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"I Am Your..." (僕はキミノ Boku wa Kimi no?) is the one hundred sixth chapter of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.


Lest Karr and Ky Luc battle against Saitō who has broken out his prison. After Ky Luc gets impaled through the head by one of Saitō's chains, while also managing to have struck him, Lest Karr is able to land an electrical based attack on Saitō. Seeing they have won, Urd returns carrying Kureto and Shinya and asks what they are doing. The spell tag generated illusion of Saitō disappears, and Saitō himself remains in his unbroken prison.

Mika contacts the eye observing him to see a memory of Yu from the past. Past Yu's are murdered by Noya, and then created again from an individual floating eye. When Mika is within a Yu and seeing from his perspective, he finds Sika Madu arrive with his demons.

After he is asked to join him, Urd questions how Saitō plans to kill the first. The first will awaken soon, and back in the memory Mika is in, he finds Sika Madu can discern him. Rather than sleep as Sika Madu orders him to do, Mika reacts to Yu's voice to become his demon.


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Lest Karr beholds Saitō atop a swirling mass of chains with vampires skewered on them. Saitō announces it is time to destroy everything precious to Urd, while Lest Karr feels it is really bad they are facing the legendary Rigr Stafford. After he speaks if they mess up here, he might destroy them all, Saitō adds actually, he will destroy them all even if they do not mess up. Calling for his sword, Lest Karr's weapon handle generates a long cord like material with a sharpened metallic point on the end. Judging it too slow, Saitō's chains fire towards Lest Karr. As he considers how fast it is, and whether he can overcome that many, Lest Karr leaps away resolving that he cannot hesitate.[1]

As Saitō comments how Urd likes keeping the dedicated ones, he finds Ky Luc nearby and remarks he is fast. Questioning if Saitō is sure he should be looking up so much, Ky Luc bids him to die before directing a ranged attack that vertically cuts all behind Saitō as he avoids it. Stating that Ky Luc is powerful, Saitō asks what progenitor he is. Answering fifth, and thanking Mr. second progenitor, Ky Luc slashes at Saitō who thinks amazing, he is getting even faster. Commenting that these are not the moves of a mere fifth, Saitō adds he could see Ky Luc killing a third like that, which means he must be Urd's right hand. Agreeing with the appraisal, Ky Luc declares he is going to kill him a second progenitor. Finding a spike inches from his eye, Ky Luc debates whether he can dodge it. No, change course and he will not reach, so accordingly Ky Luc decides to go dead ahead and races into the chain that has stabbed through his head.[2]

With a spiked chain though his right eye, Ky Luc is delighted to have stabbed into Saitō's chest. Behind him, Lest Karr surges with lightning while calling for Ky Luc to get out of the way. Replying he will hold him, Ky Luc tells Lest Karr to just zap the both of them. Seeing how this is going, Saitō observes that Lest Karr is using a powerful attack, but it takes time to charge so he had best dodge. Still impaled, Ky Luc directs his sword to drink his blood, every last drop. Although Saitō orders him to move, Ky Luc declines to do so and announces today he loses, plus he will pay for betraying Lord Urd. With a lasso of electricity at hand, Lest Karr proclaims Saitō is finished and verbally induces the Burst, Heaven's Fan power. Judging it scary, Saitō feels it could even damage him. A secondary explosive surge is emitted on the ground, and after Ky Luc lands he finds Ky Luc, without his arms near Saitō. Asking if they got him, they did, and Saitō lies appearing heavily injured.[3]

Joining them, Urd asks what in the world are they doing. Lest Karr and Ky Luc are happy to see Lord Urd, who carries Kureto and Shinya, who are still, under his arms. As Lest Karr details how it was almost a disaster, that Lord Rigr got out of his cell, Urd replies that no vampire can escape that prison, that is how he made it. Urd says for Rigr to stop messing with his subordinates. The injured Saitō nearby claps his hands, and they find him still within his undamaged cage. Surprised, Ky Luc and Lest Karr see Saitō hold up a spell tag. It was an illusion, one of the kind humans can create and Saitō continues that vampires have a bad habit of looking down their noses at humans, making it all too easy for them to fall for human tricks. Where Ky Luc is baffled at the illusion, Saitō questions does he want to practice too. He could introduce him to a Hyakuya Sect basics of spell craft class.[4]

Greeting Urd from his prison having heard he built it just for him, Saitō decided he would not leave, just for him. Mentioning he could have if he wanted to though, Saitō explains he just had to make them open it for him. Approaching, Urd sees Saitō is just as insufferable as always, while Saitō sees Urd still puts on that pleasant facade. Ky Luc apologizes to Lord Urd, feeling it was his inadequacy that led to this. Replying that Saitō is of a higher rank than him, Urd states Ky Luc stood no chance. To himself, Saitō thinks Urd has truly been blessed with good companions. Asking why he stuck him in here, Saitō questions whether Urd is going to slice him to bits. Urd answers if Saitō refuses to tell him what he is up to, it may come to that. Claiming that Urd already knows what he is doing, Saitō mentions he is getting revenge for the first betraying them. When Urd speaks and in doing so he betrayed him, Saitō says it is true, go ahead and slice him to bits then.[5]

Saitō shares he does not mind being killed by Urd, which Ky Luc reacts to. Moving to how Saitō came here to talk, Urd raises how if Saitō had no business with him, he would not be here. While Saitō begins to speak of how he thought about Urd every day, even when it was not necessary, Urd orders silence and to answer his question. Urd changes from enquiring what is, to how far has Saitō's revenge plan advanced, is it going smoothly. Lest Karr stands attentively while Saitō on his spell circle based throne registers the question.[6]

In a darkened environment, Mika wonders where he is and what this place is to Yu. Viewing the large single eye, Mika asks and what in the world are you. As the eye remains fixed on him, Mika feels it is weird, that eye seems kind. Speaking to it, Mika says to the eye how he is not seen as an enemy. Asking what is the eye to Yu, and why it is this far inside him, Mika says he is going to touch the eye then asks if that is okay, he wants to look inside. Mika's hand shimmers before light breaks to display a scene of a room occupied with a single rectangular shaped, clear casket with many large glass conical preserving tanks on either side.[7]

Within one of the large jars floats a single disembodied eye, and there are many other individual tanks appearing the same. Mika thinks how he cannot move, and wonders where he is, then what is this room. Noting dozens of that weird eyeball, Mika considers is that machine making them. Entering through the door, a past Yu as a child is excited to enter Mika's room. Mika himself sees it is Yu and how he looks like a child. The past Yu looks into the see through casket and states that it is time for Mika to get up. Turning to who called him an idiot, Yu hears Noya say he won't wake up since he is dead. Happy to see Noya, and replying he will wake up for him, Yu shares it is his job to wake him up, he was born to do it. Noya agrees that much is true, as Yu voices if he just calls his name enough, Mika will wake up. Asking if he would wake up for him, Yu states it is time to get up.[8]

Aware of the real duty, Noya says Yu is to be the sacrifice needed to bring him back from the dead as he observes the body of Michaela. Not paying attention, Yu merrily announces to Mika it is him and to get up, there are lots of fun things to do out here. Telling him to shut up for a second, Noya feels Yu's voice is starting to grate. Cheerfully calling Mika's name, Yu adds that he is bored. Repeating for him to shut up, Noya questions if he wants to die. With Yu speaking again, Noya murders him. With blood having splashed, Noya speaks if he cannot listen he dies. Ashera enters the room and shouts whether Noya killed another one. Asking what the matter is, Noya mentions a ton more will be born over and over again, however Ashera replies master Sika Madu will be angry.[9]

Telling Ashera to shut up, Noya says this "Yu" was a loud pain in the butt. Stating for them to make another, Noya points at an eyeball which is outside the tank. A small bubbling dark mass is formed, and a child Yu appears. Observing all the while, Mika is stunned that the eyeball grew into a whole new Yu. He then considers the one he is in. The new Yu is conscious and is exhilarated with happiness. Asking what he is, then remarking that he got out somehow, Yu excitedly asks what is going on, and where is this, it looks fun. Speaking to them nearby, Yu asks who are they are, before reiterating where is this. Using his arm again, Noya murders Yu and calls him another loud pain in the butt. With Yu dropping to the floor, Ashera says this is insane and it makes him sick. Telling him to get used to it, Noya states life does not exist to make him feel nice. Also asking Ashera to quit glaring, Noya explains as long as they pop another one out, nobody will know the difference.[10]

After Noya turns to an eye in a tank next to him, the child Yu that is formed regards his hand. Mika sees this is Yu's hand, then right now, he is Yu having been witnessing events as an eye. When Noya speaks that if he makes a peep he will kill him, Yu appears angered but keeps largely silent. Deeming it great that they got a quiet one, Noya then interacts with Ashera. In Yu's body, Mika thinks what the hell is this, when is this memory from, and who are these two. Ashera and Noya are addressed by someone asking what are they doing. Mika as Yu looks to find Raimeiki as a demon, Byakkomaru, in addition to Kiseki-o and Gekkouin entering the room with Sika Madu in the centre of them. Raimeiki announces they know what entering this room without permission means, yet Byakkomaru says to go easy on them, they are still young.[11]

Urd asks Saitō whether he invested this much time into his revenge only for it to fail. Seated in his cage still, Saitō claims this revenge is still going precisely according to plan. Extending his hand, Saitō announces together they can kill the first. Asking Urd to join him, Saitō states he cannot do it on his own. Urd, along with Ky Luc and Lest Karr listen as Saitō details how they will both get revenge on the first for abandoning them. He has finally finished his preparations, it is why he came back. Not convinced, Urd questions how he plans to do that, to which Saitō enquires does he have some hostages already. Wondering what of Raimei and Byakko, Urd turns for Lest Karr to check Kureto and Shinya. Judging it excellent, Saitō is on his feet before divulging that according to his plan, the first will wake again in five seconds. After a countdown, Saitō brings his hands together and states now.[12]

Observing the demons gathered, Mika wonders who are they and feels they seem strangely familiar. Regarding the guy standing in the middle, Mika knows he is bad news. Sika Madu blinks, then glances over to comment there, who he can see, is, to think they would come this far back into the past. While Mika's consciousness is inside the young Yu's body that is witnessing this scenario, Sika Madu sees him physically as young Mika. Conjuring at least four scythes, Sika Madu will not let him get away again. Startled, Mika decides he has to wake up right now and get out of here. Sika Madu speaks for him to sleep.[13]

Mika as a human child falls and hits the ground before shouting that he is falling. A voice calls to him, and says for Mika to send his mind back. Feeling it is Yu, he is envisioned in his Imperial Demon Army Uniform saying that if they work together they can get away. Together they can do anything. Sika Madu comments that is not good, his target needs to go to sleep, now. Mika clenches his jaw while lying on a section of cracked ground as Yu speaks it is okay, they should do it together. Speaking that he will devour him, and Mika will devour Yu, that will let Mika become Yu's demon. While Sika Madu attempts to induce sleep in Mika, an electrical current forms as he finds his words. After Sika Madu shouts for him to sleep, Mika says he will become Yu's demon. Within the room a surge of electricity fires outwards.[14]

Chapter notes[]

  • Lest Karr's weapon is depicted in greater detail. The whip sword would be a urumi like weapon depending on what is was made of. As it was, the handle was protected by a loop guard where a single long cord like material ended in a spear like end.
  • Asking, Saitō hears that Ky Luc is a fifth progenitor. Feeling he was getting faster, Saitō praised his moves as not those of a mere fifth, and felt he could kill a third.
  • Ky Luc embraces being skewered through his eye rather than avoiding Saitō's chain in order to stab him.
  • Lest Karr can generate an electrical based power, Burst Heaven's Fan. It takes time to charge, yet the large scale circlet of lighting resulted in an explosion around its target.
  • Ky Luc was willing to endure Lest Karr's lightning attack if it meant it could affect Saitō. He added to Saitō he was making him pay for betraying Lord Urd. Having also lost both his arms, he was happy thinking they did it with Saitō incapacitated.
  • Urd returns and has the Lieutenant General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, Kureto Hīragi, and Major General Shinya Hīragi essentially as captives.
  • While Lest Karr and Ky Luc deployed their formidable powers against Saitō, they were fighting against a spell tag creation. Called an illusion, it made them both witness Saitō escaping a prison and attacking many other vampires. It could physically inflict damage and make use of Saitō's chain weapons to do so.
  • Urd broaches the topic of Saitō's plan for revenge against the first, namely how far along has it come.
  • Mika interacts with the motionless eye and views a scenario involving Yu from the past.
  • The see through casket containing Michaela is seen in the same room as the many clear tanks where it was not before.
  • Similarly, before in chapter 79, "Eternal Hell", these tanks were filled with black suns however in this vision they were filled with single human appearing eyes.
  • Yu happily enters Mika's room where it was an off-limits secret location before. He has been told by his 'father' that it is his job to wake up Michaela so had been informed of his existence. Reinforcing this notion, Noya mentions the specifics that Yu is to be a sacrifice to bring Michaela back from the dead.
  • Noya murders two Yu's whose happiness was grating for him. Ashera is against their murders.
  • Using a hand motion, Noya can create a Yu, fully formed as a child from one of the single eyes.
  • Mika finds he is seeing the viewpoint of one of the eyes, where individual ones would likely have both a consciousness, and be capable of forming memories since he is within a Yu that happened to observe the scenario and survive.
    • Once formed as a child, Yu spoke of what he was, how he got out somehow, a perspective an eye within a tank unable to move might say. Yu himself once formed acts as he would do right away.
  • While Ashera calls Noya's name, Mika wonders who the two of them are. Within a disembodied eye it is possible Mika could see what was before him, but had nothing to hear with. This may be supported as from Mika's perspective, when wondering when this memory is from, there are no speech bubbles for Ashera and Noya because he cannot hear them speaking. If this is true Mika also would not have heard Yu address the figure in the coffin as Mika, neither Yu mention a father, that Yu is to be a sacrifice to bring someone back from the dead, or that Sika Madu is involved.
  • Saitō claims his revenge is going to plan. Where he wanted to capture the first before, Saitō raises with Urd the matter of killing the first. He requests Urd's help in that venture as he cannot do it alone.
    • Lest Karr and Ky Luc remain silent as this development takes place.
  • For this plan, Saitō feels the demons Raimeiki and Byakkomaru who are at hand would be helpful.
  • Apparently Saitō can pinpoint the exact second the First will awaken, which is also according to his plan.
    • This did appear to coincide with Sika Madu in the memory recognizing that Mika was within it.
  • Demon Mika had seen both Kiseki-o and Gekkouin before having fought and been overcome by them. Mika is unsure who the collective demons are, but found they were all strangely familiar. Mika had memories that he was searching for what was inside Yu, as did Demon Mika, but nothing particular about the demons.
  • Sika Madu can tell that Mika was within a young Yu's memory. Having woken up, Shikama Dōji may be able to detect when memories of people are being accessed. Additionally, where Yu would have been in the tank, Sika Madu saw Mika there as a young boy in the place of another one.
  • Employing the use of weapons and sleep, Sika Madu commented that he would not let Mika get away, again. This is the first time he is seen interacting with Mika specifically.
  • Where Demon Mika cut off Yu's head to access the deepest corners of his heart in chapter 104, "The Same Dream", here, Mika is contacted by Yu who wanted to help him get away from Sika Madu.
    • This escape method was for Yu to devour Mika, and Mika devour him, which would let Mika become Yu's demon.
  • With Sika Madu trying to inflict sleep on him, Mika said he would become Yu's demon.


Image gallery: I Am Your...

Manga panels provide a visual overview of the events of chapter 106 with depictions of the characters, Seraph of the End world and scenarios.


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