Guren Ichinose (一瀬グレン Ichinose Guren?) is the tritagonist in the Seraph of the End anime. He is a Lieutenant Colonel of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and the leader of the Vampire Extermination Unit's Moon Demon Company. He is also the squad leader of the Guren Squad and works with them, and prepares Shinoa squad to defend Shinjuku from a vampire invasion. Guren is then tasked by Kureto to lead an operation targeting vampire nobles in Nagoya.

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Appearance[edit | edit source]

Guren Ichinose (Anime).png

He is a tall, young man with small purple eyes. His medium length black hair is parted in the middle with the bangs hanging over his forehead. Whilst often slightly tousled Guren occasionally has his hair slicked back during the midst of skirmishes on the battlefield.

For clothing he wears the standard JIDA uniform, which consists of a long-sleeved, double-breasted black coat with two rows of gold buttons down the front, red details including shoulder epaulettes, gores at the bottom, and stripes on sleeves. Other decorations include gold aiguillettes and white fourragères worn on the right shoulder. This is attached to a stylized cherry blossom decoration pendant at the center of his collar, and two bars with unit insignia medal below them on the left.

He further wears a pair of white gloves, a black on white armband on his left arm, and a similarly striped black and white web belt with a frog for his sword on the left, and a gold waist-plate. In addition, he also wears the uniform trousers with two white belts strapped around his left leg and black shoes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Human[edit | edit source]

Guren would become a wise leader who values teamwork, co-operation and friends, and determined those were necessary to ensure the survival of the human race from demons and vampires. When Yūichirō Hyakuya tried to join the Moon Demon Company, Guren refused until he made friends.

Whilst Kureto lists them as weaknesses, Guren is felt to possess love, friendship, and honour but never learns to set aside his emotions in order to lead. Guren felt it was barbaric that vampires were being starved in experiments to turn them into cursed gear. Yu describes Guren as someone who likes to talk and he gives good advice.

Sometimes pretending to be lazy, in truth, he really works hard. He keeps many secrets to himself, and has no difficulty lying about them. He also plans to dethrone the Hīragi Family. It is made clear when Guren is possessed, and his true desires come to light, that he, along with Shinya Hīragi, wants to change the status quo and hierarchy.

When enduring hardships in battle he will focus on winning and take the most direct path to that. Whether working as a squad and never intending to fight a foe one on one, to using a spell tag to keep Mika's sword in him to allow Yu to make the hit, Guren will persevere. This applies to when he is being beaten, he will joke and only speak with misinformation when being questioned.

Namanari[edit | edit source]

Guren's personality changes drastically when he is overtaken by his demon blade, Mahiru-no-Yo. According to Ferid Bathory, it happens more often than shown, and his demon side is capable of hiding his true nature from his close friends. Yu only realized something was amiss when Guren was crying with his face at odds with the display. It only clicked for Shinya after a hint from Kureto and when he was confronting Guren on how their comrades were dead where Guren had a serene expression. Guren is described as being just a single step away from becoming a complete demon.

When Mahiru is in control of Guren's body, he becomes utterly ruthless in the pursuit of his goals and whilst in this state he will kill both vampires and his own human comrades for use as sacrificial pawns for the Seraph of the End experiment. This Guren was aware beforehand that the test would be taking place at Nagoya airport, and freely shared this information with a third progenitor vampire, Krul Tepes.

Although murderous to those he comes across, he enacts less extreme in comparison, but still heinous actions, to those he knows such as kicking Mika to stabbing Kimizuki and Yu. In this state he was familiar with who they were and in Yu's case he welcomed him after Guren perceived that he had gone crazy.

Whilst he can feel pain, he does not appear to have any survival instincts. He was unconcerned at approaching a seraph with a clear desire to murder all before him. Guren was apathetic to Shinya pointing a gun directly at his face and a similar detached attitude to reality is seen in his manner of speaking.

Capable of rational discourse, he remembers Mika from the battle of Shinjuku and told Shinya he was doing it for their childhood goals. Feeling that Yu was crazy when he was active as the King of Salt, Guren welcomed him to the club. Guren was happy to see that Narumi was alive and seemed under the impression that Narumi would hurry up and hand Yu over to him even after Guren had killed his comrades and did not see anything amiss with his request.

Unlike demons which are different creatures inside people, Guren is still somewhat himself as a Namanari yet exhibits a fundamental detachment with how to act in certain settings. The Namanari may as well be Guren who can murder freely and take such extreme measures to get what he wants, with added bizarre traits such as a compulsion for violence mixed with feeling peaceful where he is at ease around dangerous situations.

Story[edit | edit source]

Waiting for Yu outside the vampire city

Guren Ichinose remarks good he is here at seeing Yūichirō Hyakuya emerge from an underground vampire city. Approaching with Sayuri Hanayori and Shigure Yukimi, he says the prophecy was right that it was foretold they would come into contact with one of the test subjects from Hyakuya labs. After raising the prospect of fighting against the vampires, Guren’s expression changes to one of surprise at Yu's reply.

A memory of him speaking to Yu

At the time he realizes the vampires told Yu that every person on the surface died when Yu expresses shock that they are human. Guren guesses he would have done the same in their shoes though he confirms it is true that the virus reduced the worlds population by about ninety percent. Additionally an army of bizarre looking monsters appeared but Guren states it will take more than that to wipe out mankind. There are also plans to ensure that their organization ends up on top to regain the earth and have humanities remnants under one banner. Introducing himself to Yu then, Guren stated he is with the Imperial Demon Army. Asking if Yu wants to get the vampires back, he need only take his hand and he will offer all the power he needs.

Events of 2020[edit | edit source]

Second Shibuya High School Arc[edit | edit source]

Having a note for Yu

Whilst Yu is in class he receives a note from Shinoa Hīragi who shares that Guren thought Yu might say that he is ready to join the vampire extermination unit. The note reads that people who cannot make a friend or girlfriend do not belong in the army, yet when he makes one he is to introduce them to Guren.

Saving Yu from the vampire

With an escaped vampire on campus Guren has arrived with his squad and stabs the vampire before it can drink Yu’s blood. Armed with a cursed weapon, Guren remarks how the mighty have fallen and calls the vampire pathetic before using the sword's power to disintegrate her. His pathetic comment is applied to Yu as well when he inquires how he planned to kill it with a normal blade.

Interacting with Yu four years later

Guren then asks whether Yu was hoping he would come to save him. He does admit Yu did pretty well for a kid and thanks to him the overall damage was minimal plus on top of that he saved his friends at school. Guren declines Yu’s request to join the Moon Demon Company, he has a strict policy not to work with those who work by their lonesome before questioning if Shinoa said something.

With his squad, asking who Yoichi is

The rules that Shinoa gave remain the same, if Yu cannot make a friend he cannot join. He then asks who Yoichi Saotome is when he appears and accidentally knocks Yu unconscious. He is aghast at Shinoa’s statement that he has to keep up his end of the bargain now that Yu has met his requirements.[2]

Introducing the transfer students

Sleeping in front of the class, Guren wakes to see Shinoa has brought Yu and Yoichi and he begins. Guren is making a rare appearance in class today because he has a couple of transfer students he wants to introduce. With Shinoa’s interruption, he instructs her to mind her own business before resuming the introduction, complete with more easier to remember names for them both.

Asking Shinoa what is with Yu and Kimizuki

With Yu’s less than pleasant introduction to his class mates and saying that he deserves to be in the company, Guren has a punch for Yu as what he deserves. He does not know what Yu learnt in that general education class but here they work together as a team. Under the impression Yu had learnt his place by now, Guren directs him to take a seat in the back row. Observing Yu and Shihō Kimizuki bicker, Guren asks Shinoa what the story is with those two. Kimizuki was starting to seem friendly and less volatile but seeing Yu just completely set him off. Turning to Shinoa, he thought she was working on them. Hearing rather than break up the fight she saw earlier, that she stayed in hiding and enjoyed the show causes Guren to comment that she is not very good at her job. Ending the fight between Yu and Kimizuki with force, he answers Yoichi that they will be fine and maybe he can teach the rest of them something.[3]

Discussing weapon acquisition with Kimizuki

Seated in an office and speaking with Kimizuki who wants to know whether he will let Yu try out any weapon he wants, Guren replies that remains to be seen. Guren acknowledges that Yu has shown some talent, already breaking free from a demon once.

Displaying the demonic power of his sword

Also despite his attitude he is someone who looks out for his friends. His advice for Kimizuki is to make a support system otherwise he will not stand a chance against a demon, and Guren uses his sword to fill the room with a dark purple and black energy in a display of demonic power to illustrate his claim.

Napping in a meeting of high ranking army officials

Napping in a meeting as Major General Shinya Hīragi introduces himself, Guren is nudged awake by a soldier next to him and wonders whether this boring meeting is over yet. Saying sorry to the General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and head of the Hīragi family, Tenri Hīragi, Guren confesses it is just so hard to remember that when he is surrounded by the dullest personalities in the army.

Leaving since he has sleep to catch up on

Simply leaving the meeting, Guren replies to Shinya that he never asks him to defend him, but he is out since Guren has some sleep to catch up on. Labelled dead weight by Major General, Seishirō Hīragi, Guren remarks it is a wonder humanity is still kicking. Returning a salute, Guren feels like he lost a few brain cells concerning hte meeting before he dismisses a surprise attack from Yu. It is kind of refreshing after dealing with pointless politics all day and he asks if Yu’s desire to acquire a demon has anything to do with getting vengeance for his family. Of the view they need to find Yu a date soon, Guren thinks to himself he had better pacify this idiot before Yu makes a scene.

Arranging for Yu to make a contract with a demon

Agreeing it is fine for Yu to go and make a contract with a demon, Guren will then have Yu join them on the front line. Guren says he does not care that Yu has not finished his training, that way it is his fault if he dies. With that he delivers a kick if his own for Yu trying to strike a superior officer, then remarks that the burdens of command can really take it out of him. To himself Guren admits that things are getting a lot less boring around here.

Joining Sayuri in class

Entering Sayuri’s class at hearing the commotion within, he answers her it went as well as she would expect. Wondering if there is a reason for all the racket, Guren finds that it is Yu and Kimizuki squaring off. Asked by them both if he could give them cursed gear, Guren quips whether a bunch a losers like them think they have what it takes to tangle with a demon. Inquiring as to what what Sayuri's assessment is, Guren wants to know whether this class can resist the demon’s temptation. Hearing Sayuri vouch for Yu, Kimizuki and Yoichi, Guren intends to give it a shot now since it is less complicated that way.

Using Mahiru-no-Yo's energies on the class

He promptly stabs his sword into the ground to flood the room with its dark energies. Thinking that is enough for now, Guren sheathes his sword which brings the effects to a gradual end. He announces that those who are still conscious have a chance, and whilst they have a long way to go, if they continue to train and study their spell craft they can move into the contract ceremony for a cursed gear. The five people still on their feet have just earned themselves four stars, but this goes down to three: Yu, Kimizuki and Yoichi when the other two students also pass out. Considering Shinoa, Guren wishes that she passed out and comments that dealing with demons is like a day at the beach for her. Yet he guesses he should have expected as much from general Hīragi's daughter, and that she probably did not even use a ward. Guren advises them to go before he changes his mind.

Heading to the demon contract ceremony room

Walking down with the candidates who have passed, along with Shinoa and Sayuri he answers the latter on whether she has a problem with his position. With concerns about whether Yoichi could accept a black demon, Guren replies it is tough and if Yoichi does not have the strength he dies, that is the world they live in. With Sayuri still hesitant, Guren asks Yoichi directly if he still wants to acquire revenge for his sister’s death at the hands of the vampires, then if he is willing to die for it.

Taking the elevator to the underground location

With Yoichi not sure, Guren tells him to quit right now if he has any doubts. With Yoichi determined to stay, Guren leads them on, it is time for the ceremony. Taking the elevator down, Guren singles out Yu to say the last thing he should be doing is getting comfortable, the demon he will be making a contract with is much stronger than the last one and if he lets his guard down for an instant it will kill him.

Having Yu, Yoichi and Kimizuki select cursed gear

Reaching the floor, Guren welcomes them to the edge of hell and questioned by Yu whether it is a temple, Guren replies it is the home of the thing he wants most of all, the highest ranking weapons of the demon king and the demons sealed within them are here. Whether Yu can kill the vampires with one of the weapons depends on his personal skill but Guren wants no more questions and states they will get started since he has better things to do. Directing them to pick a weapon they like and enter the spell circle, once they touch the weapon the contract ceremony will begin automatically. If they do not lose to the demon they will gain its power. Answering Kimizuki, if they do lose they will either become a man eating monster or the demon's power will crush their soul and kill them. Either way they will end up dead since if they start to go monster on him, Guren will kill them himself.[4]

Observing as the contracts take place in the candidate's minds

With Yu, Yoichi, and Kimizuki lying unresponsive within the circles as they engage the demons within their cursed gear in their minds, Guren comments on Kimizuki. He considers it interesting that at least one of them appears to be putting up a fight. Commenting that Yu is awake, he asks whether he is okay.

Knowing Yoichi has failed

With a crack appearing in one of the demon head statues, Guren remarks that this is not good, it looks like Yoichi did not have the strength to overcome possession.

Now that Yu and Kimizuki have their cursed gear it is time for their first mission. There is a human eating demon loose somewhere in this room and it is up to them two to deal with it. Pointing to its location above them, Guren instructs Yu and Kimiauki to show it who is in control.

Deflecting the demon's ranged fire

With the demon firing ranged based attacks with full force, Guren remarks it looks like Yoichi was just a snack to whet its appetite, before ordering Shinoa to be quiet. Instructing Yu to look at Yoichi and stating that his body is just a vessel now, Guren says the only way to save Yoichi now is to destroy it. He orders Yu to not get soft on him, this is the Moon Demon Company and extermination is his job. If they want to get killed it is on them, but that monster is not their friend anymore, and wants them to show him they have what it takes to be a soldier.

Chiding Shinoa for not wanting to get her hands dirty

Calling Yu an idiot for knocking the bow out the demon’s hand, Guren informs him that is not where the demon is, it is inside Yoichi’s body. He replies to Shinoa that she always acts like she is so cool but she has a soft spot for these two problem students. Guren suggests Shinoa step in and kill Yoichi to spare the others from being wracked with guilt, before seeing that she has no intention of getting her hands dirty either. He harshly guesses she is too cute for this as well.

Decisively influencing Yoichi to free himself

When Yu throws his sword aside, Guren intervenes to shout whether Yoichi is going to stay under that bed and watch his sister die or is he going to take charge and stop it. His reaction to Yoichi regaining himself is to chastise Yu for taking way too long to get back. Flatly denying he thought it would end this way, Guren is certain he does not give a damn if one of the kids ends up biting it, though he hears from Shinoa it looked like he was starting to sweat towards the end. Telling Yoichi he has a rare gift and explains the guilt he had over not helping his sister was preventing him from living his life but he thinks today Yoichi overcame that. Maybe now he will be able to reach is full potential.

The Moon Demon Company is their new family

Advising him to forget revenge and not get so hung up on something so pointless, Guren gives the same advice for Yu to forget about his previous friends and loved ones. The Moon Demon Company is the only family he will have now and he will put that first over his own life.

Vampires are planning to take Shinjuku

With them all having cursed gear, and almost working like a team today, Guren guesses he should test them on the front lines. They have intel that suggests vampires from the Kansai region are planning on reclaiming Shinjuku. It is their job to investigate the area.[5]

Settling Mitsuba and Shinoa's quarrel

Outside the walls, Guren is being questioned by Mitsuba Sangū why she has been placed in a squad of new recruits. He tells her not to think about it when she spots and runs towards Shinoa when told that she is the new squad leader. With Mitsuba conjuring her cursed gear war axe, Tenjiryū and Shinoa holding her scythe, Shikama Doji, Guren arbitrates by disarming them. Holding each of them, Guren hopes they both like solitary confinement.

Directing the squad to Harajuku

His plan is to take a different route to Shinjuku but he will meet them there. Making it clear that the Moon Demon Company squads move in a five man formation, it is why Mitsuba is here. Guren wants them to get along with no in-fighting, and announcing them as comrades Gure questions whether they are ready for their first mission. Wanting the five of them to head to Harajuku, he orders them to crush the growing vampire settlement there and free the human hostages. After, they are to head to Shinjuku.

Identifying the vampire leadership at Shinjuku

Within the city Guren is situated atop a building using a lens to survey that the vampire attack has already started and that the opposition is not pulling any punches. He wonders which one of them in the commander and zooms in to see Mikaela Hyakuya, and seventh progenitor Ferid Bathory of whom he is seen by him to Guren's disbelief.

Awaiting his squad to arrive

With Sayuri commenting that he does not seem too concerned about this fight, Guren replies it is not as if he is just slacking off, he is keeping tabs on the enemy commander and vampire troop movements in case they decide to target this outpost as well. Speaking of them, Guren calmly tells Sayuri to watch out as a vampire spirits towards her.

Guren squad gathered

After Mito punches the vampire away from Sayuri, Guren remarks it took her long enough. With Shigure and then Goshi also arriving Guren notes the whole squad is finally here and asks Shigure how Yu’s team is doing. Hearing that he and the squad successfully freed the civilians, Guren feels it is good and they will be a nice addition to the reinforcement team. The battlefield is the best place to grow stronger so long as one does not end up dead. Determining that it is time they joined this fight, Guren is pretty sure he knows where to find the vampire commander and it might be over fast if they take the leader’s head.

Clearing away vampires and ready for more

After an explosion that leaves just the arm of a vampire, Guren points his sword at the next vampire he has seen, which is Mika.[6]

Damning it that he did not kill the commander after all, Guren has the Moon Demon Company and many soldiers behind him in opposition to Mika, Ferid with Lacus Welt and René Simm at the head of a gathering of vampires. Wanting to ask something, Guren questions whether they really like the taste of human blood or whether this is a twisted re-enactment of the last summer.

Activating his cursed gear

His sword begins radiating a black shadowy substance and he requests the demon blade Mahiru-no-Yo to lend him power. Rallying those people him, Guren tells them to not hold back, this is the fight they have been training for and to protect this line. He ends with the order to kill every one of them.

Firing a range attack from his sword

Attacking, he swings his sword to send a wave of red energy into multiple vampires. Backing into Sayuri, he points out there is no end to these bloodsuckers. Informed that Sayuri and Mito can hold the campires off, Guren asks when she got so good at strategizing and proceeds with the plan to target the commander.

Engaging Mika in combat

To that end he charges towards where Mika is. Regarding him as their swords connect, Guren then uses a lamppost to gain some ground between them.

Fighting Mika

Finding Mika above him, Guren matches his sword strikes as they free fall to the ground. Commenting that Mika is a strong one, Guren is impressed with a challenge at last. Sheathing his sword, Guren moves close to Mika and is able to attach a spell tag to his forehead. Invoking the Fudo Myo-o spell tag to explode, Guren waits for Mika to land before noting that he landed a curse on his head. He thought Mika would be faster. Once Ferid points out to Mika that there are kunai attached to wires all around Mika to trap him, Guren addresses Shigure that they have caught on and gives the order to kill them. With Mika evading the barrage by leaping away, Guren calmly turns to Goshi for the illusionary spell.

Finding his check mate move blocked by Ferid

After the mist like spiked maw causes Mika to head to the ground, Guren is waiting for him. Attacking Mika from behind, Guren reveals this is check mate. His conviction is turned to disbelief as he finds his strike blocked by Ferid’s sword.

Sent hurtling

Guren is struck in the head, the force of which sends him crashing through multiple structures. Stable, he comments on the situation being worse than he thought and assumes the silver haired vampire must be a noble, he is way too strong. It is 16.32 on a pocket watch Guren has, with a countdown of 08.11 when he checks it. Taking out a packet of cursed gear stimulants, it looks like he will have to take two pills to pull this one off. Even with Sayuri discouraging him, and Mito saying if he dies of shock from taking two of them, Guren weakly raises himself to his feet to reply if he does not take them then they will all end up dead.

Asking for time to regroup

The clock is ticking and with Mika, Ferid and other vampires in front of him Guren knows they have to kill them before the pills effects wear off. Asked by Mika if he is done talking, Guren comments on what a polite vampire he is then requests if Mika would let them have time to regroup. It is time for them to take their medicine and so if Mika could be quiet for twenty seconds, his speaking is cut short as he defends against Mika assaulting him. Guren's sword trembles as he holds it and Guren says he cannot blame a guy for trying as he also picks up on whether Mika is a lot faster than before.

Guren knocked over by Mika

With Mika saying he is not holding back on the battlefield, Guren cracks on the battlefield holding back sounds like the strategy of a child. Guren is disarmed by Mika and knocked over. Damning him, Guren thinks he guesses this is it. Told this is the end, Guren grins in the face of it and tells Mika to do it then.

Stabbed with Mika's sword

Shocked at being stabbed in the chest, he slowly looks down to the blade in him.[7]

With Yu having arrived and stabbed Mika through the chest, and now just standing there, Guren asks what is he waiting for.

Restraining the weapon for Yu to attack

Guren is using a spell tag to clutch Mika’s sword and keep it embedded in his body then commands Yu to activate the curse and kill Mika.

Fending Mika away

Yu says he cannot, so Guren damns him and uses his sword against Mika. On his feet he punches Yu and demands to know why he did not make the kill when he could. Guren collapses to his knees from the injury, yet pushes Yu away and tells him to worry about himself. Irate, he seeks answers on whether Yu forget this is a war zone then to keep his eyes on the enemy. Clutching his chest, Guren labours to breathe as Shinoa squad have fully arrived.

With further nobles, Guren means to retreat

With vampire nobles Crowley Eusford with Chess Belle and Horn Skuld joining the opposition, Guren registers they were in trouble before they showed up. With no choice, Guren shouts for everyone to prepare to retreat. Ordering Yu to shut up when he is against leaving his family, Mika, Guren asks whether he is willing to let his comrades die for a vampire.

Kicked away by Ferid

Ordering a retreat to the second defence line, Guren shouts to break formation as Yu’s path is blocked by Ferid. With Yu slashing at Ferid, Guren draws his sword to assist. Unable to cut the vampire, Guren is kicked into a wall. Knocked against it he tells Yu to watch out as Ferid is behind him.

Unsurprised by Yu's altered state

Held up by the noble, Guren announces so it begins at seeing a huge branch like structure coming out of Yu’s shoulder. Denying he knows what it is when Ferid asks, Guren says they will all just have to wait and see. With Yu approaching Shinoa, Guren calls to her and entreats Shinoa that she is the only one who can help Yu and there is still a chance he can come back. Shouting what is she waiting for, Guren says their lives depend on Shinoa.

Saved with the arrival of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army led by Kureto

With Yu returned to normal, Guren asks Ferid what he thinks of his trump card. Telling Ferid he should not be so sure that it did not seem to so much, Guren discloses he has managed to distract him and that was their main objective all along. He moves to avoid Shinya’s long range white tiger projectile fire aimed at the vampires and sits when Lieutenant General Kureto Hīragi arrives with the Japanese Imperial Demon Army to end the battle of Shinjuku in humanity’s favour.[8]

Ordering Shinoa to forget what she saw

It is recalled by Shinoa that at the time Guren said to himself that he had got the results they were after. When Shinoa wanted to discuss what had occurred, Guren told her it would be smart if she forgot everything she saw here, that is an order.

Secluding himself in a laboratory setting

Examining a report in a laboratory, Guren states he is going to kill those guards after he is found by Shinoa. He has no answers and requests she see herself out. Laughing as he comments it is not like Shinoa to wear her emotions on her sleeve, he feels she must be upset. Guren wonders what Shinoa hopes he might say, that he has no idea what she is talking about as an example. Questioning whether Shinoa would feel better if he told her she was delusional, Guren then says for her to not get angry if he mentions human experimentation. Posing the questions of how they can survive in this ruined world or kill the Four Horseman of John, and more importantly how to completely eradicate the vampires, Guren feels human victory requires sacrifice and he cites the people who died for Shinoa’s older sister, Mahiru Hīragi to complete the cursed gear.

Sacrifice is how they can survive

Sacrifice is the only reason they have a fighting chance and Guren recommends that Shinoa not let her feelings for Yu get in the way of that, before chuckling that she is blushing. He does not care what goes on between the two of them privately but the army's plan for Yu are none of her concern, before ending with telling her to go away. As she does he reveals the drug wears off in five days and if Shinoa does have feelings for him she should stay by his side and be there when he opens his eyes.

Writing a document with a quill

In a different office Guren has finished signing a document and concludes the record player.[9]

Nagoya Arc[edit | edit source]

Sparring on top a building against Shinoa, Guren asks Mahiru to lend him her power to strike away the demon manifestation of Shikama Doji coming from Shinoa’s scythe.

Practice sparring with Shinoa

This is heard by Shinoa and with her scythe around his neck Guren says to go ahead and kill him, no one would blame her. Told he could dodge, Guren says he would not mind if she were the one who took his life.

Confronted after mentioning Shinoa's sister, Mahiru

Hearing that Mahiru Hīragi loved him but her passion led to her becoming possessed by a demon, Guren confirms that he killed Shinoa’s older sister. Not commenting on whether he has been possessed by Mahiru and that is why he has taken an interest in Yu, Guren questions why he should stop and whether Shinoa has fallen for that idiotic kid. Pointing the sword near Shinoa, it is true her sister is in the sword but he is the one who is in control and is not being possessed by her. As he walks away Guren says he does not care whether Shinoa believes him or not in regards to whether he would know if Mahiru had him.

Waiting for Yu as he heads to a meeting

With Yu summoned to the first office, Guren is waiting before he reaches it and greets him as his favourite moron. The most powerful family in Japan pages him and he comes running like a dog. Guren has a story for Yu, once a upon a time a wise old man freed a doomed crane from a hunter’s trap. In return the crane weaved a beautiful cloth from its own wings as a gift for the man. Applying the analogy to their situation, Guren frames himself as the wise man who saved Yu and he was nice enough to teach him how to survive in this world and protect his family.

Proclaiming himself Yu's god

Putting it another way, Guren says he owns Yu and to not go wagging his tail for them. Replying that Yu is wrong that he does not control him, he may not care about army politics but that is the way this world works. Following him, Guren seems satisfied when Yu says he is not someone who abandons his friends, but he says it does not make him feel any better, after all he is not his friend. Guardian, superior, life-saver are the terms Guren uses, as well as saying he is basically Yu’s god.

Confirming why he saved Yu 4 years ago

He approaches after Yu, along with Yoichi and Kimzuki have finished the meeting with Kureto Hīragi, Aoi Sangū and Shinya Hīragi. Confirming that what Kureto told Yu is the case, Guren only saved him to use him since he does not have the luxury of saving anyone who does not serve a higher purpose. Adding so what, Guren asks whether Yu is going to start sulking now.

Not having the luxury of saving those who do not serve a higher purpose

With Yu not caring about the experimentation and now just focusing on how to get Mika back, Guren is assured he would want Mika too since he was also a lab rat. Guren answers like he said before that everyone here is Yu’s family and that includes himself, so they will work together to get the rest of his family back. As he walks away Guren replies to Yu that teaching him to become a better fighter by learning the proper way of using his cursed gear was already his next step.[10]

He is mentioned by Shinoa and Mitsuba as they wonder where he found the black demon holders. He is suspected of erasing information on Yu, Yoichi and Kimizuki's pasts to stop the higher ups from learning about them.[11]

Approaching the chained vampires

Walking to three vampires chained in a yard, Guren stops just short of having one reach his neck. He comments that this is disgusting to Kureto who he knows is sat above the archway he just walked through. Asking if this is a cursed gear experiment, it is but Guren is asked to dispose of what Kureto calls the low level trash.

Deeming the experimentation cruel

He replies Kureto did not bring him here to kill vamps, and for him to just cut to the chase already. Coming here on his own really were the orders he received, and Guren is not concerned with the possibility of Kureto killing him, since what reason would he have.

Indifferent to the vampires being shot

If it were the case that Guren were a cocky idiot then Kureto would have killed him sooner. Besides, Kureto will not get rid of Guren whilst he is of use to him. Regarding how he managed to find three black demon prospects, Guren replies that he got lucky and it was pure coincidence.

Saying the cursed gear trials a waste of his talents to justify leaving

It seems like a waste of his talents to oversee cursed gear trials when Kureto is pleased to have more black demon holders. He wonders if that is why Kureto is meeting him out here, because it that is it then Guren will be on his way. One more question is whether Guren is assembling these black demon users to plan a coup.

Able to get rid of Kureto if he wanted to

With his hand on the hilt of his sword, Guren replies if his goal were try and get rid of Kureto he would cut him down right where he stands and he wants to bet when told he would not land a single blow. With Kureto saying love, friendship and honour are Guren’s weaknesses, it is also felt that Guren would never betray Kureto since he is someone who cares about his comrades. After the praise Guren replies so this is the part where Kureto plays the hostage part. Asking who will it be this time, Guren wonders what Kureto wants from him.

Discussing the state of the ruined world

Then wondering whether Kureto called him here just so he could complain when he wonders about the future. With his intentions wondered about, Guren needs more military power because the world is this way.

The greater good area

With Kureto’s goal to recover the world, Guren assumes his goal is to search for humans abroad and re-establish communications with people who have survived outside Japan. He did not know Kureto was such a dreamer when he means to crush every last vampire in Japan and then conquer such organizations outside of Japan to bring the world under the Demon Army.

The hurry is that vampires are attacking Tokyo in a month

Guren comments that Kureto seems pretty sure of himself in his opening move to thin their ranks by exterminating vampire nobles. Speculating that if Kureto is wrong about the locations of the twenty five nobles in Japan that he is targeting, then the army is finished, Guren asks how does Kureto know if their intel is not a set up. Questioning what has got Kureto in such a hurry, he learns in one month the vampires are launching a full attack on Tokyo but finishes Kureto’s sentence that they can gain the upper hand if they are pro-active and avoid certain defeat otherwise.

Wary the vampires will find out their plan

Tasked with taking his team and one hundred Moon Demon Company soldiers to kill ten vampire nobles in Nagoya. Guren replies if they attack the vampires will realize what Kureto is planning. When Kureto considers it worth it if they can distract them for a while as they prepare for the final battle, Guren takes that to mean they are disposable.

Receiving the directive for operations in Nagoya

Further, what Kureto wants to tell him is that he does not want to state what the whole plan is right now, and Guren thought Kureto trusted him. He hesitates before accepting the Japanese Imperial Demon Army directive from Kureto, and is told to go with it being an order not a request.

It is Mahiru-no-Yo's orders Guren should be following

After Kureto leaves, Guren gasps as Mahiru-no-Yo emerges from his cursed gear behind him. He is told not to be fooled, it is her orders he is supposed to be following. She is the only one who can make Guren's wish come true. His response is to tell his demon to shut up for it to return to his sword.

By himself arranging battle plans

As he oversees plans he tells the knocker at the door to come in. Hearing from Shinoa that Yu and Kimizuki have completed their training, Guren deems it impressive they have both succeeded at possession. He does not remember prying like that when Shinoa reminds him of his question whether she had fallen for Yu the last time they spoke.

A new mission for Shinoa squad

Nevertheless he asks her answer then moves the green pieces across a map of Nagoya city that features red and blue units as well. Telling Shinoa to hold on when she intends to see herself out, Guren has a new mission for her. It is to come to the staging arena tomorrow at o six hundred hours. Placing a note near her, Guren says they are going to kill all the vampires in Nagoya.[12]

Not entertaining Goshi's desire for bikinis

At Ebina rest stop he steps out with Sayuri and Shigure, and asks why is Goshi creeping around without even seeing him. Telling him to shut up when Goshi is keen on him ordering Sayuri to fight in her bathing suit, Guren reminds him that he is supposed to be checking around for vampires. He wonders how Goshi can be so useless when he has left it to Mito and ignores Goshi’s comment that he is a pervert who wants to see what Mito looks like under her uniform.

The 100 soldiers begin to gather

The disregard is applied to Mito herself when he is asked whether that is the case, instead Guren heads to observe the troops that have began to arrive.

The car is perfect for Shinya

Seeing Shinya turn up in a red sports car, Guren deems it perfect for an impractical major general like Shinya before questioning what is he doing here. Hearing the mission against vampire nobles sounds like a suicidal one and so Shinya came to help, Guren smiles and replies he is such a moron.

Communicating orders to those gathered

Addressing the amassed soldiers, Guren announces they will leave here at o seven hundred hours. Six hours later they will arrive in Nagoya and the directives he hands out will cover specific strategic details. Spotting Shinoa trying to sneak in at the back, with her squad late he shouts it is nice of them to show up, he is surprised they did not miss the entire war.

Angered at Shinoa's tardiness and attitude to it

Hearing Shinoa deliver a facetious response on why they were late concerning the hot baths, Guren shouts for her to not make excuses, this is not some childish game and if orders cannot be followed then leave now. With Yu stepping forward and accepting the blame for being late, Guren replies does this mean he is going to leave. Hearing Yu wants to stay and fight the vampires, Guren tells him to fall in line with the others, but to just know he will have to face severe punishment later.

The goal is not to come back alive but be victorious no matter what

Speaking to all gathered, Guren calls for them to listen to him carefully. During this mission he will not tolerate any failures, they are to follow his orders to the letter and not fool around. This mission will probably be the most dangerous they will ever have. Many of them will die yet they should remember that everyone here is family. That means those who fall in battle are each others brothers and sisters. Guren continues that they will not die in vain, their sacrifices will ensure their success. He concludes his rally by clarifying their goal is not to come back alive, but to be victorious no matter what. Asking if they understand him is met with a huge cheer from the crowd.

Bringing Yu in preparation for Shinoa

Shigure has brought Yu to him and he asks “idiot Yu” how it is going. Suspecting none of this was truly Yu's fault, Guren tells him taking the heat for his comrades is admirable. He interrupts the conversation between Shinya and Yu since they are wasting time here and instantly has Goshi get started. With Shinoa and her squad arriving, and the illusion of Yu tied over a burning pyre cut through, Guren answers it is no joke, it is Shinoa’s punishment.

A planned test for the squad leader

Motioning to Yu with his sword, he says this is what she gets for not fessing up herself. Guren is here to show her how not following orders can easily get her comrades killed. Shinoa’s response is not good enough, she has never experienced what it is like to truly care for another person and therefore does not understand the fear of losing someone. From now on things are different, one wrong move could get her comrades killed and as squad leader their lives are in her hands. Asking what would she do if suddenly a huge threat appeared right now, Guren questions whether she would be able to manage her team.

Reminding Yu he is a part of the fight

To see, Guren has a test, him, Mito and Shinya against Shinoa, Yoichi, Kimizuki, Mitsuba then Yu. With Yu saying he knows Shinoa is trying really hard, Guren considers it awfully sweet for Yu to say but why does he not show his support by beating them instead of standing here looking stupid. Not concerned with being embarrassed by Yu, Guren will not lose to some kid.

Entering the 3 against 5 fight

Giving them some time, after Shinoa squad have taken their positions, Guren announces here they come and after a pause has Shinya begin. After Byakomaru bounds through Guren can tell their formation is already falling apart. Jumping down, he chops the two streams of fire produced by Mitsuba’s cursed gear.

Bounding to his targets

Charging through the explosion from another firing of Byakomaru and Gekkouin’s arrows collision, Guren finds Yu and Kimizuki coming towards him. With Yu not intending to let Guren past him, he replies that Yu is an idiot.

Fighting Kimizuki and Yu at once

Within the corridor he fights Yu and Kimizuki at the same time for a while. Guren can evade and block the three sword between them as he wields his one-handed. Guren evens the odds as he proceeds to kick Kimizuki away.

Praising Yu

Continuing the fight with Yu, Guren compliments him that he is not half bad as they spar.

As Mitsuba and Shinoa engage Mito, Guren announces the fight is over, children, and sends forth a thin red cyclone that blasts a hole to outside the building taking Shinoa and Mitsuba out with it. With Yu jumping down, Guren descends upon him and slices Shinya’s commandeered sports car clean in half. Saying for him to try not to cry, Guren resumes his sword fight with Yu.

Making use of a spell tag

This continues until he throws a spell tag which attaches itself to Yu’s forehead. With Yu attempting to but unable to pull it off, Guren suggests now is the time for him to admit defeat, before he blows his head off. With Yu running towards him meaning to take him with me, Guren is wide eyed and expresses now he is terrified. Just kidding, Guren figured Yu would try something and tilts his head to give Shinya behind him a clear shot at Yu.

Past Yu's defence and claiming victory

Guren is now past Yu’s defences, that means all his comrades are dead now. Whilst Mitsuba is distracted by the spell tag detonating on Yu, Guren knocks her over with the hilt of his sword. Judging Shinoa’s move foolish, he swipes her scythe out her hands with one strike. Pointing the sword near her face, Guren educates her that she should never challenge someone who is stronger than she is. Aware Kimizuki and Yoichi are attacking him form behind, Guren deems they are way too late.

Putting the failure down to Shinoa

Speaking to Shinoa he voices what a disappointment, she has three black demon holders in her squad and questions whether this is the best she can do. The nobles are stronger than they are and they will not hold back. In all seriousness he asks whether she really thinks they stand a chance against them. Calling to those around him, Guren announces as they can see these rookies needs a lot of help and they are going to have to show them what it means to be good comrades.

Cheering Yu up

Sheathing his sword he asks Yu what is wrong, he looks dissatisfied. Ruffling Yu’s hair, Guren constructively observes this test pointed out his weaknesses and to focus on his teamwork. He is then approached by Sergeant Makoto Narumi and responds to his concerns that they are all problems but how do they fix them.

Combining Shinoa and Narumi squad

Guren knows the answer right away, he is putting Narumi’s team in charge of Shinoa squad and requests that Shigure re-arrange the team roster. Disregarding Narumi’s protest, Guren introduces him to Yu as Sergeant Makoto Narumi, and then the members his squad: Rika Inoue, Tarō Kagiyama, Yayoi Endo and Shūsaku Iwasaki. Calling them an excellent squad, Guren is sure they will train Yu well.[13]

Ending the fight with Mel Stefano

Underground during the noble extermination mission proper, Guren’s sword is blocked by the clawed glove of Mel Stefano, yet Guren succeeds in cutting through the nineteenth progenitor. Ordering him to shut up and die, Guren slashes him again and the vampire disintegrates. Falling to his knees exhausted, Guren feels that was too close but assures Sayuri everything is fine and it went just as planned.

Sure it was the right decision for them as one squad to fight a noble

Answering Goshi that if they struggled this much, then it was definitely right for them to increase to man power for all the other teams. These are spread out across Nagoya targeting their designated vampire noble. With Mito’s concern that none of that matters if he as the commander dies, Guren answers that is why he left Shinya above ground, so he can lead if Guren dies. Called by Eita Kusunoki, Guren sees him heavily wounded and asks what happened to him. Holding the wounded soldier, Guren says he is afraid Kusunoki will not make it and to please report for his comrades while he can. Asking him what happened, Guren hears they failed to kill their target and their forty five member squad have been wiped out.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 257.png

Guren hears the vampires want specifically him to head to city hall, and asking why he should obey them, Guren hears nineteen men have been killed but the rest are being held hostage. Startled at this, Guren changes to tell Kusunoki that it is all right and it is not his fault. Guren says it was his mission so the blame is on himself then conveys that Kusunoki can relax now. Guren turns to Goshi for his illusion spell. Harrowed, he counsels for Kusunoki to rest where he can watch them defeat the vampires from heaven.

The target is noble Crowley Eusford

With Mito the first to say it is a trap, Guren's course of action is to join with Narumi and Hiragi squad. Their target is the thirteenth progenitor, whose name is Crowley Eusford.[14]

Emerging from the underground he asks what those gathered are doing standing around here like lost puppies. Asking if Yu completed their mission, he replies his was a piece of cake.

Asking Narumi how Shinoa squad did

Turning to Narumi he questions how the newcomers did today and whether they dragged him down too much. Then noticing squad leader Aiko Aihara stood alone he sees she has lost eight men.

Sharing a positive perspective for Aihara

He knew there would be losses and Guren states their comrade’s deaths are on his hands not hers. With Aihara feeling she should have been a better leader, Guren frames the matter as her saving six of her men to help Aihara in her visibly upset state.

Asking Narumi if there is any word from the others, there is no time to stand around and wait so they will have to start their next mission without them.

Revealing news of the hostage situation

The soldiers assigned to kill the three nobles in city hall found themselves completely overwhelmed and the vampires are holding twenty five of them hostage. Definitely needing those men for future missions, the new objective is to kill the three nobles and free the captives. With Aihara wanting to join the mission, Guren tells her not a chance, he has no room for someone who cries on the battlefield. He is kidding, once they are done at city hall, Guren imparts that they will rendezvous at the airport, he needs her to remain here to relay that information to the other squads that show up. After saying he is counting on her, Guren appears happy at Aihara's happiness and shouts to the others for them to get moving.

Discussing the loss of comrades

Walking, Guren guesses that Shinya is here to talk him out of this mission since it is likely a trap. Asking what he is going to complain about, Guren listens as Shinya explains how their comrades were killed and Guren does not always handle that well. Replying this was a dangerous mission, they were bound to lose some good soldiers.

Overlooking Nagoya city hall

His squad along with Shinoa’s and Narumi are on the roof of a building where Guren uses hie spy device in preparation for the mission on Nagoya city hall.[15] He glimpses the hostages tied to crucifixes outside the building itself, and there are vampires interspersed on the ground.

Revealing details of their enemies

Concluding the vampires are definitely planning to ambush them, Guren has to reconsider what they should do next. Ordering everyone to shut up, Guren intends to snipe them to see how the vampires react. He reveals there are three powerful nobles inside, Crowley Eusford, Chess Belle and Horn Skuld. If it looks like their enemies are too strong to defeat then they will leave the hostages.

Unable to afford losing any more troops

Asked what his top priority is in the mission, Guren tells Shinoa they cannot afford to lose any more troops especially elites like them, that makes freeing the hostages a secondary concern. Moving forward he is going to need all of them. Answering Narumi it is one way to look at it with him expecting another mission after this one, Guren states they need to keep the vampires in Nagoya, doing so lets their main unit in Shibuya move undetected and is one of the primary reasons why they are here.

They are also to distract vampires from the main army unit

Confirming they are on the move right now, Guren checks his pocket watch and says if things are going as planned, they should be on their way to Shinjuku. Answering Kimizuki, the entire operation has not exactly been a decoy, the extermination of nobles will have a huge impact on the war but from now on the mission is to keep the enemy distracted for as long as they possibly can.

Testing the enemy's strength to determine their next move

He adds to Shinya that the best case scenario is killing the nobles too before questioning why he is always such a pessimist when Shinya thinks things never go that well. With Yoichi having spotted a noble with his back to them, and who has not noticed them yet, Guren orders he take the damn shot now. With the noble surviving a shot one ordinarily should not have, Guren knows it means this must be an extremely powerful vampire. It is no wonder nine of their strongest teams could not handle him and accordingly feels they do not stand a chance.

Learning the strength of the nobles

His spyglass is taken by Yu who sees and confirms Crowley is insanely strong. Doubting they can win by force alone, with leaving to nobles putting the Shibuya unit at risk, Guren already knows what Shinoa is going to say next. There is no way around it, they have to attack and plans to put on a show so the vampires think they are the main unit. He answers Shinya if they start to be overwhelmed then they will retreat before deciding to move locations.

Arranging the plan to rescue the hostages

Inside a building Guren lays out the new plan: he, Shinya and the rest of his team will attack Crowley Eusford and his comrades. Shinoa and Narumi’s team will attempt to rescue the hostages while they are fighting. Their basic strategy will be to strike then run away and Guren believes they should be able to hold them off for a bit. Checking his stopwatch, Guren says that is only going to give them about five minutes to rescue all the hostages they can.

A transport should be waiting at Nagoya airport after this mission

After that they have to retreat and join the other teams at the Nagoya airport at once. Answering Kimizuki, there should be a transport helicopter waiting for them there along with new directives where they will follow those orders. They attack in seven minutes so Guren directs everyone to take their positions. Asking Shinya how does it look, he confirms to Mito that they are attacking first. With Goshi’s illusionary spell they can make it look like two hundred men are fighting alongside of them. With Goshi needing to get close for that to happen, Guren questions why is he still standing here. Slightly past three o clock, Guren notes there is no use putting this off and if anyone has any last words now is their chance.

Cutting a vampire in half vertically

The attack commences and Guren jumps to cut vertical down on a vampire then slices another apart. Any that get in his way are killed as he reaches the hostages that are tied to crucifixes.

Having Goshi use his illusionary powers

With many vampires running towards them Guren tells Goshi to do it. As the vampires are swinging against the imaginary soldiers Goshi has summoned, Guren makes further headway with Mito. His cursed gear allows him to leap onto the lower roof of the city hall and then up to the hole in the side of the building to face the three nobles. He is here to destroy the blood sucker yet bringing his sword down on Crowley causes Guren to be repelled from the force of his strike.

Tossing explosive spell tags at Crowley's face

Saying it looks like he is pretty strong, Guren adds that is not enough. Sheathing his sword, he backflips then unlooses a flurry of spell tags.

Seized by the vampire noble

After the smoke clears, Guren's arm is grasped by Crowley. With Shinya aiming at the noble, Guren is used as a weapon to be swung into Shinya. They are both sent crashing into one of the rooms of the building. Recuperating in a meeting room, when Shinya feels this might be it for them Guren reassures him things are all going as he planned. At least they did a good job of getting the vampire's attention and Guren half jokes that they both make pretty good bait. Asking whether Shinya is done resting since he would kind of like to escape now, Guren then sees Crowley has found them.

Weary yet still able to distract the nobles

Chess and Horn have as well so Guren guesses they have to stay here and keep the three of them entertained as per their suggestion.

Fighting hard to little avail

His idea of that is to strike savagely with his sword however he is unable to get a hit on Crowley. In his favour he is not being troubled by Chess and Horn who are content to watch, and outright told by Crowley that he can handle him and Shinya on his own. With his and Crowley's movements, and Horn whipping Shinya away, Guren is unable to receive covering fire from Shinya.

Slamming his cursed gear into Crowley

Shouting that Crowley should not take his eyes off of him, Guren brings his sword down hard so is not repelled right away by Crowley, but when he is Guren allows his blade to continue its path of stabbing into the ceiling. At that point he invokes Mahiru-no-Yo. A black and red tangled energy spills out from behind him and Guren shouts now to have Shinya fire.

Aiding Shinya after his weapon fire was rebounded on him

It was an escape plan and Guren helps Shinya to walk after passing through a breakage in the wall. Asking Shinya how badly is he hurt, Guren tells him if he is strong enough to joke then he can walk on his own. Found by Crowley, Guren assists Shinya in running down a corridor then asks if they are coming. He throws Shinya out of the way of Crowley who has crashed through a side wall to appear in front of them.

All but defeated

He remains strong enough to attack but is stabbed in his shoulder. Needed for questioning by the noble, Guren tells Shinya he is already dead and Shinya needs to take command and finish the mission without him. As he is lifted by the neck, Guren shouts to Shinya that is an order.19 He is attempted to be saved by Shinoa squad who have blasted a hole in the floor from the storey below.

Unable to be rescued by Shinoa squad

Guren is still held as Tenjiryū covers Crowley in a blue fire, and he is placed in front of Yu’s sword to stop him hitting Crowley. When Yu is determined to not leave him behind, Guren orders him to retreat before being thrown into the wall by Crowley. With the vampires discussing their next course of action, Guren mouths something to Shinya.

Ordering his squad to escape

Whether he can see the magma filled cave caused by Goshi’s illusionary spell, Guren certainly sees his squad and after asking what they are doing here, he tells them to get out of here now, he is good as dead. After reacting with pain to being stepped on by Crowley he shouts for his squad to stay back, Crowley will slaughter every one of them. He calls for Goshi to lead them.

Both Shinoa and his own squad have escaped

The illusion is destroyed and he hears it seems like his friends have left him behind. Guren smiles, and jokes he guesses they did not like him very much. He is to be bound as Crowley, Chess and Horn wait for Ferid to arrive.

Hearing of Yu's nightmares

Guren is remembered by Yu four years ago when Guren had heard that he was screaming in his sleep again. As he sat reading he asked Yu what kind of nightmare was it this time, and then assumed Yu wet the bed again. Guren told Yu it was just a dream and to go back to sleep since he is starting to be a real pain. He did offer to hang out there until Yu fell asleep. Listening to Yu discuss the loss of his family Guren questioned whether Yu found life to be painful. When he did, Guren said they were the same.

Guren could not save someone important to him

A long time ago he could not save someone important to him but he is still here, still alive and miserable where he has to eat, sleep and remember when he would rather forget. Guren explained that is life, full of things you cannot escape.

Enduing until the day comes when they can help someone

He continued that the thing is, one day Yu might be able to keep someone else from hurting the way he does and can help them so he just has to endure and wait for that day to come. Until then whenever life feels like it is too painful to go on, Yu is to just concentrate on killing vampires. That will help give him some focus at least. Guren concluded that all Yu needed to do was survive until he finds something that makes life worth living again. One day Yu will feel better, he promises. He will help someone else and realize all this pain was worth it. Guren was sure Yu would know the person he is supposed to help before telling to go to sleep since he had training tomorrow.[16]

Interrogated for information on humanity's weapons

Being interrogated by Chess and questioned where the humans got their power, Guren replies they got it out of some vending machines. Struck again by Chess, Guren appears horrified to see Yu crash through a window.

Defending Yu

He intervenes in their fight by standing in the way of Crowley’s sword as he attempts to stab Yu. Asking him why he came, Guren tells Yu to get the hell out of here. With Yu attacking even more savagely than before, Guren shouts for him to stop, to not use any more power or the demon will take over and he will lose control.

Unable to interfere as Yu fights Crowley

Ordering Yu to run, Guren is held down by Horn and Chess but he does not relent in telling Yu to get out of here now. Reminding Yu there was no hope for him, Guren changes to telling Yu to listen to him, he has everything under control and has a plan.

He has everything under control right now with a plan

Ignored and with Yu continuing to draw demonic power, Guren shouts for him to stop and not do this. It is an order with Guren warning it will just consume Yu, yet it is too late and Guren is startled at a black horn stabbing out from Yu’s head. With the devil’s coffin power from Kiseki-o arriving, Guren sees Kimizuki has come too. With Yu captured within and them escaping, Guren shouts his last command, for them to get out of here without dying and complete their mission.[17] Guren is mentioned by Yu when he is explaining to Mika how he took him in and cared for him. That he liked to talk and gave good advice. Guren was suspected by Mika as using Yu.[18]

A prisoner and beaten by a vampire noble

Presently Guren is being beaten by a vampire noble and ordered to start talking. Guren replies the vampire will have to hit him harder than that if he wants to hear his plans. A masked vampire noble states that Guren is not to be killed on the orders of queen Krul Tepes, meanwhile Guren thinks this is starting to get a little painful. He intends to leak some false intel and buy himself a break.

His talking is not listened to

He needs to get the vampires to Shinjuku somehow, and they have probably beaten himself enough to think he is broken. Lifted up by the neck, Guren spits in the noble’s face, and grins to enhance the effect. Thrown into the ground with the force so as to fracture it, Guren thinks he has had enough of this and speaks that it is Shinjuku, but he is continued to be kicked relentlessly by the vampire.

In the keeping of Mahiru-no-Yo

Guren zones out to a lavender mist environment where his face is caressed by the ghostly hand of Mahiru-no-Yo. Told to relax and let her take over a while, Guren looks up at her above him and replies for Mahiru-no-Yo to get lost. His head is nestled in her lap and Guren has his eyes covered.

Utter dismemberment of his foe

Grabbing the boot of the noble kicking him, Guren’s eyes have changed color and he tells the vampire to enjoy his last few seconds alive. He is still holding the leg whilst his sword has cut the noble’s right arm off and his body in half at the torso.

His floating active sword handed to him

With Mahiru-no-Yo holding the sword, Guren says for Mahiru to give it here. He tries to lunge at Krul but is hammered back by the third progenitor, and knocked again into a wall. With Krul bearing over him and thinking he is Mahiru Hīragi's messenger, Guren is asked where she is. He replies that Mahiru is dead. With him deemed disposable in that case, Guren says to go ahead and kill him.

Aware the queen of Japan can't kill him

He then rephrases that is right she cannot do it. Krul has already betrayed her kind and now need the humans to bail her out. Guren adds that the seraph of the end experiment has to succeed today or she is totally screwed. After being struck, Guren manages to chuckle and praises Krul’s action as smart thinking, making them believe that she is still on their side and not a complete traitor.

Chuckling after sharing the airport test location

He then adds right after that they will be testing it at the airport. Left lying as Krul announces for all her units to head there, Guren is left alone and satisfyingly laughs to himself. Guren has been taken along with the vampires to Nagoya airport. When they run to kill the humans of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, Guren is stood near a landed helicopter. Waiting for Yu to speak, he opens his eyes and finding it is good that Yu is here, Guren was hoping he would be and raises his sword.23

Ordering the vampire out the way

He is prevented from bringing it down upon Yu when Mika blocks it. Ordering the vampire out of the way, Guren follows Mika as they exchange sword strikes. Asking him what is the matter, Guren jeers that Mika put up a much better fight in Shinjuku.

Battling Mika after he defended Yu

Running at him, the impact of his sword overwhelms Mika and Guren kicks him into Yu nearby. Told that is enough, and to begin by Kureto, Guren has his sword drink the blood of a human, a demon and a progenitor. With Yu shouting what is all this, Guren replies the seraph of the end.

Attacking vampires and humans

Running past him, Guren strikes the sword of a vampire then kills it before doing the same to a human. He repeatedly kills on both sides for the long spear like rods to stab into and turn red.[19]

Stabbing Kimizuki

With Mirai Kimizuki as a seraph, she blows a long golden horn that results in jagged rocks Bursting through the airport, where the land splits and the sky darkens. To stop Kimizuki reaching his sister, Guren stabs Kimizuki through the stomach and tells him enough kid, it is time to stand down. Jumping to evade Yu who attacks, Guren turns away from the sword fight to kick Mika who has joined in. This provides and opening for Yu to attack but Guren is unharmed. He asks Yu what is wrong, and whether he has gone soft on him.

Tears as Yu speaks to him

His facial expression is at odds with the tears running down his face as he is spoken to however Guren proceeds to also stab Yu. Seeing his sword covered in blood causes him to laugh somewhat maniacally.

After Abaddon has been destroyed

Guren stands near the Demon Army soldiers as the landscape has been returned to what it was after Yu, filled with the power of the second trumpet, the king of salt has destroyed the demon Abaddon.

Finding it intersting that Yu has gone crazy, and welcoming him to the club

After Yu and Kureto’s fight ends with the latter being blown away, Guren approaches Yu in his seraph state unconcerned to remark it is interesting that Yu has gone crazy and welcomes him to the club. He sees Yu collapse after his demon Asuramaru has taken complete control and caused two large horns to appear out his head.

Asking Narumi to hurry up and give him Yu

Approaching Yu, he sees that Narumi is still alive and is glad to see that he is okay. He is short on time so Guren says to hurry up and give Yu to him. Genbushin is used to place a wide towering wall between Guren and his quarry.

His reaction to Shinya pointing a gun at him

With the vampires re-commencing their attack, Guren instead focuses dreamily on Shinoa squad now with Narumi taking Yu in the distance. He finds Shinya’s rifle pointed at his face and laughs slightly as his actions are questioned. Guren says Shinya cannot be mad at him, he is just doing what they dreamed about way back when they were kids. And asked what he is talking about, Guren replies that he is changing the whole world. It is going to be a different place, one where second tier people like himself and Shinya can actually move up.

Indifferent to Shinya's anger that their comrades are dead

He is still felt to be in there as Shinya realizes he has been possessed.

Four months later light shines on the vampire city with soldiers monitoring vampire prisoners. Guren is stood beside Kureto wearing a red cloak as he hears from Aoi Sangū that everything is in order and they are ready to advance. Guren deems it excellent and does not want to waste any more time.[20]

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Mahiru-no-Yo sword power

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Looks like Yoichi didn’t have the strength to overcome possession. But I guess having two out of three students pass the black demon try-out isn’t that bad at all." - When Yoichi becomes a demon.
  • "Look at him, your classmates body is just a vessel now. The only way to save Yoichi is to destroy it." - Words for Yu and Kimizuki
  • “Okay. It’s time we join this fight. Pretty sure I know where to find the vampire commander. This might be over fast if we take the leader’s head." - Plans for the battle of Shinjuku and targeting the vampire command.9
  • "Let me ask you something. Do you really like the taste of human blood? Or is this a twisted re-enactment of the last supper." - His questions for vampires before fighting them.
  • ” Well well, you’re a strong one. A challenge at last!” - Finding his sword blocked by Mika.
  • “And this is check mate, vampire!” - After Shigure and Goshi’s attacks, Guren is ready for Mika.10
  • “Damn. It’s worse than I thought. The silver haired one must be a noble. He’s way too strong.” - Punched through multiple structures and commenting on Ferid.
  • “Well aren’t you a polite vampire. Would you let us have a little more time to regroup?" - A question for Mika10
  • “What are you waiting for?! Hurry! Activate the curse and kill him! Hurry! That’s an order!” - Ordering Yu to kill Mika and he holds Mika's sword in place.
  • “So how do you like my trump card? For a rookie he puts on one hell of a show.” - Aware of Yu’s capabilities and asking Ferid how he likes them.11
  • “What are you hoping I’ll say? That I have no idea what you are talking about. Or would you feel better if I told you that you’re delusional.” - Skirting around what Shinoa wants to discuss.
  • “Then don’t get angry if I mention human experimentation. Think carefully now. What would you do to ensure the future of humanity. How can we survive in this ruined world, and kill the Four Horseman of John? More importantly, how can we completely eradicate the vampires? A human victory will require sacrifice. Just think how many people died so your older sister Mahiru Hiragi could complete the cursed gear." - Justifying the methods they use.12
  • “It’s true that your sister is in here. But I am the one who’s in control.” - Confirming Shinoa’s sister, Mahiru is in his sword but as a demon she is not possessing him.
  • “I saved your life and now I own you. So don’t go wagging your tail for them.” - Reaching his point, Guren gives a blunt response when Yu does not understand that Guren needs him to remain loyal to him and not the Hiragi family.
  • “Like I said before, everyone here is your family and that includes me. That means we’ll work together to get the rest of your family back.” - Speaking after Yu thinks he was just saved so that Guren could use him, and an intention to get Mika back after Guren nearly died by his hand since he is similar to Yu in that he was experimented on.13
  • “Besides you won’t get rid of me while I’m of use to you.” - Not concerned with the possibility that Kureto would have him killed, yet.
  • “This mission will probably be the most dangerous you will ever have. Many of you will die. Remember, everyone here is family, that means those who fall in battle are our brothers and sisters. But they won’t die in vain! Their sacrifices will ensure our success! Let me be clear, our goal isn’t to come back alive, it is to be victorious no matter what." - His rallying speech to the one hundred member army gathered at Ebina rest stop in preparation for the attack on vampire nobles in Nagoya.15
  • “You should never challenge someone who is stronger than you are.” - His advice to Shinoa after disarming her.
  • “What a disappointment. You’ve got three black demon holders in your squad and this is the best you can do? The nobles are stronger than we are and they won’t hold back.” - The verdict for Shinoa after the sparring match at Ebina rest stop.16
  • “And that’s why I left Shinya above ground. If I die in battle then he’ll step forward to lead.” - Thinking ahead17
  • “I knew there’d be losses, our comrades deaths are on my hands not yours.” - Shouldering the blame for the losses in Aihara’s squad and to alleviate her distress he continues “Listen to me, you saved six of your men” to frame the outcome positively and successfully have Aihara feel better.18
  • “We’ll snipe and see how they react, just to test the waters. There are three targets inside, powerful nobles named Crowley Eusford, Chess Belle and Horn Skuld. If it looks like our enemies are too strong for us to defeat, we’ll leave the hostages.” - His knowledge of which vampires are at city hall and the plan for the hostage situation, with the reasoning that “we can’t afford to lose any more troops, especially elites like you.” which is said to Shinoa and Narumi squads.
  • “I’m already dead Shinya, you need to take command and finish the mission without me.” - When he is stabbed by Crowley he resigns himself to this fate and attempts to have Shinya escape.19
  • “A long time ago I couldn’t save someone important to me. But I’m still here. Still alive and miserable. That’s life, it’s full of things you can’t escape.” - Guren shares details of his loss and its impact to Yu when he was experiencing night terrors and shared “The thing is, one day you might be able to keep someone else from hurting the way you do. You can help them. So you just have to endure and wait for that day to come. Until then, whenever life feels like it’s too painful to go on, just concentrate on killing vampires. That will help give you some focus at least.” Which helped Yu feel better at the time. Yu would continue heavily concentrating on killing vampires. On the same conversation Guren concluded that “All you have to do is survive, Yu. Until that moment you find something that makes life worth living again.” The words Guren said to Yu would be applied to him some years later and Yu would partially transform into a demon to attempt to rescue Guren from vampire nobles.20
  • “We got them out of some vending machines.” - Guren answers Chess where he and the other humans got their power (cursed gear weapons, the only reason humans can survive against vampires) from.21
  • “You’ll have to hit me harder than that.” - His reply to a vampire noble who asks what his plans were.23
  • “All right, this is starting to get a little painful. Time to leak some false intel and buy myself a break.” - Guren’s inner thoughts on how to handle being beaten by a vampire noble.23
  • “Then go ahead and kill me. Oh that’s right you can’t do it. You’ve already betrayed your kind and need the humans to bail your sorry ass out, right? The seraph of the end? The experiment has to succeed today or you’re totally screwed.” - His words and knowledge of Krul Tepes.23
  • “Smart thinking. Make ‘em believe you’re still on their side, not a complete traitor.” - Complimenting Krul for striking him.23
  • “Drink the blood of a human, a demon and a progenitor.” - Invoking his sword before attacking both Imperial Demon Army humans and vampires alike.24
  • “Whoa, interesting. You’ve gone crazy. Welcome to the club.” - Not afraid of approaching Yu who has just single handedly destroyed Abaddon and where it is still clearly the seraph that is in control of Yu. Guren is also possessed by a demon, speaking to a seraph, and has a self-awareness of how crazy can be applied to himself. 24
  • “You can’t be mad at me, Shinya. I’m just doing what we dreamed about way back when we were kids.” - His motive for what he done, and asked what he is talking about, Guren replies “I’m changing the whole world. It’s going to be a different place. One where second tier people like you and me can actually move up.”

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  • Guren 「紅蓮」 means "crimson lotus."
  • Ichinose 「一瀬」 means "one rapid."

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