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Hello everybody!! I'm a new user of Wiki and I wanna strat my work with this first theory about Mika that is he really the real one?!

Please take a look to this official cover and something that is writing on it, well it seems that Yuu and Mika are really enemies by what we saw even in the opening of the anime that Mika stood up from his childhood shadow and in the ending we saw how a shadow started from him and covered "everyone"

And remember what Yuu told to Mika in the opening that Mika is his death and he told him that why did he let those bonds to cover him and at the end this very important sentence that says "those fallen an

So by all of these more than 99.99% Mika will join to Shigama doji and will turn Yuu's enemy no even world's enemy

But what do I mean about that this vampire is not the true Mika?!

Then please take a look to the second picture

The picture is from the chapter 16 of main manga and look at Mika please.

By this we can understand that this vampire like what we saw in the opening of the anime IS NOT TRUE MIKA!!!! And the true one is actually asleep at the bottom of his heart

Please share your ideas to me I'll be glad to hear ^^

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