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"He's Calling for Me" (あいつが、ヨンデル Aitsu ga, Yonderu?) is the one hundred second chapter of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.


Before Yu can reach Mikaela, he is taken away by Kiseki-o and Gekkouin. Asuramaru attempts to possess Yu and accuses him of lying when he states his greatest desire was to rescue Mika. Not indulging Asuramaru at all, Yu reiterates that he was going to save Mika and with demon horns appearing, there are also three seraphs behind Yu. Asuramaru finds himself being forcibly transformed into his cursed gear form for Yu to wield.

Sensing the intense power, Gekkouin and Kiseki-o recalls Sika Madu tasking them, along with Raimeiki and Byakkomaru, to save the world from future catastrophes. If the current scenario is something Sika Madu did not foresee, then Gekkouin intends to distract Yu long enough for Kiseki-o to crush Mikeala's heart and take him in. They need about ten minutes.

Yu appears behind Gekkouin and instantly slices off his arm. Relatively easily fighting against both black demons, Yu recognizes them and calls to Kimizuki and Yoichi to warn them that their demons are traitors. Yoichi will not listen to Gekkouin's reasons for their actions and both demons fade away. Yu approaches Mikaela and tells Mika he promises he will save him.


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Yu bursts out of Asuramaru's body and reaches towards Mikaela while stating that he is here to save Mika. Mikaela is crying and Yu demands to know what the jerks did to him. Asuramaru shouts for Kiseki-o and Gekkouin to not let Yu touch the king. Before Yu can reach Mikaela, he is taken away by Kiseki-o and Gekkouin who carried him off by the arms. Asuramaru knocks Yu over to stop him from following and says he is not going anywhere. Pushing him over in turn Yu asks Asuramaru what is wrong with him, he thought they were family. Asuramaru speaks that there are reasons and Yu gives him one second to explain them, but that is not enough time. Processing that Mika was calling for help and for him specifically Yu concludes that Asuramaru is the enemy. Denying this, Asuramaru has his mouth covered so feeling there is no other choice he means to possess Yu even if he has to force it. Grabbing him, Asurumaru announces he is going to make his desires go berserk before curse marks appear in Yu's eyes.[1]

Facing Asuramaru on an empty plane of existence Yu is surrounded by a ring of floating spell tags. Directing Yu to tell him his greatest desire, Asuramaru asks further what he fears the most. What it is will be made to run wild and Asuramaru states he will find the most painful corner of Yu's heart and drag it into the open. Yu speaks faintly so Asuramaru shouts he cannot hear him. When Yu shares his greatest desire is to save Mika, Asuramaru claims that is a lie, he does not really want that more than anything else. With the claim repeated Asuramaru answers he just told him to quit lying and wants to know why this is, why the fixation on Mikaela. As Asuramaru continues on what is it Yu really wants that drives him to that fixation, Yu is disregarding the questioning and repeating his intent to save Mika. The spell tags around him fizzle away and demon horns erupt from Yu's head. Asuramaru is further stunned to see the feathers descend where there are three seraphs behind Yu. Set on saving Mika and directing Asuramaru to get out of his way, Yu proclaims that he cannot stop him.[2]

Back in the world where Mika was in Yu stands above Asuramaru and informs him he heard his greatest desire. After ordering power from Asuramaru, he finds himself being turned into his cursed gear form, the katana sword that Yu now holds. Kiseki-o and Gekkouin sense that Ashera's presence has vanished and wonder if he was taken out. With the intense power evident Gekkouin questions if Kiseki-o thinks they have a chance of taking it. Considering it amazing Gekkouin wonders how many centuries it has been since something this unexpected happened. He also takes into account that this could still part of master Sika Madu's plan and they have just been excised from it. While Kiseki-o does not know, Gekkouin considers the off chance that this is something Sika Madu could not foresee. It is recollected that Sika Madu was stood surrounded by an audience consisting of Asuramaru and Byakkomaru, with Gekkouin in addition to Kiseki-o and Raimeiki as well. Confirming one last time, Sika Madu spoke that they were all his chosen disciples, selected to save the world from the catastrophes that loom far in the future. They may opt out of this if they wish, after all they will gain no glory or reward, then Sika Madu questioned if they were still determined to see this through. The five black demons answered yes.[3]

Presently Gekkouin decides if this is not something Sika Madu foresaw then this is where they show their stuff, they cannot afford to fail. Kiseki-o agrees and the king is left for him. Although Kiseki-o states he does not have the skill that Ashera has in matters of the heart he will still have Mikaela's heart crushed in ten minutes. Within the neighbourhood Yu can feel the power inside. Right now his desires have gone completely berserk and Yu feels it is so good living for them. Having his sword sheath levitating beside him Yu announces for his heart to shout that desire aloud. Determined that it is to save Mika a bolt of lightning flashes which is seen by Gekkouin some distance away. Responding that he will use every scrap of his strength to buy the ten minutes Kiseki-o needs, Gekkouin then finds that Yu is right behind him and has his arm promptly dismembered. Resorting to his Thousand Arrows of Light power does not help Gekkouin hit Yu but Kiseki-o acts to attack Yu from behind. Although Gekkouin reminds Kiseki-o to focus on the king the response is he will not last ten minutes.[4]

Kiseki-o has his swords drawn and a light emitting coffin at his back. Yu acknowledges the two enemies at once and wonders if he can manage them. Deciding he can, Yu speaks he will kill them all. Gekkouin produces a One Thread, One Glint assault and where Yu falls backwards to avoid it the line tears its way across and destroys multiple buildings. Acknowledging that it is dangerous Yu then comes under attack by Kiseki-o's Coffin of Chaos, which consists of many large coffins plummeting to drop on top of him and chomping what the ground they come into contact with. As he avoids them Yu is familiar with these coffins, and registers that the other one is named Gekkouin. Confidant that he can avoid Gekkouin as he gears up to deploy another One Thread, One Glint, Yu then finds his arm clamped by a coffin, so responds by severing it with his own weapon. This is restored and as Kiseki-o and Gekkouin hesitate Yu alerts them it is too slow and cuts Gekkouin apart. Gekkouin presses Kiseki-o to run and warn Raimeiki and Byakkomaru but Yu reaches him instantly and does the same to Kiseki-o.[5]

With failure not an option Kiseki-o reaches towards his coffin to draw more power from his human. Yu grasps it first and calls to Kimizuki on whether he can hear him. He warns that Kiseki-o and Gekkouin are their enemies. Kimizuki and Yoichi are around Yu's unconscious body along with Mitsuba as well on the spell circle. Addressing Yoichi, Kimizuki shares that apparently their demons are collaborating with Asuramaru. Guren and Mahiru hear this and the latter sees how it is. Mahiru thought it was her idea to have nothing but black demons here, yet even that was part of his plan all along. Shinoa confirms she still has a hold on Shikama Dōji. Although he is starting to wake, Shinoa avows she will force him back into slumber. With that Kimizuki asserts to Yoichi that Yu is fighting their demons so they have to stop feeding them power now. In his mind Yoichi confronts Gekkouin to raise how this was not part of their deal and questions how could he hurt his family. Yoichi tells Gekkouin he takes humans way too lightly since when someone hurts their family they suddenly have infinite desire and greed. Not caring that Gekkouin has reasons, Yoichi asks if he is really that stupid. Reiterating that he does not care, Yoichi adds that he is sick of people and their "great causes". They have no cause, that they are family is all that is needed. The same goes for all humans and Yoichi feels Gekkouin should know that, he is the demon who has eaten all his desires after all.[6]

Yoichi informs Gekkouin that he is done, he will hear his "reasons" later but now will not get one more drop of desire from him. Where Yu is, Gekkouin and Kiseki-o lie unmoving on the ground. Yu feels his desires are growing out of control. It hurts, and wanting to save Mika so badly makes it feel like his chest will burst. With Mikaela before him Yu says he is here. Seeing that Mikaela is despondent Yu tells who he views as Mika that it is okay. No matter what happens, no matter what is to come, the whole world could end tomorrow but everything will be fine. Yu places his hand into Mikaela's chest and promises to save him.[7]

Chapter notes[]

  • Yu could not at first reach Mikaela since Kiseki-o and Gekkouin took and ran away with him.
  • Asuramaru prevents Yu from following and mentions there are reasons for this, but rather than elaborate on them he worked to possess Yu.
  • Remembering how Mika called for his help Yu understands that Asuramaru is the enemy.
  • Working to possess him Asuramaru said it was a lie that Yu wanted to save Mika more than anything else and wanted to know why he was fixated on him.
  • Needing to overcome his possession attempt and not entertaining Asuramaru's line of questions, Yu grew demon horns and had three seraphs appear behind him when he affirmed he would save Mika.
  • Gekkouin and Kiseki-o could sense that Ashera's presence had vanished when he was forcibly transformed into a cursed gear sword by Yu. Demons are still able to be detected within their weapons, but perhaps not in this world, or Asuramaru has been sealed so utterly he cannot be sensed.
  • Gekkouin considers that they may have been removed from Sika Madu's plan.
  • At some point Sika Madu was able to speak with Asuramaru (Yu's demon), Byakkomaru (Shinya's demon), Gekkouin (Yoichi's demon), Kiseki-o (Kimizuki's demon) and Raimeiki (Kureto's demon) where he described the five black demons as his chosen apostles. They were asked to and willingly joined his stated goal of saving the world from future catastrophes.
  • Kiseki-o reveals that he does not have the skill that Ashera has in matter of the heart and will have Mikaela's crushed in ten minutes.
  • At seeing them and that they are adversaries to him Yu seeks out and has the capabilities to outright attack two black demons, evade their attacks, and cut them to pieces.
  • The Thousand Arrows of Light power is used by Gekkouin against Yu.
  • The One Thread, One glint power used by Gekkouin is seen for the first time.
  • The Coffins of Chaos power used by Kiseki-o is seen for the first time.
  • Yu realizes that Kiseki-o is Kimizuki's demon from the coffins he uses, and Gekkouin from his name when Kiseki-o says it.
  • With Yu's arm caught by one of Kiseki-o's coffins he immediately cuts his own arm off where it can either be removed from the coffin and reattached or regenerated in this demon like illusionary world.
  • Clear that they could lose Gekkouin tells Kiseki-o to run and warn Raimeiki and Byakkomaru. Warning the others took precedent over the goal of acquiring Mikaela. This may also indicate the range at which black demons can sense something happen to one another in the event that the latter two demons could not tell what was taking place.
  • Gekkouin addresses the first as "Master Sika Madu".
  • Heavily injured, Kiseki-o moved to make physical contact with his coffin to draw more power from his human. Contact may have also been needed to prevent others from making use of it effects, namely Yu contacting his own human, Kimizuki.
  • Reaching it first Yu uses Kiseki-o's coffin to communicate with Kimizuki and successfully relay the news that his and Yoichi's demons are traitors from the world he is in.
  • The spell circle does not glow while Yu is active in the world he was sent to by it. No light emittance may have been needed for it to function and keep Yu there, or it just worked as a portal to send him to a world that could sustain itself though other means.
  • Mahiru thought it was her idea to only have black demons and did not consider that she was acting in accordance with what Sika Madu wanted.
  • Shinoa is capable of still maintaining a hold on Shikama Doji. Able to tell he is starting to wake, Shinoa is sure she can force him back into slumber.
  • Kimizuki and Yoichi withdraw power from their demons to help Yu.
  • Yoichi says to Gekkouin he does not care about his great cause and is sick of people like that, he is just concerned for his family.
  • Asuramaru, Gekkouin and Kiseki-o failed in their initial plan to pour desire into this world to sustain Mikaela, then were unsuccessful in their updated plan to capture him before the humans do as per Shikama Dōji's orders.
  • Free from interference Yu has reached Mikaela and sees him as Mika before he thinks to and then does place a hand into his chest.


Image gallery: He's Calling for Me

Manga panels provide a visual overview of the events of chapter 102 with depictions of the characters, Seraph of the End world and scenarios.


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