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The Hyakuya Orphanage Family refers to the children that Yūichirō Hyakuya and Mikaela Hyakuya lived with at the Hyakuya Orphanage in the Seraph of the End series. Within the manga, there are various unnamed orphans forming a part of the group. Within the anime, members of the family have names revealed.

The director of the orphanage had a policy that everyone there was family, so members share the same Hyakuya name after the orphanage, yet the children are not biologically related to one another.

They were neither formally adopted when they were captured by vampires after the apocalypse event and so are not adoptive siblings. However they maintained that they were family and continued to live together in the vampire city, Sanguinem, underneath Kyoto. There and beyond they would uphold that they were family.



Other members
Yuki Endo


As the apocalypse event is underway the orphans make their way back to the orphanage and are captured by vampires who are gathering the remaining humans to secure their blood as a food source. After living underground in livestock clothing for four years it is remembered how Yu joined the orphanage and met Mika first.

The family members join in an escape plan arranged by Mika, Yu and Akane however at the exit it is revealed as a trap set by a vampire noble, seventh progenitor Ferid Bathory. The orphans are all murdered by the supernaturally strong vampire aside from Yu.

They are referred to as seraphs by third progenitor Krul Tepes and the Hyakuya Sect was revealed as a cult where abandoned children were experimented on.

Orphans including Akane are visualized by Asuramaru who presents the scene of them deceased to Mika. They were used to exploit Mika's deepest fear that he is too weak to protect his family and that he would be blamed for their deaths.[1] Illusionary members of them have been created by the being imitating Yu who are woken up by him with the alert that they have to run away. One is happy to see Mika enter the room, then a girl in her futon sees him raise a knife. With the scenario clear she screams.[2] They lie still on the floor of the room.[3]

In Yu's memory that Demon Mika is accessing, orphans are seen deceased in the Sanguinem exit hall.[4] They are also shown when Yu learns that he and Demon Mika share the same deepest wound in their hearts.[5] They remain while the memory of young Yu engages with Mika, as Demon Mika tells Yu as he is presently that he remembers his name but not who he is.[6] At least five children with Akane are visualized in Sanguinem when Yu is detailing to demon Mika how they have more family.[7]

Having been transferred from Ferid's mansion at some point, the Hyakuya orphans were relocated to an underground facility in Akihabara. On the fifteenth floor underneath a building, they were among many other coffins spread out in a large spacious room which also contained others such as Mitsuba's parents.[8] Possible that their bodies were handled to be placed in new containers with pipes connected in their new setting here, everyone was seen to have been there by Yu and Mika, the latter who was now a demon.[9]

The orphans potential resurrection was at hand where Guren believed that a spell involving seven sinful keys, and the lives of every last vampire could be used to restore humanity. They are referred to by Guren who wants to bring the orphans kids back to life where he favors restoring the fallen humans. Additionally, they are mentioned by Mika who is also in favor of bringing them back.[10] Their fate is influenced by one of their members, Yu, who is prepared fight for the chance to have Mika become a human instead.

Mentioned by Mika[11], whether Yu is okay with abandoning the kids who died is asked. To encourage Yu to resurrect them rather than restore himself, Mika frames it as Yu giving up on the kids should he go ahead with what he wants.[12] Where Mika feels their deaths are his fault, he phrases it as Yu saving his heart if he brings the kids back.[13] Not desiring to change back from a demon at all, the orphans being saved and brought back is favored heavily by Mika.[14]