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"Hole in the Sun" (太陽のアナ Taiyō no Ana?) is the ninety-forth chapter of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.


In ancient Greece Ashera hears how Sika Madu's child was killed.

Presently as Mika continues to transform into a demon Krul manages to persuade Yu to leave by saying that they can rescue Mika at a later date before he kills them now. Recognizing who Krul is Yu helps carry her to safety where he, Mitsuba, Yoichi, Shinoa and Kimizuki notice one another.

Back within the ancient Greece time period Sika Madu is aware that Ashera entered the room where the corpse of Michaela is kept. He reveals this is the body of his precious son.

A childlike demon with horns emerges from Mika's mouth.


At some point in the dark ages of Greece Ashera brings the body of Yu to Sika Madu and states he is sorry for accidentally killing him. Stood on his veranda Sika Madu says for Ashera to look up at the sun of which they both share a dislike of it. Ashera because he is a vampire and Sika Madu since he was blamed for crimes and made into what he is now. Sika Madu further dislikes it since the undisclosed they also killed his beloved child, yet he will make his own.[1]

Asuramaru contemplates the black sun related to the electrical shadowy mass surrounding Mika that is eclipsing the sun. A demon is being born one different from the others. There is an energy emitted from Mika and Yu grips a signpost to stop himself being blown away. Krul also braces herself and considers the demon transformation aspect of her deal with Mahiru has already begun. Saying that this will be a rank one Krul turns to Yu and calls for Ashera. Whilst Yu means to stay with Mika she urges Ashera to possess the body and escape.[2]

With Ashera not replying Krul wonders whether he has forgotten her. A second arm emerges from Mika's mouth and Krul is further alarmed by the developing situation. Grabbing Yu she warns if they stay then Mika will kill them. Disagreeing Yu hears that Mika is a demon now and if he is killed there will never be a chance to save him. Tearful, Yu reacts to that and presses Krul to elaborate yet she focuses on them escaping. Offering clues to Yu Krul reminds Ashera is a demon who is inside Yu now. Relieved that Mika could turn out like Asuramaru Yu agrees to listen to Krul.[3]

Calling to him Yu promises no matter where in the world Mika is he will find and save him. After Krul takes Yu and runs an arm reaches towards them and a debilitating sound from Mika brings Krul's escape to an pause. Krul mentions a voice again however it is one Yu cannot hear. She calls for her brother to hurry and possess the body which causes Yu to deduce that Krul is Asuramaru's little sister. Closing his eyes and ontacting him Yu shares her presence. Asuramaru is aware of it yet encourages Yu to just run. Yu is thrilled Mika is not really dead and can become like Asuramaru. Not so sure Asuramaru replies that if Mika catches him Yu will just be food for his bottomless desire.[4]

Asuramaru grants him power at which point Yu picks up Krul and leaps away. He hears a car engine, the one Shinoa squad is in. Yoichi uses his cursed gear aim and shares that Yu has noticed them. Shinoa says for the others to wave and Mitsuba and Kimizuki join them in doing so. Krul is against going there since he is that way. Asuramaru appears before her to say this is okay and to trust him.[5]

Within the past Ashera places the blame of the deceased Yu upon himself and explains how his sister is faultless in the matter. Deeming it irrelevant Sika Madu is aware the three of them, including Noya, went into that room. He questions whether they saw the corpse of his son, Michaela.[6]

From Mika's mouth a childlike being with horns clad in a dark cloth emerges.[7]

Chapter notes[]

  • The past Yu that Noya decapitated in chapter 85 generated a harmless explosion before a black shadow rose through the air. In this chapter Ashera was carrying a headless body.
  • Krul mentions a constituent of her deal with Mahiru entailed a demon transformation. She says this demon will be a rank one.
  • Sika Madu revealed that he had a son which is the corpse of Michaela.


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Manga panels provide a visual overview of the events of chapter 94 with depictions of the characters, Seraph of the End world and scenarios.


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