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This article is about the 13th episode of the Seraph of the End anime. For the manga chapter of the same name, see Human World.

"Human World" (人間のセカイ Ningen no Sekai?) is the first episode of Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya, thirteenth episode of the first season, and thirteenth episode overall of the Seraph of the End anime.


Shinoa spars against Guren before visiting Yu in the library. She tells him about turning humans into vampires. Then, Kureto Hīragi summons Yu to ask him about a vampire spy while torturing Kimizuki and Yoichi to make them tell the truth.

Afterward, Yu asks Guren about it and asks if Mika would also be useful to him.

In Sanguinem, Mika starves for blood and Ferid recommends halting his growth there. A child offers his blood to Ferid, and Ferid tempts Mika to drink the boy's blood but Mika refuses. Ferid then invites Mika to the Progenitor Council meeting.


List of characters in order of appearance:


Shinoa sparing with Guren

Shinoa and Guren spar in the lot between abandoned buildings. Guren teases Shinoa about not being able to kill him even though he killed her older sister, Mahiru. Shinoa questions Guren about his attempts to use Yu and asks if he is doing it because of Mahiru. Guren points his sword at Shinoa and explains that Mahiru is in there, but he is not possessed by her. Guren then walks into a building while waving away Shinoa's continuous attempts to get answers.

Shinoa teasing Yu

Shinoa walks down some dark hallways, which leads to the library. There, she finds Yu looking through some books. The one Yu is currently flipping through is opened to chapter 9: Basic Interpretation of Spell craft. Yu sighs as he was tired, dropping the book on the floor and rests on the back of his chair. Shinoa startles him awake and reminds him that he should be in bed resting. Yu insists that he was fine and well-rested. Shinoa holds up a book and playfully teases Yu about being a typical guy looking at porn. Yu tries to snatch the book back as Shinoa opens it to chapter 13: Turning Humans into Vampires. She then hands the book back to Yu and walks towards the door. Shinoa then asks him if he wants to turn Mika back into a human and if he wants her to tell him what she knows about vampires. She taunts Yu about his obedience only in times like this. Then, she explains a little bit about vampires and says that humans are only rarely turned into vampires. Yu states that he is satisfied knowing that Mika is still alive, and the thought of revenge leaves his mind for a while. Shinoa admits that she doesn't know how to turn vampires back into humans in a serious manor. She tells Yu that he seem to have matured.

Shinoa glorifying herself

A voice comes over the intercom telling Yu to report to the first office. Shinoa warns Yu of the Hīragi family and that they were the ones calling for him. When Yu notices that she is a Hīragi, she then glorifies herself as being high-ranked.

Yu meets Guren

When Yu exits the library, he runs into Guren, who is leaning against a wall outside. Guren tells Yu a fable and explains how he owns Yu. He firmly tells Yu to not go wagging his tail to the Hīragi family. Yu dismissively walks past Guren. Yu continues on his way to the first office with Guren following him. Guren continues to talk about how he is not Yu's friend; he is Yu's superior. An elevator door opens at the base of a tall building, and Mitsuba is standing inside. She says that she was just interviewed after being paged as well. Yu and Mitsuba talk about her promotion that she does not think she deserves it. Mitsuba cries about how she is only getting promoted because she is from the Sangū family. Yu comforts her and thanks her for believing in him. He then gets into the elevator and heads up to face the Hiragis. Mitsuba walks away running into Shinoa who was taking a walk outside the building. She explains her promotion to Shinoa as well.

Vampire with broken shackles

They talk as Yu makes his way to a large door leading into a dark room. Yu cautiously walks in. The door shuts as Yu looks around. A spotlight comes on, revealing a vampire with broken shackles. Yu quickly reacts and draws his sword. As the vampire moves in to attack him, he finishes it off with one swing. The lights come on. Standing in the room with Yu is Kureto, Shinya, and Aoi. Kureto starts the interview by testing Yu's swordsmanship. He tells Yu not to activate his curse, but Kureto activates his without warning. He comments on Yu being obedient, but only seeing what is in front of you will not work on the battlefield. Yu tries to strike Kureto from behind, but Aoi blocks his attack.


Kureto then calls for Shinya to test Yu. Shinya materializes Byakkomaru and manifests a white tiger to shoot Yu. Shinya wins with his bayonet pointed at Yu's face. He explains that he specializes in long range combat and would be no match for Kureto or Guren in close combat. He says Yu lost because he was not trained properly. Then, Shinya explains that he, as well as Yu, are being suspected of being vampire spies inside the army. Yu rejects the idea of being called a spy. Kureto orders that Yu be brought into another room. Aoi grabs Yu's wrist to get him to come.

Yoichi and Shiho tied to chairs

In another room, Yoichi and Shihō are tied to chairs behind a window. Yu becomes angry with Kureto for doing this to his friends just to clear his suspicions. Kureto says that Yu must tell only the truth during the interview, or his friends will die. Since there is not much background information file for Yu, Shihō, or Yoichi, Kureto asks what this means. Kureto continues to have Yu's friends tortured and demands nothing but the truth again. Yu cries that he will answer as much as he can. Flashbacks of Yu's childhood life are shown as Kureto explains what the report says. He wonders why Guren bothered to save Yu after he escaped. He continues to ask questions that Yu doesn't really know the answers to. Finally, he tells Yu that he was an experiment for the Hyakuya sect, and that Guren only saved him to use him. Kureto wants Yu to work for him, but Yu demands that he release his friends first. Soldiers untie them and let them fall to the ground. Kureto leaves the room, dismissing Yu while at it. Shinya stays and gives his opinion of the place.

Shinoa and Mitsuba waiting for Yu

Shinoa and Mitsuba sit outside waiting for Yu. They stand up when Yu, Shihō, and Yoichi come walking out. Mitsuba runs over to make sure that they are okay. The first thing that Yu does is go to Guren to demand for an explanation of what the Hīragis were talking about. Guren tells the truth: he says that he only saved Yu because he has value. Yu then asks if Guren could use Mika too. Guren says that everyone here is family, and family has to work together to get family back. He walks away telling Yu that he will teach him how to properly use his cursed gear.

Mika slouches against a wall

Over in Sanguinem, Mika slouches against a wall in pain. Ferid comes over and comments that Mika is at his best looking age, so he should stop his aging there. A child, (referred to as) Dai's friend, comes over to Ferid and offers him his blood in exchange for something in return. Ferid grabs him by the neck and makes him bleed. He says that Mika should drink the child's blood to halt his growth. Mika reminds Ferid of the city rules and tells him to let the child go. He then asks Ferid what he really wants. Ferid invites Mika to come to the Progenitor Council meeting being held tomorrow. He says that it would be a lot more interesting if Mika attends. Ferid walks away as Mika continues to suffer on the street.

Differences with the manga[]

Manga Anime
Overall, the manga pacing is slower. The anime includes scenes from multiple chapters and has a faster pace.
This scene is in chapter 18, after Yu has recovered and met Kureto Hiragi. Shinoa and Yu meet on a rooftop while Yu looks west. When she teases him about it, he says that Mika should be in that direction and convinces Shinoa to help him get Mika back. He holds her hand after convincing her and makes her blush. Guren teases them. She explains possession and manifestation. Yu and Guren spar, and Guren flings Yu from the roof. Shinoa learns that her sister is the demon in his sword, and the anime picks up at this scene. Yu tries to climb back up the building by stabbing it with his sword but gets yelled at and takes the stairs. He storms in on Shinoa and Guren. Then, the rest of their squad arrives. Shinoa spars with Guren and talks about her sister right away. Yu is not shown here at all and neither is the rest of the squad. Mahiru's possession is not shown.
After Yu recovers, he is in the library right away. He spends more time thinking about Mika. Shinoa asks about his wounds and recovery. She explains a vampire's strength, and Yu believes Ferid is the one who turned Mika. She remains standing the whole time. Shinoa suddenly begins to leave after realizing Yu wants to turn Mika back into a human. She sits down to talk to him afterward.
Guren's conversation with Yu is longer. He calls Yu a mutt, and a flashback scene is shown of him sparing with Yu when Yu was younger. After Yu calls Guren his family, Guren says he is Yu's surrogate father and practically a god to him. He jokingly says Yu can even call him "papa," and Yu leaves to meet the Hiragi with his consent. The conversation is shortened, and Guren tells a short story about a crane.
Mitsuba's twin tails go past her shoulders. The twin tails do not reach her shoulders.
Mitsuba is more offended and upset about her promotion. Yu asks her to help him save Mika. After Mitsuba warns him about the Hiragi, Yu wonders if he is about to walk into a house of horrors. Mitsuba is less angry. Yu never talks about Mika.
Guren visits the black demon Mahiru Hiragi within his mind. The scene is not present.
Shinoa asks Mitsuba if she is concerned about Yu because she is "all lovey-wuvey" for him, which she quickly denies. Not shown.
When Aoi protects Kureto, she says that Yu is strong. Aoi never finishes her sentence.
Soldiers bring Yoichi and Kimizuki into the room to torture them. The stabbing is shown. Aoi does not speak during this, and there is no intercom. Yoichi and Kimizuki are held in a standing position. Kureto, Aoi, Shinya, and Yu go to another room to watch Yoichi and Kimizuki being tortured on the other side of glass. The stabbing is not shown. Kureto gives instructions through an intercom, and Aoi gives the order to release them. Yoichi and Kimizuki are in chairs with their feet shackled.
Shinya points out that Kureto's questions about the Hyakuya Orphanage are off-topic and says Guren is the one suspected to be a spy. Shinya and Kureto discuss using Yu as a spy on Guren, and Kureto brings up Shinya's past. Shinya does not speak during this but only glances at Kureto.
Mitsuba and Shinoa are standing with Guren when the three boys reach them. Yu does not talk to Guren about the Hyakuya Sect, being useful to Guren, or getting Mika back with Guren until after he and Shinoa spar with Guren in chapter 18. Yu talks to Guren about the Hyakuya Sect and Mika right away.
Not shown. Mitsuba does not react to Yu himself. Mitsuba supports Yoichi after he meets up with them. She also blushes when she sees Yu and appears frazzled when he arrives.
The scenes with Mika and Ferid are in chapters 22 and 23. Children are playing near Mika. Ferid plucks a child named Dai off the street to tempt Mika, and Dai's friend glares at them. Mika walks away from Ferid. Mika and Ferid are shown much earlier. Ferid plucks up Dai's friend, and Dai himself is not shown. There are no other children shown. Ferid walks away from Mika with the child who offered himself.
This scene occurs in the next chapter. Ferid is alone and lurking around some children in Sanguinem when Dai's friend approaches him to ask about blood. He asks if he heard about that from Mika, but Mika is not present and no response is shown. After Ferid asks who the child heard about giving his blood from, the scene is cut off. What happens afterward is not shown. This scene is merged with the previous one. When Ferid asks if Mika is the one who gave the human child information about letting Ferid drink his blood, Mika is present and shakes his head. Ferid plucks up the child to tempt Mika right afterward instead of the other way around. Ferid walks with the child down the alley after leaving Mika.
Ferid never mentions the Progenitor Council. He brings Mika to the council meeting, but it occurs prior to the scene where Ferid talks to him about drinking human blood as a flashback. Ferid talks about taking Mika to the Progenitor Council meeting.


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