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Guren Ichinose's Birthday Mission First Part Banner
Guren Ichinose's Birthday Mission
Item Collection Event
Start date: May 2nd, 2016
End date: June 6th, 2016
Previous event: ???
Next Event: One-Time Special Live!
Item Camellia OilItem Specially Made BentoItem Eclair
Camellia Oil, Specially Made Bento, Eclair


Guren Ichinose's Birthday Mission was an event in Seraph of the End: Bloody Blades that ran from May 2nd, 2016 to June 6th, 2016.

The event was split into three sections; first part, second part, and last part. At regular time intervals in between, each section will be added sequentially as different special event quests that players can clear.

Players were required to successfully clear the event quests located under the Special tab during the event duration. By playing this event, players were able to obtain event-exclusive rewards as well as read the story specially written for this event.

Featured RewardEdit

By collecting the event items, players would be able to obtain copies of 0306 Shigure Yukimi. In order to fully level up her deathblow skill, players were required to collect event items for all three parts of the event.

  • First Part: 1 copy
  • Second Part: 1 copy
  • Last Part: 2 copies

First PartEdit

Item Camellia Oil

By collecting Camellia Oil from the First Part section of the event quest, players would be able to obtain rewards, including a single copy of 0306 Shigure Yukimi.

Second PartEdit

Item Specially Made Bento

By collecting Specially-Made Bentos from the Second Part section of the event quest, players would be able to obtain rewards, including a single copy of 0306 Shigure Yukimi

The cumulative rewards of collecting Specially-Made Bento are as follows:

No. of Bento Reward Reward Info
100 Character EXPGold 10,000pt Character EXP
10,000 Gold
200 Character EXPGold 25,000pt Character EXP
25,000 Gold
300 Character EXPOni no Kago 50,000pt Character EXP
Blessing of Demons x3
500 Oni Noroi IshiGold 2x Cursed Demon Stones
50,000 Gold
750 TicketOni Noroi - Sokushin-Yaku 25x Tickets
2x ≪Demon Curse≫ Enhancers
1,000 Character EXPOni Noroi - Sokushin-Yaku 100,000pt Character EXP
3x ≪Demon Curse≫ Enhancers
1,500 Oni Noroi Ishi 3x Cursed Demon Stones
2,000 Oni Noroi Ishi0306 Shigure Yukimi thumb 3x Cursed Demon Stones
0306 Shigure Yukimi
2,500 Ticket0197 Kiseki-Ō thumb 50x Tickets
5x SR Kiseki-O (Light)
3,000 Oni Noroi - Sokushin-YakuOni no Kago 5x ≪Demon Curse≫ Enhancers
5x Blessing of Demons
3,500 Oni Noroi Ishi 4x Cursed Demon Stones
4,000 Character EXP0201 Kiseki-Ō thumb 1,000,000pt Character EXP
5x SSR Kiseki-O (Light)
4,500 TicketOni Noroi Ishi 100x Tickets
5x Cursed Demon Stones
5,000 0171 Asuramaru thumb 1x SSR Asuramaru (Light)

Last PartEdit

Item Eclair

By collecting Eclairs from the Last Part section of the event quest, players would be able to obtain rewards, including two copies of 0306 Shigure Yukimi.



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