, but now has a glowing, crimson red, streak that is outlined down in the middle portion of it.
    Glen's Demon Possession.png
    Mahiru-no-Yo can significantly increase Guren's physical abilities, and calling out her name would increase his power even more so. If Guren wishes to, he can invoke the demon's real name to have her possess him. This would cause Mahiru's apparition to appear and enshroud the blade and the arm wielding it with streaks of overwhelming flames. Guren would would be able to launch these flames at his opponent with one slash, and is strong enough to engulf an explosion in the midst of its vicinity.

Additionally, Guren can utilize the power of the demon weapon for other miscellaneous purpose such as filling areas like the classroom with its immense demonic auras. Within the power's vicinity and range, victims pass out unconscious on the floor if they don't have the strength or willpower enough to overcome it. However, if the targets have high psychic resistance, used wards, or are a potential candidate for the Black Demon Series, they're not any bit fazed by Mahiru-no-Yo's demonic aura. Merely drawing the katana from its sheath alone seeps blackish gases made from within in and out of the blade.

  • Not only does it strengthen his own abilities and power physically, Mahiru-no-Yo can also be used to devour an enemy's attack. If Guren was on the defensive side, he would then call on the demon blade's name to assist him in battle when he was knock far back and being sent flying to the ceiling. He will then used the demon's power and ability to cushion his physical impact for safe landing. This was only while the appearance of demonic auras became visible from behind Guren, materializing onto him little by little in sparks.
    • Once Guren is possessed by Mahiru-no-Yo, the blade would seem to have a mind of its own. The blade unsheathed itself from the scabbard and then proceeded to move around on air swiftly, beheading the noble vampire. In the manga, it was right after that did Mahiru appear as a ghostly apparition with mass-like demonic aura, hovering over Guren while his katana is equipped under her. Whereas in the anime, however, it is portrayed differently with Mahiru's facial appearance seen and later handing down the weapon back to Guren's possession.
    • Anime: Guren would go on and further use the power of his demon weapon, Mahiru-no-Yo to summon forth a red whirlwind cloaked with thin layer of crimson-like demonic aura. More so, the demonic aura can be seen concentrating all around its inner layer and then being destructively launched at targets through him up front within his range. This red whirlwind was able to demolish the concrete wall of a building, pushing back the likes of Yūichirō, Shinoa, and Mitsuba and leaving them at a standstill temporarily.
      • In contrast to the manga, when Guren spoke of drinking the blood of human sacrifices, demons, and the progenitors, his katana drastically underwent a sudden change of color scheme. Through doing so, the katana itself went from being almost black in color to purely red of throughout the blade's length as is shown on the cover for manga volume 8. Furthermore, the transformation of his demon sword's color scheme is almost identical to that of a first-class vampire weapon, as those used by the progenitors, when they allow it to drink their blood, giving the blade a deeper shade to red as well. Something similar occurred when Guren used a talisman to turn the color of a non-cursed gear's blade crimson, from the light novel series. In the anime, however, he managed to change a cursed gear weapon's color scheme from that of the Black Demon Series, into fully red without placing any sort of talisman on it.

Demonic powers[]

After becoming one when Mahiru and Noya separate, Guren receives a vast increase in power and is noted to be no ordinary demon. His physical strength and speed increases to the point where he can easily deflect all of Shinya's attacks in his own demon state and soon defeat and severely injure him, blitz Kimizuki and Yoichi and easily kill Mirai before they could react and overpower Mika and Yu's guard with a single slash and sending them flying, cutting through several buildings, despite not being at full power by that time. His endurance and stamina is such that he was able to endure Mika forcibly biting and draining him of much of his blood and remain conscious. He can release an overwhelming pressure capable of easily pinning down his whole squad completely, although Shinya was able to offer some resistance, and chains capable of draining power from them.


Relationships: Guren Ichinose


Image gallery: Guren Ichinose


Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen[]

Book 1[]

"When I was young, I was sure all of my dreams would come true.
I could be with the person I love. I could have the things I wanted.
I could live happy.
It all seemed so easy.
It really did.
—Six-year-old Guren's point of view. (Prologue, page 13)
"She was sitting so close I could hear her breathe. I liked the sound. I liked her voice. I liked listening to her heart beating next to mine. I liked everything about her."
—Six-year-old Guren's point of view (Prologue, page 13)
"I belonged to a lowly branch clan. But from my place, down in the dirt, Mahiru shone like the sun."
—Six-year-old Guren's point of view. (Prologue, page 15)
"…Power. I’ll never get the things I want in life…unless I have power."
—Six-year-old Guren's point of view. (Prologue, page 15)
"Haha. Actually, I said it because you two are underestimating the Hiragi Clan. I’m gonna repeat this one more time. Don’t get reckless. Not even for a second. We have to be on our guard at all times. Apart from us three, no one at this school is loyal to the Imperial Moon. They’re all enemies. Every single one."
—Guren to Shigure and Sayuri. (Chapter 1, page 22)
"I decided before today that any opponent who sees my full strength needs to die. I’m giving you five seconds. Go back to your masters and tell them the Ichinoses won’t play ball. I’ll count: Five…Four…Three…"
—To Makoto Kijima (Saito). (Chapter 3, page 66)
"You’ve grown up. You’ve become strong and beautiful."
—Guren to Mahiru. (Chapter 4, page 76)
"There it is. 'The end of the world.' The Thousand Nights is just another fly-by-night cult, isn’t it? Let me guess: Only true believers, who join your religion, will be saved. Am I right? Our clan pulls the same kind of tricks. So do the Hiragis. Everyone as the same gimmick. Did you think that was all it would take to trick me into joining you?"
—Guren to Saito. (Chapter 5, page 93)
"I know better than to trust someone who can’t keep his trap shut."
—Guren to Shinya. (Chapter 7, page 138)
"For my part, I’m not interested in being a puppet for the Thousand Nights. I’ve already had enough of bowing my head. My answer is right here! I’ll destroy anyone who tries to control me!"
—Guren to Saito. (Chapter 7, page 141)
—Guren summoning Kujakumaru. (Chapter 7, page 141)
"Look at what’s happening to you, Saito. Do you know why you’re glowing red? The curse is feeding on you. The curse changes you, and then it devours you. Once it has finished consuming you, you’ll be trapped for all eternity inside the sword."
—Guren to Saito. (Chapter 7, page 143)
"I think you’ve gone mad. Tell me, how many people did you sacrifice to create that blade? How many lives were lost to your experiments?"
—Guren to Mahiru. (Chapter 7, page 157)
"Hmph. I don’t know why you’re acting so friendly all of a sudden, but I don’t think I like it."
—Guren to Norito. (Chapter 7, page 163)
"You’re right, I’ve got no reason to thank you. What I was gonna say is, just stay away from me. I don’t need any friends."
—Guren to Mito and Norito. (Epilogue, page 172)

Book 2[]

"I’m patient. I was born that way. Unlike a certain brat I know who takes every chance he gets to show off."
—Guren to Shinya. (Chapter 1, page 197)
"Tell her I don’t like being manipulated. By anyone. Tell her that she’s a fool, and if she really thinks she loves me she should stop playing games and tell me what she’s planning."
—A message to Mahiru. (Chapter 2, page 219)
"...betraying the Thousand Nights…the end of the world…our destinations are the same… This is all starting to sound like some grand romance novel. What are you planning, Mahiru…"
—Guren's thoughts. (Chapter 2, page 220)
"…Ngh. You son of a bitch. Why did you even spout all that stuff about wanting to see who was stronger?"
—Guren to Kureto. (Chapter 3, page 234)
"I don’t care about you enough to bother laughing at you."
—Guren to Mito. (Chapter 4, page 246)
"So I’m actually strong. So what? What difference does strength make when you’re born an Ichinose? You’re from the great and mighty Goshi Clan. And that redhead back there is an esteemed Jujo. But what am I? As far as the Hiragis are concerned, I’m just an Ichinose mongrel. No amount of strength can change that."
—Guren to Norito. (Chapter 4, page 247)
"I know you’re ready to sacrifice others. Aren’t you? Mahiru…"
—Guren's thoughts. (Chapter 4, page 249)
"What you should really be angry about is how weak we are. They can torture us and we don’t even have the right to get angry about it. They almost killed my father. It’s not the Hiragis who are the problem. It’s our own lack of power."
—Guren. (Chapter 5, page 251)
"You don’t have to protect me. I don’t need to hide my strength anymore."
—Guren to Shigure and Sayuri. (Chapter 5, page 260)
"Of course, the Hiragi army is a pack of fools. It’s possible the area’s been poisoned and they all just marched in to their deaths without noticing. If that’s the case, then there may not be enemies on the ground after all."
—Guren. (Chapter 6, page 282)
"And what do you propose we should do? With so little information, any in-depth strategy will just trip us up. We can spend all the time we like talking about what we think might happen and how everything should play out. But we can’t get wrapped up in some foolish plan based on wishful thinking. What we need to do is kill any enemy that shows up. And if we can’t kill them, we need to at least try to make it back out alive."
—Guren to the squad. (Chapter 7, page 290)
"As squad leader I only have one order for you. Drill this into your heads. I don’t want you to think of anything else. Nothing else is important, do you understand? The order is…don’t die. No matter what else happens, do not die. Ready… The mission has begun."
—Guren to the squad. (Chapter 7, page 291)
"Mahiru… You’ve got to stop this research into cursed gear. It’s no good. This is the kind of power that will make fools of us. It will control us."
—Mahiru to Guren. (Chapter 7, page 313)
"We’ll think of another way. There’s got to be something else, another path…"
—Guren to Mahiru. (Chapter 7, page 313)
"This time, I’ll protect you. Come with me, Mahiru."
—Guren to Mahiru. (Chapter 7, page 314)
"Hmph. Haven’t you ever heard of 'The Tortoise and the Hare'? If you keep rushing forward at this pace you’re going to destroy yourself."
—Guren to Mahiru. (Chapter 7, page 315)
"I can save you now. Throw away the sword and come with me."
—Guren to Mahiru. (Chapter 7, page 315)
"The war began for me when I was just a little kid."
—Guren. (Epilogue, page 337)

Book 3[]

"If we start conducting human experiments, where will it stop? New magic, new research, new powers. Power, power, power…. And then what? What happens after we turn our own comrades into human guinea pigs? Will we be swallowed whole by our own lust for power, or will the Hiragis crush us beneath their boots? Either way, it’s a disaster in the end."
—Guren to Mitsuki Iori. (Chapter 1)
"I want you to avoid human experimentation as much as possible… If we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it with our reason intact."
—Gurn to Mitsuki Iori and the other Order of the Imperial Moon Aichi scientists, giving them permission to study the demon’s infection. (Chapter 1)
"Hmph… So an angel is going to alight at Christmas, trumpet in hand, to kick sand in the world’s face? You gotta be kidding me. This is modern-day Japan we’re talking about."
—About Mahiru’s prophecy. (Chapter 1)
"At your level, do you think you’d even have the chance to kill yourself? Don’t underestimate the Hiragis. If the two of you knew what was going on, I would never let you leave this compound again. I’d find two other guards to serve me. Do you understand? If you want to stay by my side, then keep those ears covered."
—Guren to Sayuri and Shigure. (Chapter 1)
"What can I say? I’m just a loser, born and bred. I’ve always got to watch out for who’s going to kick me next."
—Guren to Shinya. (Chapter 2)
"Jokes are supposed to be funny. I guess you’re so used to being kissed up to that it’s rotted your brain."
—Guren to Kureto. (Chapter 2)
"I guess I can trust you a little after all…"
—Guren to Shinya. (Chapter 3)
"No, I am going to save you."
—Guren to Mahiru when she begs him to kill her. (Chapter 4)
"We’re together right now! I’m here, with you, right now!"
—Guren embracing Mahiru. (Chapter 4)
"For now… I don’t want you leaving my side. No more talk of things being too late. I’ll find a way. I’ll save you…"
—Guren to Mahiru. (Chapter 4)
"Dammit… Just be quiet. Isn’t it obvious how I feel? Look at what I’m doing. You know I shouldn’t have come here. You know I shouldn’t be touching you. So why do you think I’m doing it?!"
—Guren to Mahiru when she asks if he still loves her. (Chapter 4)
"Don’t ‘maybe’ me! Come out of this alive and you can figure out how you feel later. Love won’t mean shit if you die!"
—Guren to Mito. (Chapter 4)
"Ha… Haha… Ahahaha… Okay, Mahiru, I get it. I give up. I’ll become a hare, too. A demon. But I won’t be like you. I won’t give up everything. I won’t stop being human."
—Guren to himself. (Chapter 4)

Book 4[]

"I’m giving up my humanity so that nothing else will be lost!"
—Guren to himself. (Prologue)
"If the outcome is the same either way, then I choose to move forward."
—Guren to Noya. (Chapter 1)
"Rrrraaaaaaa…. Hahahahaha… Blood… Give me blood… I’ll kill them all! I’ll kill everyone who gets in my way!!"
—Possessed Guren. (Chapter 2)
"What’s the point of trying to deny the truth with your little fuda? Those desires inside you, those are the real you. You can’t deny that!"
—Guren to Shinya. (Chapter 4)
"So? My life should have ended today. So what if I get betrayed in the future? What other lives do I have to lose?"
—Guren to Noya. (Chapter 4)
"I told you I would protect you. But I can’t. I’m too weak. It’s my fault. But…at least, we can die together."
—Guren to Mahiru (Epilogue)

Book 5[]

"That’s not true! This isn’t your fault! Goddammit, Kureto! Quit fucking around! You don’t need to do this. You know I’ll act! Let my father go right now!"
—Guren to Sakae and whomever is listening in. (Chapter 4)
"We won’t let them execute my father… We’re going to do everything we can in these next two days to eliminate Mahiru."
—Guren to Shigure and Sayuri. (Chapter 4)
"I started regretting things a long time ago."
—Guren to Kureto. (Chapter 4)
"Even as I am… I have friends who believe in me. I won’t betray their trust."
—Guren to Noya. (Chapter 5)
"If you’re not one of my friends, then become one. That’s an order. I want you to be my friend."
—Guren to Noya (Chapter 5)

Book 6[]

"What do we have to live for? …We’ll never be more than slaves. No matter how hard we try, nothing ever seems to go our way."
—Guren to Sakae Ichinose before his execution. (Chapter 1)
"Dad! …I’m proud that I was born your son."
—Guren to Sakae Ichinose immediately before the execution. (Chapter 1)
"I can do this, Dad… Don’t worry. I can do this. I can be the son you hoped I would be. Just keep watching over me."
—Guren to his father’s decapitated corpse. (Chapter 1)
"Then, I’ll tell you the truth. What your father said is true. We’re dirt. Accept it. It can’t be helped… But that’s only temporary. So no more complaints. Shut your mouth and follow me, got it? You do that, and I’ll lead you to that better future you’ve been waiting for."
—Guren to Makoto Narumi. (Chapter 2)
"You’re included in the list of people I want to protect."
—Guren to Mahiru. (Chapter 4)
"Listen up, everyone. I’m going to try contacting Mahiru now, to ask her for help. Chances are, the Imperial Demons will be tapping the call. So even if we manage to stop the world from being destroyed, we’ll probably be accused of treason for what I’m about to do and be put to death when this is all over."
—Guren to his squad. (Chapter 4)
"I thought that’s what you would all say. If we make it safely to Christmas, let’s spend it together, playing video games and eating cake. Chocolate, marron glacé, and strawberry shortcake."
—Guren to his squad. (Chapter 4)

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign[]

"There he is. Just like the prophecy said. One of the lab rats from Hyakuya Laboratories, the company that destroyed Japan. Boy. You are going to be of use to me in exterminating vampires."
—Guren to twleve-year-old Yu after escaping Sanguinem. ("The World of Blood Legacy")
"Nah. He's not actually my kid. But... I did come across him being held prisoner by vampires, so I decided to nab him. Now, he's such a pain in the ass that I wish I hadn't."
—Guren to the city guards about Yu. ("Yu and Guren")
"Hah! Hell no. You're still a weak little brat. Anybody who's so dumb that all they can do is think about their own personal grudge all day isn't going to be able to protect anyone... I told you, being strong isn't just about being good with a weapon."
—Guren to thirteen-year-old Yu. ("Yu and Guren")
"Something you want to protect. Friends. Comrades. Family. Pick any or all of the above... but just find them. If you don't, you'll be a weakling forever."
—Guren to thirteen-year-old Yu. ("Yu and Guren")
"Yes, you did. Unlike me, you're still nice. No matter how much you try, you won't be able to live only for revenge."
—Guren to thirteen-year-old Yu. ("Yu and Guren")
"Sorry, Kid. The army doesn't have use for virgins who are too scared to work in a team, make friends, or date. If you want in, then make a friend at that school and introduce them to me. I'm not holding my breath. YOU FAIL!"
—A note from Guren to Yu. ("Humanity After the Fall")
"Nope. I hate brats who don't know what 'teamwork' means."
—Guren rejecting Yūichirō from joining the Moon Demon Company. ("Humanity After the Fall")
"Leave 'em. We won't get anything done in class with them conscious. Right then. The Cursed Gear aptitude test is coming up in a week. It's been a while, but I guess I'd better teach you guys something, eh?"
—Guren to the Moon Demon Company classroom after pulverizing Yūichirō and Kimizuki. ("The Worst Pair")
"That doesn't matter. Strength alone is not enough. Make friends. Find companions. Don't try to handle everything by yourself. Because if you do... when the demon sinks its claws into you... it will swallow you whole, and you won't be able to come back. Anger and impatience are a demon's favorite snacks. As you are now... you'd be devoured by your own desires and turn into a demon yourself."
—Guren to Kimizuki. ("The Worst Pair")
"Ugh! Dealing with idiots can be so exhausting. Still... Things are about to get a little more interesting."
—Guren about Tenri Hīragi. ("Vampire Mikaela")
"If you're not strong enough, you die. That's the way the world works now. We aren't holding hands and playing house here."
—Guren to Sayuri. ("Black Asura")
"YOICHI! Are you going to hide underneath that bed and watch your family die again?! Get out of here and protect them!"
—Guren to a possessed Yoichi. ("New Family")
"You have talent. But you feel guilty because you couldn't save your sister. That's sapping your desire to live. But today... you've found enough reason. Your reason to live now... is to protect the ones who saved you today. Your friends. Revenge? Don't let something so petty consume you. That goes for you too, Moron. Forget your old family. Because you have a new family now. Put your life on the line for the ones you see before you. The past is gone. There is only the future."
—Guren to Yoichi, Yu, and Kimizuki. ("New Family")
"Oops. I missed their commander. Ah well. Once we control this point, we'll have have won anyway. Hey, Vampires! Was all that human blood you drank today tasty? Sure hope so... because that was your last supper. Here we go. Give me more power, Demon Blade: 'Mahiru-no-Yo'."
—Guren's pre-battle speech. ("Queen's Contract")
"So then, if I told you we're using him in our experiments, would you be angry? Humans are weak. Fragile. Now that the world has ended, what do we have to do to survive? What do we have to do to kill vampires? To eradicate the horsemen? Your sister, Mahiru Hīragi, invented Cursed Gear. How many people were sacrificed in that long process? Without it... do you honestly think humanity would be able to survive? Understand? So quit spewing idealistic crap at me, Little Girl. Or, what... Are you falling in love with Yūichirō?"
—Guren to Shinoa about Yūichirō. ("Everyone's a Sinner")
"Yūichirō. You remember, right? Who the one who saved you was. Me. Don't forget who was there for you when you came crawling out of the vampire capital. Me. I went out of my way to teach you how to live here. Even how to use a sword. If you feel like you owe me at all, then pay me back today. You live because of me. You are mine. You belong... to my faction. So don't go wagging your mutt tail to the Hīragi."
—Guren to Yu. ("Human World")
"You're wrong about one thing, though. I'm not your friend. [I am] your superior. The guy you owe your life to. Your surrogate father. Put all those together, and I'm practically a god to you. You can even call me 'papa' if you want."
—Guren to Yu. ("Human World")
"Sheesh. Did you have to go on a stupid rant about the obvious, you idiot? I already told you... Everyone standing here right now is family. That includes me. Family... works together to bring back family."
—Guren to Yu and their squad about Mika. ("Possessed by Mahiru")
"Shaddap. I'm not that dumb. I'm scared of who I could lose on this mission. But... we have to answer the call. If we fail, humanity dies. And so, Shinya. Goshi. Mito. Sayuri. Shigure. I want to complete this mission with as few casualties as possible. For that, I ask for your help."
—Guren to his squad and Shinya. ("The Moon Demon's Orders")
"SHUT YOUR MOUTH, CHILD! This mission is not a game!! If you can't follow even basic regulations, we don't need you! Go home!"
—Guren to Shinoa in front of the Moon Demon Company when her squad arrives late. ("The Moon Demon's Orders")
"Listen up, everyone. During this mission, I will have zero tolerance for anyone who doesn't follow regulations. Nor will I tolerate anyone treating this like a game or messing around. I repeat, this is not a game. This is the most difficult, dangerous mission we have ever undertaken. Some of us are going to die. We are all family here. And on this mission, we are going to lose a lot of family members. But despite that danger, this is a mission worth risking our lives for! Listen up!! I don't want us just coming home alive... We will come home victorious!! DO YOU HEAR ME?!"
—Guren to the Moon Demon Company. ("The Moon Demon's Orders")
"It's your punishment. Shinoa. This is your squad. I'm doing you a favor and teaching you that even a little mistake could kill them.... You don't get it. You've never had anyone important to you before. You don't know what it's like to fear losing someone. But now things are different. Even a tiny mistake is enough to kill. Your little pranks could cost your family their lives."
—Guren to Shinoa. ("Narumi & The 20-Year-Old Yu")
"Anyone with a heart cries when a friend dies. But we can't afford to do that right now. We have a mission to complete."
—Guren to Shinya. ("Who's Pulling the Strings?")
"Don't give up—Don't let the fear win. There's still a chance to pull out of this. Vampires don't kill off their livestock all willy-nilly. Make a little show of resistance... Then talk. Just give them a little dribble of info to lead them to Shinjuku tonight... and Kureto should handle the rest."
—Guren's thoughts. ("The Namanari Awakens")
"Get your disgusting hands off of me, Bloodsucker. Touch me again and die."
—Demonic Guren. ("The Namanari Awakens")
"At Nagoya Airport, I am going to conduct an experiment on the Seraph of the End. You will assist me, Vampire."
—Demonic Guren to Krul Tepes. ("The Namanari Awakens")
"Mahiru is dead. I couldn't save her."
—Guren to Krul. ("The Beginning of the Plan")
"Then, kill me. Go on. You can't, can you? You've betrayed your own kind too deeply to turn back now. You, too... have to make sure the Seraph of the End experiment succeeds.... Today."
—Guren to Krul. ("The Beginning of the Plan")
"Drink the blood of the sacrificial humans... The blood of the demons... The blood of the progenitors... Drink the seraph of the end."
—Guren during the experiment in Nagoya. ("Trumpet of the Apocalypse")
"No, not yet. Guren. Sleep. Do not wake up yet. If you wake up into this, you will be scarred for the rest of your life... Ha... Ha ha... Yes... Everyone is a sacrifice..."
—Guren to himself after seriously wounding Yu. ("Trumpet of the Apocalypse")
"Do it, Yu. Break their taboos. Only someone so arrogant who desires to be loved by everyone... Only you can do it."
—Possessed Guren encouraging Yu to fall from an angel and become a demon. ("Arrogant Love")
"A mere ten years. But... If that means I'll get to see my friends... and have my family smile at me one more time... I... will shoulder this sin."
—Guren's recollection about when he revived his team from the dead and triggered the Apocalypse. ("Sinner's Christmas")
"If I don't win, I can't save him. So I'll win. Simple as that."
—Guren to Mahiru. ("Loose-Lipped Vampire")
"Good question. That is one I wondered about for years. I thought if only I could figure out who was pulling the strings... and then go beat them, that would somehow solve everything. I thought that we suffered because the Hiragi Family existed. I thought they were the ones who were holding us back. If I got stronger... If I got smarter... Then I thought I'd be able to reach out and make what I wanted mine..."
—Guren to Shinoa Squad. ("Loose-Lipped Vampire")
"In the end, Kureto was the same as Mahiru... Born with Hiragi blood, they struggle. Fight. They try as hard as they can to walk a path as close as they can to get what they believe is right."
—Guren to Shinoa. ("Defining a King")
"I'm trying to resurrect all of humanity. Everyone I killed... I want to bring them all back."
—Guren's answer to Shinoa Squad. ("A Reason to Survive")
"Me? I'm not much of anyone. And that's why I couldn't do anything before. But this time, it's different. This time, I will stand at the forefront of the whole world."
—Guren to Mika. ("Proof of Being Human")
"If you die, your sister dies with you... So we live. Yu's right. All of us are living for our families. Even if that's considered an unforgivable sin... Even if seeking out this miserable life means doing the forbidden... What the hell do we care, anyway?"
—Guren to Kimizuki. ("Shuttered Shinoa")
"I’m not a puppet of the first. Hell, I’ve spent years trying to get out from under the Hiragi family and its curse."
—Reasoning to Mika why he should be trusted. ("Rescue for the Devil", page 8)
"Without Yu, you are alone. And anybody who’s alone is easy pickings. You can do nothing on your own."
—Having to demonstrate to Mika how it's better they work together. ("Rescue for the Devil", page 13)
"So how about you finally give in and join us? If you want to keep Yu safe, cooperate. We aren’t the first’s puppets."
—Encouraging Mika to join them after he, Shinya and Kureto quell Mika's attack. ("Rescue for the Devil", page 14)
"I don't trust you. I know you have your own plans."
—Though requiring his help, Guren does not trust his demon, Noya. ("Run From Your Friends", page 20)
"The life-absorption barrier is getting weaker and weaker. Add to that the need to split the power between you two... ... and it's no wonder my strike was so flimsy."
—Speaking to Mahiru and Noya whilst he appraises his current levels of power, and his views with his attack that expanded across a city. ("Cannibal Family", page 7)
"Ugh, gawd! We're only up against demons and the first and other freakin' monsters. And we've already had our butts handed to us. How can we not handle them now? Sheesh!"
—Views on the aftermath of battles and their participants with Saitō, Shikama Doji, Yu and Mika. (Chapter 98, "The King's Chambers", page 25)
"Yu! We have no time! We're starting the cursed gear rite! Now!! We're turning Mikaela into cursed gear! Then attaching him to you before the first can get him!"
—In a marked departure from previously attacking Yu and playing a part in Mika's end, Guren appears, asserts direction over those he has harmed and with knowledge of how to do so he means to turn who he essentially murdered into a tool to be used. (Chapter 98, page 39)
"The catastrophe was my fault! That means all the hate and despair you've had to live with... That's all my fault too, because I chose to resurrect Shinya and the others!"
—An emotional appeal to elicit co-operation from Kimizuki and Yoichi. Guren reveals that Shinya and his squad are resurrected which should they learn would result in their ends. (Chapter 99, "Mortal Love", page 32-33)
"Listen Up!! The Guren Squad's basic educational policy... ...Is that no matter how wrong it is... ...You always take care of your family!! So then, even if this is the wrong answer... ...We're going to save Mikaela!"
—Some would not ever deem it wrong to rescue Mika, then this is what Guren says when he supposedly intended to save Mika to begin with. (Chapter 101, "My Desire", page 23-25)
"Yu. Mika is a demon. He's forgotten all about you. (Yu replies: "But he called for me..." and Guren responds) He's forgotten you. Tell yourself that. It's just like when you got Asuramaru to submit. He's going to attack you. Demons attacks humans. That's just what they do. Lose, and he'll possess you."
—Doubling down on his course of action and insisting to Yu that Mika is a memoryless demon to defeat despite Yu hearing Mika and that Guren knows there are other methods for one to become a demon as with the case of Mahiru. (Chapter 101, page 26)
"If Mikaela kills you to come back to life... ...Do you think that he'll want to go on after you're gone? What about if the shoe was on the other foot? Would you want to come back to life if it meant killing Mikaela?"
—With what he knows of how Yu and Mika matter to one another. Guren uses this to dissuade Yu from allowing his body to be taken over by what he regards as a demon. (Chapter 101, page 27)
"Exactly. Don't forget that you count as part of the family too. You're Mikaela's family. Take better care of yorself. Understood?"
—Guren tells Yu to live for Mika. (Chapter 101, page 28)
"He'll be powerful. He's the first's son, after all. He's more powerful that any black demon."
—Guren talk about demon. (Chapter 101, page 31)
"It's your hearts clashing, not your weapons. If your attack hits him it'll weaken his heart. But if he hits you then he'll intensify your worst trauma. Demons poison the wounds they cause amplifying your desires and making it easier for them to possess you. Basically you have to avoid getting hit while smacking the demon as much as you can until it caves."
—Yu recalls his conversation with Guren about demons. (Chapter 104, "The Same Dream, page 8)
"Yu. Do it right this time. Asuramaru's no pushover, yeah, but Mika is probably even more powerful. It's possible he could possess you after only one hit. And if you lose it's game over. For all of us. Mika won't be saved. You won't be saved. None of us will be saved. Everything will go exactly as Shikama Doji planned."
—Guren reminds Yu why he should save Mika. (Chapter 104, page 9-10)
"Hell if i know. But it's pretty clear he doesn't care about mere humans like us."
—Guren answers Yu's question that he doesn't know what Shikama's plan is. (Chapter 104, page 10)
"Listen, Yu. Your enemy is powerful. Failure is unacceptable. Don't get hit. Not even once. And don't hesitate to strike. Over and over. That's the only way you can win."
—Guren tells Yu to attack Miku without thinking. (Сhapter 104, page 11)


  • The writer, Takaya Kagami, thinks of Guren as "The Unparalleled Ichinose!" while writing him.[10]
  • Guren 「紅蓮」 means "crimson lotus."
  • Ichinose 「一瀬」 means "one rapid."
  • He is one of the first characters designed, along with Mikaela and Yūichirō.
  • The volume covers have humans on odd-numbered volumes and vampires on even-numbered volumes. Guren is the only member of the Japanese army to appear on an even-numbered cover so far, which was actually a big hint that he had been working with the vampires all this time.
  • In chapter 14, Kureto promises to give Guren a reward for his efforts in Shinjuku. Takaya Kagami's Q&A revealed that it actually turned out to be chocolate ice cream.
  • In the popularity poll, Guren earned 4th place at 3,307 points.[11] In the 2019 popularity poll, Guren ranked at 4th place with 3,616 votes.[12]
  • There was already a demon inside Guren's heart before he even made a contract with Noya.
  • According to the Manga 8.5 Fanbook:[2]
    • Interests and Likes: [Interests] Yūichirō/Mahiru [Likes] Games/Jazz
    • Favorite food: Curry
    • What he looks for in the opposite sex: Mahiru Hīragi
    • Comments about him:
      • Shinya: "Guren is a pretty shy person. Although he really likes us, he’s not very straightforward about it."
      • Kureto: "That guy works well. He appears to be doing something under cover, but I’m planning to capture him as a hostage for now."
  • According to the TV Anime 108 Fanbook:[13]
    • Guren's favorite color is blueish-gray (or gray with a hint of blue), he said there's no particular reason for it.
    • He loves cola.
    • If he were to become a demon, he believes his demon form would appear at about five years old, the age when he first met Mahiru Hīragi and felt like he could do anything until the Hīragi retainers tore them apart and crushed his hopes and dreams.
  • He resurrected his dead friends by using the Seraph of the End experiment using their severed heads and bodies.
  • Guren is the only person who wields two demons at the same time.