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The Hyakuya Sect (百夜教 Hyakuya Kyō?, also referred to as the Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights[† 1]) was a religious organization in Seraph of the End said to have been the largest of all the magical syndicates in Japan. They play a prominent role in the Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen light novel series.


When Rigr, a second progenitor vampire had followed Shikama Doji to Kyoto, Japan, he found that the First had established a human organization named the Emperor's Demons. In response, Saito involved himself with the Ichinose family and founded a competing organization, the Hyakuya Sect.

For many years, the Thousand Nights fought with the Order of the Imperial Demons to control the reins of power in the country. However, after World War II, they gained the support of the United States[1] and ever since then, were the dominant syndicate in Japan.

Saitō in the Hyakuya Sect.

The Thousand Nights had deep ties to Japan's political underbelly. Their power was far-reaching as nearly ever major politician relied on their support to stay in power. Few members of the general population knew of them, but they ruled the country from the shadows. They would stop at nothing to gain power and influence, which include murder, kidnapping, starting wars, and experimenting on humans to get it.

The Thousand Nights were infamous for running orphanages as a way to collect children with special gifts for cruel experimentation. When they found a suitable test subject, they would kill the parents and bring the child to one of their orphanages for gruelling experiments. In particular, they were interested in the "Seraph of the End." Other experiments include giving their soldiers the ability to shoot and manipulate chains from their bodies and creating the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The Thousand Nights group in Japan was believed to have been wiped out by Krul Tepes along with all of their guinea pigs who possessed the seraph gene. However, she saved the children from at least one orphanage in Shibuya and raised them in Sanguinem, and two of those children were seraphs. Additionally, a few other seraph children had survived the Apocalypse.

The Hyakuya Sect used their orphans as guinea pigs.

Kureto Hīragi claims they were an even more depraved organization than the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. However in Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Resurrection at Nineteen, Saitō reveals the real purpose of creating the Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights. It was to oppose the Order of the Imperial Demon. In truth the Order of the Imperial Demons was the first creation by manipulating them, and the Thousand Nights were the only organization that could stop his plans, but even when Saitō deemed as the leader, none of the researchers payed him any attention, conducting their own research without his knowledge.




Note: They eventually change their surnames to "Hyakuya." Yu says he has forgotten his original surname.



  • The name was inspired by the amount of meaningless nights vampires spent without a purpose.
That I did. The Hyakuya Sect. Did you notice the little barb I had hid in that name? "Hyakuya". It means one hundred nights. One hundred nights for us. A thousand nights. A million meaningless nights spent by us after you abandoned us.

–The reason for the organization's name. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 7

  • Saitō and Mahiru are the only known members of The Thousand Nights. The whereabouts of the main rulers of this organization are still unknown. However Saitō took over as the other scientists and soldiers simply obeys him, such as capturing Yu and destroy the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.
  • Most of the orphans who resided in the Hyakuya Orphanage were either abused and/or abandoned by their parents and families there for unknown reasons though in Yūichirō's and Mikaela's cases, it was because they possessed the Seraph gene that the Brotherhood coveted for their experiments.


  1. Vertical alternatively calls them this in the light novels.